Effect for Tula Rashi Sade

What poeion of greater value can one have than a wife if he be firm in her loyalty to her partner in life? Karppu i not mere phyical chatity It i unqualified loyalty to huband It i eential for happine in family life that culturally and economically the wife hould fall into line with the family of her adoption The partnerhip will not work otherwie Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] Huband -How to chooe a wife -How to treat your wife Tranlated from an Indian manucript dicovered in Tibet written by an ancient Brahmin Take unto yourelf a wife and obey the ordinance of God; take unto yourelf a wife and become a faithful member of ociety. Lapi Lazuli Pyramid Tiger Eye Pyramid Product Code : RT151 Protection Bracelet - Nav dhanya eed rice Praad Offering Aint CD Traditional & Fetival CD. It i in thi phere that Indian thought with it piritual view of life ha much to contribute to teady the feet of men and women in Eat and the Wet Motherhood i a piritual tranformation of wifehood The wife may and doe demand and take; but the mother feel it her privilege to give If woman a wife i ocially ignificant woman a mother i piritually gloriou The culture of the Hindu train him to look upon all women a form of the one Divine Mother The mother i more worthy of reverence than father or teacher according to our cripture ay the manu mriti (ii 45): "From the point of view of reverence due a teacher i ten fold uperior to a mere lecturer a father a hundredfold to a teacher and a mother a thouandfold to a father." ________________ Tiger Eye hree Yantra hree Yantra in Gomedh Du Mahavidya Dektop yantra Planetary Dektop Yantra Ai Baba Yantra Minimum how many time thi hould be chanted daily? Alo before and after each time hould gayatri be chanted. Lapi Lazuli Earring aper Earring Whether treated by men with repect or with didain women are een to turn the head and agitate the heart of men Living creature are virtuou Even thi i what ha been heard by u How then can thi be conitent with fact? For treated with affection and repect or otherwie women (forming a fair portion of living creature) are een to deerve cenure for their conduct toward men Thi great doubt fill my mind viz when their behaviour i uch what man i there that can retrain them within the bound of righteoune? Do thou explain thi to me O highly bleed cion of Kuru’ race! It behove thee to tell me whether women are truly capable of being retrained within the bound precribed by the cripture or whether anyone before our time did really ucceed in o retraining them ection XL Black ade Necklace Blue ade Necklace Lord Hanuman Pendant hiva Pendant My DOB i 27/12/1978 time i 3:45PM Place Mombaa Kenya I wa told to pray to hiva a lot and alo to urya I tarted thi prayed two day ago but can only recite in the morning once a I am driving to work i thi ok and wa wondering if I can recite the other two time at night? Pleae. Tatva Vatu Chime and Hanging Idol Mahalakhmi Pendant Mahakali Pendant Women are weak They fall an eay prey to the eductive wile of men dipoed to accept the love that i offered to them and devoted to truth There are other among them that are full of malice covetou of honour fierce in dipoition unlovable and imperviou to reaon Women however deerve to be honoured Do ye men how them honour The righteoune of men depend upon women All pleaure and enoyment alo completely depend upon them Do ye erve them and worhip them Do ye bend your will before them The begetting of offpring the nuring of children already born and the accomplihment of all act neceary for the need of ociety behold all thee have women for their caue By honouring women ye are ure to attain to the fruition of. Dear ir,I am reciting thi in the morning (before unrie ) and in the evening(during unet) My doubt i that,at mornign i recite thi facing i face eat or Wet when reciting thi in the evening? A the un et in wet can i recite thi facing wet (facing the etting un)? Chakra Energizer Oil Premium Eential Oil Agarbatti Fragrant Water Rudrakha Mala in Gold Rudrakha Mala in Copper Poeed of a good dipoition endued with weet peech weet conduct and weet feature and alway looking at the face of her huband and deriving a much oy from it a he doe from looking at the face of her child that chate woman who regulate her act by oberving the precribed retraint come to be regarded a truly righteou in her conduct. Hiva hawl Ram Krihna ai Hanuman and. Product Code : RT153 - D99 Mahamrityunaya Kavach 6 mukhi Mar Power 7 mukhi Lakhmi Mala That woman who i endued with elf-control who ha given birth to children who erve her huband with devotion and whoe whole heart i devoted to him i regarded a truly righteou in her conduct That woman who wait upon and erve her lord with a cheerful heart who i alway cheerful of heart and who i poeed of humility i regarded a truly righteou in her conduct That woman who alway upport her kinmen and relative by giving them food and whoe relih in gratifying her deire or for article of enoyment or for affluence of which he i poeed or for the happine with which he i urrounded fall hort of her relih for her huband i regarded a truly righteou in her conduct. Buddha Pendant Om Pendant Maha Ratna hakti Yantra Ratna hakti Yantra A tudy in 2000 by the OECD found that Britih parent pend le time with their children compared to other nationalitie leaving them more open to influence from their peer and a commercially driven celebrity. Rudrakha Gem Necklace phatik and Rudrakha Amethyt Earring Cat Eye Earring /2013/12/aditya-Hridaya-Totra-In-Hindi- tp /2012/12/importance-and-procedure-of- 19 mukhi Rudrakha 20 mukhi Rudrakha He inform the mind of her children with widom; he fahion their manner from the example of her own goodne The word of her mouth i the law of their youth; the motion of her eye command their obedience he peak and her ervant fly; he point and the thing i done; for the law of love i in their heart; her kindne add wing to their feet In properity he i not puffed up; in adverity he heal the wound of fortune with patience The trouble of her huband are alleviated by her counel and weetened by her endearment; he put hi heart in her boom and receive comfort Happy i the man that ha made her hi wife; happy the child that call her mother ________________ Mother From The Mahabharata Ampurna Laxmi Maha Yantra Rakha Maha Yantra Ganeha (Blue Aventurine) Ganeha (Black ade) Vatu CD Upanihad CD Piritual Book By Devdutt Pattnaik Book on Atrology and Palmitry Turquoie Necklace Yellow Citrine Necklace Collector 23 Mukhi ava Collector 24. The detroyer the deity of wind death the nether region the equine mouth that rove through the ocean vomiting ceaele flame of fire the harpne of the razor virulent poion the nake and Fire- all thee exit in a tate of union in women That eternal Brahman whence the five great element have prung into exitence whence the Creator Brahman hath ordained the univere and whence indeed men have prung verily from the ame eternal ource have women prung into exitence At that time again O Narada when women were created thee fault that I have enumerated were planted in them! (Continued below) Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] ________________ (Continued) There i nothing ele that i more inful than women Verily women are the root of all fault That i certainly known to thee O Narada!&nbp; Women even when poeed of huband having fame and wealth of handome feature and completely obedient to them are prepared to diregard them if they get the opportunity Thi O puiant one i a inful dipoition with u women that cating off modety we cultivate the companionhip of men of inful habit and intention Women betray a liking for thoe men who court them who approach their preence and who repectfully erve them to even a light extent Through want of olicitation by peron of the other ex or fear of relative women who are naturally impatient of all retraint do not trangre thoe that have been ordained for them and remain by the ide of their huband. Hankh tand Prayer Altar Collector 21 mukhi Nepal Collector avar. Ye upay kiiye1) /2016/08/-to-pleae-planet-hani-hani- ) Wear a white apphire3) I yantra ko pahniye /2017/02/yantra-for-good-health-and-recovery-from- ) "Om ham hukraaye Namaha" i ka roz kam e kam 15 minute ap kiiye5) I ko roz kiiye /2016/08/-to-pleae-planet-hani-hani- Atrology Planet book Occult cience Book Occult Novel for Beginner Cotton Dhoti with hawl. Tuli Mala Lotu. Gomutra Ganga al Honey Havan amagri Hree Yantra in Cat' Eye Roe Quartz hree Yantra Ganeha (Amazonite) Ganeha (Unakite) The wife hould not look to the defect of her huband he hould not even talk of hi defect to her relative and friend If a woman look into the weaknee or viciou qualitie of her huband he i not a devoted wife Even if the huband fail to how much love toward her he hould love him with a full heart Even if he taunt and hate her he hould peak weetly and gently to him he hould peak with warm affection he hould never how her anger toward him Thi i difficult but gradually he will gain trength of mind and power of endurance through the grace of the Lord It i difficult to have the divine feeling toward the huband all at once It will develop gradually through contant reflection ervice and training of the mind he hould be extremely vigilant he hould poe endle patience. 13 mukhi Rudrakha 14 mukhi Rudrakha Elephant Gemtone Idol Lord. 9 mukhi Rudrakha 10 mukhi Rudrakha African Gomed Gomed - India Chirmi. Buddha Picture Dattatreya and Trimurti Collector 42. Rudrakha Earring ilver Earring Roe quartz Tatva Vatu Tree Tiger eye Tatva. Lord Kartikeya Picture Planetary and Doha Yantra Vaatu Yantra Hanuman Yantra Vihnu Ram Krihna Yantra Gayatri Photo Frame Ram. Other hawl acquard hawl Hello ir My name i yotna Gupta DOB i 17/01/1991 Time and place me abi tk tability ni aai h Mental tre bahut rehta h iki waeh E health iue rehne lage h Career ni ban paya h. Laxmi Charan hirdi ai. Ye it can be recited during period a well. He i a true wife who i kilful in houehold affair he i a true wife who ha borne a on he i a true wife whoe heart i devoted to her lord (huband) he i a true wife who know none but her lord The wife i a man’ half The wife i the firt of friend The wife i the root of religion profit and deire The wife i the root of alvation They that have wive can perform religiou act They that have wive can lead dometic live They that have wive can achieve good fortune weet peeched wive are friend on occaion of oy They are the father on occaion of religiou act They are mother in ickne. Even if the huband i unrighteou he hould be faithful to him he hould pray to God to put him on the path of righteoune to infue in hi heart faith and devotion and make him realie God-concioune A devoted and chate wife who tick tenaciouly to her dharma (duty) can change the life of her huband to the path of righteoune even though he may be wicked Many have ucceeded in doing o he hould never grumble or murmur when he i ill-treated by her huband he hould never retort he hould lead a life of perfect contentment The path of "TREE DHARMA" (dutie of women) i alo the razor’ path It i only through the grace of the Lord that he can urmount all difficultie and obtacle on the way Then the path will be rendered mooth. Rrt Gem bracelet Unakite Bracelet Pleae wear thee /2012/08/twelve-faced-rudrakha-barah- tp /2012/03/two-faced-do-mukhi- tp /2014/11/good-quality-genuine- Riphal Holy gra & Tarpan Gurui,nira NihadDOB 18-2-1987Place of birth Lucknow Time of birth 2:15 AMob me mann nahi focu Abhi nahiLakta hai ob chode dena chahiyeob me growth bhi nahi ho rahi haiMind me kafi hari problem chalti Rahe ti hai mind me confued Rahe ta hu me daily Kya KAR nahi hai life health ka abhi problem hai diget ytem bhi weak hai pl. Ganeha (aper) Ganeha (Iolite) Hello ir I read thi all have a one problem Do i want to take bath before reading thi totram and alo can I read thi 8 am. Ram ram guru i Mere dob 25-01-91,timing10:33am,place- 5day ki ke bad divorce go chuka hai,govt ob ke liye try Kri hu kb tak milne ke chance hain,2nd ke chance hai? Agr haan to kaie rahegi life. Herbal Planetary pendant Other Pyramid untone Pyramid Ganeh Chaturthi Product Ganeh Chaturthi Pua Ganeha (Lapi Lazuli) Ganeha (Cat Eye) Ganeha (Red Aventurine) Ganeha (Black Agate) Red Coral Italy Red. Collector 15 mukhi Nepal Collector 16. Iddh Knowledge yantra iddh Good Health yantra Abhihek Veel ri Paduka Women in particular the Rihi have aid are fale in behaviour Women in paticular have been declared in the ordinance to be fale In the very Veda one may read that women are fale ________________ From The Mahabharata anti Parva ection VI Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Vaiampaya aid: Poeed of great energy the righteou King Yudhihthira then in orrow cured all the women of the world aying "Henceforth no woman hall ucceed in keeping a ecret." ________________ From the Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection XIX & XXI Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Addreing age Ahtavakra the old. Product Code : RT140 - D99 aneevani Power Bracelet Product Code : RT137 Narayan Krihna Bracelet - Devi yantra Locket Vahikaran yantra Locket When I do thi and how many time pl. Lo! there he walk in maiden weetne with innocence in her mind and modety on her cheek Her hand eek employment; her foot doe not delight in idle wandering abroad he i clothed with neatne; he i fed with temperance; humility and meekne are a a crown of glory circling her head On her tongue dwell muic; the weetne of honey flow from her lip Decency i in all her word; in her anwer are mildne and truth ubmiion and obedience are the leon of her life; and peace and happine are her reward Before her tep walk Prudence; and Virtue attend at her right hand Her eye peak oftne and love; but dicretion with a ceptre it on her brow The tongue of the licentiou i dumb in her preence; the awe of her virtue keep. Green ade Bracelet Opal Bracelet Guru i i'm rakeh mittal my dob:16/02/1994,time 6:27am birth place :new delhi,guru aage buine karu ya ob or aage future mein kya dikh. Antohi Maa Picture Gayatri Devi Picture Namakar Guru i,Thank for providing all of u with the true guidance I have a quetion for DOB i 15/11/1989Time ace i Delhi.I have a very low confidence alway have wandering thought feel alo have a fearful feeling all the time a omeone i chaing me and will hurt ugget what hould I do?Reagrd,iddharth Kurta Pagri (turban) Hivaling Locket Other Deity Locket He i the mitre of your houe; treat her therefore with repect that your ervant may obey her Do not oppoe her inclination without caue; he i the partner of your care make her alo the companion of your pleaure Reprove her fault with gentlene; do not exact her obedience with rigour Trut your ecret in her breat; her counel are incere; you hall not be deceived Be faithful to her bed; for he i the mother of your children When pain and ickne aault her let your tenderne oothe her affliction; a look from you of pity and of love hall alleviate her grief or mitigate her pain and be of more avail than ten phyician Conider the tenderne of her ex the delicacy of her frame and be not evere to her weakne but remember your own imperfection. Even thoe women that are loved by their huband and treated with great repect are een to betow their favour upon men that are hump-backed that are blind that are idiot or that are dwarf Women may be een to like the companionhip of even thoe men that are detitute of the power of locomotion or thoe men that are endued with great ugline of feature O great Rihi there i no man in thi world whom women may regard a unfit for companionhip Through inability to obtain peron of the oppoite ex or fear of relative or fear of death and imprionment women remain of themelve within the retraint precribed for them They are exceedingly retle for they alway hanker after new companion In conequence of their nature being unintelligible (unable to be undertood) they are incapable of being kept in obedience by affectionate treatment. Rudrakha Tirupati Balai Pendant urya Pendant Bronze Idol. White Coral Gemtone Bracelet Rudrakha Bracelet You have to face eat irrepective of the time you. That woman who upport with food Brahmana that are weak and helple that are ditreed or blind or detitute come to be regarded a entitled to hare the merit of her huband That woman who alway oberve with a light heart vow that are difficult of obervance whoe heart i devoted to her lord and alway eek good of her lord i regarded a entitled to hare the merit of her huband Devotion to her lord i woman` merit; it i her penance; it i her eternal Heaven Merit penance and Heaven become her who look upon her huband a her all in all and who endued with chatity eek to devote herelf to her lord in. Haldi Turmeric Mala Vaiayanti Mala Graha hanti Donation Nearly all the factor that contribute to youth crime- ingle parent houe hold child abue deteriorating inner city chool- are getting wore At the ame time government i becoming le not more intereted in pending money to help break the cycle of poverty and crime All of which ha led ohn DiIulio r a profeor of politic and public affair at Princeton to warn about a new generation of "UPER-PREDATOR," youngter who are coming of age in actual and "moral poverty," without "the benefit of parent teacher coache and clergy to teach them right or wrong and how them unconditional love." trengthen Religiou Intitution Namte guru i my dat of birthday i 1994 time evng minut And place iliguri Name hubham pla ugget ome thing. Ilver Mala Gold Bracelet Parad Pyramid. Famou Book on Numerology Atrology. Rrt Gemtone bracelet iddha Combination Tatva Vatu Bracelet Tatva. Nmty ir my date of birth i 20/1/1993 in Alwar raathan at 4:20 pm ir I work o hard but my reult i till 0 even people who are le knowledgeable to me get elected I'm daily bai I give argh to oorydev I do Ram rakhatrot hiva chalia hanuman chalia ir anything that you want to ugget me for my ucce? Pleae help me. Ir plz help me I am not able to keep my mind free due to an accident happend with time all memorie related to that accident moving in my mind o I can not leep not HV a good healthhealth. Women are very talkative They are fond of tale-bearing and criticim They hould oberve the vow of ilence for two hour daily ealouy hatred pride hypocriy upicion intolerance and crookedne are ome of the common evil qualitie in women They do not know how to behave properly toward their mother-in-law and other family member There i alway ome rupture in the home All ort of trouble crop up in a family through women They hould detroy their viciou and michief making nature by developing kindne patience truthfulne adaptability love and contentment Then only will there be happine and oy peace and properity in the home Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] Fom the Bhagavad Gita Ch.9. Pua for Planetary Doha Pua in Hindu Temple Protection Hanging yantra ucce Hanging yantra Pua for Du Mahavidya Pua for Navgraha That wife who even when addreed harhly and looked upon with angry eye by her lord preent a cheerful apect to him i aid to be truly devoted to her huband he who doe not cat her eye upon the Moon or un or a tree that ha a maculine name who i adored by her huband and who i poeed of beautiful feature i regarded a truly righteou That woman who treat her huband with the affection which he how toward her child even when he (the huband) happen to be poor or dieaed or weak or worn out with the toil of travelling i regarded a truly righteou in her conduct. Dattatreya tatue Buddha tatue Aventurine and Peridot Blue Topaz Earring Navratna Mala Pearl Necklace You hould wear an emerald Your better time may come from 2019 Pleae do thi /2016/08/-to-pleae-planet-hani-hani- tp /2012/12/importance-and-procedure-of- tp /2013/12/aditya-hridaya-totra-in-hindi- Product Code : RT04 urya Kavach Thi comment ha been removed by the author. Women are fierce They are endued with fierce prowe They have none whom they love or like o much a they that have exual congre with them Women are like thoe Atharvan incantation that are detructive of life Even after they have conented to live with one they are prepared to abandon him for entering into engagement with other They are never atified with one peron of the oppoite ex Men hould feel no affection for them Nor hould they entertain any ealouy on account of them Having a regard only for the conideration of virtue men hould enoy their ociety not with enthuiam and attachment but with reluctance and abence of attachment By acting otherwie a man i ure to meet with detruction Reaon i repected at all time and under all circumtance There i none in the three world who i capable of protecting women ________________ Piritual mala bracelet and pendant Devaarman aid: ……Women hould alway be protected by thee from temptation and opportunitie of every kind Amongt women both kind are to be een that i thoe that are virtuou and thoe that are not o Thoe women that are virtuou are highly bleed They are the mother of the univere ( for they it i that cherih all creature on every ide).They it i who uphold the earth with all her water and foret Thoe women that are inful that are of wicked behaviour that are the detroyer of their race and that are wedded to inful reolve are capable of being acertained by indication expreive of the evil that i in them which appear on their bodie It i even thu that high-ouled peron are capable of protecting women They cannot be protected in any. Natural Bara Pearl White apphire Rock alt Pyramid Parad Pyramid Biography Book of aint and God Autobiography book Heart Pendant watik Pendant Knowledge Yantra - Pocket ize Planetary Pocket Yantra Collector 15 mukhi ava Collector 16. Online Pua ervice Bandarwar Toran Wall artifact hanging Aventurine Peridot Blue Topaz Bracelet Iddh Ganeh yantra iddh Krihna Vihnu yantra Parad bracelet Parad iddh Gutika Chakra Healer - Gem Chakra Healer - Chakra 15 mukhi Rudrakha 16 mukhi Rudrakha Ilver Chain. Rakha Bandhan pecial Ganeha (Yellow ade) Hello irdob-30/10/1985time - pmplace-patna,biharir mai rahu e parhan hoon,i m looking for gov ob but till oble ko upay batayein pl Attar Eential Oil That' great to know You are doing it correctly but you can change the time to may be 6 or 7 am Alo pleae hare your birth detail O Devi! erve your huband properly during hi ailment Do not allow the ervant to erve him Take (eat) food only after he i erved erve him more diligently when he i in difficultie trouble and critical circumtance The ervice of the huband i more than the ervice of God to you ervice with a wry face or murmur i no ervice at all One hould reoice when ervice i rendered To a woman there i no greater Yoga acrifice or act than the ervice of her huband he who worhip him in thought word and deed i adored by all the god Even if the huband i blind and deaf even if he i poor and illiterate even if he uffer from an incurable chronic dieae even if he i eaily irritated and mean the wife hould erve him whole-heartedly If he ill-treat him he goe to the unhappy world Repect huband’ Relative 3 mukhi Rudrakha 4 mukhi Rudrakha For Product Enquiry +91-22-25155958/ 62102925 For Order Related Enquiry +91-22-62102926 Freh Leave Fruit and Flower Bloodtone Pyramid odalite Pyramid Rangoli Deign Deity locket Collector 1 mukhi Collector 2. Guru i can i have a word with you on phone for the firt provide me with contact number u will anwer regard. Daily will be good but if you can't do then at leat do it. Copper Yantra Ring Tabeez ( Hollow ) Lot of thank to the peron who extracted thi MahaGyan Namate I have received my holy hipment today Everything i very good Your team and your buine i amazing Keep up thi amazing buine of preading Mah --Mohan INDIA Our heart ay a big thank you. 1 mukhi Rudrakha 2 mukhi Rudrakha Hubh Labh Decorative Diya Pleae recite hani bee Om ham hanih Charaaye NamahaAlo recite Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha daily Chunri Goddee hawl Yellow ade Pyramid Green ade Pyramid Ir my date of birth i 10 an 1983 place-New Delhi,time 3:45 am Bahut tre rehta hai When will my time improve and tability. Imperial Yellow Topaz outh. Rudrakha emi Chikna Mala umarni - 27+1 Mala Tatva Vatu Gemtone Yantra - Large Tatva Vatu Gemtone Yantra Hello gurui,My huband i unemployed from lat 9 month hi date of birth i 8 une 1984Time- 6:10 pmPlace- kanpur (u.p)Plz tell me the poibility of ob oining A woman i impure by her very birth; but he attain a happy tate (hereafter) by erving her lord (It i due to her loyalty to her huband that) Tulai i loved by ri Hari to thi day and her glory i ung by all the four Veda Liten ita women will maintain their vow of fidelity to their huband by invoking your very name ri Rama being dear to you a your own life It i for the good of the world that I have poken to you on the ubect ________________ From Tulai Ramayana ri Ramacharitamanaa Aranya Kanda 43-44 eeing the Lord of Raghu o highly pleaed Narada poke again in gentle tone: Addreing ri Rama Narada aid: Liten O Rama when you impelled your Maya (deluding potency) and infatuated me O Lord of Raghu I wanted to marry Why then did You not let me accomplih. Kuber. "for taking refuge in Me they alo who O Aruna may be of inful birth--women vaiya a well a udra--attain the upreme Goal." Commentary by wami hivananda Rihikeh: " Women and udra are debarred by ocial rule from the tudy of the Veda " ________________ From The Mahabharata anti Parva ection CCXL Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Vyaa aid: Even if a peron happen to belong to the inferior order (udra) even if one happen to be a woman both of them by following in the path of Yoga will urely attain to the highet end ________________ From Tulai Ramayana Aranya Kanda 5 A-B: Anuya (Rihi Atri' wife) aid to ita: "A woman i impure by her very birth; but he attain a happy tate by erving her lord (huband)". Krihna Locket Ganeha Locket "the two great pillar upon which all human well being and human progre ret are firt the pirit of religion and econd the pirit of cience Thee two group of cience - the cience of inner nature and the cience of outer nature - need to pull their reource together to advance man on the evolutionary path of total fulfilment Without the piritual nourihment coming from religion the phenomenal progre of the modern age ha become wobbly in it movement and blind in it coure." -wami Ranganathananda ri Ramakrihna Ahrama Belur Math We continue below with wami hivananda’ writing on the vital role of women a the builder of nation: Hematite Pyramid Mahagony Pyramid Tumbled tone. I have been going through thi blog and found very ueful Let me thank you firt for providing uch a knowledge to thoe who are in need My name : Venkatehwarlu YagatilYagatileeD.O.B: 17-08-1978P.O.B: Hyderabad A.P IndiaT.O.B: 8:20amMy problem i I do not get fruit for my hard work People alway back tub me at work place Recently had a maor neck ugget a remedy Hindu ankara CD Atrology Gemology CD "a woman' affection cannot be won over by nobility of birth or the help rendered or education or gift or even the acred tie becaue by nature they (women) are not contant." Aranya Kanda "It i the nature of women all over the world to be viciou fickle and harp-tongued and to ow eed of dienion" Ayodhya Kanda 24-26 39-24 39-29 62-8 "A true wife hould ever be deirou of erving her huband in all that i conducive to hi good and happine Thi i the law eternal expounded by the Veda and the code of moral" "For thoe high-ouled women who are truthful cultured and patient and have a clean conduct there i none more acred than their huband." Namatey Gurui I am uffering from a lot of trouble peronally and profeionaly All my hard work never give any reult at end Thee day I am in high tre due to profeional life Pleae guide me gurui Name :Rakeh Kumar meherDob:17-march - 1986Time:06:15 am Place:unagarh (oria) Will wait for your guidance gurui Marble hivaling Narmada hivling Carnelian Bracelet Garnet Bracelet Radha Krihna Pendant aibaba Pendant Children Yantra Locket hree Yantra Locket Mahalaxmi Ring Can anything defue the demographic time bomb? Fox urge reinveting in children: improving chool creating after-chool program and providing other alternative to gang and drug DiIulio a law-and-order conervative advocate tougher proecution and want to trengthen religiou intitution to intill better value." A failure to maintain exiting welfare and health commitment for kid," he ay "i to guarantee that the next wave of UVENILE PREDATOR will be even wore than the one we are dealing with today." The above report by Richard Zoglin wa publihed in ‘TIME’ magazine dated 29th anuary 1996 Fat Forward 12 year in the future from anuary 1996 TIME MAGAZINE. Collector 7 mukhi Nepal Collector 8. Ganeha (Emerald) Ganeha (Amethyt) Women hould alway be worhipped and treated with affection Wifehood veru Motherhood Hindu ideal veru Wetern ideal Teenage Time Bomb Wifely Virtue From Tulai Ramayana From Tulai Ramayana The Dipoition of Women From Valmiki Ramayana The Dipoition of Women The Life Partner From The Tiru-k-Kural by Tiru Valluvar Huband -How to chooe a wife -How to treat. Biography CD Muic on Chalia CD Product Code : RT66 urya Kavach - That cience of policy which the preceptor of the Aura knew that cience of policy which the preceptor of the celetial Vrihapati knew cannot be regarded to be deeper or more ditinguihed for ubtility than what woman’ intelligence naturally bring forth Verily how can women therefore be retrained by men? They make a lie appear a truth and a truth appear a a lie They who can do thi - I ak O hero - how can they be ruled by peron of the oppoite ex? It eem to me that Vrihapati and other great thinker evolved the cience of policy from obervation of the undertanding. Carnelian Tatva Vatu Tree Crytal Tatva. 11 mukhi Rudrakha 12 mukhi Rudrakha Ince the union take place in the preence of fire the huband i the wife’ highet deity he i no wife with whom her lord i not content In the cae of women if their lord be gratified with them all the deitie alo become o That wife with whom her huband i not pleaed become conumed into ahe even like a creeper adorned with bunche of flower in a foret conflagration A woman ha no protector like her lord and no happine like her lord Abandoning all her wealth and poeion a woman hould take to her lord a her only refuge What chate woman i there that would when deprived of her lord venture to bear the burden. Ganeha ring. You can get them from me Pleae email me at yotihremedy@ Collector 25 Mukhi ava Collector 26. From The Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection CLXII Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Bhihma aid: A the acred fire wait for libation to be poured upon it when the hour for Homa arrive even o a woman when her functional period i over expect an act of congre with her huband One that never approache one' poue at any other time ave after the functional period i aid to oberve the vow of Brahmacharya ________________ Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] Wifehood veru Motherhood By wami Ranganathananda ri Ramakrihna Ahrama. Knowledge yantra Locket Kuber yantra Locket Incene tand Haldi kumkum container Green ade Green Tourmaline Navgraha Picture Other Godde Picture Pen tand piritual gift Cap Wire pacer Thread. For Product Enquiry : entre@ +91-22-25155958/ 62102925 For Order Related Enquiry: +91-22-62102926/ +91-7021180033 Product Code : RT28 - D99 upreme Kavacham Bracelet Ir My DOB i 17/05/1979 AM Khambhat Guarat From lat 6 month I am having a lot of iue with married life and with my poue. Firt of all i would like to thank you for uch a nice article and helping out people in depairir I am going to complete my BE degree in electrical nd electronic engineering I feel like i m no more intereted in thi field.i am looking forward to prepare for IA kindly let me know whether thi field i good for me or not What ort of remedie do i need to do to become an IA officer?my detail aredob: 09 november 1995time: 10:10 amplace: beguarai(bihar)i will be highly grateful to you for ur thi act of kindne pleae do hed a little light on my kundali nd career Thank. Tatva Vatu hell and Fortune Item Guru i Pranam,Muhe kuch na kuch health problem lagi rahti hai Do not get the reult depite hard work Memory i alo not good Kuch na kuch problem or controvery aath chalti kundli mai urya grahn and Chandra grahn dono hai Pleae let me know the remedy for thi help My detail are:DOB: 12/03/1979Time: 11:55 pmPlace: Bhiwani (Haryana) Black ade Bracelet aper Bracelet Pleae wear an emerald and a 14 mukhi rudrakha Refer thee link /2014/05/fourteen-mukhi-rudrakha-chaudhan- tp /2014/11/good-quality-genuine- tp /2014/06/Emerald-Gemtone-Panna-Ratna-yotih- eae make ure that you buy unheated and untreated tone Mot of the tone are either heat treated or treated by other chemical which reduce or completely detroy their atrological benefit hence they are of no ue o alway BUY them from a TRUTED ELLER and if you don't know any truted eller then you can alo ORDER them. Hello Gurui I have emailed you my you to reply back. Planetary Doha Kit Micellaneou Yantra Kit Pranam guruDob: 29 une 1980Time: ace: khamgaon Gurui i have done mba in finance done od for around 8 year then got in depreion and left many ob From 2013 tarted mall ayurvedic hop Now financially condition i wort houe i mortgaged hop not running well pl advie when i will financially Bhupendra purohit The performance of dometic dutie the management of her houehold the rearing of children the economiing of the family mean- thee are a woman’ proper office he i already endowed with divine power he already govern the world by her power of gentle love and affection To make noble citizen by training her children and to form the character of the whole human race i undoubtedly a power far greater than that which a woman could hope to exercie a a voter or a law-maker a a preident miniter or udge The mother' impreion trike deep root in the brain of the foetu that dwell in the womb If the pregnant woman doe apa (repetition of Lord' name with or without roary) and Kirtan (inging the Lord' glorie) if he tudie religiou book and lead a piou life during pregnancy the foetu i endowed with piritual inclination &nbp; or piritual tendency. Ganeha CD Hanuman CD Namate Gaurav i Ye trotra kitne din tak karna chahiye aur roz kitne bar Pl bataye Thank Arva Gayatri Pua Pua and Homa. Maa Durga Pendant Ganeha Pendant Parad hivling Parad Deity Locket Moon tone Ceylon Opal Upreme Energy Kavach Yantra Combination Pure ilver Prayer article German ilver Prayer article Rudrakha Cleaning Item Rudrakha Cleaning Oil Under Kanda 16-26 "For women there i no ornament more valuable than their huband." Yuddha Kanda 117-26 "Neither houe nor garment neither rampart nor veil nor the royal paraphernalia can protect a woman Her own chatity i her hield of trength." ________________ The Life Partner From The Tiru-k-Kural by Tiru Valluvar Tranlated by ri alachari A true wife think not of God when he rie in the morning he offer her worhip to the huband and that i enough Even the cloud will obey and pour the rain at her command The Vedanta philoophy and Hindu practice recognie form of worhip which enable the devotee to ee the upreme Deity in every obect of love and adoration Huband-worhip i not a neglect. Du Mahavidya Yantra Love Wealth attraction Yantra Urya Mala Kamdeva Mala Black ade hivaling Black Agate hivaling Ruby hivaling Cat Eye hivaling Chakra Incene I will have to ee both the horocope pleae email me at yotihremedy@ Tanore Painting Bell &nbp; Top &nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;=======&nbp;&nbp;Undertanding Hinduim&nbp;&nbp;======= Women Click on underlined word to open paragraph The Dipoition of women From The Mahabharata The huband i the wife' Highet Deity What the excellent behaviour i of good and chate women Women' Dutie he i a true wife. Ubah unrie ke time par kiiye Ugte hue urya ke aamne hi karna chahiye lekin agar kii vaah e na kar paayen to eat direction ki taraf dekhte hue aur urya ko yaad karte hue bhi de. Hirdi aibaba Pua and Book Book on Ayurveda and Health Ek original nepali 2 mukhi rudrakha pahniye ek pukhra bhi pahniye aur ek moon yantra an 2018 e better time huru hoga /2012/03/two-faced-do-mukhi- tp /2014/11/good-quality-genuine- tp /2014/06/Yellow-apphire-Gemtone-Pukhra-Puhkra-Ratna-yotih- tp /2013/11/moon-yantra-chandra- Yellow apphire Bracelet Amethyt Bracelet 17 mukhi Rudrakha 18 mukhi Rudrakha White Agate Gemtone Rock Tatva Vatu Gemtone Rock Aap ek panna pahniye ek 2 mukhi nepali rudrakha aur ek white moonga Feb 2018 e aapka time achha ayega agar aapko inme e koi bhi cheez original lene me muhkil aaye to muhe bataaiye main. I wa going through your block it feel really nice that you have been giving remedie to people in troubleA they rightly ay ervice to man i e vice to God Alo aw your profile from a oftware engineer you have turned to an atrologer - that' nice too I have been reading Aditya hrudayam totra for almot 6 month now Initially it wa 1 time a day but now I read it 3 time facing the eat Infact I remember it by heart now The time varie from 10 to 11 am Have recently tarted reciting urya bee a well and I am living a atvik life For lat 6 month I am looking for a ob but I could find nothing ugget incae u can what am I doing incorrectly that I am not getting the deired reult I blindly believe in God but thi ituation I am imply unable to undertand I am a female and married 7 mukhi Rudrakha 8 mukhi Rudrakha Black Cat Eye Ceylon Aquamarine Black ade Pyramid Mariyam Pyramid A wife obedient to her huband renowned light-footed eloquent&nbp; in peech ympathetic to the patient attain to happine when he live peacefully with her huband and nicely cook the food highly efficaciou and grown through rain conducive to our phyical growth brought daily in ue and relihed by our ancetor ________________ Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] Women hould alway be worhipped and treated with affection The Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection XLVI Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Ilver 3D yantra Locket Vehicle yantra Locket Moon tone Necklace Tiger Eye Necklace Durga and Devi Yantra ucce Yantra 13 mukhi Kamadeva Mala 14 mukhi Hanuman Mala गुरूजी प्रणाम में आपसे पूंछना चाहता हु जो सूर्य यन्त्र आपने बना कर दिया है इसको coper की रिंग में बनाकर भी पहन सकते है क्या अगर पेहेन सकते है तो किस फिंगर में पहन सकते है।।।।।कृपया मार्ग दर्शन करिये।।।।। 5 mukhi Rudrakha 6 mukhi Rudrakha Vahikaran Maha Yantra arva Rog Nivaran Yantra The happine for a woman lie not in catering for carnal paion not in challenging man in hi own field by forgetting her natural coure of dutie but in leading the ideal life a taught in the acred cripture; the crowning glory of womanhood Then alone will woman be retored to the original dignity of the Univeral Mother which he i to every Indian now Woman’ place i in the home The eternal fidelity of a Hindu woman to her huband make her an ideal of the feminine world It make her ublime Thi lofty virtue of fidelity run deep in the heart of every Hindu woman of India uperior to any of the other countrie in national integrity and honour. क्या इसको सिद्ध करना चाहिए जप करने से पहले? यदि हां तो क्या विधि है? और फिर कितनी बार नित्य जप कारना होगा।गौरव Gurui pleae help me out I have been failing in my profeional exam and no focu on tudy no peace at mind alway daydreaming and planning un and rahu =12th houeMoon and upiter=5th houeVenu mar mercury,aturn=11th houeKetu =6th houeI have been wearing emerald in golden ring in little finger of right hand and alo arwoti rudrakhya and a ingle five faced rudrakhya What remedie would help me clear exam and earn a lot? And i hare market trading favourable to me i have deep interet in ecuritie market Pleae help. Roe Quartz hivaling Labradorite hivaling But examine with care; on your preent choice depend your future happine If much of her time i deployed in dre and ornament if he i enamoured with her own beauty and delighted with her own praie if he laugh much and talk loud if her foot doe not abide in her father’ houe and eye with boldne rove on the face of men; though her beauty were a the un in the firmament of heaven turn your face from her charm turn your feet from her path and uffer not your oul to be ennared by the allurement of imagination But when you find enibility of heart oined with oftne of manner an accomplihed mind with a form agreeable to your fancy take her home to your houe he i worthy to be your friend your companion in life the wife of your boom Cherih her a a bleing ent to you from heaven; let the kindne of your behaviour endear you to. Vihnu Photo Frame Lakhmi. Thank you ir for thi helpful pot I want to know about my career I am o uncertain about it and not happy with it My dob i. The boy and girl who caually pick fight have ex and keep the emergency ervice fully occupied are often fuelled by cheap booze They are more likely to try drug or tart moking young.&nbp; Englih girl are the mot exually active in Europe More of them are having ex aged 15 or younger Britain ha high rate of both teen pregnancy and exually tranmitted dieae. Women have no act precribed for them Even thi i the ordinance that wa laid down The ruti (Veda) declare that women are endued with ene the mot powerful that they have no cripture to follow and that they are living lie Bed and eat and ornament and food and drink and the abence of all that i repectable and righteou indulgence in diagreeable word and love of exual companionhip thee were betowed by Brahman upon women Men are quite unable to retrain them within bound The Creator Himelf i incapable of retraining them within the limit that are proper : what need then be aid of men? ection XLIII Bhihma aid to Yudhihthira: Devaarman of great energy addreed hi diciple in word which I hall recite to thee. Mahadev aid,: Thou o godde art converant with what i upreme and what i not Thou art acquainted with all dutie I deire to quetion thee about the dutie of women O thou whoe word are alway conitent with righteoune I deire to hear thee dicoure on that ubect from the beginning The ubect when dicoured upon by thee will become endued with great merit Indeed that dicoure will then become authoritative in the world Women in epecial are the highet refuge of women Among human being that coure of conduct which thou wilt lay down will be followed from generation to generation Half of my body i made up of half thy body All the eternal dutie of women are well-known to thee Do thou therefore tell me in detail what are the dutie of. Teaching book Chakra Healer Rudrakha Hello gaurav i My huband had a brain infection 3 year ago and ha been uffering from hort term memory lo ince He i now doing a repetitive work with a leer grade in ame company ob lo i alway a threat for u a he i not able to perform well with hi memory Pleae let u know the remedy to help him regain memory and gain back hi kill Medicine are not working Pl help u. Aper Pyramid Orange ade Pyramid Collector 27 Mukhi ava Collector 28. Yantra Tantra Fetival Culture book Ganeha hawl. Love and Planetary Doha Looe. Diya Wick Mouli aneu Holy Betelnut Coconut Pranam guruiMy dob i 9/11/1986Time 7:45am birth place MuzaffarnagarI want to know about my Kab hogi aur kaii hogiPleae batayeThanka Product Code : RT96 - D99 aneevani Bracelet Nandi-Idol Other Deity Idol. Product Code : RT14 - D99 Mahamrityunaya Kavach - There i no mode of life that i uperior to erving one’ mother -The Mahabharata ============== Article of interet: Motherhood Mother Father & Teacher Alluring adornment Empty chamber Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index. Marble Idol. Arawati Idol Gayatri Idol What the excellent behaviour i of good and chate women Women' dutie toward her huband From the Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection CXXIII Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Bhihma aid: Once upon a time in the celetial region,a lady named umana addreing andili poeed of great energy and converant with the truth relating to everything aid : 'By what conduct by what coure of act have you ucceeded in attaining to heaven purged of every in? You blaze forth with your own energy like a flame of fire You wear vetment of pure white and are quite cheerful and at your eae You hine with energy multiplied a thouandfold You have not attained to thi region of happine by inconiderable penance and gift. Blue Topaz Necklace Cat Eye Necklace Andtone hivaling Bra hivaling Get excluive offer you won’t find anywhere ele traight to. Ganeha (Roe Quartz) Ganeha (Ruby) If a man earn and the wife tay at home it doe not mean that the woman i a paraite and a lave he i indeed the builder of the nation Verily women exercie an authority over their huband through their love tenderne affection grace beauty elfle ervice fidelity purity and elf-abnegation Dutie of Women By wami hivananda (1887-1963) Divine Life ociety Rihikeh The chief duty of woman i to maintain her PATIVRATA DHARMA To a woman there i no higher duty than ervice of her huband he hould worhip him daily he hould take ole refuge in her huband He i everything to her He i her all-in-all he hould perform all action to. Crytal Heonite Garnet (Ceylon Gomed) Collectible item Rare Rudrakha Bead Turquoie Bracelet Gomed Bracelet Uma aid,: O holy one it i through thy grace that the word I am uttering are taking their rie in my mind I hall according to the ordinance dicoure on the ubect of women` dutie The dutie of women arie a created at the outet by kinmen in the rite of wedding Indeed a woman become in the preence of nuptial fire the aociate of her lord in the performance of all righteou deed [comment by the cholar and the tranlator of the Mahabharata ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli: "According to the Hindu cripture i not a contract It i the union of two individual of oppoite exe into one peron for better performance of all deed of piety."] Hivlingam with Yoni bae YoniBae without lingam Zodiac locket Other Aupiciou Locket Bhihma contitued: Hearing thee word of the celetial Rihi that foremot of Apara replied unto him aying: I am unable being myelf a woman to peak ill of women Thou knowet what women are and with what nature they are endued It behoveth thee not O celetial Rihi to et me to uch a tak Unto her the celetial Rihi aid: It i very true O thou of lender wait One incur fault by peaking what i untrue In aying however what i true there can be no fault Thu addreed by him the Apara Panchachuda of weet mile conented to anwer Narad’ quetion he then addreed herelf to mention what the true and eternal fault of women are! Panchachuda aid: Even if high born and endued with beauty and poeed of protector women wih to trangre the retraint aigned to fault truly tain them O Narada!

Andalwood Mala. Kuber Yantra Indrakhi Yantra India recognie the ideal of motherhood a the highet for a woman There i o much talk in the Wet about the emancipation of women crutinie her cloely and you will find her a lave of appetite fahion and the dollar In our Vedic period women enoyed an honourable and exalted poition They occupy a high poition now alo The obect of i mutual happine of the partie the raiing of children and worhip and ervice of the Lord Coming to the forefront in blazing daylight i certainly not the tet or criterion of the true greatne of. Mahawala Mala Bracelet Brahma Mala Bracelet Pranam GuruiDOB.4 March 1991Time. ace DehradunMere haadi ko do mahine hua hai abhi antaan hone me problem aa ri hai Much upaaye baitaiye Aur meri married life kaii rahegi? Product Code : RT18 - D99 upreme Kavacham Bracelet - Pranamdob.6 Aug .00amPlace kahipur(u.k)ir mere govt ob KB tak lagege mai mai kafi time e preparation kr raha hu abi mai private ob karta hu Or ir mera man hameha udaa rahta hai mai KY karu pleae. Ritual Pua Kit Fragrant indoor Tilak Laxmi Chowki Ganeh Chowki Product Code : RT23 Courage Bracelet Rare Gemtone Collectible Gemtone Item Ir can people of Kumbha rai/lagna chant thi coz un i lord of 7th houe (maraka)? Vaiayanti Bracelet Chirmi Bracelet Pink ade Necklace Unakite Necklace Kya aaditya hirdoya trota ko urya ke amne khade hokar padna chahiye Damru Phatik hivaling Blue apphire hivaling Howlite Gemtone hree Yantra Emerald hree Yantra Navagraha tatue. Guru Mala Bracelet Mangal Mala Bracelet Ruby Ceylone Ruby Mozambique Mahalakhmi Idol. Agate Necklace Amethyt Necklace Golden heet Yantra Red Orange Carnelian Crytal Quartz Necklace Red Orange ade Linga Agate hivaling Pua for Fetival Katha Paath aharanama Ganeha (Green ade) Ganeha (Gomed) I m preparing for gov ob will it be beneficial for me ?? or could u plzz ugget pua for gov. Malachite Earring Moontone Earring Kurma tatue More Ganeha idol Bra Oil lamp PanchPatra & poon Collector 29 Mukhi ava Collector 30. Pua Item Meditation Acceorie Protection Dektop yantra Knowledge Dektop yantra Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] Who i he that win the heart of man? From other ource In the pring of your youth in the morning of your day when the eye of men gaze on you with delight and nature whiper in your ear the meaning of their look; ah! hear with caution their educing word; guard well your heart Do not liten to their oft peruaion Remember you are made man` reaonable companion not the lave of hi paion The end of your being i not merely to gratify hi looe deire but to ait him in the toil of life to oothe him with your tenderne and recompene hi care with oft endearment Who i he that win the heart of man that ubdue him to love and reign in. Peridot ade Onyx Aventurine Roe Quartz Necklace Lamp Deity Key chain Key holder Health and Peace Protection Lakhmi Pua and Book Ganga Pua. Offering Bowl Meditation Dre. Carnelian Earring Garnet Earring Product Code : RT78 Protection Bracelet Pua at agannath Temple - Puri. Other Ring Hanuman Ring Hello ir I read thi all comment they are very I have a one problem do i want to take bath before reading thi totram and alo can I read thi 8am. Rudra Centre today i a market leader in Rudrakha Gemtone & Hindu. Coral Earring Onyx Earring Pranaam Gurui,Pleae let me know that i it neceary that we chant ri Aditya Hrudayam looking at the un and offer Arghya for all the. Chakra Healer - Kundalini Holy book - Purana Lapi Lazuli hivaling Tiger Eye hivaling Ganeha (Fluorite) Ganeha (Labrodarite) Pranam GuruiDOB:- 19 uly 2000Time:- 1:50amPlace:- Demapur Mai army ki preparation kr rha hu to kya me army me a paunga agr nhi to mue ki govt ector ki preparation krni chahiye.??? Dear Gaurav ir My name i Aniket Nanda My date of birth 19th march'1987,10:33 PM Kolkata I have uffering from everal health problem my i alo not happened and alo problem in my office with bo Kindly. Durga Photo Frame arawati. Navgraha Maha Yantra arvaiddhi Maha Yantra Parad Mala Book. Hall we recite it daily or twice weekly i alo god enough? Lakhmi Mala Bracelet Gauri hankar Mala Yellow ade hree Yantra hree Yantra in. Triuti Rudrakha Devotional Bhakti ong CD. Product Code : RT77 Rudra Kavach Gau Mata Wall Hanging Artifact Ilver Bracelet Panchadhatu Bracelet My DOB i 10-07-1979 Time i 08:10er Place i tell me which planet i bad in my horcope and what paath i have to do a i believe in prayer. Lot of thank to the peron who extracted thi MahaGyan Namate I have received my holy hipment today Everything i very good Your team and your buine i amazing Keep up thi amazing buine of preading Mah --Mohan INDIA Our heart ay a big thank you. Bhihma aid: Repect kind treatment and everything ele that i agreeable hould all be given unto the maiden whoe hand i taken in Her ire and brother and father-in-law and huband’ brother hould how her every repect and adorn her with ornament If they be deirou of reaping benefit for uch conduct on their part alway lead to coniderable happine and advantage Women hould alway be worhipped and treated with affection There where women are treated with repect the very deitie are aid to be filled with oy There where women are not worhipped all act become fruitle If the women of a family in conequence of the treatment they receive grieve and hed tear that family oon become extinct Thoe houe that are cured by women meet with detruction and ruin a if corched by ome Atharvan rite uch houe loe their plendour Their growth and properity ceae Plz wear a alt water pearl and a red Coral Alo wear an original nepali 12 mukhi rudrakha and a Venu yantra Refer thee link /2014/06/pearl-gemtone-moti-ratna-atrology- tp /2014/06/red-coral-gemtone-moonga-ratna-atrology- tp /2012/08/twelve-faced-rudrakha-barah- tp /2013/11/venu-yantra-hukra- tp /2014/11/good-quality-genuine- Hindu ideal veru Wetern ideal By wami hivananda Divine Life ociety Rihikeh In the Wet the wife govern the home In an Indian home it i the mother who control In the Wet the woman i wife In India he i the mother The mother i worhipped a the godde Lakhmi (Godde of properity) of the houe The ruti (Taittiriya Upanihad) emphatically declare: "Matru Devo Bhava" (Let thy mother be thy God)." In the Wet the wife govern the home In an Indian home it i the mother who control In the Wet the mother ha to be ubordinate to the wife In India the wife ha to be ubordinate to the mother. Lepidolite hivling Vaonite hivling Diffuer Incene with Diffuer Ganeha (Crytal) Ganeha (Blue untone) I have thu O god expounded at thy command what the dutie of women are Verily that woman who conduct herelf in thi way become entitled to a hare of the merit won by her huband ________________ Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] he i a true wife who i… Mahabharata Adi Parva ection LXXIV Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Once in ancient time the celetial Rihi Narada having roamed over all the world met the Apara Panchachuda of faultle beauty having her abode in the region of Brahman Beholding the Apara every limb of whoe body wa endued with great beauty the acetic addreed her aying O thou of lender wait I have a doubt in my mind Do thou explain it Bhihma continued: Thu addreed by the rihi the Apara aid unto him: If the ubect i one which i known to me and thou thinket me competent to peak on it I hall certainly ay what i in my mind Narada aid; O amiable one I hall not certainly appoint thee to any tak that i beyond thy competence O thou of beautiful face I wih to hear from thee of the dipoition.

Ganeha (Howlite) Ganeha (Budd tone) "however much a loving huband may atify the want of hi faithle wife he i dicarded by her in time of ditre." "It i characteritic of the womenfolk to enoy in time of properity (of their huband) but abue and even dicard him at the lightet advent of adverity." "he who i alway at loggerhead with her huband however good and wie he may be doe not merit the name wife here and hereafter." "A woman goe to the world of bli if only he cheerfully erve her lord wherever he may be living in beautiful citie or uffering in the foret and whatever he may be a inner or a aint." 'The huband i the god for a worthy wife be he a wretch or be he enuou or devoid of property." "For a woman there i no penance greater than ervice to her huband." Tick on German. Collector 1 mukhi Java Collector 14. Heera. Brown Agate Gemtone Rock Lord hiva Photo Frame Ganeha. Pleae do thee /2012/12/importance-and-procedure-of- tp /2015/03/gauri-hankar- tp /2014/06/Yellow-apphire-Gemtone-Pukhra-Puhkra-Ratna-yotih- tp /2014/06/pearl-gemtone-moti-ratna-atrology- nate Urad daal every aturday to a poor peron or in a temple Pleae make ure that you buy unheated and untreated tone Mot of the tone are either heat treated or treated by other chemical which reduce or completely detroy their atrological benefit hence they are of no ue o alway BUY them from a TRUTED ELLER and if you don't know any truted eller then you can alo ORDER them. Dear Guru iCan we recite Aditya Hridaya totra in Englih a given by. Hematite hivaling Howlite hivling Product Code : RT149 Hanuman Bracelet Ir do one have to recite thi full totra ?? Pleae confirm A there are many audio video on YouTube for 3 to. Pirituality Rudrakha for Children Untone hivaling Pleae wear a yellow apphire and a outh ea pearlPleae make ure that you buy unheated and untreated tone Mot of the tone are either heat treated or treated by other chemical which reduce or completely detroy their atrological benefit hence they are of no ue o alway BUY them from a TRUTED ELLER and if you don't know any truted eller then you can alo ORDER them. Collectible Gold ilver Yantra and MahaYantra Pua Bell Kapoor. Ganeha (Lepidolite) Ganeha (Blue ade) Gold Chain Mangalutra Knowledge Yantra Kit piritual Yantra Kit Cowrie Tatva Vatu Tree Gomati Tatva. Other hree Yantra Krihna Vihnu Ram. Thu quetioned weetly by umana andili of weet mile anwered: 'I never in heedlene addreed any diagreeable or evil peech to my huband I wa alway devoted to the worhip of the deitie the Pitri and the Brahmana Alway heedful I waited upon and erved my mother-in-law and father-in-law Even thi wa my reolution that I hould never behave with deceit I never ued to tay at the door of our houe nor did I peak long with anybody I never did any evil act; I never laughed aloud; I never did any inury I never dicloed any ecret Even thu did I bear myelf alway When my huband having left home upon any buine ued to come back I alway erved him by giving him a eat and worhipped him with reverence I never ate food of any kind which wa unknown to my huband and at which my huband wa not pleaed. Ganeha (Tiger Eye) Ganeha (Red ade) Gemtone Ball Chakra Healing tick Hiva Ring. Dear Guru i,My dob i .1991 10:31 pm amhedpur Meri haadi kab tak hogi and profeionally ab. Lakhmi Picture Durga Picture Crytal Quartz Earring Roe Quartz Earring Product Code : RT128 - D99 upreme Kavacham Power Bracelet - Hiva Hanging yantra Ganeh Hanging yantra If Venu ha ome connection with 10th lord or. Yantra. Pleae do thee:1) Haldi ki gaanth ek peele rang ke dhaage me pirokar pahniye2) I yantra ko pahniye /2016/11/yantra-for-getting- ) /2012/12/importance-and-procedure-of- ) unday ke din namak mat khaaiye5) Moonga pahniye /2014/06/red-coral-gemtone-moonga-ratna-atrology- ) I ko roz kariye /2016/08/-to-pleae-planet-hani-hani- Ir aapka karya arahniy h or abhi pathko ko ror antuti dega aapka ir kya ye abhi mantr apne h ya gaytri mantr hme ki poition m baithna ir. "he never eat before I eat and never bathe before I bathe he reoice if I reoice and become orry when I am orry When I am away he become cheerle and when I am angry he ceae not to peak weetly Ever devoted to her lord and ever relying upon her lord he wa ever employed in doing what wa agreeable to and beneficial for her lord Worthy of praie i that peron on earth who own uch a poue That amiable wife know that I am fatigued and hungry Devoted to me and contant in her love my poue i exceedingly weet-tempered and worhip me devoutly. Aquamarine Bracelet Lapi Lazuli Bracelet Tirupati Balai Ring Yantra-Ring Litening with reverence to the dutie of wedded life (a expounded in the cripture) and accomplihing all thoe aupiciou dutie that woman who regard righteoune a the foremot of all obect of puruit who oberve the ame vow a thoe that are oberved by her huband who adorned with chatity look upon her poue a a god who wait upon and erve him a if he i a god who urrender her own will completely to that of her lord who i cheerful who oberve excellent vow who i endued with good feature and whoe heart i completely devoted to her huband o much that he never think even of any other man i regarded a truly righteou in conduct. Tiger Eye Bracelet Yellow Topaz Citrine ade Bracelet Vehicle Yantra Brahma Dattatreya Yantra Cat Eye Kanak Kheth Cat. Ucce Chowki Planetary Chowki Ganeha (Lemon Topaz) Ganeha (Mariyam) Mahalakhmi Locket Maa Durga Locket There is none whom they are incapable of admitting to their favours They never take into consideration the age of the person they are prepared to favour Ugly or handsome if only the person happens to belong to the opposite sex women are ready to enjoy his companionship That women remain faithful to their lords is due not to their fear of sin nor to compassion nor to wealth nor to the affection that springs up in their hearts for kinsmen and children Women living in the bosom of respectable families envy the condition of those members of their sex that are young and  well adorned with jewels and gems and lead a. Ilver Yantra Bracelet ilver Bra Gold yantra Ring I will have to ee your horocope Pleae end me an email at yotihremedy@ Iddh hiva yantra iddh ri yantra Ram Ram GuruiHow long will it take before we can ee the benefit of urya aditya trotra?hould thi paath be done after offering argh? and can thi help me in finding a ob and removing black magic. Havan Kund Kit and tick Flower Container Pearl Earring Turquoie Earring Navgraha Doh Nivaran CD. The calamitou trend are unmitakable Clearly there i no room left for counter argument People are earching in vain for caue All the anwer are here on thi page The widom of the wie when properly implemented will defue the Teenage Time Bomb ________________________ Why religion i neceary? "Take religion away from human ociety and what remain i a foret of brute" -wami Vivekananda (The foremot diciple of ri Ramakrihna Paramhana) Hodah Upachara Amethyt Tatva Vatu Tree aper Tatva. The Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection XX Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli age Ahtavakra aid: Women can never be their own mitree Thi i the opinion of the Creator himelf viz that a woman never deerve to be independent There i not a ingle woman in the three world that deerve to be regarded a the mitre of her own elf The father protect her while he i a maiden The huband protect her while he i in youth on protect her when he i aged Women can never be independent a long a they live ________________ From The Mahabharata Adi Parva ection LXXIV Addreing hakuntala Duhmanta aid: "&nbp;Women generally peak untruth" ________________ From The Mahabharata anti Parva ection CCXIII Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli&nbp; Bhihma aid: Ri Rama aid: Liten O age: I tell you with all the emphai at my command that I alway take care of thoe who worhip Me with undivided faith even a a mother tend her child If an infant child run to catch hold of fire or a nake the mother recue it by drawing it aide When however her on ha grown up he love him no doubt but not a before The wie are like My grown up on while humble devotee are like My infant children A devotee depend on Me while the former (a wie man) depend on hi own trength; and both have to face enemie like lut and anger Pondering thu the prudent adore Me and never take leave of devotion even after attaining widom Lut anger greed pride etc contitute the mot powerful army of Ignorance But among them all the fiercet and the mot troubleome i that incarnation of Maya called woman. Namaty gaurav irDOB.1 Feb 1995Time ace atwari(ammu&Kahmir)ir apka bahut bahut thank u for your reply ir muhe ape ye puxna tha ke mere liye teaching field me career banana kaia rahega And ir mere married life kee rahege muhe pandit i bolte hai mai manglik hu mere married life bekar hogi ir pleae mere career and ke baare me kux uggetion bataye KY muhe hadi nhi karni chaheye Agr nhi too mai apne parent and logo ke eva karna chahate hu mere bhagwan me bahut atha hai prabhu ko pane k liye mai karu pleae reply mere career or haadi ke liye koi uggetion degeye ir for thi long meage your uggetion i very valuable for me ir u r God for. Rare 22-42 mukhi ava Collector 22. Untone Earring Gomed Heonite Earring Thank for your kind word The bet time to do it i morning If you can't do it in the morning then any time i preferable urya arghya i alway very ueful and beneficial Elaichi (Cardamom) Mala umarni 27 +. Hello gauraviToday I conult with you' you are a very genuine and knowledgeable peron.o I would ugget to other plz conult with gauravi & take a benefit Thank a bliful n peaceful life. Collector 19 mukhi Nepal Collector 20. 2 to 19 mukhi Collector Collector Garbh. Laxmi Kuber Hanging yantra Devi Hanging yantra Tirupati Balai Photo Frame aibaba. Aibaba Chowki Hello irDOB.1 Feb 1995Time (ammu)ir mai banut confued hu mai ki field me career banao KY mere liye teaching field me ana thek hai ir mai koi deciion nhi le pati hu hameha confued rahte hu muhe bahut nervoune and ir elf confidence bhi low rahta hai ir pleae koi olution bataye your uggetion will change my life pleae. If the mother train her children on the right line from the early age he i rendering great ervice indeed to the nation and national culture Women have good and ample opportunitie of improving national health and increaing properity It i they who really build the nation They can utilie their talent and abilitie in making the home a cradle of culture character peronal ability and religiou revival It i therefore wrong to ay that their live are cramped and tunted by attending to the dutie at home and that no cope i given for their evolution and freedom Thi i a ad mitake indeed The life of a woman i a noble and eriou a that of a man There i no doubt. Opal and Agate Earring Green ade Earring Arva Karya iddhi Maha Yantra Du Mahavidya Maha Yantra 10 mukhi Narayan Mala 12 mukhi. Namakar ir my huband i unemployed from lat 3 year He applie many ob but no reult Even no one call him for interview Hi dob i 16. at 11:45am Talwara Pleae. Hello ir pranam muhe ye pata karna hi i ladaki E ki bat chal rahi Hai uki kundali kaie HaiDob -31 December 1983 Time -3:40am Place - Lalgan raibarelli u. awab de akte hai to bahut abhari rahunga. Persons of wisdom should not pursue women in especial Indeed women are like frightful mantra-powers They stupefy persons reft of wisdom They are sunk in the attribute of Passion They are the eternal embodiment of the senses [Note: The Sanskrit word in the original scriptural text is "kritya" which is mantra-power or the efficacy of Atharvan rites What is said here is that women are frightful as Atharvan rites which can bring destruction upon even unseen foes Sanskrit word "Rajasi antarhitah" means that they (women) are sunk so completely in that attribute (Rajas) as to become invisible i.e completely enveloped by the attribute of Rajas.] (Continued below) Top  <To top of this page Index Alphabetical [Index to Pages] ________________ (Continued) Lakhmi Ganeh arawati Ram Picture Healing and Wellne CD. Ilver hivaling Pahupatinath hivling Tool Idol God Photo hivling hreeyantra A woman’ natural phere of activity i the home where he can prove mot helpful to man becaue he i the mot adored he can be patriotic by living in a imple hometead bringing forth noble cultured citizen politician warrior and aint In the Wet babie are born and brought up in nurery chool and maternity home They do not know the health giving affectionate tender and oul-expanding caree of their mother They do not know what it i to leep in the warm embrace of a loving mother Brought up in the atmophere of bargain and economic they develop even in their teen an unceaing devotion to the dollar and mammon The ocial atmophere in the Wet i overcharged with ex Early may be rare in the Wet but not early ex-indulgence There cannot be real love between the partie become a contract not a acrament Hence there are countle divorce. Even the foot of a tree i one` home if one live there with one` poue a a companion Without one` poue a very palace i truly a deolate wilderne One` poue i one` aociate in all one` act of Virtue Profit and Pleaure It i aid that the wife i the richet poeion of her lord In thi world the wife i the only aociate of her lord in all the concern of life The wife i ever the bet medicine that one can have in ickne and woe There i no friend like unto the wife There i no refuge better than the wife There i no better ally in the world than the wife in act undertaken for the acquiition of religiou merit He that ha not in hi houe a wife that i chate and of agreeable peech hould go to the wood For uch a man there i no difference between home and wilderne ________________ Properity Yantra Kit Protection Yantra Kit The huband i the god which women have The huband i their friend The huband i their high refuge Women have no refuge that can compare with their huband and no god that can compare with him The huband` grace and Heaven are equal in the etimation of a woman; or if unequal the inequality i very trivial O Mahehwara I do not deire Heaven itelf if thou art not atified with me If the huband that i poor or dieaed&nbp; or fallen among foe or afflicted by a Brahman` cure were to command the wife to accomplih anything that i improper or unrighteou or that may lead to detruction of life itelf the wife hould without any heitation accomplih it guided by the code whoe propriety i anctioned by the law. Other God Photo Frame Krihna. Aper hivaling Blood tone hivaling Ek white moonga pahan liiye aur original 12 mukhi rudrakha bhi Thode bahut chance hain Product Code : RT16 - D99 aneevani Bracelet - Manu ay: "For a woman there i no other acrifice he who erve her huband with intene devotion and faith i honoured even if the huband i not endowed with virtuou qualitie even if he i lutful and even if he ha no good conduct. Knowledge Yantra Protection Kavach Yantra Blue odalite hreeyantra Natural mokey Quartz hree Yantra Tirupati Balai Idol Dattatreya Idol Prarthana Book God. Hi Gauravi,Can you guide me im lacking mental peace.I have being badly : 20ep 1986 04:30 AM place: Mumbai Collector 19 mukhi ava Collector 20. Moon Mala Narayan Krihna Mala adhana Mala Iddh Devi yantra A woman hould be moderate in exual enoyment he can attend religiou dicoure and Katha with the permiion of her huband he can go to the place with other women or with her huband he hould never go alone he hould take recoure to piritual book and philoophical ournal he hould not trouble her huband for ornament or expenive clothe he hould not go out with attractive fahionable emi-tranparent dre he hould wear imple clothing he hould treat the ervant of the houe with kindne he hould train her children by giving them moral intruction A virtuou on bring fame to hi parent A wicked on bring a. Pleae email me at yotihremedy@ or call. Epic CD Lakhmi CD Collector 5 mukhi Nepal Collector 6. Ir i aap bhahut accha kaam kar rahe hai ir pleae help kar do ir mere birth detail hai 23th eptember 1998 time : 3:42 pm place lucknow up ir kya muhe government ob mil akte hai pleae ir reply a oon a poible Multi agate Pyramid Labradorite Pyramid Product Code : RT70 Rudra Kavach - Krihna-Vihnu-Ram Idol Hanuman Idol Hindu God Throne. Tirupati Balai Picture aibaba Picture Pua for ucce pecial Purpoe fulfilment Pua A houeholder’ home even if filled with on and grandon and daughter-in-law and ervant i regarded empty if detitute of the houewife One’ houe i not one’ home; one’ wife only i one’ home A houe without the wife i a deolate a the wilderne In the Mahabharata a huband decribing her truly devoted. Deity Garland - mall Deity Garland - Medium Product Code : RT152 Hanuman Bracelet - Holy book - Upanihad Holy book - Veda Cat Eye Bracelet Crytal Quartz Bracelet Godde CD Vihnu-Ram-Krihna CD Deity Garland - Large Temple Fan Between 1990 and 1994 the crime rate for homicide umped 16% for youth between 14 and 17,&nbp; the age group that in the early '90 upplanted 18-to-24-year-old a the mot crime prone And that i the age group that will be booming in the next decade There are currently 39 million children under 10 in the U more than at any other time ince the 1950 "Thi i the calm before the crime torm," ay Fox "o long a we fool ourelve into thinking that we are winning the war againt crime we may be blindided by thi bloodbath of teenage violence that i lurking in the future." uper-Predator Vedic Gemtone and ewelry Ucce yantra Locket Planetary yantra Locket Collector 3 mukhi Nepal Collector 4. Roe Quartz Bracelet Howlite Bracelet Whether the mother i able or diabled lean or robut the on i alway protected by the mother None ele according to the ordinance i the on’ protector Then doe the on become old then doe he become tricken with grief then doe the world look empty in hi eye when he become deprived of hi mother There i no helter like the mother There i no refuge like the mother There i no defene like the mother There i no one o dear a the mother For having borne him in her womb the mother i the on’ dhatri For having been the chief caue of hi birth he i hi anani For having nured hi young limb he i called amva (Amma) For nuring and looking after the on he i called ura The mother i one’. Kurma Idol Buddha Idol 2 mukhi Moon Mala 3 mukhi. Tiger Eye Earring Yellow Topaz Citrine ade Ai Baba Locket Tirupati Locket I get huge no of comment everyday and it i not poible for me to reply to each and every comment due to carcity of time I will try my bet to reply at leat a few comment everyday BLOG_CMT_createIframe(' '); Earthen Diwali Diya piritual Envelop Arawati Picture Hanuman picture Aper Necklace. Women can commit no fault The Mahabharata anti Parva ection CCLXVI Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Then again woman can commit no fault It i man only that commit fault By perpetrating an act of adultery the man only become tained with guilt It ha been aid that the huband i the highet obect with the wife and the highet deity to her Women can commit no fault Indeed in conequence of the natural weakne of the ex a diplayed in every act and their liability to olicitation women cannot be regarded a offender ________________ From the Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection XIX Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Yudhihthira (addreing Bhihma) aid: Mata Ka Chatar Crown. Ratna Shakti Locket Vishnu Krishna Ram yantra Locket Their dipoition i uch that they are incapable of being retrained when bent upon trangreion Verily women are like the word uttered by the wie Fire i never atiated with fuel Ocean can never be filled with the water that river bring unto it imilarly women are never atiated with men Thi O celetial Rihi i another mytery connected with women A oon a they ee a man of handome and charming feature unfailing ign of deire appear on their peron They never how ufficient regard for even uch huband a accomplih all their wihe a alway do what i agreeable to them and a protect them from want and danger Women never regard o highly even article of enoyment in abundance or ornament or other poeion of an agreeable kind a they do the companionhip of peron of the oppoite ex.

Umarni-27+1 bead Gyanvriddhi Maha Yantra Vatu Maha Yantra Collector 11 mukhi Nepal Collector 12. Pua for Occaion Pran Prathihta and Charity Guru i meri dob 01/Dec/1984 or time 00:35 haridwar Mue koi ob nahi milti Mane b-tech kiya hai par koi ob nahi hai raanharma01@ pleae. Hiva Pua Godde. Rudrakha Ring for Men Rudrakha Ring. Who i he that win the heart of man? Mother ________________ The Dipoition of women The eternal truth about the dipoition of women revealed in the text which i reproduced below from the&nbp; Mahabharata and the hiva Maha Purana provide the reaon why down through the centurie retriction are applied to women in Chritianity Ilam and elewhere and women being barred from the tudy of the Veda in Hinduim.' The dutie of women' etc a laid down in Hindu cripture can be undertood more properly&nbp; if "The dipoition of women" i undertood Gaurvi thank for your help I'm reciting the arawati for peech for my advie when can I tart aditya hrudayam and alo let me know if I can chant it in my room after arawati Name: RaanDOB: 28/01/1976Time: 06:34 AMPlace of birth: Vellore (TamilNadu)Quetion: getting break in ob currently unemployed need to get a ob pleae help or any uggetion. Yellow ade hivaling Green ade hivaling From The Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection LIX Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Bhihma aid: Women have one eternal duty in thi world viz dependence upon and obedient ervice to their huband and a uch thi one duty contitute their only end ________________ The huband i the wife' Highet Deity From the Mahabharata anti Parva ection CXLIV Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Ganeha (Malachite) Ganeha ( Blue apphire ) Garnet Necklace Malachite Necklace Pua Pedetal Glae Moontone Bracelet Pearl Bracelet Other Idol The Front Cover feature of TIME MAGAZINE read: Unhappy Unloved and Out of Control An epidemic of violence crime and drunkenne ha made &nbp;Britain cared of it young What&rquo; cauing the crii? Feature article by Catherine Mayer (Edited Extract from Time Magazine 07-04-2008) An epidemic of violent crime teen pregnancy heavy drinking and drug abue fuel fear that Britih youth i. Tatva Vatu Hore hoe Rock alt Energizer Book of aharanamam and totram Hindu. Holy Book - Mythology Koha Book Pancha. Ruby Burma. Purple Agate Gemtone Rock Crytal Gemtone Rock Vatu Chowki Hanuman Chowki That home i a mierable place a veritable hell on earth wherein the huband move up in pirituality and the wife pull him down into enual groove and vice vera Both hould be harmoniouly blended or oined by the acred thread of elf-knowledge each apiring eagerly for God-concioune That home really i heaven where the huband and wife lead an ideal divine life inging the Lord’ name repeating Hi tudying acred cripture controlling the ene and erving devotee and renunciate Manu mriti ay: "Where women are honoured there the god are pleaed but where they are not honoured there no acred rite i fruitful." uch i the glory of Indian womanhood. Ideally you hould take bath but if you can't then you can recite it after wahing your hand feet. Pua for Health Protection Pua for Family Relation They (women) make a lie appear a truth and a truth appear a a lie From The Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection XXXIX Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Addreing Bhihma Yudhihthira aid: All men O king in thi world are een to attach themelve to women overcome by the illuion that i created by the divine Being imilarly women too are een to attach themelve to men All thi i een taking place everywhere in the world On thi ubect a doubt exit in my mind why do men (when women are tained with o many fault) till attach themelve to women? Who again are thoe men with whom women are highly pleaed and who are they with whom they are dipleaed? Ir my name i nitindob- 1oct 1985time- to am morningplace- kanpurir muhe apne ob k bare me puchna hai mere pa achi ob nahi hai pleae. The puiant Grandire having acertained what wa in the heart of the deitie created women with the aid of an Atharvan rite In a former creation women were all virtuou Thoe however that prang from thi creation by Brahman with the aid of an illuion became inful The Grandire betowed upon them the deire of enoyment all kind of carnal pleaure Tempted by the deire of enoyment they began to purue peron of the other ex The puiant lord of the deitie created Wrath a the companion of Lut Peron of the male ex yielding to the power of Lut and Wrath ought the companionhip. Ekadah Rudra Mala Gauri hankar. Du Mahavidya yantra Locket Lakhmi yantra Locket Labradorite Tatva Vatu Tree Orange ade Tatva. Coral Bracelet Muhe apki kundli detail me dekhni padegi aap muhe yotihremedy@ par. Ak him to offer water to un daily avoid alt on every unday and recite thi daily for at leat 108 time "Om Vad Vad Vaag Vaadini waaha" Peronal Conultation RRT in thread What i the good time to recite Aditya hriday totram Widom Communication ucce & abundance Pleae do thee /2012/12/importance-and-procedure-of- tp /2013/12/aditya-hridaya-totra-in-hindi- oid eating alt on unday /2012/08/twelve-faced-rudrakha-barah- tp /2016/08/-to-pleae-planet-hani-hani- tp /2017/07/vihnu-aharanaam-in-hindi-and- Ebony Bracelet Haldi Turmeric Bracelet Godde Idol. Woman i the backbone or bedrock to utain religion and national trength peace and properity Manu declare: "The woman who alway doe good who i efficient in work weet in peech devoted to her duty and ervice of her huband i really no human being but a godde." Laxmi Yantra Ganeh Yantra Ee haan pahan akte hain rifht hand ki ring finger mein Pua Praad from Temple Pua at Trayambakehwar Anuya aid: Liten O Prince (ita) A mother father and brother are all kind to u; but they betow only limited oy A huband however betow unlimited oy (in the hape of bleedne) O Videha’ daughter vile i the woman who refue to erve her huband Fortitude piety a friend and a wife- thee four are put to the tet only in time of adverity A woman who treat her huband with direpect even though he i old ick dull headed indigent blind deaf wrathful or mot wretched hall uffer variou torment in hell (the abode of Yama the god of death) Devotion of body peech and mind to her lord’ (huband’) feet i the only duty acred vow and penance of a woman Four type of faithful wive &nbp; &nbp; &nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;. It i more than likely that the following text may upet the reader Therefore we appeal that the text be read with the aid of your intellect keeping emotion under control The Dipoition of Women From the Mahabharata Anuaana Parva ection XXXVIII Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli The ame text appear alo in ri hiva Mahapurana Uma amhita Ch 24 Yudhihthira aid: O bet of Bharata I wih to hear thee dicoure on the dipoition of women Women are aid to be the root of all evil They are all regarded a exceedingly frail Bhihma aid: In thi connection i cited the old hitory of the dicoure between the Celetial Rihi (eer) Narada and the celetial courtezan Panchachuda. Tirupati Balai-Tatue ai. The very deitie of wind and fire and water or the other celetial O regenerate one are not o agreeable to women a the deity of deire Verily women are exceedingly fond of exual congre Among a thouand women or perhap among hundred of thouand ometime only one may be found that i devoted to her huband When under the influence of deire they care not for family or father or mother or brother or huband or on or huband' brother but purue the way that deire point out Verily in puruit of what they conider happine they detroy the family to which they belong by birth or even a many queenly river eat away the bank that contain them Even women that are aged are tortured by the deire of exual union The Creator himelf had aid thi quickly marking the fault of women ________________ Muhe apki aur apke huband ki kundliyan dekhni padengi Aap muhe yotihremedy@ par email kariye Collector Gauri hankar Nepal Collector Triuti Nepal Blue untone hree Yantra hree Yantra in untone Lapi Lazuli hree Yantra Labradorite hree Yantra Even in the deep wood to a traveler a wife i hi refrehment and olace He that ha a wife i truted by all A wife therefore i one’ mot valuable poeion Men corched by mental grief or uffering under bodily pain feel a much refrehed in the companionhip of their wive a a perpiring peron in a cool bath No man even in anger hould do anything that i diagreeable to hi wife eeing that happine oy and virtue - everything depend on the wife Even when the huband leaving thi world goe into the region of Yama (God of death) it i the devoted wife that accompanie him there A wife going before wait for the huband But if the huband goe before the chate wife follow cloe For thee reaon doe exit ________________ From Yaur Veda&nbp; Chapter XXXIII Vere 59 Tranlated by Devi Chand M.A. I ued to keep alway our premie clean That woman who with concentrated attention adhere to thi path of duty become the recipient of coniderable honour in heaven like a econd Arundhati." Bhihma continued: The illutriou and highly bleed andili of righteou conduct having aid thee word unto umana on the ubect of woman' dutie toward her huband diappeared there and then That man O on of Pandu who read thi narrative at every full moon and new moon ucceed in attaining to heaven and enoying great felicity in the wood of Nandana ________________ Top&nbp; <To top of thi page Index Alphabetical [Index to Page] Women' Dutie: From the Mahabhatara Anuaana parva CXLVI Tranlated by ri Kiari Mohan Ganguli Pua at Kamakhya Temple Pua at Vindhyavaini Devi Hanuman Photo Frame Lakhmi Ganeh arawati frame Red Garnet - Ceylon Roe Quartz 8 mukhi Ganeh Mala 9 mukhi. Lotu eed Bracelet piritual Charm Bracelet Collector Gauri hankar ava Collector. Namaty GuruiDOB.1 Feb 1995Time (&k)ir mai ki field me apna career banao KY teaching me career acha rahega Or mere married life kee rahege pandit i bolte hai mai maglik hu or mere married life bekar hoge ir KY muhe haadi nhi karne chaheye ir muhe haadi me koi interet nhi hai but parent kahte hai ladke ko haadi karne padte hai mai KY karu ir pleae mere career or k bare me kux upay bataye. Hello gaurav i,I am a great fan of your and thi i a wonderful pot,o helpful.I really appreciate the way you are providing people with o much knowledgecan you guide me,whether thi aditya hridaya totra i to be read in morning or at what time? and alo urya arga i neceary or not?Thank It behoveth the O chief of men to explain to me how men are capable of protecting women? While men take pleaure in women and port with them women it eem are engaged in deceiving men Then again if a man once fall into their hand it i difficult for him to ecape from them Like kine (cow) ever eeking pature new women eek new men one after another … If man laugh women laugh If man weep they weep If the opportunity require they receive the man that i diagreeable to them with agreeable word. Product Code : RT06 Narayan Krihna Bracelet The woman in the Wet i dazzled by the glamorou ruh and peed of the modern age he doe not like to do her houehold dutie You can find her now in the houe of parliament or at the typewriter he i a telephone operator a pilot a film tar and a hop aitant he compliment herelf in the thought that he i haring and leening the work of man he vie with him in hi field and trie to out and replace him he ha aerted her right and broken the four wall of her home he work in the war zone and indutrie he think that he live a gloriou life but it i not o he i not really peaceful. Thank you ir thi i my bigget doubt you. Ganeh Mala Bracelet Durga Mala Bracelet Namate gurui I have elected one government ob interview before an year cannot oin my ob yet till continue the proce and alo facing o many difficultie before one month I tart to offer water to lord un and alo do Aditya hrudaya totram can u pleae tell me the actual remody and the way to. Pleae do thi remedy /2013/03/remedy-for-ucce-in- art from thi pleae recite both the given in thi pot /2013/12/remedy-for-peech-delay- o wear a yellow apphire (7 to 8 ratti) in your right hand ring finger Pleae make ure that you buy unheated and untreated tone Mot of the tone are either heat treated or treated by other chemical which reduce or completely detroy their atrological benefit hence they are of no ue o alway BUY them from a TRUTED ELLER and if you don't know any truted eller then you can alo ORDER them. Devi Chowki hiva Chowki I have tinnitu in both of ear and very uffring o give ome tip of removing Fluorite Necklace Aquamarine Necklace Can one read aditya hryudayam during period Or in generally any Plz ugget a. Rare Chirmi Bead Mehandi Aaditya hridyam trotam kam e kam kitni baar padhna chahiye.? 108 baar lagaataar padh akte. Product Code : RT129 - D99 aneevani Power Bracelet - Ganeh yantra Locket Hanuman yantra Locket 4 mukhi Brahma Mala 5 mukhi. Book. Namate Guru i I am going through a very bad Meri and meri wife ki bilkul nai waqt ladai hoti hai -hadi ko 7 aal ho gaye phir bhi aapi talk Mel bilkul nai hai I don't want ki hum dono ki zindagi kharab wa a love but after 1 year we both have realied wa a biggetmitake Pleae ugget can I take a divorce a per my horocope or life will take another bad ide if I take a divorce I will be very thankful if you can pleae give adviceMy detail are:Dob:16 /09/1982Place: pune maharatra Time: 15:55Wife detail Dob : 16/ Aug/1985Place: aipur Time: Unknown Namkaram gurui I am working and people in my work place poe many problem at work hence i am mentally diturbed Pleae ugget how to get rid of enemie Hree Yantra in phatik Ruby hree Yantra Gurui maine aapko Email bhea hain kripya thoda check kar le aapki help ki umeed liye baithe. Amethyt Pyramid Roe quartz Pyramid Product Code : RT32 - D991 Courage Bracelet - Oil Lamp amai Urli and Water fountain Emerald Earring Yellow apphire Earring In thi connection a prince of the houe of anaka the ruler of the Videha ang a vere It i thi: Women have no acrifice ordained for them There are no raddha which they are called upon to perform They are not required to oberve any fact To erve their huband with reverence and willing obedience i their only duty Through the dicharge of that duty they ucceed in conquering heaven In childhood the ire protect her The huband protect her in youth When he become old her on protect her At no period of her life doe woman deerve to be free Deitie of properity are women The peron that deire properity hould honour them By cherihing women one cherihe the godde of properity herelf and by afflicting her one i aid to afflict the godde of properity ________________ Pleae end me an email at yotihremedy@ Addre : RUDRA CENTRE D-319 Neelkanth Buine Park Behind Vidyavihar Railway tation Vidyavihar Wet Mumbai-86 INDIA +91-22-62102909 / 25 / 26 entre@ Collector 21 mukhi ava Collector ava Triuti Blue ade Lapi Lazuli Tatva Vatu tree Green ade Tatva. Iddh Children yantra iddh Indrakhi yantra Ir aditya hrudyam totrotam ugate hue urya k amne hi krna aruri h ya fir room me urya picture k amne bhi kr kte h. Ganeh Laxmi arawati Idol Kartikeya tatue Repect all your huband’ relative erve your aged mother-in-law and father-in-law Do protration to the aged women of the houe to your father-in-law mother-in-law adhu annyai and brahmacharin when they come to your door Treat the guet and friend of your huband with repect Invite them to dinner on aupiciou occaion Never live beyond the income of your huband Be charitable and pend one-tenth of your huband’ income in charity Cut the coat according to the cloth Never borrow Never allow the expenditure to exceed the income of your huband. Rudrakha Powder Abhihek Powder Lord hiva Picture Vihnu Picture Iddh Mahalaxmi yantra iddh Vahikaran yantra Untone Necklace moky Quartz Necklace Gomed Heonite Necklace Lapi Lazuli Necklace Bahut emotional hai thoda gua bhi hai lekin phir bhi thik hai kar. Hello ir my name i hivangee tiwari date of birth 15 October 1988 timing 12:22 pm ir from lat 3 year I am truggling for a ob I am puruing phd preparing for net but alway get a negative reult kindly ugget me ome remedie Women can no more do the work of men in the world than men can do that of women … If they withdraw from their home the reult will be diatrou There will be ubverion of dometic dicipline and family order and ocial decay will et in Children will grow up uneducated and orely neglected The above text wa written by wami hivananda ome decade ago The prediction et out in thi text are with u here and now In an article featured a a maor report in ‘TIME’ magazine dated 29th anuary 1996 Richard Zoglin wrote the following] Teenage. Hravan Maa Product hravan. Ganeh Picture Krihna Picture Ganeh Artifact Door and Wall Decorative They are ut four five and ix year old right now but already they are making criminologit nervou They are growing up too frequently in abuive or broken home with little adult uperviion and few poitive role model Left to themelve they pend much of their time hanging out on the treet or oaking up violent TV how By the year 2005 they will be teenager- a group that tend to be in the view of Northeatern Univerity criminologit ame Alan Fox "Temporary ociopath- impulive and immature If they alo have eay acce to gun and drug they can be extremely dangerou." Calm before the. Wifely Virtue From Tulai Ramayana (ri Ramacharitamanaa) Aranya Kanda 4 Devotion of body peech and mind to her lord’ (huband’) feet i the only duty acred vow and penance of a woman ita who wa o good-natured and modet met Anuya (Rihi Atri’ wife) In affectionate and mild tone the holy woman (Anuya) then proceeded to dicoure on ome wifely virtue. Again the overgrowth of the Yawaa plant in the hape of minene flourihe when the cloe of winter in the hape of woman appear For owl in the hape of in woman i a delightful night thick with darkne Even o reaon trength virtue and truth are all o many fihe a it were; and woman o declare the wie i like a hook to catch them A young woman i the root of all evil a ource of torment and a mine of all woe Therefore bearing thi in mind O age I prevented your ________________ From Valmiki Ramayana The Dipoition of Women Ayodhya Kanda 39-21 39-23 "It i alo characteritic of faithle women to lead a fale life do act unworthy of them poe a heart ever unfathomable be inclined to do inful act and in a trice ceae to be affectionate." Temple Toran Temple Curtain Collector 17 mukhi Nepal Collector 18. Fluorite hree Yantra hree Yantra in. Religion pirituality book Hindu Religiou book Collector 31 Mukhi ava Collector 32. It i the women who keep up the life and happine of the home through their mile tender affection weet peech grace angelic preence and charming peronalitie The home will be a real void without them It will loe it peculiar charm and beauty without their preence Women are the mother of the home The extraordinary ability intellectual attainment and magnetic peronalitie of modern women are tanding monument of their undoubted equality with men The peronal influence of women at home i eential to unify the variou interet of the family It i women alone who can rear or nure children Hindu wive are queen of their own home The huband hould treat their wive with intene love and repect They hould be regarded a equal in all repect and held in the light of partner. Other God Picture Gomata Picture Iddh Love Wealth Attraction yantra iddh Hanuman yantra Lord hiva Dektop yantra DhanLaxmi and Kubera Dektop yantra Hree Yantra hiva Yantra Meditation Mat Meditation Cap Tatva Vatu Gemtone Pyramid Metal Pyramid My DOB i 24121963 @ am Delhi My elder aunty ha expired and he did not had any kid I did all her lat right My younger anuty i taking away all her wealth though my elder aunty alway treated me a her child Will I get any thing or ele I hould not concentrate. Hiva Locket Hanuman Locket Iolite Bracelet Malachite Bracelet Dattatreya Pua and Book Ritual Tradition book Red Coral Triangle Emerald Namate gurui Plz help me my DOB i .1984 time i around 10AM place i new delhi My problem i i get very depreed at mall thing i am urrounded by very negative thought alway my communication kill are very bad i dont get along with people very well reulting in no friend circle or good family relation people get the impreion that i am proudy but that not true I want to have good ocial circle in family and outide and tay happy and have cheerful peronality o that people dont get bad impreion about me plz ugget help ir i have tarted reciting aditya hridaya trotra. Collector 13 mukhi Nepal Collector 14. Welcome :) Pleae leave your feedback at thi link /pg/Atrologyunction/review Pleae make him wear an emerald and a white apphire Rudrakha Mala Rudrakha Mala. All God ilver yantra Tirupati Balai Yantra Thank you very much Gurui for poting uch a nice blog which urely help people in depair Thank. Rakha Bandhan Product Rakha Bandhan Pua Mahamrityunaya Yantra Locket ai Yantra Locket Moky Quartz Tatva Vatu Tree Yellow ade and Citrine Tatva. Pranamdob 1feb 1995Time ace ammu (&k)Mere health bahut kharab rahte hai houlder neck and head me bahut pain hota hai doctor e conult kiya but koi olution nhi Mila pleae help me mai KY karo agge future me KY karo ama nhi aara pleae kux bataye mera future kaia rahega bahut parehan hu pleae. Namate Gurui Dob 28 Augut 1991 Time pm Place ahanabad(bihar) Gurui mere govt ob kab tak lagegi Mai 2014 e preparation kr rahi hu Abi tak koi ucce nahi mil pai hai Mai kya karu Pleae. Tatva Yog piritual Eential. Ir thank for your remedie I will urely do thee May God alway give u long and happy life ir I want to knew that will I wear olid haldi or haldi powder Emerald hivaling Fluorite hivaling Black Tourmaline Pyramid Red ade Pyramid Root Herb and eed. Dower Vatu. Ganeha tatue Hanuman tatue Iddha Rudrakha Indrakhi Mala /2012/03/two-Faced-Do-Mukhi- ontone pahniye /2016/06/try-thee-5-atrological-remedie-for-depreion-mental- Ganeha (Mahogany Obidian) Ganeha (Hematite) Yellow apphire Blue apphire Collector 17 mukhi ava Collector 18. Dear GuruiWill you pleae let me know where real / original rudrakha i available If you can able to arrange after keeping in pooa and alo let me know what the effect for different ize and number of i Kantaka ani and how to protect and reduce the force of the ani Pl. Dhoop Incene Camphor Ir Meri DOB 24/07/92 Time 11 Am (Agra) Manhik hanti ke upay bataye. If a woman i pure he can ave and purify man he can purify the race he can make a home a acred temple Hindu women have been the cutodian of the Hindu race Hindu religion and civiliation till urvive in pite of the many foreign invaion Other civiliation have come and gone but only Hindu civiliation ha urvived on account of the purity of Hindu women The women are taught to regard chatity a their mot pricele poeion and the lo of it equal to the eternal damnation of their oul From their very childhood religion i ingrained in Hindu women A uch they illumine and enliven the home through the glory of their purity Thi i the ecret of the endurance of the Hindu religion civiliation and culture. /2017/03/yantra-For-Promotion-Comfort-In-Ob- tp /2015/02/-to-get-repect-and- Nake Locket Kartikeya Pendant The mother i the panacea for all kind of calamitie The exitence of the mother invet one with protection; the revere deprive one of all protection The man who though diveted of properity enter hi houe uttering the word "O mother!"- ha not to indulge in grief Nor doe decrepitude ever aail him A peron whoe mother exit even if he happen to be poeed of on and grandon and even he himelf i hundred year old but in the eye of hi mother he look like a child of two year. Phatik Pyramid nowflake Pyramid Blue Agate Gemtone Rock Grey Agate Gemtone Rock Torage Boxe Pouche. Meditation & Yoga CD OM -. Earthern pot. Et of Pyramid Cat Eye Pyramid Children Yantra Good Health Yantra Pink Tourmaline Red Garnet Garbh Gauri Rudrakha Ganeh Rudrakha Riing at early dawn I did and caued to be done whatever wa brought about and required to be accomplihed for the ake of relative and kinmen When my huband leave home for going to a ditant place on any buine I remain at home engaged in divere kind of aupiciou act for bleing hi enterprie Verily during the abence of my huband I never ue collyrium or ornament; I never wah myelf properly or ue garland and unguent or deck my feet with lac-dye or peron with ornament When my huband leep in peace I never awake him even if important buine required hi attention I wa happy to it by him lying aleep I never urged my huband to exert more energetically for earning wealth to upport hi family and relative I alway kept ecret without dicloing them. Gift ection Labradorite Necklace Coral Necklace Tuli Bracelet andalwood Bracelet Emerald Bracelet Agate Bracelet Other piritual Roarie Roewood Mala Hi Gaurav ir I am an alumnu of NIT Trichy I have been reading your blog ince pat few month Congratulation for the wonderful philanthropic work! I too am a beginner in atrology I needed your advice on my career and piritual ourney Thi i the third time I will be writing IA (main) examination My preference i Indian Foreign ervice (IF) The tudent whom I taught have ecured the pot but I could not I do not know why I have not been lucky enough to get in even after the hard work Pleae given advice on my birth chart DOB - 16/09/1990 Dhanbad 12:25 PM Aditya Namate gurui I need few tip to concentrate on tudie n pa my exam in Dec 2nd week Kindly guide im in rahu mahadaha Dob - 06-feb 1987,evening 433pm Hree Yantra in aper Amethyt hreeyantra Cd Vedic. Product Code : RT132 - D99 upreme Kavacham Power Bracelet Hindu God Pua book God Bhaan and Pua. Nag Panchami Product Nag Panchami Pua Mahalaxmi tatue arawati tatue Liten O age: the Purana the Veda and the aint declare that woman i like the vernal eaon to the foret of ignorance Nay like the hot eaon he drie up all the pond and lake of apa (repetition of or the Lord’ name) auterity and religiou obervance Again lut anger pride and ealouy are o many frog a it were; like the rainy eaon woman i the only agency that gladden them all Even o latent deire of a viciou type are like a bed of lilie to which like the autumn he i ever agreeable All the different virtue are like a bed of lotue; like the middle of winter woman who i a ource of bae (enuou) pleaure blight. When candal i buy and the fame of her neighbour i toed from tongue to tongue if charity and good nature open not her mouth the finger of ilence ret on her lip Her breat i the manion of goodne; and therefore he upect no evil in other Happy will be the man that hould make her hi wife; happy the child that hall call her mother he preide in the houe and there i peace; he command with udgment and i obeyed he rie in the morning; he conider her affair; and appoint to every one their proper buine The care of her family i her whole delight; to that alone he applie her tudy; and elegance with frugality i een in her manion The prudence of her management i an honour to her huband and he hear her praie with ilent delight. Gomukhi Bag Rudrakha Chikna Mala Freh Leave Garland Exotic herb Amethyt Gemtone Rock Red and Pink Agate Gemtone Rock 21 mukhi Rudrakha Gauri hankar Rudrakha Properity and ucce yantra Protection Pocket Yantra Lapi Lazuli. Bhihma aid: It i even o a thou ayet There i nothing untrue in all thi that thou ayet on the ubect of women I hall tell thee O king how women were created by the Grandire Brahman and the obect for which they were created by Him There i no creature more inful than women Woman i a blazing fire he i the illuion O king that the Daitya Maya created he i the harp edge of the razor he i poion he i a nake he i fire he i verily all thee united together It ha been heard by u that all peron of the human race are characteried by righteoune and that they in coure of natural progre and improvement attain to the tatu of deitie Thi circumtance alarmed the deitie They therefore aembled together and repaired to the preence of the Grandire Informing Him of what wa in their mind they tood ilent in hi preence with downcat eye. Aap ye upay kariye /2012/12/importance-and-procedure-of- tp /2012/08/twelve-faced-rudrakha-barah- day ke din namak mat kahiyeFriday ko dahi daal kariye2 mukhi rudrakha pahniye /2012/03/two-faced-do-mukhi- ko roz kariye /2016/08/-to-pleae-planet-hani-hani- Iolite hivling Parad hivaling Collector 9 mukhi Nepal Collector 10. Thank you for your reply My dob i 1 uly 1981 Time u approximately between to am Place of birth i panitola aam Nearby place i Tinukia Ganeh Dektop yantra Love and ucce Dektop yantra Eu Cro Pendant Navratna Bracelet Parad Mercury Bracelet Gayatri CD Aarti Bhaan Kirtan CD Of coure you can do never give bad effect