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Atieh 8:49 am cant wait to see the latest drama of lee min hoo it must be wonderfull just as his last dramas.I sincerely hope that it would become the best drama of the also hope to won lots of awards sinopsis kdrama 7:28 pm wow i can't wait biggest drama in 2013 park shin. Nella 12:53 pm I have to say that all actors and actresses so far for me are all very capable of the roles they interpreter Although I have to read eng sub and probably some of the speech is not translated I enjoy the sound of the language The intensity on their faces and eyes and voices is interesting and unique Because those are romantic dramas the story behind is soft and similar to other but the acting is great; thank you for the entertainment offered Mimi 7:36 pm @Dawn- seriously are you just writing awful comments about Lee Min Ho where ever you go I read the comment posted by you in the page of the drama Bel Ami (which by the way was kinda boring)- anyway I think you are just a hater of LMH Please stop saying nonsence P.S: BOF was the first drama I watched-and it wasn't because any rumors or gossips and because of LMH's acting i got really. Maria 5:08 pm Does anybody know the title of the song from The heirs episode 2 minute 21:42? Please share thank you Really really love this Kdrama Everything about it Esp Lee Min Ho More Power to this show!! Keep it up guys the ratings are goin' up :) 4:29 pm @aerowhite Everyone has a different preference in beauty I think Park Shin Hye is beautiful and even though you claim you are much more beautiful then Park Shin Hye I still find her very pretty She is a NATURAL beauty and with or without makeup she is still pretty. :) Minshin 4:30 am Season 2 please I love minshin Hope they'd be together in reality dee 3:56 pm an all star cast.

Dooda 12:57 pm I really going to watch this drama because of Lee min ho and Park shin hye i love the both actors very much and i have a great hope that it will be an amazing drama this year adam 8:11 am i read all comments and i think the people who keeps mentioning yong hwa are the same 2 or 3 people lol they are just using different names anyway awesome casts!! i will. Es Tan 3:55 am “Drama is life with the dull parts left out.” – Alfred Hitchcock I truly agree with it Heirs drama fits that quote very well I find the plot very well written detailed but “Straight Forward” For example Kim Tan though he’s a legitimate heir but he’s bold in expressing his feeling toward Cha Eun Sang Heirs has a good mixed of talented and committed casts especially Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Both of them can effectively convey the emotion that influences their actions You could tell from behind the scenes Heirs NGs they are sincere with each other and have great chemistry and confidence in their work So far this is one of the Best romance dramas I have watched I feel happy after watching it again and again. Liana 8:05 am NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!! been waiting for this drama ever since it was announced XD excited!!!!!!!! anjoli 4:29 am how about in the ? so excited to watch this new drama :) :) i hope i can get more updates just. Berry 10:41 am for the English LeeMinho and the rest of the characters were in America at that time so the language was supposed to be English they are not American so you can't expect a perfect pronounciation you who are complaining can you even speak (if u r nt ) am sure if u were to speak u would sound exactly the same way to a listening But the thing that irks me the most is that all s think white guys are easy and that simply because you have dark hair and dark eyes all white men will be obsessed with you Here’s the truth: about a good 50% of you are ugly as a clock You’re either fat pudgy or both or you are waaaay too skinny You have tooth pick legs no chest and flabby bosom Then all those surgeries Some of you look like aliens… It’s gross But you still tell yourselves in the media echo-chamber that I’m obsessed with all of you In fact when I walk down the street ALL OF YOU look at me like you expect me to be obsessed with you Of course there are some of you that are hot And don’t get me wrong I know some of you women are beautiful quality solid people who are a joy to be around Ilongga13 4:39 pm I love to watch "s movies since i watch Girl over flower i love all of them min Ho He is my favorite actor Good story and good actors and actress Good luck i love it Hmm 3:27 pm Where can you buy Kim Tan's backpack? Please reply. Tori 8:51 pm What would be funnier or crazy K-Drama feat is if they did a Dawson's Creek move and had Eun Sang ended up with Do young instead of Tan Where Eun Sang makes Do Young into a better human being and Tan becomes more the "soul-mate" but not the one in the end THAT would be different from Boys Over Flowers The supporting actor gets the girl but fitting since k-dramas usually have the girl end up with the jerk not the reformed-l-love-my-brother-and-nice-to-strangers guy Seokyulate 10:43 am eh aerowhite pls kindly give a possitive comment if you sure you're much prettier than PSH how we supposed to believe without proof?? you're soooo fake :) neko_chan21 10:37 am although the first episodes were boring and the drama was stiff I still watched it And I'm not regretting it I like it even though in some scenes there is a lot of boring stuff the fact that they are ashamed of their family and the social ranks Of course in the real world there are also social classes and division between people but kdramas really pay too much attention. Tori 11:26 pm (watching the last scene of episode 8) 응 man she better answer that phone (then the infinite scene happens) whaaaaatttt DAAAAAEBAK!!! Yeah that was GOOD But you know her poor back is gonna be bruised Being slammed up a brick wall is NOT soft Trust me I know (~_^) flourenchia 11:20 pm does anyone know who is the character "Jeon zoo Jin as the hang. Dian Septha 11:43 pm I really like the heirs usualy I'm watching my favorite drama @ youtube but not for this one I have to buy the DVD an I will watch tthis drama everyday I'm really touching with the story and suddenly I'm falling love with both characters Cha Eung Sang & Kim Tan I love Lee Min Ho acting also I have so far watching 4series of Lee Min Ho acting but in the heirs his acting is 'unbelieveable' Vish 10:10 am Park Shin Hye is not ugly If you're writing comments like that then your probably ugly yourself both inside and outside Why make rank comments like that? Stick to judging the characters and the drama don't make personal comments about the actresses and actors They're only doing their jobs If the characters and the drama are bringing out strong feelings regardless of whether you like it or not then it's doing its job Isn't that what they're suppose to do? Evoke emotions? If you don't like it be like me and don't watch it anymore Edelyn Oben 11:59 pm I will rate this drama with a perfect score! The best drama for 2013! The actor and actress are well selected and they were able to portray their role effectively in such a way that one will be moved by those scenes Its key element on finding the person you would like to spend with and fighting for this person against the odds is amazing Being dedicated to one's family and being a good children to parents is also one of the theme that attract its viewer Go guys you are missing half of your life not seeing. Minozforever 2:53 am I am so touched to see all the comments here Now I know it's not only me that feel sad about the end of The Heirs but you guys have been sharing the pains together Nice meeting all of you here and I'm really glad to see the endless support and loves towards The Heirs With the end of The Heirs it felt really hard for me to move on to another drama I'm still obsess to google about any news about the casts and also about the drama Best drama ever!! love the story love the casts and everything about it I hope the next drama will be as good as this Thank you The Heirs for making such a beautiful and lovable drama love love love from Canada :) Ahn Pi Ri 1:48 pm Annyonghaseyo OMG!!!!!!! Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye !!!!!!!!! we have 7 more days till the drama comes out !!! I cant wait!!!!!!! I already fell for this drama and Kim woo bin oh my god I loved his acting in SCHOOL 2013!!!!!!!!!!!! OK!!!!!! Fighting you guys I will really love this drama and I hope you all will enjoy it too Anyong!!!!!!! Purfles 7:15 am Seriously i did not like this drama u know because all the time PSH scenes i'm just change the channel and her acting in this drama like a baby when a something happen she will burst in to tears or she will cry immediately A heroine suppose not to be like that she has to be strong And the last EP also was spoiler Just they have to make scenes like that?? Ridiculous scenes Just like the story was the half way and we did not know what's going happens next between Eun Sang and. :d 8:07 am The show is just too nice Can't wait for the new episodes to air Finished watching 6 episodes in 2 days Fighting!! newbie 7:35 am congrats to all the actress actors staff crews and all of the persons involved in making this drama happen Thank you so much Hope you can read all our comments and greetings newbie 5:01 am Yongshin you're 200% right Fighting!!! It’S so disgusting that a country full of people who think you are so wonderful and modern would be so comfortable with a drama that is so brazenly racist But again that is the reputation of Korea more and more in the world You strive to be number one But it seems that the main way that you lead the community of nations is by finding amazingly demented and twisted ways of being racist ugly and torturously elitist In that sense congratulations you are indeed THE VERY BEST vina 9:16 pm i love this drama because the story is great and lee min ho oppa is a good. Sarina 11:48 pm one of the most beautiful dramas ever made how ever as an iranian fan it's hard to watch it in I'm anxiously looking forward for the next episode park shin hye shi fighting Gerney 10:23 pm nice series love it :) kang min hyuk kimiljong 10:09 pm The story is so predictable it has nothing new to offer s trying to look like Americans Gossip Girl meets Cinderella Angelou 10:28 am Good Luck & God bless oppa I love you always and ! Ingrid 12:12 am I I wish Song Joong Ki Park Yoochun or Jung Il Woo is the second lead for the role that dropped out by Jung Yong Hwa please! Or maybe also Kim Hyun-Joong!!!! That would be great! Vea 11:28 am Why Jung Yong Hwa why? Wae wae wae???? DUNYA 9:58 am Oh my GOD oh my GOD oh my GOD i can't belive in it yong hwa. Liza★ 10:47 pm "It's okay baby" lkasdjflakj hahaha I'm so looking forward to watch this drama! mariamk2 1:24 pm Dying to watch this drama Min ho oppa fighting sepide 1:13 pm just died watching the teaser what was that?"it's ok baby" it really was not ok how could a simple thing sound so hot out of min ho's lips?just not fair gosh he's sexy! Bionette 12:57 pm Oh my goodness I read "some" of the comments here just in case that I missed something interesting but wow people you have the right to say whatever you want but still you have to be respectful remember this YOUR rights end where MINES begin show that you are not only well educated but polite sorry for those that don't like TH I am completely in love with the drama I am super excited to see how it will develop now that they are back in Korea I love all the actors so far I am so proud of LMH & PSH they are an awesome and trust me in the beginning I wasn't crazy about the 2 of them together I thought they wouldn't have good chemistry together but now i love them BEST OF LUCK TO THE HEIRS I am sure that you will do awesome!!! Israt 1:18 am oh so boring i expected very much from this drama bt it failed its overrated its a typical rich guy and poor girl drama the story is messy i like park shin hye bt in this drama her character and acting was horrible she was crying in every single scene her acting was like store of overacting lee min ho is another boring character he is too old to play this character he was not lookin 18 in any angle but kim woo bin's acting is the treasure in this drama it is out of the world he is just great i also liked Rachael choi she is strong brave clearcut,responsible,talented and beautiful!!! her acting was notable this is the two reason that i have watched it. Yongshin 10:37 pm I'm excited to watch episode 7 Supporters of The Heirs keep watching this drama 'til the end Let's make ep 7 have the 2nd rating because I am pretty sure it will be exciting I'm sure the casts of this drama are very thankful for our support For those who had started watching & find it boring and not interesting either with the plot or storyline or something to do with the acting & had planned to stop watching I congratulate you at least you got to see the beginning parts But if you change your mind and would like to resume in watching this drama welcome to the club The Heirs Fighting! Marvin daroy 4:35 am A great drama it was so epic that i cant get over it yet if i am going to rate it then a 100 is not enough the blend of the characters seems like a coffee and milk so sweet together i think their partnership is better than their previews love teams in their corresponding soap operas more power ovelas i hope you would continue inspiring young hearts So overall it just comes down to taste but considering the love that this drama gets I do hope you try it out a lost of people are saying it's 's version of Gossip Girl and i do see the similarity but again maybe you're like me where you just plain didn't like the plot line/ storyline This is again my personal opinion so please do hate lasya 2:45 am I loved it diana 2:50 am I love. Sweets 6:33 am I wacthed the 2 episode of this tv series yes is so far i liked it because i like lee min hoo and also park shin hye they act naturally and also ther is chemestry both of them i can't not wait to wacth the next episode and also amused what will happen the next i hope getting more good the most of tv drama series i wacthed is always good the story liike boys over flowers youre beautiful and full. Georgina 9:47 pm These recent comments are valid criticisms These are some of the good examples on how to disagree without being "obnoxious" It shows maturity of character To all of you who gives these fine observations and criticism (I won't mention your name because you know who you are) SALUTE!! BRAVO!! Venus 10:12 pm I think it became number 1 because of the screenwriter,she is the screenwriter of Secret Garden And I agree with those comments below that these is boring I've watched many drama since 2000 but this time I'm very dissappointed with these drama Heirs because there's many part of episodes are BORING Yongshin 12:26 am Yehey!1st & 2nd rating! All avid fans & viewers of The Heirs we made it to the top! For those who made a bad negative and not constructive comments better stop it now or you will really encourage us more and will make it to the top until the end You just have to accept it that this is a good drama with lots of lessons to ponder about To seriously!!'s comment I bet you can't accept the truth that this drama made it to the highest rating If you can't say good comments better not say anything The fact that you're mad at us viewers signifies that this is a wonderful drama & you are just jealous Viewers of The Heir don't be carried away with the negative comments let's persevere and help this drama get to the top & receive awards! Fighting! Almontel 12:50 pm this is the most highly anticipated drama for the last quarter of 2013 and i'm sure a lot is riding on LeeMinHo and ParkShinHye's shoulders so He/She who wears the Crown must bear its weight! I know they'll have the chemistry i've seen it on their first CF together for Etude ParkShinHye is a seasoned actress she's been in the business for over a decade Who can forget her Stairway to Heaven and Tree of Heaven dramatic scenes at such a young age! I've been a fan of hers since those days! I'm glad she moved on up and had a great stepping stone with You're Beautiful And i really do want to see more from her because I know she can shine the brightest with any role she potray when given the chance Aja. Rael 4:35 pm Just ended watching 'heirs' I cried for choi young do he's the saddest person in drama Ep 17 was suck i dont like weaky tan But i admire for this drama maker they made a lot beautiful scene eventhough the story is 'okay' Delavia 1:30 am i started from ep 8 now i want this drama to extend so i can watch more of its i like young do he is like a sad little boy his friend myong soo is so funny 'm youngest daughter of jeguk' lol i luff them in ep 15 where tan's mom blackmailed rachel's mom i love mom she is unlike other k drama chaebol mom bona and cha young are cute this drama has everything it needs love hate romance bromance comedy ambition hope pain heartbreak i am glad i got to watch it but four ep are not enough DIRECTOR PLEASE EXTEND THIS DRAMA BY FEW MORE EPISODES Neiviv 4:55 am congratulations to all the actors for their awards! i didn't particularly enjoy the story line of this drama having watched "Master's Sun" and LMH being the main lead again i had really high hopes (maybe thats why i was very disappointed) I'm also not a huge fan of PSH - she is very beautiful and perhaps talented but something just lacks with her performance (for me anyway) It had its moments but something just failed to "wow" me with this drama I still maintain that Master's Sun was the best drama of 2013 i encourage all of you to watch it and see what it is i am talking about Sky 4:50 am let park min young to be his leading lady for a second time -hoping- Liza★ 4:48 am Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho o__o that is going to be interesting can't wait! boomrac 4:47 am oh oh park shin hye confirmed to be the lead! I like park min young bec i am proud minmin shipper but park shin hye isnt bad!. Cindy8 3:53 pm i know my country man when i see one @seun of sept 28 err pls don't ever compare park shin hye with gu hye sun (jandi) again azin that's not even nice at all they are both on totally different levels jandi is only known for her role in BOF i know park shin hye from 2 other better dramas (you are beautiful & flower boy next door) and she's a top i mean TOP actress Jandi?? who hears that name anymore?? Jandi is a terrible actress I almost couldn't finish watching BOF cos of her I know you are Nigerian so pls believe me when i say park shin hye will do a much better job than gu hye sun will ever do not that she's the best but she's definetely better than jandi ok? thanks For me Heirs is a drama I will never forget because it seriously made me realise many things and I got some important lessons from it Heirs wasn't a boring drama You just had to search in the souls of the characters and find what they wanted to hide Personally I believe there is no other drama such us Heirs and that fact really disappoints me Yes it has the cliche Kdrama story but i really doesn't have only that After Heirs all the dramas I have watched seem unreasonable boring and just wrong The leads are like lovie dovie all the time and nothing else The only thing disapointing about Heirs is the lack of more episodes When it ended I was waiting to see a "To be continued" on my screen but NOTHING Why? There are so many questions unanswered I personally wanted to see how they would all grow up and what people would they become A season 2 is necessary!!!! I guess the only thing I can do is to cross my fingers hope. Neko_Chan 5:59 pm it was too long don;t understand why they made 20 episodes 16 or 17 would be enough too much crying it's a pity what they did to Won :( the best of all - Choi Yound Do from the beginning till the end sexy handsome bad boy who has gentle and caring heart the series was ok but I anticipated more the music was daebak! fantastic ost :) hope I will see Wim Won BIn in more dramas with better scenarios The same goes for the rest of the cast - they did a great job it's not their fault that the scenario was average Heirs101 10:03 pm I think this drama is THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so good The plot characters and even setting Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho are my top 2 favorite actors It's so good The only bad thing about this drama is that it only heirs twice a week I hate when you finish that episode on Thursday and you think I have to wait six day for the next episode to come out and the next episode trailer is so exciting and makes you wish it was Wednesday Lily 11:49 pm Wow Best drama ever So sad it has end already Can't get enough of this drama I'm gonna miss them so much Hope to see another collaboration between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in the future Also want to see possible pairing between Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye for next drama or movie Great work The Heirs! Thanks a lot for a giving us a great time in watching your drama Your fan Malaysia josephine 10:35 pm i think i need season 2 gonna miss kim tan chanyoung yong-do myungsoo eunsang and lee bo-na Kory 9:32 pm desde Venezuela una gran admiradora de los doramas me parecen lo maximo y este es genial espero seguirlo hasta el final adoro a mi oppa lee min ho es bellisimo Sora 3:46 pm KIM HEECHUL!!!!!!! gosh the story line and kim heechul is so match together lol bona totally ignore heechul oppa alone when she saw chan young btw the only poin that migh be a weak spot of this drama is the high school background story why high school? it will better and more realistic if kim eun seok made it university it will alot more fun but we dont know how it will it end till we. Lee Min Joo 9:23 pm I am a bit disappointed for the female lead would be great if Han Hyo Joo is the one chosen for that role Im sure a lots of fans will surely support it They also look good together They have lots of similarities like the year and number of their birth dates (both 1987 and day 22) It's like they are meant to be Hihi! And han hyo joo is a great actress too I wish they could be in a drama together But still im going to support that drama for the sake of lee min ho <3 Mariamshin 11:56 am I think lee min ho is such a good actor I mean how he locks his gaze at the person who he "loves" in his dramas are so piercing I can't even look at someone for 2 seconds without having to look down I don't know whether it's because of my low self esteem but he's such a great actor he can like make you believe he likes that girl In like real life he even ADMITS that he's shy he isn't that good at asking a girl for her phone number But in his drama shows he is SUCH a great actor he can like stare her down AHHH I LOVE YOU LEE MINHO YOU. "the Heirs" depicts the friendships rivalries and love lives of young rich heirs led by Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) and a girl named Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye) Unlike the others Cha Eun-Sang is considered ordinary and comes from a poor background 18-year-old Cha Eun-Sang lives with her mother who is mute Her mother works as a housekeeper and Eun-Sang also works part-time jobs to help out One day Eun-Sang's older sister (Yoon Jin-Seo) calls from the U.S and informs them that she will marry Eun-Sang's mother then asks Eun-Sang to send her older sister some money from her savings account Eun-Sang isn't happy with her situation and decides to go to the U.S herself to see if she can start a better life with her sister Msherfi 5:05 am before watching episode 1 I thought it similar with BOF but actually not This story more touchful and realistic And for me Park Shin Hye's acting different with her acting in other of her dramas before Seriously her acting quite. Eli 6:31 am Big Congrates luv this drama more than boring boys over flowers Counting down to watch end episode but in happiness newbie 5:45 am wow congratulations to all the actress actors staff writers and all the production of The Heir you made on the 2nd we are proud of you guys looking forward to be on the 1st rank fighting Shwe su 6:52 am I really love this drama I love park shin hye & lee min Psh & LMH really loving GARNET MANGUBAT 10:21 pm This is One GREAT KOREA-NOVELA I've ever watched ive shed so may tears it made me laugh happy and inspired I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS They were so PERFECT I LOVE YOU KIM TAN AND. Cara 4:03 pm Beng wow you are a one dimensional person I was making a comment a constructive criticism to writers of the drama And yes the storyline of Heirs is regurgitated stuff where they added new intriques and seasoning here and there but it is old and it's done too many times Let's call it what is is been there done that stuff! Why are you so angry how are you suppose to grow and expand when you are not willing to take off your rose colored lenses.? Not all criticisms are bad in a way maybe the writers will come up with something new that haven't been done before it will be a win -win Anna 2:50 am oh yong hwa didnt like his character in this drama too bad :( was looking forward to see him in this ea 2:57 pm All my favorite actors and actress! Just can't wait till it airs! kagemusha 12:38 pm add to the casts song hye kyo song joong ki park yoochun Uthla 11:43 am I just finished watching this drama & it was amazing I love the scenes in America cause they are very funny I like all the characters speciallly kim tan & young do kim tan is so emotional and HOT I love that guy park shin hye acts very well and she is so good looking but sometimes she acts strangely - like she is frightened by someone I like that girlish boy myung soo too The episode ending song I'M SAYING is my favourite k drama song I love heirs!! sandra 9:06 am Im finally done with this drama Its a fan service drama is what. Zaine Lisondra 2:53 am kyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ! Min Ho oppa s o cuuuuuute ! Hot comeback :D wew ! I love this movie Arrggh so excited for the 3rd episode :D They madea cut  ! ShinHo <3 Aaaaahhh ! Ren 2:01 am I super love it please fast forward the time for the next episode! :( Chaos 12:09 am I love PSH and Lee Min Ho They are perfect match :) I just finished the drama yesterday and I still can't move on I miss them I hope they will have another drama together :) salina 5:03 am Lost myself during watching the episode of Heirs. :) Love You Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye Galih 11:57 pm I already anticipate this drama because of Lee Min Ho as male lead in addition there's the most handsome high-school-role-actor Kim Woo Bin Buuut the most anticipate thing is Kim Eun Sook as scriptwriter It's already clear that this drama is going to hit. Shana 1:03 am -- oohh my god i can't even sleep just to watch the heirs it is nso beautiful :)) Ilove you Lee. Baho 4:31 am Dear Kim Eun Sook thank for made wonderful Heirs drama story This story being best also by strong chemistry by PSH and LMH also others players u know the heirs drama is popular in Indonesia Hope there is heirs season 2 If someday there is Heirs season 2 I have suggestion and addition idea for this story Hope can get ur e-mail bcoz wanna share my creation on u. Andiya 8:23 am LMH should act opposite a top notch actress,someone that can bring out the best in lee min ho!! I hope the cast agency won't MISCAST!! I think "Song hye kyo" can be a good choice for the leading actress!! she acts brilliantly!!! acting is in her BLOOD!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE,TRY 2 CHOOSE SOMEONE WHO isn't a member of a singer and isn't married!! FOR GOD'S SAKE CHOOSE AN ACTRESS WHO is suitable for lee min ho!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE CHOOSE AN ACTRESS WHOSE beauty is somehow the same level as min ho!! I WISH someone in charge would read my comment!!!!! Rich guy Poor girl Both young and students Girl got in the middle of rich kids First thing that came into my mind while watching the first few episodes was "Boys Over Flowers" Good thing Choi Young Do wasn't the main character Or should I say I liked it that Kim Tan is a nice guy and somewhat innocent One thing I easily predicted was when Young Do pushed Cha Eun-Sang at the pool and said " my hand slipped." I knew that Kim Tan would kick him into the water and would say "Sorry my foot slipped." It was so cliche that I wondered where have I ever seen it- must be in a manga or another drama What I like on the other hand is the flow of the story Maybe I liked the flow because it wasn't too heavy or it wasn't too rough Must be the reason why I didn't think it was rushed Edyz 6:34 pm I haven't finished watching it yet but while I like it a lot Tan and Eun Sang's relationship is really forced All the other characters have totally explicit and understandable reasons for their personal standings towards each other yet the chemistry between Eun Sang and Tan is just totally unexplained Like I still don't understand why Tan really likes Eun Sang apart from her just being hard to get and I don't understand why she keeps putting up with his shit instead of just saying "No." And I don't even know if she wants to say no or not because they're almost purposely leaving that up in the air just as an excuse to have them eventually. Lia 3:48 pm hello! to megura why compare lee min ho to kim woo bin the gap is just too big and wide! lee minho is as big as wide as ocean while kim woo bin is just as small as the sea Lee min ho is Lee min ho he already established his own name way back in 2009 hit drama BOF kim woo bin should just be thankful that he ws given an opportunity to act against lee min ho besides young do's character is already lee min ho's character from boys over flowers drama it's a 'common' character for lee min ho but kim tan's character is just so refreshing Lee min ho is such a versatile actor!  :) Third I love the casting nothing to complain with their real age Many kdramas has the same setting and plot Nonetheless let's wate for some more episode until we can judge it in whole And I expect a lot from it (as many kdramas are really unpredictable many twists and turns) Ladywolverine 10:42 pm LMH is great!!! I watched Faith and City Hunter I think he is a good actor His english in the ep 1 and 2 was acceptable and satisfactory What do you expect? He is from SK and just came to the US to study Sheeez people All I know is the drama is so far so good Lets. Graybrick22 10:52 pm Because some of the comments are upsetting I don't really get butthurt with comments like those usually but there are actually some that are just plain rude :T I mean they can state how boring this drama is in a nicer way Anyway this drama is hats-off one of the best I've watched :) 05 Krystal's a pretty good actress compared to other idols I've seen Although I must say that I'd like to see her portray a different role in her next choice of drama sitcom or whatever project she is to accept in the future I'm finding a lot of similarities in Krystal's roles of High Kick 3's Ahn Soojung & Heir's Lee Bona both characters get what they want and when they want has a lot of personality blowouts LOL her attitude to be specific and the demonstration of one being some pampered wealthy kid In High Kick 3 even though her family wasn't rich- her character as Ahn Soojung was still very spoiled All in all I just want to see Krystal in a NEW role :) I think she has lots of potential whether it ranges from singing to dancing to sports acting etc Angel 3:25 am hi eventhough i'm a great fan of LMH i can't stop liking young do he is really awesome and cool and a great actor too want to watch the different ways of LMH Angelica Louise 3:13 am Why only until Episode 20  :( can you extend it Its such a nice and Beautiful drama But I can't wait Episode 9 and I love this Drama. Sepide 1:53 am come on!!!!!!!!! this series is so cheap! They made this awful drama that made me sleep because of it's quality so far the cheapest series that i'v ever seen and will some one plz tell lmh that he looks like a dumber with that stupid engrish and that he is in a desperate need of english & acting tutor! no wonder why so many start to love Kim Woo Bin instead of him! Aji 12:24 am make a movie lee min ho your so gorgeous in any aspect make another more novela or movie your so good in every seen you make in. Kylie S 10:22 pm I honestly think it is going to better without shin hwa just for the pure fact if he was in it people wouldn't be able to imagine the main girl being with lee min ho which is what the drama is supposed to be! If he was in it everyone would just wish she was with shin hwa because of heart strings and to the beautiful you I think it's a great choice to pick someone else just because after heartstrings you can't imagine those two in a drama together and not be the main GO LEE MIN HO! I love shin hwa but for the drama I think it's better if he's not in it Just so the relationship between the girl and lee min ho seems more realistic and believable but I do believe it would've been a very good cast if he stayed with the project :) Lia akhmad 9:01 am yep the heirs the next drama that was booming in my country first time i hear about it im not interest about it only the actor/actress i wanna know but after i read the synopsis about the drama i feel "WOW" and recall my memory about the past drama that the type of story "almost" same well do the best for this drama i'll wait the next episode here in my country gumawo (am i right???) and in Bahasa i said Terimakasih Candygirl03 7:54 am I keep replaying the preview for episode 5 over and over again!! I can't wait to. Emma 5:29 am I watch this series as the second round Featuring great fun but there are some boring I watched it again because I like a of Minhyuk and Krystal They make a lovely. Nena 8:48 am Really good drama JM 8:39 am can't wait for the next episode Brrrrr I'm so excited (thumb's up) Jojo Q 4:40 am I can't wait till episode 5! Big fan of park shin hye and lee min. Grace 4:32 pm really love this drama so heartbreaking and really makes you cry fighting for the one you love! lee min ho is great and park shin too love them both! how i wish it will not end soon! more episode please! wolf 1:09 pm whoa!!! That kiss was too rough I think Ep 16 is difinitely an emotional one Kim Tan's father is great! KWB is always consistent with his acting. Dora 11:59 am Oh no it's the snobby looking girl from "Looking forward to romance" I'll give it a shot anyway The Heirs just has some rantings by its many famous stars (a lot actors-idols + Lee min ho) Lee min ho is one of the best actors i admired him i think if the Heirs had only the great actor lee min ho and Ugly-overrated actress park shin hye this drama had fallen to the bottom of oblivion just that simple. Wan 9:58 am A bit chessy and predictable but i totally enjoyed every bit of it,the actors and actresses did a good job,they acted there characters really seems some people did not like the drama,but taste differ,because you hate it does not mean another person will not like it and truth be told,hate it or love it,this drama was a hit,maybe cos of the actors and actresses in it or maybe because some people did actually enjoy the drama as for me the drama is not my best but it is most definitely not. Yongshin 9:45 pm To those who are criticizing the actors and actresses in this drama think first before you say something Are you better than them? Do you think the directors scrip writers and those who are involve in this production will chose them to portray their respective roles if the role is not suited for them? If you don't know fully the in and outs of the movie or drama industry pls better not make any negative comments If you don't like this drama then stop watching Have you watch the whole episodes? Not yet right? So why don't you relax take a break have a glass of coffee and continue watching until the end before you make your judgment Please show respect to the actors and actresses of. Pool 8:14 am Lee Min Ho's acting and looks has WOWED me in this drama! KUDOS to you Lee Min Ho ssi!! I will be rooting for you and looking forward to your activities! :) richard calangan 7:30 am It's So Very Addiciting For Me <3 Nice Actor/Actresses cris guiamadin 8:17 am Ohhh my god far shin hye is to much nice actress Jj 10:53 am i didn't like it at all so not realistic besides the overacting i don't think they picked good actors for the main lead roles guess the ratings are high because of the cast:lee minho,park shin hye,kim woo bin (i like him lol),etc DON'T WATCH IT!! Sarita 8:41 am Waoohhh!! Kim tan and Eun sang is the best!! Young do doesn't fit with Eun Sang at all!! anyway love this drama <3 !! Markea 2:36 pm This is one of the very few dramas I actually like Thats an understatement I love this show! Can't wait until it is finished The plot is interesting the filming is well done the acting is good the love story is super cute Not to mention the male lead is. Kdramafan 8:53 am Definitely each of us has different taste Yes "heirs" was all about childhood sweetheart,that it has a plain story line and i bet most teens loved it While my love from the star is a different story with a perfect casts,plots,pacing and writing Kim soo hyun is such a versatile actor he can portray so many challenging role,not just an action drama or a high school brat He acted with full of emotion and His acting is beyond compare.! But of course at the end of the show your taste is your taste and your choice is your choice Just my two cents though Samy 2:12 pm It was a drama in the quality of classic rzq604 4:41 am This drama has general storyline like many others K-drama but it's quite good I've watched it around 4 or 5 times since I love how this drama set a good scene esp in US And a little sweet love story between Lee Bo Na and Yoon Cha Young ㅋㅋㅋ However I think it's not really good in ending It would be better if the ending took place back to US where the story of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang started Although I like all characters (it would be better if Cha Eun Sang would be stronger and more confident) I would like to see Eun Sang with Young Do because maybe then he would be a better person and it would be sth new in kdramas I am curious what will happen next But what does not disappoint me it the music - OST as always is awesome especially Moment and I am saying :) n 9:06 am if it's not for the eye candy actors in this drama i wouldnt be watching it 1-Lee Min Ho ♥ Park Bo Young ^ ^ They can make a very cute & lovely ! They worked together in "Our School ET" & "Secret Campus" but they didn't romance each all my heart,I wanna see them together! they R perfect match!! 2-Lee Min Ho ♥ Ha Ji Won in a Noona-Romance-Comedy 3-Lee Min Ho ♥ Song Hye Kyo in a Noona-Romance-Comedy :)) 4-Lee Min Ho ♥ Han Hyo Joo in a Romance-Comedy OR Action OR melodrama 5-Lee Min Ho ♥ Go Ara :))) Comedy Romance I think the pair-up mentioned above are great! ^ ^ Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye were also good in "The Heirs" but "Cha Eun Sang" was a bit cold & depressed R 8:13 am why this drama sucked: -selling this drama with pretty boys and famous stars -'rich boy poor girl' wow what's new? -eunsang crying for every goddamn episode -kim tan's emotional abuse in the early episodes -no chemistry between the lead characters -lovey dovey scenes betwen kt and es made me cringe all the time -it's too goddamn cliche i swear to god please produce dramas with good & unexpected plot the only good thing about the heirs: -choi young do's character -kim woo bin's brilliant acting as a person who's a fan of dramas i'm so disappointed with the heirs if you think this is the best drama you clearly haven't seen that many dramas to claim the heirs is. Kelly 9:54 am I'm really excited to watch this kind of movie I can't wait to watch it here in this coming I love you Lee Min Ho <3 #LMHlucky8 8:27 am Lee Min Ho oppa! I hope that the leading ladies in your future dramas will be TOP NOTCH & talented actresses like "Song Hye Kyo","Ha Ji Won","Han Hyo Joo" or "Park. Julie Ann Gloria 12:29 am Hi I really like to know the other song that the show play back on episode 3 the one with " we will see we will live we will ???" I really know the exact lyrics he he so please someone anyone please I really love the song and I really really wanna know the song title please please I'm begging you please please reply to me please nurhaa 12:08 am the drama was great :D I love so much Lee Min Ho you are. Pauline 1:16 pm it was really cool and intense but the way they ended it sucked balls I was totally head over heels for it but now I would rate it like 30% I watched mlfas/ywcfts during the same time and I preferred it over this one I just didn't like how in this one they ended it with a "I had a dream" imig dream catchers were a thing in that drama but it makes me feel iffy Also how his brother sadly didn't get the girl what a tragic & that guy going off to war like wtf? Quynh 9:51 pm It was boring at first but when I watch it again it was a very. Thank you Browneyez in Tennessee (USA) miss laila 12:23 pm Its the end already Who cares I'm gonna watch it back for the second time I'm too addicted to this drama that I'm not willing to let it go yet Hee now I'm gonna ship Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye for real I'm also dying to see another pairing in drama between Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye only I hope The Heirs will win big at SBS Drama Awards soon Miss laila 3:11 pm 2 more episodes to go so sad its gonna end soon really hope to see more kiss scenes between Tan and Eun Sang Hey Delilah what's with the lengthy comment yeah it's not right to bash this drama I know you're not like one of those haters you're just end up didn't like it But next time just watch something that you will truly enjoy actually The Heirs is a really good drama that enjoyed by many people but it just didn't suit your taste Delilah 2:04 pm Okay I'm sorry I bashed I didn't really mean to lol I had alot of feelings Jung Ha Min 10:02 am My Lovely oppa act again Can't wait fot Heirs Oh october please come as soon as possible *excited* Anita 9:38 am please read this comment if you have watched the drama "Midas"!! what is your idea about the DIRECTOR of this drama?? were you satisfied with the way the drama "Midas" has been directed?? Is the director of "Midas" a good director?? I am a devoted and GREAT fan of lee min ho,I cannot wait till October 2 see if the director is a good one or not Since I really like lee min ho,I wanna know if the director. Bagul 4:56 am they should have extended the masters sun im not excited with this this is just a typical kdrama the cast are just beautiful and thats it! Dariana 6:15 pm I'm really looking forward to this drama !!! It has my favorite actors in it :) CANT WAIT!!! Seun 3:27 pm Hope PSH act like jan di,or gae in in this 't wait anyway No need to know who 2:16 am i cant take woo bin seriously in this drama after watching him in running man lolz i find his character funny instead of "mean" idek why some of you hate this drama i mean it's not THAT bad in fact i find it really interesting but then again everyone has different opinions yall who are hating on the whole series and ranting about not wanting a season 2 then dont watch it if a season 2 comes out it's simple as that idk why yall are making a problem out of it i have no idea why i only started watching this drama thou where have i been all my. Sedra 4:55 am well,i think woo bin doing great and make this drama much more interesting,kim tan is really sad and young do actually have a kind of personality that i didnt see it before in other dramas,he even didnt care abt being mean in front of youn sang!! Tanned 4:41 am I'm 100% agree with chaitali Lee Min Ho is the center of attraction the way he look made me melted Speechless Nina123 3:46 pm At some points I felt sorry for Kim Tan and at some points He was complete loser He doesn't study properly he knows that he can''t protect Eun Sang untill he gets the position He is head over heels in love with her and THAT'S IT On the other hand Eun Sang's lack of enthusiasum like the girl Eun Sang I saw at the 1st episode she wanted to do something for her mother change her life so that She and her mother could live happy life That girl kind of disappeared as the show progressed Dreamcatcher 11:26 pm I hope Lee min ho will be seen with Han Hyo Joo They'll have great chemistry together Orchid Siang 7:44 pm I want to see behind the scenes for only LeeShin but Younghwa may Interrupt Lea 9:34 am Who are the other cast.? I hope Song Joong Ki and Park Yoochun would cast in this drama They are also. M 2:39 pm i suggest for 2nd actor------ lee jong suk song joong ki kim jae wook amaya27 10:56 am Hope Yoo Seung‑ho is the second lead actor :) reincharlotte 8:38 am i'll support this drama no matter what because i know both the main characters. K-Choi 1:19 am I love Yoo Ra Hae when she looks angry she looks even more beautiful! Kim. Shi 12:55 pm Some people seems to forget that KT was THE SAME as YD before he is forced to go to US He was a bully as well they were exactly the same in many aspects that's why they became so close friends btw I prefer much more a bully who turns goods thanks to his loved one than a sweet boy who seems to just holding on his real self all the time And one more thing - I don't like the way they both are forcing themselves on the girl altought the way which KT is (forcing her into his room always interrupting stalkin her being almost agressive and possesive towards her) makes me almost disgusted with his character He was sweet boy at the start of the show Now I see only somewhat selfish and spoiled brat who doesn't think about future. Young 12:33 am Shin Min Ah!!! I think they will look perfect together!!! Ambixozo 10:41 pm I hope Yoona will pair with LMH i miss yoona's acting! Nareach 9:18 am I hope Yoona will be chosen as actress!!! They look. Feksgm 7:36 am guzai maze ni honggo ni bazletor minsamindor kipaligods GoD SPEED!!!! roseniya malawani 7:06 am its so good lee min ho and park shin hye are very compatible with each other this drama is the best so keep wathching and supporting this two brilliant actor and actress of there a huge fun of leeminho love u much saranghae adjjjjja Theangelstar 3:50 am Minho's " It's okay baby " just killed me !! *_* Shianae 2:14 am I can´t wait (: So many my favorite stars ♥ Nesya Aprilia 1:49 am OMOOOOOO !!! what about this? I'm going crazy because. Somaya 12:12 am im sooo in love with this drama its sweet and lovely by the way the cast is perfect !! Lady wolverine 9:58 pm "Love is my heart Love is feeling Love is my pain Even severe sadness can't stop our love." That's freakin sweet!! The heirs fans/audience are lovers So haters. Kim Tan 8:44 am hye Kim Tan here i wish i will be Eun Sang's husband for only in drama =D ha-san 7:38 am next week is the last week can't wait Yvonne 6:24 am Cha Eun Sang is left-handed!!! And Choi Young Do is right-handed :O:O:O Is it just me that realised? I cried when Choi Young Do was with Eun Sang's mother :_( Minozfan01 5:47 pm Best drama ever!! Huge fan of lee min ho already but now it's too much for word to describe! One of the best love triangles ever and love the OST best drama of the year in my opinion Don't want it to end at all ^^ LoveHeirs 4:23 pm Best kdrama I've ever watched and will always be:) but I'm really sad it's going to. Elle 2:53 am Park shin hye is awesome and a really good actress!!!! MUCH BETTER THAN MANY OTHERS LIKE what's her name again? Yonna? oops PSH rocks forever <333333 Paulin 1:12 am Lee Bona & Chan Young <3 Is there anything so sweet? sandy 12:55 am I really love this drama can't wait for the next episode Lee min Ho oppa and Park shin Hye Keyli Valdez 12:49 am Love the serie even though in my opinion it needs a little more kissing that can actually look real Other than that. Lache 9:13 pm Love this drama The Heirs is the best series as far as i hve watched great work guys plus for the characters i love them both they hve a good combination together Love from Maldives Princess 4:06 pm What is the last song played in episode 16. Asm Swan 3:31 am I'm just a big fan of LMH & PSH I couldn't wait to see the movie they're going to perform together and as i tought it's an extraordinary show I enjoy every single moment of the show <3 and now i can't wait to see episode 7 :/ Aja aja fighting LMH oppaaaa & PSH unniiiie ;) Miro 9:51 am I am sad and happy sad because the drama will end tomorrow "and I am happy to enjoy the follow-up and thank the writer and tell her Vaatng and also the director and actors for their efforts thanks to the drama.:love:  :love: noira 8:40 am should the entire episode just like episode 19 So the Rating will run in no 1 or 2 Will producers will add 2 or episodes ?????? Holens 7:25 pm OMG! This drama made my heart flutter to infinity and beyond but does anyone know what the title of the song in episode 3 is when Kim Tan was waiting for a call back from Eun Sang I just can't get it out of my head I kept rewinding that part hopefully expecting myself to understand the lyrics HAHA! I hope someone knows it Thanks a bunch!!! Kristine 4:42 pm LOVED THIS! This seriously is another excellent drama followed by "Boys Over Flowers." I fell in love with the characters and it seemed like a smart choice to put Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan (*fangirling*) Mrm 4:06 pm 2nd drama for shin hye and minhyuk It would be the 3rd for shin hye and yonghwa if yong casted in this drama yuya20 5:23 pm Well it will be similar to this drama boys over flowers Check it out its players from the class of musicians such as: Park Shin Hye Kang Min-Hyuk Park Hyung-Sik Krystal But on the other hand is also filled with a cast of semi-antagonist-protagonist reliable as: Yun Son-Ha (Plan-B) & Kim Sung-Ryeong (Yawang) This drama may be very good let's wait Asha 7:47 am i have just seen the trailers of this drama i'm eagerly waiting to see the whole of it and my friends :P i wish lee min ho and park shin hye to have a wonderful career in this industry :) gulagula 7:03 am oh please let us be logic LOL park shin hye face looks like an ahjuma's face LOL don't be over reacted and dramatic about this wkwkwkw it's the fact i apreciate any humans with logic than drmaticside ROTFL Actual_Royalty 9:32 am i cant wait to see lee min-ho acting his latest character in this drama what ever it is i'm sure he'll be great! i wish the 2nd actor would be song joong ki or someone similar to him maasom 4:06 am OMG I like lee min ho & park shin hye can't wait to see them together ;-) Nick 10:15 pm I became interested in this drama because of the 2 lead guys having the bestfriend in here too is a bonus In watching dramas I make sure that I like how the leads look in terms that they won't annoy me with their expressions or ruin the drama because of their bad acting I suggest that when you watch this drama from the start DON'T have high expectations! The few first episodes are a little dragging and maybe boring but I think it started to be good and interesting in Ep 3 or 4 it's getting more and more interesting in the following episodes Don't let yourself miss out from good things just because you judge them right away I highly recommend it! :) Kim Tan and Choi Young Do fighting! Bella 12:52 pm This drama is not good for teenager (13-18 years old) watch because they are not enough to understand real life love The highschool students are fighting together for love and do not concentrate for studied Also they are abuse with parents in love too jin e 5:38 am boooooringggg first episode kinda okay then what? lee minho still a high school student in this drama? are u serious? he look like what too-overly matured for that role park shin hye i hate her character in this drama fullstop kim woo bin u make me swooned ~~~ Mango 1:02 am I simply love it! It is just so addictive I cannot wait until next week T_T I also love the songs played in this drama =D Ash 11:36 pm OMG! Someone tell me the name of the song that was playing when they text messaging in episode 4 or is just. Rael 1:27 pm Seriously i dont find any special thing on Cha Eunsang She's just too pathetic why kimtan-youngdo always fight cause. Jocelyn 12:27 pm love to watch novel and following the movie "T he Heirs" but i cant find the full track of episode 20 please help Joerin 7:53 am It's nice to see Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye again on tv I really love watching them on screen^_^! Saranghae ery 7:16 am Lee Bo Na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Zilam 4:28 pm i hope this is the last of teenage roles that he has to do although a lot of celebrities tend to look baby-faced (of course on top of all the plastic surgeries and dermal procedures they do hehehe) that they can get away with playing teen roles in their 30s i'd rather have him expand his acting repertoire and not just get stuck with bratty roles lee 10:16 am hope not deviate from expectations like when a man love's And thanks to the producer and director have been paired lee min ho and park. Magsucia 11:43 pm watching this mostly for Choi Jin Hyuk!!! <3 can't wait to see him Kim Woo Bin Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye all in one drama!!! neade 10:48 am Lee Min Ho always fit and able to play with older women or younger And You must know this is the first time Lee Min Ho paired with females younger than him in a drama I've been eagerly waiting for his drama @FightLeeMinHo Loser 10:48 pm Don't need to comment on Lee Min Ho's acting I bet it's much better than yours At least he does something with his life (Unlike You) And also it's very low (I mean very low) of you to talk bad about him If you're gonna talk bad about him You gotta be better then him But your not so shut your trap and let people be happy. Me 8:44 am yeah they put twists but they can't avoid the fact that the plot is still "very cliche and shallow." It is "more emphasized" when they picked famous and big time actors and actresses to the writer very poor choice of storyline Roozumarii 8:07 am i already watched episode 1,2,3 looking forward for epi 4 i love the story i love the chemistry of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye keep it up guyzz ps: i love the accent of lee min ho when he speaks English ;) May 4:25 pm I don't like the foreign characters of the first episodes I stopped watching this drama since ep 4 I just found it boring I think the only reason for its popularity is because of lee min ho and park shin hye if another less famous actors took the role this drama would never be so popular silvia 4:06 pm I waited since the first episode when it will appear that the conditions put pressure on the audience (conflict) finally in episode 6 the pressure is starting to feel breathtaking to how the level of conflict and denouement of this drama let us follow the course Georgina 9:59 pm To jj who said:DON'T WATCH IT!! and To GG who said:DON'T WASTE UR TIME WATCHING IT!! Are those orders from you two? What do you care if we watch it? We don't care if you wouldn't If the two of you don't like it that's fine But to force us to see it your way and decide for us what is a waste of our time is plain and simple arrogance HOW DARE. Cristina 7:55 am Choi Young-Do with Cha Eun-Sang please dear writer there's something strong between this 2 wati riduan 7:44 am Cha eun sung kim tan saranghae fhigting Cristina 7:17 am I want Choi Young-Do with Cha Eun-Sang Tina 11:14 pm not again! i think imma miss this drama when it end Lena 10:39 pm Choi Young-do has stolen my ❤️ I just want to. Elsa 1:53 am Lee-min ho is cute and park shin hye looks innocent I feel that the heirs have almost the concept with the love part the girl is from a poor background and the boys is rich they get in love they separate they get back again together not only this most of the parts are same as to boys over flowers i think basically they should give a different concept I think the best one to watch is ''YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL'' its is amazing with a totally unbelievable and different concept try watching at least 3 episodes because the first 2 are all about the basics but you are supposed to watch the basics Celtyhale 8:23 am Loved Kim Woo Bin Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk It reminded me of Boys over Flowers (mainly because Lee Min Ho was a rich boy chasing after a poor girl) so I liked it a lot I would recommend this mini-drama to everyone especially those who like high school love triangles cynthia 8:04 pm lee min ho he cute in show great actter with park shin hye with she look beautiful eveything to her lot i'm bigings fan those drama i. Robert 5:05 am What is the green soda that they are always drinking I can't find it anywhere?! It has a big N on it and says Lime Time grace 11:46 pm i really like the endings of this movie and also im lee min hoo super duper likeable fans;) isabel castaños 8:34 pm this kdrama is THE BEST EVER !!!!!!!!!!! hope there will be part 2 <3 Lily 7:48 am Beleived or not this film always make me miss Kim Tan and Eun Sang billyfejer 10:03 pm i love the whole characters especially Kim Tan and ChA eUNsANG best sarang team ever!! LeeMinHO IS A wonderful actor i like his drama in episode 18 where she left by Eun SANG i cried a lot he is a totally awesome and talented actor same as Park Shin hye she is a very great when it terms to drama acting i hope leeminho and parkshinhye will be good swweethhearts in real life i am looking forward to that gangsameda:)) 2 Young do now much better than kim tan ? Answer = From whichever angle you look at it Are you in blind eye person when young do bullying his school friend pushing eun sang into the swimming-pool Is Kim tan still do that now of course not he tricked young do because he is not accept to see eun sang treated badly by the young do tan into a vicious one forgot himself and forget about his future because woman? Answer = I am sure if you are a human who comments here surely you are not the man If you are a man who had fallen in love with a woman then you must have felt the passionate love that make you forget yourself if not then you definitely lacking normal or never really fall in love or like 100% of heir rich family mostly now Sola dele 9:54 am interesting and bravo chebol's maid 7:59 pm one word to describe this drama = FAN SERVICE if you're looking for a romcom or drama with a profound plot this is not it but i must say the funny lines were very witty and kim woo bin has this comedic timing that when he delivers his one-liners its funny even when he's being serious or sarcastic this is the first drama that ive seen woo-bin star in and he's a revelation ive become a fan instantly hope to see him in a really well written romcom as. Sora 9:18 am Really so so so boring drama nothing interesting it feels like they are reading the script Woo-Bin why did you accpet to be part of this boring work ???!!!!???!!!!! really 0/10 sabrina 8:52 am wow daebak! BTOB also appear. Really101 6:45 am This drama is a huge disappointment from its build up The plot is extremely boring! I'm only watching it because of some actors who i like star in it But honestly this drama is a huge disappointment and boring I don't recommend this drama unless for people who enjoy cliche predictable and slow plot line This is my review and opinion of the drama! If people like this drama they can like it but i don't like it so I'm writing my opinion and review of it and the drama is boring Karenaestrada 10:55 pm This drama series is the most painful emotional and interesting LOVE I've ever seen Every episode ends I can't help myself but to watch over and over again and even if I watched it so many times I still feel the emotions with each character especially Kim Tan Cha Eun Sang and Choi Young Do I actually like the characters and the transition of each scenes The characters were being portrayed and suits very well by the Actors It's just so sad that this is about to end Congratulations to the people behind. Lmh 9:55 am Any drama staring lee min ho,is epic to me.I am that much of a fan,the heirs was okay,and i really enjoyed it and i have a friend who has rewatched it five times already candy 4:29 am i watched d drama only cos it starred LMH buh am a lil disappointed BOF was way better nd its so similar 2 BOF Choi young Do was awesome,lee bo na made me laff nd yoo Racheal was super cool above all Woo bin FIGHTING!!!! Arif Se 1:38 am I don't know why this kind of drama got high rating and won many awards? The story is flat(no interesting side at all) I think the lead character (Kim Tan) were too young to have such behaviors sucks This drama is really no good example for high school students(too many hot kisses) I watched this just because my friends said that it's a good drama but after i watched a few eposodes i found out that it's a boring drama(too many bad guys/gals).I decided to watched till the end,but it was a disappointing drama Sweg 4:33 am Does anyone know the song played when they are in the car on their way to university in the 2nd episode? Jennifer Christine M Manuta 4:26 am so cute i love the story go Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye !!!! Love youhh both uhmmm next episode super duper excited Sharon Gay 1:02 am This drama is very good I am hoping that the ending would also be very remarkable because as I observed on the Dramas they don't have a nice ending this is just an opinion no offense meant I am praying that the latest episodes will be released soon me and my sisters can't wait Thank you and more power to the cast. Amy 9:49 am I BADLY want lee min ho 2 be paired with SONG HYE KYO!! DO U want 2 know why?!! LEE MIN HO himself has admired "Song hye kyo" and declared that he would like 2 act opposite her,I admire his taste because she is such a pretty and TALENTED actress!!! her latest drama "that winter the wind blows" is perfect her acting is brilliant OUR OPPA should act opposite a TOP NOTCH actress But anyway the cast agency won't take this into consideration,I believe!! AT LEAST S.O WHO IS NOT MARRIED,PLEASE!!!! kittykhatz 9:46 am i read somewhere it's sort of BOF meets Gossip girl concept looking forward. Gayu KPG 6:48 am WOW it was my dream to watch Minho Oppa Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa oppa together on screen And i am glad that half of my dream is going to come true But i am really going to miss Yong Hwa in this drama :-( All the Bestttttttttt Aja aja Fighting. :-) Cumi 3:26 am i hope kwb stays in the heirs! yeeeeee soooo excited for this drama!!!!!! i want to see him with lee min-ho but who's going to play lee min-ho's older brother???? Annisa 10:49 am I like this movie I have just finished it the actors and the actress could act well especially kim woo bin,but the end of the film was not like what I expected I'll waiting for the Heirs2 thank you and love it ish 10:12 am hate. Mariam Shin 11:49 am I think that The Heirs deserve much more praise than they are getting right now I mean like lee min ho came from Korea studied English just to shoot his drama C'mon give him some praise I am honestly hooked to the heirs 100% YES TO LEE MIN HO plus he's hot. Anyway the ridiculous myth that all white men are obsessed with women is underpinning almost all of the first episode In one scene the woman who is a waitress is treated by two white men like she is literally in a strip club They LITERALLY put money in her blouse and say in a really sleazy voice “Oh looking good today…” I mean seriously? Really? Can s be more creepy than that? Then another white man walks up to her and begs her to “work” for him that night Right–of course Just like all white men… Wow All the while this woman’s sister has arrived and she sees all of this Of course to the creepy twisted psycho producers of this drama the goal here is to demonize and dehumanize all white people particularly white men The newly arrived woman is appalled and the implication is–of course–that her sister the waitress is literally a prostitute Her sister’s actions are shameful condemnable and slutty Kc_Love 11:29 pm Hyperventilating I can't wait!!! harini 10:01 pm omg! sep 9 love u min ho sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much shine 9:51 pm it's ok baby oh my god LEE. Yoonnia 7:22 am I think there are next season of Heirs the last episodes said that maybe wih new title but when & how or who are the artists we could just to wait it why I say it because for some reason i think this heirs drama was continuation of A Gentleman's Dignity drama so wait it just maybe heheh hasti 6:59 am the rating of this drama is better than secret or i hear ur voice or masters sun so this is better than them especialy. Neri 5:51 pm Owww what can i say ? park shin hye is lucky ! really really lucky !!! being pretty is everything in world !!! she is cute and i think she is pretiest girl in korea but im not sure about her acting !!!! im gonna cry ! i want some one like yoon eun hye or han. Liza 3:41 pm Despite the predictable plot it was a fun watch I didn't even had to forward any part just to get it going the soundtrack is amazing and that's what kept me hooked for most of the time Love the cast esp kim woo bin Now that I'm done with this series I still feel like watching more(any good romcom kdrama) However,this is going to stay in my series library for a very. No one will know 2:55 am I was honestly quite intrigued by the drama so far no matter what anyone else says Sure it's a cliche plot with one rich guy and one poor girl and a whole bunch of other things happen yes I was disappointed to hear that But I realise after the first half of an episode even though it's not a new idea it's interesting and captures your attention Some people (like me) don't care if we've seen the same plot repeat over and over again because honestly we just don't get sick. Miro 1:17 pm I like LMH a lot but after seeing Joo Won act and his choice of kdrama scripts things change I'm not saying LMH can't act but if you've watched someone with superior acting skills you'll somewhat compare Anyway let's not quick to judge people it's only on its first episode Relax and enjoy We are not being forced to watch this kdrama So if you don't like the leads acting just leave the drama alone and let others enjoy it As for me I'm going to watch this since I think this is far from BOF kind of story I don't like LMH to have the same kind of story over and again (rich guy-poor girl) I want him to try different roles but this one is kinda dark so yes I'm giving this one a chance Shannade 10:48 pm This drama is one of the most overhyped drama ever This drama is overrated predictable boring and cliched While I was watching this drama this is what I Said along the way "saw that coming that was so predictable that was so cliched and when is something exciting going to happen" The bottom line is the main reason why this drama is so popular is because of the actors that were in it The actors in this drama are the most popular actors in South Korea and some of them are overrated because I don't get the big hype over Lee Min Ho because he's nothing special IMO My Love From Another Star and I Can Hear Your voice is way better and worth more watching than The Heirs I give this drama 3/10 rating and. Sheeer 3:52 am Sorry Lee minho,Park Shin Hye,Kim Woobin,etc But the one thing that make me continue to watch this is Soojung and Minhyuk KimChii 11:32 am It's pretty good but it's just another Boys Over Flowers Version 2 So it's pretty boring but still nice sonam 7:53 am this is the best drama i had ever watched Kirin (JAPAN) 8:58 pm Season 2 Season 2 Season 2 Maria 8:37 pm Excellent show it was awesome congratulations everyone!!! Watching from Miami Fl USA Rebelyn 6:12 pm I will miss the show the story is good I hope there will be a part 2 congratulations to all. So far 6.5/10 for me We'll see how it goes PS: If Yong Hwa had been casted what kind of role would he have played? I was wondering if another actor replaced his designated role or if it was just cut out of the project altogether when his company wanted to change it? khloe wu 11:36 pm Does any one know that the English songs sung by a female in THE HEIRS episode 2 (from 17'15") and episode 3(from 10')? These are very gentle songs I searched everywhere but cant find them~ BTW they are not included by the official. Px 4:43 am hope the next movie choi jinhyuk plays in he actually gets to be with his lover and have a happy ending angela 4:43 am i really enjoyed the drama even sometimes it makes me cry and unstoppable in screaming because of the kissing scene of eun sang and kim tan and feel irritated when rachel keeps on quarreling in the love story of eun sang and kim tan make it until season 2 im sure much people would enjoyed it Diana520H20 7:44 am i really love how all the actors and actresses here are all naturally pretty i just laughed when the captions say park shin-hye was the heir of poverty and the others are heirs of their perspective roles looking forward to it hope this drama is going to be the best drama of the year because i was sort of disappointed with some drama release this year but this totally heals it i think i am going to watch it after it finish god EXAMS at the wrong time yes i know blame it on the exam when it always been the same time all year around but can;t blame this lovely drama <3<3<3<3 Hamster80555 10:10 pm THE HEIRS IS AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING DRAMA HATERS GONNA HATE BUT NOT HERE PLEASE I really love the heirs I was hooked right from the start (yes im not kidding) every episode so far was filled with emotions for me I really like how Lee Min Ho portrays Kim Tan and he gives me the feeling that he is like a lost little boy that is trapped and can't get anything he wants due to his high class family background(his brother kim won's love park shin hye's love etc LOL) poor him :( but his interactions and such with park shin hye really touches my heart <3 he is not only good-looking but good at acting! :) Jinjoo 6:52 pm i just started watching this bc of choi jin hyuk luvd him in emergency and his new drama tunnel! Tisa Amelia 7:15 pm i like this drama So nice and romantic Liz 12:37 pm So nice and romantic Dianne 8:14 pm Yay! Jung Yong hwa and Park Shin hye again!? o_O This Drama will be interesting! :) I also like Lee Min Ho~ To those people who hates YonghwaOppa You don't have the rights to said that he can't act! He is the great YONG CHODING! Maybe he's not 'really' good in terms of acting But try to focus to him there's something on his act that can attract the audience And idk if you hate him! he is so talented! He can sing! *yeah rocks* He can't dance well but at least 'his trying his best' Kim Eun Sook will not be giving this role to him if she knows he can't act this role Anyways~ Yonghwa is one of the asset of this Drama YongHwa is Famous all over the world mostly in 'asia' Also Park Shin Hye! <3 And lee Min Ho is such a. Rukiya 1:45 pm For me i love this series so much Anh 11:11 pm Please make season 2 I don't know why but I watched this drama so much times I need to see season 2 bunmi 7:42 pm Even though I watched this when it originally aired I just felt like writing my thoughts. Sarah 3:50 pm I would really want Lee Min Ho and Kim Jaejoong to work together That would be my heaven <3 Kim 6:44 pm My dream has finally come true Park Shin-Hye pretty much one of my all time favorite actresses Lee Min-Ho pretty much one of my all time favorite actors THIS IS GLORIOUS NEWS. Katy8996 1:40 pm So There are rumours that say Heirs will have a movie at the end of 2016! Well I'm pretty sure that actually says something ;) Not even Boys over Flowers (which I didn't like at all) had a chance for a movie NANO 2:16 pm i like the actors but didn't like this drama there is a lot of exageration in this love story and this is unrealistic for teenagers and the end too like we read a story to a child i don't know but i didn't like. Lily 3:17 am I always this drama KHJ fan 10:26 pm Why has KT fallen so hard for ES to the point that he is trying to figure out how she can come over to "his world?" As far as YD is concerned he does have attraction for ES but more than that he's trying to bust KT's chops by going after her These guys could care less that they will put this girl through all kinds of grief with their families and classmates to get what. Camille 6:10 am This drama is jinja daebak!! I love this drama Eventhough it's similar to Boys Over Flowers it's didn't disappoint me I love Rachel!~~ Lee Bo na and Yoon Chan-young makes me laugh!!~~ I love this drama It's romance + comedy! :) emcee 6:57 am i love the drama! simple ending i love the actor! hahahah specially (leeminho) waahahahha Danapedrosa 6:04 am Ok I'm fall in love with Krystal cute acting This story is highschooler plot but only Krystal who act like that and other just like an adult who have many problems Hahaha And her relationship with Minhyuk is so adorable ever Love them Sarah 5:36 am I Watched Episode 1 and 2 although the story line is not that good I'm curious about episode 3 i like won bin's role in this drama it really suits him he acts very good but krystal and kim jiwon are kinda annoying but in general i like all cast I'll be wating for episode 3 Fighting everyone ^^ Charles 10:53 pm i'm just waiting the part of lee min-ho & park shin-hye!!! it's super romantic i'm very excited to watch this! dreamer 4:49 am When will this drama come to Nigeria I really really need to watch it so I won't die of holding my breath I love LMH and am sure he will not disappoint Love KMH too he is so adorable Min ho oppa and Min hyuk oppa Hwaiting!!!!! Me 4:13 pm I like it so far great acting and great chemistry I can't wait for next week SHG 2:53 pm Great drama Great cast PSH is very beautiful in a natural way not the way some actresses are so made up Of course LMH is gorgeous and a beautiful actor He shows vulnerability with his eyes I was expecting another BOF but very different So far so good Very very. Mimi 12:17 pm honestly i didn't like this drama it was a mixed of other dramas like boys over flowers without having even 1% of BOS's attraction.i started to watch it because of it's high rating but i got completely disappointed at the had absolutely nothing to say Rocky 11:21 pm Compared to the other Lee Min Hoo´s dramas this is the one that I like the least The storyline is somewhat boring and didn´t match up to my expectation of a drama with Lee Min Hoo in it It took me more than two months to finish watching it because it honestly bored me outta. Mimi 9:44 am I watched the heirs last year,the truth is its not bad but it is not good either.i mean it is not a movie of Min Ho which i can watch again when my movie stock is empty i would rather repeat watching faith rather than this one I think people should stop judging a movie by looking at pretty faces of the casts acting skills matter a lot hana 8:48 am Hate it or love it,'heirs' was a success!!and all the actors and actresses gained a lot more fame than what they had before,some might not have enjoyed the drama but a whole lot of others did Beng 11:26 pm CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS DIFFERENT FROM BASHING you're intelligent enough to know the difference ijuzzgirl 11:14 pm i feel bad coz of younghwa didn't join this drama but in my opinion i think The heirs wouldn't be as great as now if Lee Min Hoo didnt join his acting is really match with. Bionette 8:09 am Needed to. Kfeeva 11:18 pm I agree this show is good Like in all other kdramas most of us can predict the pairings even before the show starts I just hope it's not a makjang romance like soo many high school related ones LMH is awesome playing his stoic smile at PSH self I do however like Woo Bin's chemistry with PSH better but we all know in kdramaland that's its not love unless the girl picks the not so nice guy out of the love triangle On another note Secret Love is DEABAK (I'm surprised autocorrect recognized that word Korea is branching out to the world yay!!) But yeah if you're looking for feels with more experienced actors/actresses check it out I bet you'll like it if you don't I'll send you jjajangmyun for lunch (only true kdrama fans would understand) Lara 2:05 pm who said Lee Min Ho can't pass for a high schooler? He can it all depends on the designer and beautician And he was a high schooler not only in boys over flowers also in mackarel run Moreover Park shin hye have only 2 yrs age difference So if Park shin hye can Lee Min Ho can And i knw hw hw will He's a. L 12:48 pm cast: awesome plot: bad Hated how repetitive the plot was and the main was so dull and boring that I stopped. Shell 9:02 am Gosh I'm longing for shin hye and yong's drama but I think it wouldn't be good for them There are too much dating rumor going out between them :( well I hope they are dating in real life actually hahaha kittykhatz 7:29 am I doubt Yoon eun hye would take a second lead role for Park Shin Hye Eun Hye is a more accomplished actress than the latter Plus she's not into teen dramas anymore but who knows Maybe you can go for Jung So Min since she kinda look like. Jade 6:18 pm This is good but not the best of best its just like a remake of BOf with more heirs dad being evil and the mean guy does not get the girl here actors are great but very poor storyline i bet this drama won’t be this famous if it had less popular cast definitely not best of lee min ho and park shin hye and they have chemistry but its kind of forced one overall a good show but does not deserve to be one of the top dramas on all of the drama websites I actually took two months or more to finish this drama i even stopped in middle still i love lee min ho as jun pyo more jun pyo had life in BOF bcause of LMH but kim tan is a failure like many said it is an overrated drama sorry min ho i like you though PSH’s go mi nam is still the best. Lulu 12:43 am Oct 9 hurry up so I can watch The Heirs already Lol Got to LOVE k-drama and Lee Min-Ho Salangyeo Park Shin Hye & Lee Min-Ho!! Can't wait Cupcake No 7:00 pm although i'm a Big FAN of lee min ho oppa and park shin hye,i don't like them being together in one movie i don't know but for me,they just don't look good together :( they should have made YOON EUN HYE the leading actress,it fits her better than anyone else also,she and minho looks perfect::)) ek ek ek am just saying.:) ^_^ Ahmd 5:07 pm Well there's nothing we can do if the story is cliche just don't watch it if you don't like it I wonder why do some people have to criticize even leave offending comments about the actors just to say they hate the drama In my case if I don't like the story then I would just stop watching I'll find another one which suits my taste Yes giving opinions is not a crime but at least be professional and discreet ok? It's just so annoying I think its just jealousy that you can't accept this drama even how lame you think it is is getting the attention of many viewers sorry to say but this lame drama is the second lead in the ratings Chao! and I'm expecting PSH to get the popularity award for the. Dean W 9:14 am Dissappointed with this drama but not with the actors Job well done. Faeq 11:58 pm Woooooooow the movie is just fantastic Mindblowing both the hero and heroin veryyyyyyy nice i wished they could show the episodes on day earlier on net love you both I madly look forward what happens next Keke 10:00 pm I LOVE THE DRAMA <3 Lavei 1:49 am I love your show and im not Lee Min Ho is to die for Please continue your show its. Paula 5:30 pm i been waiting for a new drama finally lee minho oppa and park shin hye i wish they'll make a shin hye geun suk tandem soon  :)))) liza 9:52 am if its true that there'll be 4 actors and 4 actresses for this drama i suggest for your consideration joong ki joo won choi minho yoon si yoon both leads from that winter the wind blows the male lead from king of ambition both leads from my daughter the flower i'm looking forward to watch this drama in october! best wishes to everyone in the making of. Sandalima dewmini 11:21 am park shin hye so cute i like you lindy 7:11 am i enjoyed the drama lee min ho and park shin hye love u sooooo much ogre 2:40 am don't like this drama of LMH but who cares ratings are high looks like all the lead actors were too old for their high school characters. :( Nana 3:48 am PLEASE choose song hye kyo as the leader actress!!!! Song hye kyo!!! Song hye kyo!!! Song hye kyo!!! she is such a talented and pretty actress!! the filming of her latest drama is finished!!!!!! due 2 her baby face she will match min ho!!! lee min ho deserves 2 act opposite a TOP NOTCH actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lili 3:32 am I like LMH to be paired to GOO HYE SUN since the story is like BOF I want them to be paired again that would be a big hit again. Name (required) Mail (required but will not be published) Website Leeminho 3:13 pm This drama is fantastic Park Shin Hye is so pretty and lee min ho is a whole lot of hot is one fine creature And a word out to all you haters stop watching if you dont like it and also stop commenting that it sucks (even though it doesn't) you don't need to announce that to the whole world we don't care except that this drama is amazbeans Unkown name 2:51 pm Aerowhite,she is pretty than you are i guarantee. Chris 11:01 am I found the show entertaining and great but I just don't like how they portray Americans I'm into the second episode They made it look that once you come to U.S you become corrupted from a point of view(ie the sister) I am -American and I felt for the older sister What made her lie to her mom besides living with a guy that hits girls Also the cast caucasians as over weight drug addicts and wife beaters I believe everybody has that problem not only Americans I lived in Cali for 10 years and I have never seen both cultures portray these worse behaviors I agree the show is interesting but again I wish they would just not paint the world like that especially since it airs in Korea I have friends that are both s and caucasian That is my only beef with. .push(Function() { y('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Anyaa 12:09 am Please respect others Ya LMH is 1st time making a drama in English It's foreign language for he is try do his please don't compare GHS in knows clearly she is best and AWESOME actress GHS and LMH done Amazing and great work in BOF please respect her don't insult GHS park shin shy and lee min ho are beautiful pairing and not idol but they do their drama is good she doing her they just fine. Paku 10:51 pm HEIRS is boring drama that i've ever watched,not interesting For me the number 1 drama in 2013 is ''MISSING YOU'' because the story is full interesting,more excitement and all the dramas from 2 to 50 rank in 2013 are much better than the HEIRS kari 10:13 pm Trang 7:16 pm I like Cha Eun with Young Do better!!! Great drama! Sarang! ^^ nmp 3:44 pm what is the song at the end of ep 2 can someone please pplease. Venus 10:03 pm i agree with those comments below that the heirs is boring,not interesting and not number 1 in 2013 last year because i think the screenwriter is popular so that the heirs is became number 1 Unfair!!! I've watched many drama since 2000 but i'm very dissappointed with these drama HEIRS because it is boring So what if the screenwriter of this drama is screenwriter also this drama Secret Garden and Gentleman's Dignity and so What if it is realistic drama The important if the story is NOT BORING Ann 6:09 pm Loved the drama,not my best but i really enjoyed it great cast!!min ho and woo bin fighting!! Sandy 5:40 pm I was so pumped up for this drama to come out but then it turned into a total disappointment No chemistry cheesy lines boring plot and characters except for Woobin Ugh Everyone go check out Emergency it definitely is worth. Exotic 5:30 pm omggg look at the cast I can't wait I think this will be such a success <3 October 9 - I'm waiting for you i like it 4:26 pm uniq fact about lee min hoo & heir's drama: 1 the umpteenth time lee min ho play with his ahjuma Kim Mi-Kyung hehehe 2 suddenly appear new younger actors/actrees like Kim Ji-Won Park Hyung-Sik Lim Ju-Eun Jeon Soo-Jin whose make lee be older hahahha 3 really big-big question (?????) of chemistry -=>lee min ho and park shin hye<=- Kureru 7:54 pm Well BORING ! I like some actors but the story Very long drama aslim 4:53 am make the heirs 2 pleaseeeeeee Ida 10:30 am This drama so touching my heart like it's happen with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye trully Kiki 7:40 am Yet to finish the whole episodes hoping to get a site to watch it on line for free (on my asha 303) Jst in case any does knows a site shld pls let me knw Tank :D Thet 3:41 am I like Lee min ho and Park shin hey thet 3:28 am i like lee min ho and Park. Cobra 1:44 pm I was sleepy all thru this drama LOL i watched it because of my gf The only scenes that i like was when it was tense between the two male leads and the brother the fights was awesome too the girls were babes including the hot mom lol ========= [I'M A FAN OF LMH FOR CITY HUNTER AND FAITH AND MAYBE COMING MOVIE GANGNAM BLUES] won 1:28 pm I feel so bad about Kim Won and Hyun Joo's ending They should have been happy and together in the end We need a season 2!!! Sar 9:04 am the first few episode was not so interesting but when the episode where they came back from USA it started me to watch every episode so vividly I dont really like much lee min ho i dont watch his drama but when i was able to watched this I was so hooked not only the drama but also to Lee Min ho He was so good and just his eyes ( the KILLER GAZES) makes me want to watch more PSH just really I great actress Lya 3:32 am The only reason I watch this Drama is because of the actors: Lee Min Ho Kang Min Hyuk (CnBlue) Park Hyung Sik (Ze:a) Choi Jin Hyuk Kang Ha Neul Jo Yoon Woo Kim Ji Won and Krystal (Fx) I'm 100% agree with "KimChii" It's like "Boys Over Flowers" all over again Not to mention that Jung Chan Woo was playing Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) young in "Boys Over Flowers" same as here now how awkward is that :)) I liked the actors they don't have any fault all the blame belongs to the writer LoL Gynn ciolo 10:52 pm PSH and LMH DAEBAK !!!!!! and for those who wants another leading lady for LMH wait for your turn Lee Min Ho will still be acting a lot of years and for sure he will have those other leading ladies you want Let just enjoy every drama Lee min Ho make okey Lee Min Joo 9:29 pm is there any chance that han hyo joo could join the cast? It would be very great if han hyo joo is the one chosen Im so depressed Im gonna cry T__T huhu! I badly wan't lee min ho and han hyo joo to be in. Christine Lih 11:29 pm I absolutely love Lee Min Ho <3 Love this drama series as well but sometimes I'd wish they'd change it up It's always the 'wealthy' families objecting and using every method to split the apart Still love LMH to death!! but just saying I'd be more surprised if for once maybe the ones objecting is the lower class families or if the wealthy parents actually allowed the 'relationships' =) ehh well just wishful thinking cant wait for the next ep tomorrow <3 Me 5:45 am Jo Yoon Woo is a cast too Noreen 1:31 am For those who hate Park Shin Hye GET LOST! Don‘t you know that she’s one of the richest kid in SKorea?!.Maybe she’s plain and simple and I like her because of that She was tempted to have her nose a surgery BUT she managed not to do it and be NATURAL! SHE is the epitome of a real beauty I’ve seen her old tv series like “Stairway to heaven“ and all I can say is that she’s an actress Pynklady 7:49 am I love him so much He is the actor that I adore love you <3 abc 2:05 am i hope yoona snsd will be!! they looks great like in eider and innisfree!! love them ^_^ LeaOrosco 1:59 am Can't wait to see new drama of Lee Min Ho.! I hope Gu Hye Sun is the female lead of this drama They look good together. Vvnnns 12:45 am Yonghwa :( I wish he was the main case with Park Shin Hye again D: Nessa 8:29 pm Love both of the main characters super sad Jung Yong-Hwa had to drop out maybe because of his schedule isnt his band CNBlue having a concert. Gd's Red Hair 8:34 pm I think this drama is depends on personal preference Don't ignore this drama because a reviews say its not good I personally thought it was great I'm still not over it The plot was good and so was the acting I love the characters and the connection between them So just give this show. Minosone 9:25 pm OMG I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I hope snsd's Yoona is the female lead ^^ I've been waiting for this day! FINALLY ANOTHER DRAMA FROM MY MINHO OPPA! but he would be very busy though he's still got a world tour to do and the the website says that it will be released in the middle of the year which will be in June Oppa FIGHTING! moh 12:02 pm ohhh plz add yoon eun hye ! lee min ho should act with top actresses like YEH ! they look perfect together !! Dadz 8:54 pm anyeonghaseo! my first impression of this drama is so great that i'm a bit disappointed when i started watching it it's not so exciting when i watched it but thanks to my tolerance i was able to recognize the essence of this drama the love story between Cha eun sang and kim tan did not really touch my heart it turns out to me that Choi young do is more appealing to be loved by Cha Eun Sang what i love most in this drama is how the story portrayed conflicts between friendship and family Yoo Ra Ye and Lee Hyo Shin is also cute in their story fighting SBS ! Of course we’ll never ever hear the truth about men Like how they are champion child sex predators all over South East Asia Filipinos hate them men buy wives from poor southeast asian countries and have reputations for treating them like animals Cambodia has banned marriages to men outright And of course we will never hear anything about how men objectify and dehumanize hot white blue-eyed women and how they prey on them constantly in Korea If you doubt any of this just google it It’s all there But of course in true creepy fashion white men are evil predators– even in California our own country and culture!–just for talking. Irma 6:26 am loveee this story especially all the stars drama always make me falling in love again thanks for ur series Pomelo 11:31 pm Good series! I love all 3 lead characters ie kim tan cha eun sang and choi young do Altho chemistry between Lee min ho and Park Shin Hye is not really that touching (comparing to Lee min ho and Park min young in City Hunter in my opinion) but both Lee min ho and Park Shin Hye are doing great in their own spots Love the series! // Tamayanthini Angel 9:45 am I'm a true fan of Lee Min Ho but his not quite handsome in THE HEIRS Kim Tan plz let Young Do to kiss & marry Eng Sang Young Do's face looks like dazing & amazing Eng Sang plz let Kim Tan to like u & marry u as well Kim Tan sorry Mr Lee Min Ho { GOO JUN PYO } you have GEUM JAN DI purpledimples 9:14 am I have to know how the twist is going to be because we all already know what will happen in the end No need for more episode just develop the story and make it fast! Daddy Kim knows very well how to annoy people. Matang 9:59 pm In this drama PSH will definitely have romance actions with LMH and/or JYH but I seriously hope there wont be any kissing scene because PSH will definitely act so stiff like a coconut or banana tree!!! jungyong 7:53 pm why it must be park shin hye again?? >_< i dont really like her they can try another artist artist is not only park shin hye and there's yonghwa ohgosh~ they can take yoona as the artist or another no park shin hye T.T Cumi 9:27 am lee jong suk (2nd actor) park se young (2nd actress) both from school 2013 emma 4:06 am Choi Minho and Krystal as second lead actors!! It would be great!<3 Aruna 8:43 pm I think this will be one of the most anticipated drama of 2013's end It is strange that there are some people who constantly expects Jung Yong-Hwa (It may be true that only one person: D Lol) but management of jung yong hwa already explained that jung yong hwa is not suited to play in the drama this as it will have an impact not good for jung yong hwa as the lead actor I also felt jung yong hwa does not fit to play in this drama because of factors lee min ho Why? because lee min ho always had a stronger character and dominance in the control of the plot of a drama It's been proven in the BOF to Faith So that the character will be covered jung yong hwa maybe that's consideration of management jung. Maria Cruz 4:15 am How about T.O.P as second lead actor???? I really like him and I think he will be a good supporting actor for Lee Min Ho Anyway I can't wait for. Kurage 10:17 am @yuya Secret is KBS's though not MBC's lol But then I heard a lot of places use AGB Nielson to determine the ratings Heirs 10:54 am good looking actors/ cast they got all the famous actors especially lee minho kim woobin and park shin hye BUT the story is kinda BORING as usual the rich was in love with the poor and i can predict how this drama will gonna end there is NOT much chemistry between lee minho and park shinhye unlike with the boys over flowers kim woobin doesnt seem to make any efforts to win park shinhye's heart there is NO love chemistry that would make you wanna watch it until the end i suggest that they shouldnt cast lee minho because thats what make this boring since he was also in boys over flowers and the storyline is kinda SAME for me i like boys over flowers compared to heirs WHO AGREES. Elly 3:46 pm I don't get why people have lots of bad thoughts about this drama The first episode was a bit boring tbh But second episode of The Heirs was amazing in my opinion And if you didn't like the drama or the characters just go and find a new drama for yourself Plus WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE PARK SHIN HYE? Why people are so jealous of her? It's because she has worked with all these handsome boys? Oooh how pathetic of you guys that calling her acting is "bad" Anway my point is if you didn't like the drama stop talking about bullshit and leave Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho fighting! The Heirs fighting! Iskan 10:20 am i am from indonesia i am very happy because my favourite actress park shin hye play in this drama i can't wait for her to act in this drama bless for you my angel park shin hye sonnet 1:58 am this drama is gonna rock all the good actors are. Na Reach 8:21 am I Hope yoona will be the actress!! She looks so good with Lee Minho! Tey 6:07 am I've been waiting for Lee min ho new drama or a long time already I really want Yoona and lee min ho to be casted together they look so awesome together plus they always advertise the products together also like Innisfree. Beng 3:03 pm If you really hated this drama switch channel or turn the tv off If this drama really insults your intelligence switch channel or turn the tv off If this drama really proves that you have a better taste than the rest of us who are just ordinary human beings with simple pleasure switch channel or turn the tv off If the lead actress really pisses you off because of her acting or because her beauty is way below your standard switch channel or turn the tv off (I wonder how you look like?) If you think that the lead actor "wasted" his talent by accepting this role or if you think that he is too old for this role switch channel or turn the tv off (Cory Monteith is on his late 20's when he accepted his role in Glee and aren't they supposed to be "actors"?) Great cast crap drama Basically just an excuse to show pretty people in pretty places Tercia 4:39 am The Heirs ! oh my gosh ! it's so beautiful :) Congatulations ! Waa 3:05 pm Comparing this to Gossip Girl just pisses me off GO LEE MIN HO!!!! Justine 1:44 pm i love the heirs cant wait for the rest of the episodes ahhh!!! :D Liu Kang 11:30 pm this the only drama that im currently watching right now i dont watch too much of these but only try to find a good one once in a while if i havent seen a good drama in a long time cara 11:03 pm This is a boring drama I can't believe it is this bad It feels so depressing intrigues after one another Nothing new nothing fresh nothing intelligent NOTHING! I can't believe this is written by top writers in Korea Dang a High Sch kid can come up with storyline like this for peanuts! Anne 11:59 pm @Mi: We have the same thought :) At first i was watching it ironically because of how mediocre it was and managed to sap some enjoyment out of it Eventually it just got too boring stale and repetitive This series is basically a teenage girl fantasy of having some rich guy fall for you even though you are poor and uninteresting Grrrl power at its finest Don't watch this shit unless you want to be this girl KLover 6:35 am I hate the heirs It just makes makes me cry especially from But i love it deep inside. Cassandra 4:28 am this drama is just great!cant wait for the upcoming episodes! malaysia minoz <3 Flori 11:20 am I want this drama to have more episodes,with more emotional give us to watch every day let the drama be more and more loveable :D Lloyd Christian 10:43 am i hope this will be Publish at !! this is a great DRAMA!! no1fan! 4:10 am best drama ever shipping young do and eun sung! hope they will be together Ana 6:08 am I srsly woudn't mind if it was about ducks - I mean look at that freaking cast!!! This is going to be the best drama in the history of drama robert 3:51 am if the make-up and clothing are chosen properly yes of course lee min ho can pass for a high schooler the same goes to kim woo bin its common to choose actors in their 20's to play high-schoolers we do it all the time in the US or UK especially if the series or drama are a bit daring well cant wait to watch this drama have a feeling its going to be an interesting one! Aerowhite 2:59 am I totally agree with Neysa's comment Lee min ho lover!! 1:37 am Excuse me this movie rocks!!! I love Kim tan I mean who dosen't srsly and I hope choi young do has a better life but not with Cha eng sang!!! Flong 12:58 am Oh my !!! really touches my heart how they cried made me cried too Good actors and actresses Keep it up! ^__^ inhale exhale ^_^ Xiomaral 12:57 pm THE HEIRS IS SO BORING AND THE WORST DRAMA 2013!!! i'm sorry the heirs fans the lead actress is so bad acting Lee Bo-Na is prettier than lead actress All other actresses are prettier than lead actress the heirs is a terrible drama i prefer to go back to watch "Master's Sun" and "Two week" claudia 11:03 am all casts suitable for each of their character Flawless Jessica 2:13 am I Love this show!!!! I literally think about the show all the time and the songs are stuck in my head! Going crazy just thinking about what's going to happen next! Aero 12:50 am Lee Hongki sang the OST its called "I'm Saying" Bella 12:49 am @ Jessie Thanks a lot! :-) pistachione 12:35 am I hate PSH's acting It just doesn't feel right Instead of feeling sorry for her role in this drama her face just kept pissing me off i love LMH but his English totally sucks love the closing ost though who sang. Cyra Evisha Sayun 11:39 pm OMG But Jung Yong hwa Not Filming This Drama?? It's Kang Min Hyuk!!!! Haha It's Good drama!! I'm Gonna Watch THIS After Master's Sun END!! Haha WAITING For It!!! anniehuntingtonbeach 9:37 pm OMG LMH is filming in Hunting Beach California USA I am living just 5 minute from there My plan is must stalking him tomorrow good luck. Piqie98 12:24 am Well for sure I think it may be good if the actress other than park shin hye She act like pretending to be a cute person especially in the drama flower boy next doot and you're beautiful it looks fake and annoying~~~ huhh But anyway!!! I hope she act better in this upcoming drama~~!! fighting Lee min ho and Park. Sona 1:48 am Wow!!!!!!! this drama is marvelous excellent and really breath-taking! Kim Tan is really cool Cha Eun Sang amazing Young Do is hot Lee Bo Na is cute Everyone rocks!!!!! All d best 4 ur future projects We Indians(Kerala) love you lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me 11:53 pm this drama will be aired on abs. Hanis 7:28 pm This drama is totaly awsome and such a romance drama and i like lee min ho and park shin hye in this drama so i can watch this drama until I can remember the scrip so awsome <3 <3 marya 12:23 pm Anida: I do not know where you get the data but I think there is some truth in the data it after 1 searching on google The proof is = So far the only lee min ho drama with the highest rating value is boys over flower only with a value rating of 35% and an average of 25% and position. Jalenjade 11:10 pm As a non- fanatic of Lee Min Ho from Las Vegas Nevada USA - I am so very disappointed in this drama I guess I was expecting a "spoiled" rich kid (BOF) since it was advertised that he is one of the "heirs" Why he was always shown sad (in his room) dejected by his brother (the vineyard scene) suffering because of his father --- like a poor person in a typical drama - I was not prepares for that He did really good in what ever the story is asking for and of course he is really cute Congratulations to all the awards ---- yeahhhhh way. The side-pairings on the other side that I think that would make the drama less boring were Kim Won Jeon Hyun-Joo Lee Hyo-Shin and Rachel Yoo They should've showed them more Hyo-Shin and Rachel had a good chemistry as both have unrequited love I expected more scenes of those two looking forward to it but sadly even the ending wasn't enough for them Yes they're my otp(one true pairing) But putting it aside Kim Won should have at least a nice ending like reconciling after 5 years or something not just crying all night it was pitiful Oh well at least as a whole story it was pretty good to me renaya 1:23 pm Now I understood why this drama dont give extra episode The one Answered is to run Awards hehem Bet 8:39 am Opinions differ,i totally enjoyed the heirs!!kim tan and eun sang fighting!! Dammy 4:00 pm I watched the heirs mainly bcos of young do and racheal lmh did not shine in this drama. Bella 1:58 pm @ thanks for ur comments! plssssssssssss buddies enough of the insults ok! if u hate it that much then pls stop watching Leave Park Shin Hye alone plsssss and just enjoy the drama thanks No hating ayt Majoy 3:37 pm this drama is too good to only have 20 episodes i wish for season 2 or additional episodes Niki 8:20 am gosh episode 19 was so cool really funny lee min ho really deserves an award or 2 for his great ability for channeling all kinds of emotion one minute his mad than he is sad and broken but can magically turn in to super adorable little boy and his super cute facials expression god i love him!the episode was really good it made laugh so. Myriona 8:16 am for anyone who is curious you try to see 1800 comments down then you must understand that this drama is normal but despite the usual course still be the first choice because the story is interesting in addition to the artist also hit besides that many are hoping will be a 2nd ed but i think it will not happen ou can see all kim eun. Kureru 6:21 pm Kim Woo Bin haircut T_T horrible I don't really like Park Shin Hye she's not so pretty and she always has the same kind of roles in their dramas I start the the drama so I can't say if I like it or not I hope it's good 'cause the story seems really caricatural/ "cliché" jc 3:02 pm Worse kdrama No storyline I just wonder how it got this rating and awards Bias. I cant find similarity between this and Flower boy i enjoy Flower boy and it cracked me up but i am enjoying Heirs even more SBS fighting! hana 8:00 am How I wish Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are dating in the real world too tho They look cute together gil 3:11 am can't wait for the next episode! So love the both of them Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye <3 Joyna 9:40 pm Worst drama? Bad acting? Why did you already finish watching the 20 episodes? Do you know what will happen already? And do you even know what acting means for you to say its bad? I know we have our own opinions but make sure you are not a cast/the heirs hater ( w/c obviuosly will not appreciate anything bec they are haters) you are not bias and lastly make sure you know for sure what you are saying not just want to ridicule or disrespect others A well educated even not an educated but a person with good moral values will not leave a non sense disrespectful annoying comment like that HEIRS FIGTING dont believe those haters!!! The drama and the cast and acting are all good very good enough for 4 episodes Exo 3:59 pm Wow I can't believe that the ratings keeps getting higher Love it so far!! It really fun to see LMH to finally act with a girl younger than him as a main lead! Helen Ebanks 2:48 pm i recently started watching the Heirs and i can say its a very amazing drama i am happy that i understand a lot of what they say plus its captioned i love boys over flowers and City hunter i must say i am big fan of Lee Min Ho and i also love Park Shin Hye this is a great Drama i LOVE IT VERY MUCH <3 Vhavina 7:02 pm aaaah i really looking forward this drama I cant wait to watch! there are a lot of actors i like Lee Min Ho Choi Jin Hyuk Kim Woobin Aaa~ I think I could nosebleed when wacthing 3 of them >,< kekekeke ~ sally 10:14 am Gosh can't believe i'll be seeing my oppa min ho in another high school movie but i would rather prefer koo hye sun park shin hye is jung yoon hwa's it'll be kinda different seeing her with as far as 0y oppa's in this movie i'm already thrilled can't wait Oppa fighting! Eun Jo 9:29 am Great drama! Jung Yong-Hwa acting with Park Shin-Hye the third time Love to watch them in the drama Lee Min-Ho the first time acting with them Hope the drama ending with good and happiness for all Jung Yong-Hwa Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye Waiting for the days to watch the drama! Thanks! Madeline 12:39 am I really hope Dooley will do Hahaha! Even though it's ShinHye-MinHo but still i will support YONGSHIN No matter what Kekekekeke! Yah Don't judge the story by it's cover HAHAHAHA! DAEBAK THE HEIRS ^_^v Essie 8:18 pm i don't know about you but i love rachel yoo I'd rather have her to be with Lee Min Ho and not Park Shin Hye -,- (ButThatBangsTho :D) I respect everyone's opinion but I love the chemistry between LMH and PSH so far their looks and interaction scenes made me smile and really touched me I liked both as a ! PSH is a beautiful young lady very talented so natural no make up doll so naive shy and sincere I love everything about her she is special and different from other actresses she just shines on screen! LMH is also a great talented actor his looks are piercing and so deep! So please before judging think a little and if you're going to criticize at least do it in a civilized manner with true facts and reasonable reasons! Eden Edzelle Tan 6:24 pm can't wait for episode 5 :)) Chami (Song Sang Ki) 12:33 am heirs is my best K-Drama i <3 heirs 4ever <3 <3 <3 :) Mi 2:00 am the actors/actress were the only ones who made this drama famous If they chose another actor/actress who were not that famous I doubt this drama will be a hit they should thank lee min ho for it no one would waste their time watching this drama if it weren't for lee min ho or kim woo bin so far this is the worst drama i have watched Ashy 1:59 am OMO BEST DRAMA EVER OF 2013 LOVE THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN CHO YO DONG AND CHA EUN SANG!! TEAM YO DONG FIGHTINGG MinHo's Top Fans 1:58 am I LOVE LEE MIN HO ! I LOVE KIM TAN ! SO HANDSOME OMGOMGOMG riza18 1:04 am luv. Amas 5:43 am Seems,there is a little fight going on here,but whatever i just finished watching the heirs and omo,'do i love it' Hell YES YES. Someone 8:11 pm Park shin hye sucks as an actress :/ I hate her and I hare all of her stupid dramas. Jwplayer('mediaplayer').setup({ 'flashplayer': ' /extensions/asianwikiplayer ' 'id': 'playerID' 'width':'594' 'height': '594' 'file': ' /videos/playlists/2013G/The_Heirs- ' ' on': 'bottom' ' ': '200' 'skin': ' /images/asianwikiplayer ' 'abouttext':'AsianWiki Player' 'aboutlink':' ' }); Evangelion 12:57 pm this drama didn't have a really good storyline but i should admit it was an addictive drama although me (and in my humble opinion) and lot of viewers keep watching this drama because of the cast i love their interaction but i wish this drama have some more development in storyline to gain more rating and love from viewers. But yeah it's totally the same so if you want to watch a drama solely based on pretty faces good editing good actors (i admit the acts were good but again actors act based on what the writers and directors tell them what to do) and predictable ending this is your drama but if you expect something more interesting than that try something else (I recommend I hear Your Voice and You Who Came From The Star) agbebi helen 1:28 am I love lee min-ho ȵȡ park shin-hye ư guys are ƨŏ lovely!! Muaah!!!! Joycy84 5:52 am Love the drama so far those who questioned the drama being in english whats wrong with that? i was actually happy that i heard them actors speak a little english and please you cannot learn english in 3 months and speak it fluently i can tell that Lee Min Ho tried his best with your support it will encourage them to learn more language especially English but not at this stage dont think he studied overseas other then in korea coz if he spend a year in an english speaking country it will take him no time to learn the pronounciation if you dont like dont watch anyway i have watched all aired episodes and i cant wait for the next episodes thanks for the drama keep up the. Lia 8:47 am to mich you should try to watch alice in cheongdamdong and that winter the wind blows,both were awesome! Macy 12:02 am Made. Jlovely 11:33 pm These show was good i really didn't care for the main that much My favorite character is Choi Young Do i like his storyline He made me upset made me laugh and made my eyes water all Young Do need was some LOVE lol Saltanat 10:50 am I am watching this drama only because of. If you like Secret Garden then you will love this kind of story well park shin hye did not lay a high flying kick in this drama but you will see this kind of pattern: a rich with a lack of love boy fallin in love with a poor but bright cheer and full of charisma girl the california view is so beautiful they're waste money for a good reason I am a Kim Eun Seok's fan so i do really love her story She know how to built a lovely and hearth warming story so for me even though this kind of story is a bit cliche but i still love it the director is really know how to built a romantic story i love the way the umbrella pop up when park shin hye saw the dream catcher its showing that something might happen under the dream catcher :) if you againts with a lovely dovely story then you supose to not watch it but if you a secret garden boys before flower or love in paris fans then you will love this kind of story too like. Johnpi 4:13 am At the end of 2nd teaser ! LMH says you're cute - PSH says it's that you know or I Think you are cute it's fine as long as you know (i'm cute) Something like that :p Johnpi 4:06 am At the end of the 2nd teaser ! LMH says you're cute PSH says it's good that you know Or I think you are cute It's fine as long you know (i'm cute) Something. Amina 9:35 am is Cha Eun Sang going to desappear after Kim Tan's birthday party ? hope not I really like this drama I'm waiting for the last ep to see the end lela6130 5:43 am seriously @sepide that such a hater comment Go away We're as The Heirs fan don't welcome you here after reading your comment at Pretty Boy Asianwiki site I wonder what the hell is wrong with you You're bashing both of these drama Stop watching if you hate both of these dramas do you really need to wrote those rude things? C_Ara 11:00 pm Bleh I'm tired of intrigue after another intrigue it really is boring at this point and depressing and the drama is just one directional nothing intelligent going on There is no redeeming scene just one heavy black cloud hovering over At least that's how it felt I can't believe that this is written by top notch writers in Korea nothing original very predictable and full of clichés Really over rated yawn lily 10:53 pm its not rachel its la-hel Psh lover 4:06 pm psh i love psh i love her amanda 9:25 am Em can i ask something? when is actually the time every episode was release?? avi 7:54 am omooo omoooo daebak !!!LMH <3 Dot dot dot 12:49 am i seriously cannot believe this drama is over already it is literally PERFECTION in my opinion its probably impossible for me to watch another drama and love it as much as this one The ending for me was amazing! I love how its still the 'happily ever after' typical plot but there are some suffering characters whose stories i am incredibly curious about i think im gonna go watch every single episode startting from the first 10 times again because i just cant get enough of this all star cast >.< Mia 2:01 am The lead girl is so damn stupid How can she let a bully be an ahole to her and that weak classmate So damn stupid This show doesn't appeal to me tiara 12:20 pm I love all episode story and actor who's in the movie 'the heirs' i hope the heirs have an episode a new and new again I really wait for it! thankyou Umi 7:57 am im not waiting for season 2 because it is boring not the best drama in 2013 many drama ranked in 2 - 40 much better lauren 7:48 am its not important if the face is handsome and its not important if the writer is popular the important is the story if it is good and not boring up to the end of. Alime 9:49 am Goosshh i reli love it Kim Tan was so cute when he gets angry and cry :-* Lily 8:29 pm This drama is really good!!! Don't listen to anyone who says it isn't The cast is good and so is the plot I loved everything about it I have no regrets except that there is no second season for this masterpiece Listen to me Don't listen to the haters They are wrong This drama is soo perfect it hurts Trust me Everything is soo perfect Watch this. Sedra Mhd 6:26 am well,as i see most of the people like this actually iranian fand expected sth much more aldo the believe that lee minho waste his time acting this drama he is good actor and can show all his feelings in his eyes^_^.also almost all of the fans believe that parkshin hye doing awful and her acting is cold and not alluring.i dont know if its because of her role but i my self think she is not doing good,and about woobin,i really the way he act and try to be such. Justincats 7:15 pm LOL to "They are more to guys matters in this drama" matters Guy will not watch this kind of drama they will prepare a better drama like "shut up flower boyband" Indi Nabila 5:29 pm I can't move on from this drama I really love The heirs I love cha eun sang (park shin hye) kim tan (lee min ho) choi young do (kim woo bin) rachel yoo hyo sin myung so and two ahjumma I will miss this drama so much This is my favorite drama on. Mm 11:53 pm Any one else here after watching Boys over flowers?? <3 Angel heart 4:32 am I agree with Sie Nopic I watched this because of min ho but fell for woo bin i just love all the characters songs are great minshin saranghae Sie Nopik 10:34 am At first I watched this drama because of lee min ho But finally i fell in love with kim. Scarlett 8:59 pm should watch city hunter He's a sexy bad ass there and I soooo can't wait for this dramas Yay and what is faith about? I'm ready for this Fighting!!!!!!!! lOve 11:21 am Bo Yah!! Why does it have to be LMinHo Man how I wish It was Jung. Hot girl 10:13 am i love this movie because i watch it.i love you lee min ho and i love you Park Shin Hye bita 10:10 am i see this movie and it,s great.i love it and i love li min hoo and park shin hye steven 9:45 am Amazing acting by lee min ho because kim tan is so different from his past roles i cant wait to see his coming movie! Jane 1:06 am The Drama Sucks!!!Just watched it because of the actors JulietteLuvsSky 12:03 am Hyo-Shin and Rachel (myOTP) Sophy 11:09 am I think i have so much love for this drama its story line is so much different than other dramas which involves rich people Lee Min Ho is definitely handsome and i'm tots in love with him i love how he is not arrogant/spoiled in this drama but i'm still wondering what happened to him and young do Cant wait for the 5th episode!! maisy 10:47 am ME: very cliche and shallow Woaa woaaooooooooooo I also expect drama filled with intrigue and a lot of scenes but this drama is different For some reason it's just different but I like a feeling. Jella Lee 10:58 pm hey !! wait for a sec ? LMH with PSH ??? you can't be kidding me ?? i really wanted Yoon Eun Hye to be with Lee Min ho & PSH with JYH but i think this will be a great movie jacqueline 2:13 pm i'm a fan of both LMH and JYH i dont want to see them together in a drama if they are competing as rivals with each other they can only act together if they love each other as bromance or they are in love with each other (just making a point) !!!!!! even with KWB i hope. Maria 11:02 pm This is one of the best shows i've watched since the boys over flowers,playfull kiss,heartstrings and dreamhigh When i watched the 4 episodes i truly fell in love with it i just hate how i will have to wait everyweek because the story is too good Lee Min HO and Park Shin Hye are so cute together Even though they are kinda old to play a highschool students,it's not really obvious because they really look young it's kinda weird how lee min ho's character is always a rich guy who falls in love with a poor it fits him 'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT EPISODE! Justtell 8:44 am lol why a lot of people asking who is Jeon Soo Jin in this drama? she play as ye-sol you will she her in the school with lee bona practically she is lee bona girlfriend gosh why people complaining about the way eunsang character that is cold toward kim tan what did you expected? she will lovely dovely to someone who is practically "his master" in about 6 episodes? and i like the way kim eun sook draw eunsang character she much more realistic In the real world there is no one who will give his fist or his high kick toward his "master" especially when you poor enough Well you will know when you experience it by yourself that living in the cold street of seoul is much terrible rather than being harsh by your master Silvermist 5:47 am Uwah! This looks so cool! >////< Park Shin Hye Lee Min Ho Jung Krystal and Kang Min hyuk are my faves!!! *0* I can't wait for this show! But i was actually wishing for a krystal and minhyuk interaction =.= Oh well Ji won looks really pretty too :) I am so anticipating for this! And minho's "It's okay baby~" is making my feels explode. ;~; THE HEIRS HWAITING! SHyeLizzah 5:06 am I'm so very very excited for this drama "THE HEIRS" <3 <3 <3 (y) May 4:27 am Yes!confirmed park shin hye will be the lead actress.I hope jung yong hwa can join the cast He's suited for this drama since he's really handsome.^^hoping that he'll be chosen.^^ maria 4:26 am Please choose PARK MIN YOUNG to be the lead partner with LEE MIN HO because they really look great and perfect for each other and they are both good actor and actress Please choose Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho as love them both for sure the drama would come out perfect jebal!!!!!!! Heirsfan 9:08 pm Bring The Heirs back!!I want them back in my life! All the characters were amazingly interesting and the relationships and the plot and the ending OMO! I even liked the ending! I like how some characters didn't get a happy ending and I like that Kim Tan and Choi Young Do kept their Love/Hate relationship because they are both too selfish to admit they did wrong Although I like the ending I can't believe that was it I want more!! Min Ho! Shin Hye! Woo Bin! I love you!A second season would be a dream coming true! PLEASE!!! Jar 4:31 am Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye is the lead characters in this drama However their characters are the most boring of all They are not likable and have no charisma I'm a fan of Lee Min Ho but every time these two are on screen I have to fast forward Their storyline really drags Nuqie 3:53 am I love young do so much that I hate Kim tan Hohoho Ottokhae? I really want eun sang ends up with. L.v.s 191001 5:14 am This tv drama so romantic i liked lee minho kang minhyuk park hyungsik & krystal Because that i watch this Hyuna 2:02 am I do not like the finale of this drama? Happy ending for the main characters only -_- What about other ?!? I wanted to see a real kiss in the final of this drama :( I'm disappointed -_- Miro 5:22 pm @Kay thanks so much I've seen PSH played a bit rich in Heartstring I believe she was born into a prestigious family in that kdrama She is not poor there Correct me if i'm wrong ^_^ But in that drama she dressed up not so much as a rich looking girl though ^_^ Kay 4:53 pm @miro excellent comment In agreement with you re LMH being typecast For that matter have you ever seen Shin Hye as a rich girl? Also annoyed that they get older actors to play youthful roles I know they need names to sell they're dramas but enough is enough! At the beginning it was really slow and unnatural with the two boys fight but when the other (real) storyline was started (with the power-fight in the company) it's quite better I'm sorry for the messed main female character Cha Eun-Sang is still really weak and being manipulated so easily i don't think it will be changing and that fact ruining this drama for me episode to episode I really like Lee Min Ho but it's sad that he only get a character like this one an arrogant and self-centered rich boy (at the beginning) who will be better with the story It's great but i saw that from him already (City Hunter Personal Taste) and i think they can't show his real talent if he will perform the same caracter in every drama Buuuut Kim Woo-Bin is a really pleasant suprise he got a really strong and layered character (better than the main characters btw) and he acted it so well i will keep my eyes on him he has such a good skills Ingrid 9:37 pm Omg I'm so happy today is 3/29/13 and I finished seeing lee min ho drama FAITH and omg I really love him he's a great actor I just finished that drama it was amazing I cried a lot also it's not my first time seeing him act I've seen 4 dramas with him as the lead actor and I hope this drama is a next c: I love him <3 marypuro 8:51 am wow! just what i needed!! another dose of you lee,cant wait to watch u act ur way to our hearts! Kate 11:12 am Love the HEIRS so far The character the storyline and of course the start of love story between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min-Ho plus Kim Woo Bin Every episode keep you on the edge what's gonna happen next? what's everyone agenda is? why most of the kids don't like their parents? Lots of question that needed answer that is why I have to stick my nose in every episode I can't wait to watch episode 7 and so on and so forth PSH And LMH fighting! Ratings are better now and hope you will beat up SECRETS next week. Moshi 5:44 pm Krystal!!! Lee min ho!!! Park shin hye!!!! Min hyuk!!!! Kim ji won!!! Kim woo bin!!!! Kang ha neul!!! My favourite Idols and actors and actresses in this drama!!! Jai K 9:19 am After I watched Boys Over Flowers with Lee MinHo in it I had a HUGEE crush on him and I wanted some more of him so then i looked up and see if if he did anymore shows and the I saw this I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH ㅅ.ㅅ Sasha 6:25 am no need season 2 for this because it is boring and SHUT UP all of you yenny 8:46 pm "The Heirs" is the best drama I really like and love everyone in this drama I will waiting for season 2 Cf 8:28 pm OMG Lee Min Ho's face turn red after hitting by his father its hard to become an actor To heirs actors read positive message skip negative We cant make everyone like you camille 8:19 pm this series should be no 1 on the ratings More power to the cast and crew of the heirs!!! i love your drama soooo much!!!! you are definitely on the number 1 spot. Waa and Dee 3:37 pm HEIRS IS SOOOO AWESOME!!! Forever loving this Better than my school I wish all schools had this much drama in it AAAAAAH that would be so awesome Lee Min Ho HWAITING!!!! Loves yous from New Zealand Waa and Dee xoxox kitkat 3:25 pm I love this drama!!! It reminds me of Boys over Flowers and I was head over heals for the manga and then watched the show I have a feeling that I am going to like this one just as much as. Septi handayani 6:52 am If u saw this drama the truth is kim wo bin acting's very hot!!! Oh damn wo bing so cool with him eyes!!! Oh good ur so. Marivic 11:20 pm from being 4th place last week and now their in the 1st AMAZING!! keep it up sissygirl 11:20 pm KWB young do is haaawtt!!!t :3 HOT! :D girlydaebak12 11:16 pm wew my heart aching to see YoungDo heartbreak i dont know since when YD stealing my concern from the whole scenes of drama now i realise that i am waiting his scenes more and more hahaha Elvira 8:39 am Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin 'Nuff sayin' Anindityas 3:12 am I'm so looking forward for this drama Can't wait to see Minhyuk and i wish Minhyuk will be the lead man cast lol but I'm sooo expect Minhyuk will get many scene part in. S 9:50 pm Don't really like this drama so far Though I love Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho the storyline seriously sucks It's very non-sense at this point The beginning of this drama is one of the worst i've seen so far I mean bad acting by foreign actors bad english spelling very confusing character's background It's not even correct to compare this drama to Secret Secret might be the best drama of this year Incredible acting coherent storyline simply amazingly written! Anyway i'll continue watching Heirs just to see how much the plot will change but to me honestly this is just another rich guy-poor girl drama style that has nothing interesting neither new Kdrama 1:53 pm i cannot wait for this drama waiting is sooooo awful I am a little sad that this drama doesnt have jeong yong hwa but he was already in two dramas with her so im ok with it plus i love love love lee min ho i also love parkshine hye anh 2:09 am please stop high expectation about this movie you could turn any great movie into a dull one if you realy love them ( as I do) please do not put more pressure into it as they already have much to handle Let them enjoy making the movie as much as we' ll enjoy watching it Best wishes to The. Bionette 11:12 am Episode 6 just left me HUNGRY for more can't wait till next week to see the next 2 episodes I love this KD but I agree with someone's comment about how much dramas points out the differences in "social class" and I wonder is that really how Korea is? I love almost everything I see in the dramas the food the people the amazing views of this amazing places BUT it makes me sad to think that "social prejudice" is really that bad over there I hope not still I love the KD's and I will continue watching them The Heirs is amazing and I am filled with anticipation of what's coming next BTW I just love Krystal character more and more you. Sammy 3:29 am Love PSH in the red dress It brings out her natural beauty simple yet still classy chic and totally age appropriate Also love LMH 's voice in " Paintful Love" I do not understand but through his singing I can feel my heart wrenching Big fan of The Heirs from USA Carly 12:37 am Am I the only one here who love Youngdo-Eunsang? :3 anyways Rachel-Hyoshin is soooo freakin cute would like to see them end up together in. Abi 4:35 am Lee Min Ho rocks Sanam 4:21 am I really LOVE this drama Lee min ho & Park shin hye I Love you God Bless You :) sheena 4:00 am i love park shin hye she's beautiful sincha Mrm 10:30 pm Heeeeiii the actors & the actress remind me to You're Beautiful drama Jang Geun suk was the lead actor before and now Min Ho is the lead And as you know Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho is a bit similar i think So Will yonghwa hurt by the person that looks like the person who hurted him in his first drama (You're Beautiful) because he can't get Shin Hye's heart? kk Pm 11:13 am So happy to see lee min ho again he's a swthrt been waiting for his new drama Without doubt its going 2 b the bst drama 4 2013 Yo-FANS 8:55 pm The most awaited drama later this year Combination of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is really thrilling me about what it would be like this drama later : D then there is also Kim Woo Bin Choi Jin Wook and Lee Min Ho added actually a combination of three best-looking guy in the whole korea which will make the ladies Huuuuuh : D : D so I will wait patiently and pounding heart ya hhohoh Asada 12:31 am Some people annoyed with female character?same girl same Fyi:u cant expect likable female character if the script writer is kim eun sook seriously kim eun sook is overrated and always depend on big names actor i dont hate psh,but kim eun sook didnt let her shine even just 1 eun sook so deep in love with. Minhyuk's Anae 3:12 am I've thought that this drama would have heavy pressure So far I love the drama The story was interesting and for "accent" of Lee Minho or American show or what I thought why'd you only focus on that? Focus on conflict were better and this drama had great and complicated conflict And I wasn't sure you all (the haters) if you were a too you could did a better accent so don't judge a people like that And for the rumor "racist" I don't find it What's wrong about white people ha? The haters here were very childish Joy 12:27 am I just so love this drama Im from the and i really find ways to watch every episode LMH never fails to amuse me so hot and is naturally beautiful so simple I like their acting so far Im gonna watch it till the end HEIRS fighting! Diana 9:50 am Can't wait for episode 3!!!! I'm already addicted to it I love lee min ho he is the only reason why I'm watching this drama!!! Oh and for park shin hye I can already tell I'm going to love it throughout bee balbuena 9:12 am i really love lee min ho !!:) i love the start of the story more episode to come!!:) im so excited ! i believe that this woould be a success more powerr!:) Marjan 8:43 am I wish SONG HYE KYO was chosen as the lead actress :(( anyways park shin hye is a good actress! BUT DO THEY MATCH????? moh 8:38 am oh dude i wanted yoon eun hye ! cant believe it ! but also hope the best for lee min ho and park. Luccivee 10:48 am the first 10 episode i was still hoping there will be something different from this drama some twist and turn that would show that the characters and storyline are not like the typical Boys Before Flowers (weak poor girl got two men love her-of course she will end up being with the first guy she met- the girl got bullied by the family and surroundings but eventually the lovers will bear everything and everyone live happily. Sarah 8:32 am lee min ho's job in ep 13 was outstanding he's super adorable facial expression specially when talking about penguins just supre cute and his anger at the end of the episode was just so real it melt my heart! god bless him and his handsome super cute face! kimiko 7:54 am Daebak Kim Woo Bin love u. One thing I easily predicted was when Young Do pushed Cha Eun-Sang at the pool and said " my hand slipped." I knew that Kim Tan would kick him into the water and would say "Sorry my foot slipped." It was so cliche that I wondered where have I ever seen it- must be in a manga or another drama What I like on the other hand is the flow of the story Maybe I liked the flow because it wasn't too heavy or it wasn't too rough Must be the reason why I didn't think it was rushed Lastly the pairings Main girl and main guy okay we all saw it coming The side characters however seemed left behind They showed too much of Kim Tan and Eun-Sang that they both became boring Thus most people thought that the story itself was boring whereas it could have been not Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan-Young were cute I liked it that Chan-Young didn't end up liking Eun-Sang too Well i have to say there is nothing spectacular with the story but this story is enjoyable i love my bad boy woobin and i love the way he interact with yoo ra hae and the way he staring at cha eun sang like she will be his next toy and if you say bullying is an old story then you should read bellow comments a lot of people is bullying park shin hye in this website and i will agree with a lot of people who is saying Park Shin Hye is pretty and a good actress even her tearing face is pretty siong 10:55 pm How can a poor girl like Eun-Sang get a new Samsung Note 3 like others while she cannot even afford to buy a second hand school uniform? Please be more realistic and give her a cheaper looking phone 妊活 11:34 am If you are going for finest contents like myself simply pay a visit this website all the time for the reason that it provides feature contents thanks SJ 4:31 pm you cant rlly say that this drama is good but you also cant say that its bad like srsly this is like smt ppl should. Lee-Heso 11:22 am OPPAAAAA CANT WAIT TO 9TH OCT OHHMYYGGOODDD 9th october come paaalii :"""( obsessed 9:08 am OMG!!! OMG!!! I cant wait any longer hurry up and come out already lee min ho and park shin hye cant wait to see them in a drama together I love you lee min ho!!!! dralove 8:40 am mika11. Banjing 9:59 pm They are using samsung galaxy note 3 I have one and i watch heirs from my phone Video is great! Erika 9:51 pm Does anyone know the phone that they are using on this show? joem es 9:07 pm hope there's an extended episodes of this drama- 20 episodes are not enough Jiohjo 3:04 pm I can't even explain in words how much I'm affected by this drama! I loved it!! Best drama I have ever watched!! It needs a season 2!! I NEED A SEASON 2 !!! Baho 4:22 am The heirs is first drama made me fallen in love Maybe Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are played with full character and look like real with all scaning story Hope there is Heirs season 2 Hope more advantage and not only Kim tan fight eun sung must fight too Indonesia this drama is still hot be discussed > Retno 7:44 am I hope she is Yoon Eun Hye can't wait to see them to be a  :) Mint_07 5:50 am i'd like Oppa to team up with Yoon Eun Hye ♥ they're perfect together :) Fighting Oppa!! Saranghae ♥ Marjan 4:56 am I cannot wait 2 know who will be the lead actress! I hope SONG HYE KYO will be chosen! what if they choose a rookie actress! :( God bless you all people :) linda 12:54 pm Bad drama! The story is too ordinary flat boring and too easy to solve the problem if there is problem or difficulty It's overshadowed from Boys Before Flower the story and the characters but its still so far far away from BBF But Lee Min Ho's acting always cool Jinnborn 2:40 am At first I watch this drama because f lee min-ho but I love this drama just because of kim woo-bin He is a. Crazy_Minho33 1:25 am Yes! okay baby deyişine for <3 shn 1:09 am superrrr excited for this!!! can't waitttt Kaki 11:48 pm Oh. Oh well at least as a whole story it was pretty good to me 8/10 Panda-pin 1:57 pm It's a good drama It doesn't seem it was rushed in the ending and the actors and actresses are all good However though I must agree with the predictable part Rich guy Poor girl Both young and students Girl got in the middle of rich kids First thing that came into my mind while watching the first few episodes was "Boys Over Flowers" Good thing Choi Young Do wasn't the main character Or should I say I liked it that Kim Tan is a nice guy and somewhat innocent Lastly the pairings Main girl and main guy okay we all saw it coming The side characters however seemed left behind They showed too much of Kim Tan and Eun-Sang that they both became boring Thus most people thought that the story itself was boring whereas it could have been not Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan-Young were cute I liked it that Chan-Young didn't end up liking Eun-Sang too The side-pairings on the other side that I think that would make the drama less boring were Kim Won Jeon Hyun-Joo Lee Hyo-Shin and Rachel Yoo They should've showed them more Hyo-Shin and Rachel had a good chemistry as both have unrequited love I expected more scenes of those two looking forward to it but sadly even the ending wasn't enough for them Yes they're my otp(one true pairing) But putting it aside Kim Won should have at least a nice ending like reconciling after 5 years or something not just crying all night it was pitiful Dessyy 9:04 am This was absolutely the best drama I've ever watched! I loved it so much! Kim Tan and Eun Sang are the cutest ever The drama was perfect and just the way I hoped for I wish the best for Heirs this year in the SBS drama awards! <3 <3 I'm so proud of Min Ho my beloved bias for acting more then brilliantly in The Heirs! Fighting! Love it forever~ i'll be waiting for the heirs take 2! Miles 5:59 pm Can't wait Heirs special coming at on Christmas!!! Har227 1:22 am I did not really make a fuss between lee min ho and jung yong hwa because it's just bullshit The point I like dramas lee min ho and jung yong hwa heartstring or cityhunter like However you should all know that most of the drama lee min ho is not the only drama for ASIA only but the rating world drama I heard from some friends abroad that drama lee min ho even watch up to south america west asian and Europe Well that's because lee min ho dramas are always on the waiting list and became chart hits although not a very. Rhea 8:31 am please do give an idea where i could watch this in i also know where to buy a cd which has an english subtitle Maria 4:46 am There should be a season 2 to this because it's too good Perhaps the director and writer can go in more detail when Kim Tan said he wanted to throw a party 10 years from where. John Chris 9:48 am i love very much this film its very nice story and for me it is the number 1 asianovelas i have been watch i hope they have a part 2 story of this film i will never forget this love. Latasyadelia 4:24 am @xiomaral : just enjoy the story,not the main cast or blablalala~ Lisa 3:50 am can we please all talk about how flawless kim ji won's english was maya 3:47 am @xiomaral : I think you have to learn more about respect other people this is public area you should not make a comment like that if you dont like it then. Momay 11:45 pm I love the drama but I don't really like the expressions of the female lead It is like she is so depressed and always pushing LMH away from her Ugh She should just have little positive outlook sometimes. :) Anyway this drama. Arra 2:41 pm I really liked the show in the begining cause I thought that young do and rachel might end up together and tan and young do might make up! Then it would have been a great show but now we all know that tan and eun sang will end up together and this is so predictable and boring! Plus great characters like young do and rachel would just go to waste like most dramas!!!! I really hope the writets would see peoples comments and do something!! There's. Sal 2:01 pm Such a super critical bunch are we? But who cares everybody has their own taste I liked it Shin Hye isnt ugly by any stretch of the imagination Tricia 2:01 pm I LOVE IT (: I have a feeling this is gonna be really good I can't wait for the second episode <3 The Heirs Lover 8:04 am I actually thought that this is going to be another Cinderella story but now I know it's not a Cinderella story So I love this drama I also want to thank lee min ho for teaching park shin hye how to kiss Tes 7:49 am Lee Min Ho is indeed a great actor Please extend the series as a lot of people would really like to see him always Observer 3:14 am As a drama fan it really disturbs me to see fans throwing personal insults on any particular actor or actress It's ok if we ( drama viewers) give constructive feedback on their acting and the storyline but criticizing and calling them names on their looks is really unacceptable I'm sure no one likes others to do the same to you especially on your physical appearance So let's be civilized when passing comments be it good. Msmaipple 12:47 pm omg people!!!!how can you find ep1 boring like awwwwwwww this drama hoked me from the start and i love it!!! everyone are playing so good!! kisssesss strange cus i didn't find boys over flower 'interesting'(not even a little !!!!) BUT this one aaaa one of my top 5 !!!!! and i can understand how can you compere BOF to heirs? luvshinhye 12:37 pm MinShin Fighting!!!! Tiffanychai 2:53 am At what web can we watch this immediately when it is on air in Korea on October 9?? iskan 2:12 am Akhirnya tinggal 1 minggu lagi drama ini mau tayang Gak sabar pengen liat park shin hye krystal dan kim. Neysa 5:11 pm Just finished watchin ep12 and its getting very annoying too much crying the story is basically same first fall in live then cant be together because of status /money but at the end everything gonna be ok g will end up with kim tan but i wish there was a twist in the story and young do could be the one for eunsang Hannah 12:52 pm young do all the way!!! HE is so cute and a hurt little puppy who needs someone to. Hannah 5:33 am I do absolutely love the cast but the ending sucked They could have made the drama series longer so it wouldn't seem so rushed Well it felt rushed to me I hated the way things ended for Kim Won I really thought him and Hyun Joo would've worked out and I really thought that Kim Tan and Choi Young Do would reunite as best friends again I wanted a happy ending Disappointing Claire 7:39 pm well for me this drama is overrated i just love the supporting character like rachel bo na etc But i really cant stand with park shin hye She's just always cry over and over and i really hate weak + poor character like her Sorry But then i really love rachel x yong do or hyu shin lol [overall: 6/10] kpopkitty 6:03 am @Utami Annie 1:37 am I loved this drama so much I don't understand why people criticised this drama harshly or remarked that it was "overrated" because I found it immensely enjoyable and moving The romance between the Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang as well as the concepts of family and social/political pressure were portrayed extremely well The cast was also amazing There wasn't just cheesy romance in this drama There were tragedies and "scars" in each character's life complex family relations humour and friendships Also the messages that this drama deliver are very powerful:"No matter what it is go for it" "One who wants to wear the crown bears its weight" Most importantly I thought the ending was really satisfying Sarita 5:57 am Lee min ho and shin ye romance is good to watch lee min ho as sad lover is pleasure to e various characters whose life is still in turmoil am hoping for worth watching ending Nick 3:54 am woah those ratings are going up so fast! :D Great show A little sad and excited for the most awaited ending! XD Nhanha 2:16 pm I really this drama a lot i am so excited for the episode 17 I will surely get a copy of the complete episode of this one every actors and actresses play their role very well I am looking forward on how this will end and the twist of it kim se hyun_wolf94 9:08 am i really love this drama after a few episode,i just realise that kim tan's mother is kim sung ryung that play role as hwang tae kyung mother in 'you're beautiful' park shin hye&lee min ho hwaiting!!! Minoz'a 2:58 am Yaaaaaay Im So SooOo happy :D Still Waitting For it to be released ;) Marcisa 1:03 am I hope he will play with a new actress Not with an actress from his older dramas The best partner is Park Min Young ;-) but I don't want her to the female lead I think Ha Ji Min or Yoona or Song Hye Kyo or Kim So Eun is better idea than Koo Hye Sun By the way Ha Ji Min isn't a rom-com actress Sooo I'm soooo excited who will be the female lead I'm waiting for Min-ho's. Indeed if we flashback Lee min ho factor in BOF lee min ho turned out really dominating the play although there is also no kim hyun jung is also popular as a KPOP Singer but Lee min ho continued to dominate the drama storyline Well for those fans of jung yong hwa you should re-think my opinion is michi 7:18 am can't wait to see the movie Please don't dress them to look gay and no jump up trousers either give them clothes that are their correct size luv ya lee-min-ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big fan from Nigeria Alex 2:46 pm got addicted to it i love the show! the casts! and i got to love lee min ho! ;) a man that will do EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING for his girl Penetrating eyes 8:12 am Lee Min Ho's pretty & penetrating EYES are SOMETHING OUT OF THIS WORLD!! ^ ^ I love how perfectly he emotes with his eyes! In this drama Min Ho has PROVED his talent in has portrayed different emotions He has cried attractively great & heartbreaking SPECIFICALLY in episode 12 in front of Eun Sang.I also love the way he cries his heart out in episode 16 in that. Jackie 1:33 pm I've been watching drama for 6 years now and this kind of ending is just typical for them two main leads walking together and smiling sometimes just staring with each other I'm used to it not the ordinary ending i always see on local dramas the sky appears weddingbells etc etc but endings are just as simple as adorable It will make you wish hope we could have a kind of love story like theirs. Diana 12:05 pm R - Keep the commets for yourself for damn sake noone asked for your opionion If you don't like the drama so fine But don't come here and give negative atmosphere in the comment field And I can say clearly that this drama was the best so far and yes I'Ve watched many dramas to say that The whole drama Was well done and it had logial story I really think the cast did a great job But well a drama can't satisfy everybody but try to make a better movie if u can i would love to see that! What I Want to say is haters gonna hate. Gizza025 10:02 pm LMH and PSH are good in acting but again i always watching LMH being a rich-cool-cocky guy (BBF and city hunter) i want to see him explore his character like Joowon but they both are best actor and i like them Actually i like the second lead more than the main lead the story line about the main lead just so mainstream i know this is about 'love at the first sight' but again we already know the main problem is "social status" just too predictable Kaira 5:16 am jung yong hwe!!!!should act in the drama!!!it might give a very good rating to the drama hope the directors do put jyh in it!!!!!!three of them will be grt Elisabetta 6:24 am @Mona i'm very nervous about the story too i wish they would let us know more about it :/ i'm ok with psh as the lead actress kwb is ok too as long as theres lmh in it i'm already happy :) but its torture waiting for more news and waiting for october (sob! sob!) Yonna 6:05 am Most of the fans are hoping that the number of episodes of this drama is added but i think it will not happen So,we pray the ending are interesting maybe next year or two years from now there will be a 2nd session of Heirs Hopefully nhadine 6:02 am omg this drama is very good and so beautifull :))))) Nuna 6:38 am This drama was very bore It's lucky they have Chanyoung-Bona that give a piece of sweetness for this drama I don't say bad just bore and very mainstream plot nothing special that make you want to see this drama twice accept the actor/actrees Lrt 5:36 pm Who wouldn't like two boys fighting over you???? Love this story and watched it twice Neelima 7:14 am My first ever k drama I was so in love with this drama All the top stars are in one drama Love Lee min Ho and park shin hye Kim woo bin Everyone in this drama are so good I seriously suggest to watch this drama Because this drama made me to start k dramas in. Joo lee 5:43 am The trailer is targeted to young audiences in Asia or even Western viewers which is very impressive! The trailer touches on universal themes that no doubt remain engaging i think this drama will be a big hit in asia! the plot is very thought provoking so i suggest eveyone to watch this! I strongly believe that the casts that kang shin ho employed really suit their characters and will represent them well ya lee min ho! say thanks to your sis! i complemented on your comment for once c u at home! Be nice to park shin hye i know she loves you! by lee min ho's loving elder sister :P Gemini Hush 1:12 am I don't know other words to describe this drama but for me it's the most exciting most loved romantic and best drama I've ever watch You can pick up many good values from it I really love LEE MIN HO and I can say that he's really a good actor He can perfectly act all his roles in all his drama and o my he's so gorgeous very very handsome and cute I'm not tired watching him in all his drama You're the best LMH You're not only handsome but also a very. Cat 1:10 pm the first episode was boring it wasn't funny and 'eye-catching' at all compering it to Master's sun or who are you whihc I lately saw it's rather weak it's a pity because the actors are talented and I like them a lot Although the face expression of park shin hye is the same like in heartstrings or the boy next door which is quite annoying I still like her (I still have in mind you're beautiful) and I know that she has potencial However I think that it would be better if the plot was different something which is not trite like he is rich and she is poor I woul prefer when she is rich and he is poor just like in Take care of the young lady One more thng which keeps me wondering - the age differencies but maybe they will give more details to this matter Daeise 12:52 am this is just an opinion as a viewer I've been watching dramas for I guess 10 years since it started to air in our country DVD's and websites were all the access I have had and until now  :) I usually measure the dramas on how the extent it entertained me by watching them repeatedly on how it startled and vexed my emotions No hurt feelings guys No matter how I justify my criticism for sure your going to react CITY HUNTER and He's beautiful still unbeatable for me the two lead artists here in this drama is so good to have this kind. Me 2:46 am I love this drama so much I can't stop watching it over and over again To people that don't like this drama!!! Pls Don't say that it's bad Cos It just not ur taste and interest I believe everyone do have different taste & views It's bad to u but a great drama to everyone else so no need to wonder why a lot of peoples so into this drama okay??? Thank you (writer/director) that bring us this masterpieces of art It was such a beautiful love story of them I've watched countless of drama and this one is one of the best may be my number 1 favorite kdram right now ^_^ cos I love romance/melodrama :) and this drama has it all Gave me so many feeling I can't never forget. Eyn 12:27 am i am eyn from malaysia i want to deeply sincerely wishing my thanks to all the people which is involved in this drama casting i have been looking for this drama news since april thanks for ur hardwork in making this drama a success cant wait to watch it even i dont know when this drama will be air here i am all excited for it kamsahamida speaciall for all the actor and acctress n production crews too hwaiting!! Damn haters !!! hdjd 5:20 am the only way this drama can be saved critically is it it written with substance and good acting which is conspicuously missing right now Notice the similarity between this and gentlemen's dignity by the same writer? almost a ripoff ettenyl 3:12 am I love Park Shin Hye she's the best - I cried a lot when she's trying to chase her sister Always waiting for her new project Aja Rocio 5:54 pm me conmueve los besos inocentes mientras que aqui en latinoamerica los besos de los jovenes con con lengua y todo honki 4:43 pm the best drama ever lots of love to lee min ho and park shin hye (frm zimbabwe) Karlita 1:01 pm Omg! Yes! I am currently fan-girling over this so bad I should try and act my age haha -Shrugs- In any case I am so glad that the male lead is Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye! Also Jung Yong-hwa is the second male lead!? I must be dreaming! Eeek! He needed to make more dramas! <3 I cannot be still! The months better rush by! D: I wonder If it will be a little like BOF Where the main lead actress likes the second and the second likes another and in the end she ends up falling in love with the lead and the S.M.L ends up falling for her then? OR MAYBE ITS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE! HAR HAR In any case I'll love this so much I just. James Joshua 12:32 pm Aigooo so Romantic n Funny Kat 5:05 am I loved the heirs! It was so romantic and amazing!!!. Gemini Hush 2:16 am Oh I'm so sad to think that this drama will end at episode 20 I can't wait for the next episode Episode 16 really made the audience to be excited to watch what will happen in the next episode Hope this drama will be extended or it can be that Lee min ho will have another drama series I really love this guy and I feel so sad that his drama will end So please extend this drama and give us a happy ending not like the ending of city hunter Thie 2:03 am Kim Woo Bin is the hottest <3 Tan is cute but Young Do is the steal my heart the most :* Thie 2:00 am Kim Woo Bin is the hottest <3 Tan is cute but Young Do steal my heart the most :* anonym 12:37 am I totally agree girlydaebak12's comment Smitten 10:55 am Watched it solely for Min Ho If it weren't for him I think I'm just gonna skip this drama totally unrealistic! shelly ann 6:42 pm i wish i will be able to watch this but i dont have time because of busy schedule huhu is this available on cd? macu 11:03 am this drama is TOTALLY OVER RATED!!! :( :( :( :( very dissappointing But not so with this drama I see a darker aura whether a co-star as a serious actress? I also do not know as far as I can remember lee-min-ho is also able to act with such opponent have serious personality like gu-hye-sun and soon-ye-jin and much more capable when he plays with an opponent who is warm and happy personality like park min young He even managed to play pretty good with is older actress like kim hee sun I just hope this is not an anti-climax of success lee-min-ho why is that because I recently saw some artists began to experience anti-climax in their life other than that I also hope lee-min-ho could portray the role MUCH more serious and severe I hope he plays the role of a more INTELLIGENT MULTI-acting and SERIOUS I'm not saying this 2 actor is better than him but he should reflect on the following 2 young actors in conquering a big character " Song Jung Ki and Kim. Emma 2:23 pm sorry to say this but this drama has no useless.i don't like it.i don't even like the skirts of the school 's too short.i only like changyong in this drama @Mhizbabsthounique 3:01 am one of the best from lee min ho kudos to the producers and other. Kamila gwizdala 11:15 am this drama was so over rated in youtube but truly the only thing that keep me from watching it was the story of Kim woo bin thew rest of the drama was very boring and disappointing meaning it was only about rich people and a poor girl that where going to a high expensive school and all there is to it is fights over a girl or a boy the only pair that i like was Lee Bo-Na and Lee Bo-Na and Rachel Yoo and Lee Hyo-Shin( i mean this 2 don't seem to end up together but it kind of looks like Lee Hyo-Shin likes Rachel Yoo and in the end they left it as a thrill as wader they were going to end up together or jut stay as friends Snowie 10:30 am I was watching Gu Family Book and looked up Choi Jin-Hyuk because I wanted to see more of him so I clicked the link to this and started looking at the rest of the cast and my eyes widened THIS CAST! It's amazing! Then I read the description and was like "Holy Shisus! This is my kind of drama!" Then I realized it will be released soon and almost squealed ALMOST I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to this now! I've been waiting for a new drama to catch my attention like this for SO LONG! (Recently I've just been watching popular ones because I feel like I should watch them so I know what people are talking about when the topic comes up.) xD Felix 4:43 am It was amazing all the cast were awesome I love the drama Hasya Kim 1:33 am I really like this drama Cause all cast is my favorite ^-^v keep success for SBS!! 힘네세요!! Bii88 7:51 pm perfect! loving this drama so much! lee min ho park shin hye ha neul min hyuk krystal woo bin and all are my bias omg can't wait for the next episode! p.s for those who say that psh is ugly i think you have some eye problems ;). Kate 3:54 pm Uhhhhh no! The Heirs was the BOMB!! Good plot and good casting I loved it sooooo much Ok Don't listen to anyone that says it was bad and boring It's not It's seriously sooooo good Watch it right now!!! Soooo goood!!!! ankita 1:02 pm Love this drama expect Season2 of. Deekshha 8:11 pm bummer!!!! i was so hoping to see Yonghwa in the drama sad me :( Lea 7:29 pm I wish Song Joong Ki Park Yoochun or Jung Il Woo is the second lead for the role that dropped out by Jung. Rainy 10:09 am ♥TanSang ♥ TanSang is the MOST UNFORGETTABLE K-drama !! :) I have watched a lot of dramas,"The Heirs" has TOUCHED my heart & I find the character of Kim Tan a passionate & ideal man! > < UNLIKE other heroes of OTHER k-drama,Kim Tan is so open about his love & doesn't annoys viewers with doubt,hesitation & jerk behavior!! THAT is WHY this drama is WILDLY popular!! Lee Min Ho has POSSESSED "Kim Tan" character with his brilliant acting & unique looks! ^ ^ I wish I would find my Kim Tan-esque boy friend!! ^ ^ Alin 9:49 pm the story line is too boring !! i guess that's why the production staff was cast the popular actors *lol Angie 8:07 pm To be honest this drama isn't popular because of the great story but because of. May Yadanar 7:33 pm Just do something abt Kim Woo Bin make up I Luv him But not with too much many make up Seeing him with too much makeup is like watching the opera movie It's bad It takes away all my desire for him all. Barjan 3:27 pm Kim Tan has become my all time favorite hero Although it is just a show I envied Eun Sang for being loved like crazy Kim Tan Kim Tan Kim Tan LUB LUB LUB lue 1:16 am This is one of the worst no It is the WORST drama that I have ever watched in my entire life The script is a cliche and the ratings are inexplicable (Seriously is it that high because of all the beautiful boys and girls?) Please don't watch The Heirs It is so bad Go find something more meaningful to watch There are a lot better K dramas. Kristine 12:35 pm The story is lovely! i can relate how fate can draw two people together i enjoy the drama and look forward to the next episodes the story i believe is not shallow it is beautiful romantic and can warm someone's heart like it does mine looking forward to the next episodes so excited! :) Lily anne 8:52 am this drama was average for me ----but the acting was great by lee min ho kim woo bin park shin hye ALL of them in this drama acted their characters very well the brother and parents etc etc i enjoyed watching kim tan's mom with eun sang's mom lol ----- anyway kim tan surely is difrent from all LMH past characters so at least he's a talented actor i love the main 3 actors (because they are talented in their roles) but not their characters ----- dear screenwriter your drama is boring sometimes what happened?? i would love to see a more exciting drama but of course the eye candies kept me watching i hope they will act together again but in a much better drama Moreover the casts already fixed why people so busy with who should pair with who The important thing for me are I can enjoy the storyline and the casts act good Because we are watching a drama not WGM or a love reality show :(( Janerdelle 4:26 am the 1st episode was good though I expect a lot of twist and turn as the drama progress hope that the ratings will keep it up Lee min ho's english accent is kinda AWKWARD but at least he try his best As usual Park shin hye's acting is still the same I hope to see Min ho being partnered with Bae Suzy or Moon chae won in his next drama. Noreen 9:36 pm I wish that at the end of the story Cha eun sang and Kim will not be together so that there will be a PART TWO and then they are no longer high school students and their LOVE STORY CONTINUES. :) :) I hope it will come true. :D THE HEIRS fighting! Sassaphras 4:06 pm I am enjoying the show but I wish the main female wasn't so 'woe is me' and that the show was set in college because many if these actors are looking too old to be in high school Jaesi 7:29 am I think this is an overrated kdrama because of the casts esp LMH and PSH For me the storyline was boring and plain nothing special I already watched dramas and movies like this a poor girl falling inlove with a sexy rich boy This drama doesn't fit my style because i'm not into highschool-lovestories genre Well everybody is entitled to their own opinion Still great job actors esp to my JiWon <3 ngawidian 2:17 pm i like this. Kenneth 8:59 am i like this drama! LMH and PSH is perfect love team! hope you'll have another drama and you'll be the love team! Good Job Direct !!! and advance Merry Christmas! Sophie 6:55 am I enjoyed this drama but it wasn't my favourite I think it more often than not lacked content But I did like Hyo shin Syler 12:43 am Just wanted to ask what alert tone or smstone they used I want to know it so bad Please help samsung. Zoe 2:59 pm Omg can't believe its finished :'( soo soo sad aisha 2:53 pm I rilly love dis drama lee min ho can't wait 2 av more of. Lorda 10:04 am Love this drama and so as the cast of cahracters but what makes me love the most was the character of woo bin oppa hope to see him in more kdrama sranghae oppa! ;)) mama 9:26 am i love the casts especially lee min ho ^^' ♥♥ lia 7:45 am Lee minho is the best actor! My fave actors are Kim soo hyun kim jae won and LEE. Minj 12:53 am there's something about this drama that makes you want to watch and finish the whole thing even though this drama is your classic and basic " drama," the casts and the acting were so good beware though because this drama will give you second male lead syndrome which will probably break your heart to those people who are just starting to watch kdramas i suggest. Emma 1:56 pm Daniel or whoever u are i dnt like the heirs and it's meaningless.i have watched many kdramas which are more ,there's something we can learn but the way it's given to the society is not really matching.i am from an asian country and the situation in our country is so different from yours I don't like the heirs Rita Kim 4:31 am Please make season 2 for. Kathleen 8:45 am yaaaayyy still waitting for it to be released ;) i hope lead actress will be Park min young they will look perfect together!!! :D so excited Irina 2:24 am lee min ho's WISH has come true,he is gonna act in a drama which its plot has been written by his favorite scriptwriter WHAT IF he gets paired with someone he has been admiring all along?!! WHAT IF he gets paired with "Song hye kyo"?!! in that case,he is gonna become very happy!! in that case another wish of his will be fulfilled!! Yongshin 12:07 am Anneyeong Is Ep 11 ready to watch in good drama? Omo I am excited what's gonna 's watch until the last episode Let's make this drama gets an award including the casts I hope & pray that Park Shin Hye will receive another Most Popularity Award in the next Paeksang Award and this time Yong Hwa will give the flowers in front not at the back Those who always give criticisms that are not constructive and just ruins the viewers thank you because you're making us watch more and igniting our enthusiasm I hope you will realize what you are doing to the viewers Keep fighting The Heirs fans We're half way to the end! Good job in supporting this kdrama Dralove 11:04 am it's really ridiculous to hear a lot of request that jung yong hwa & park shin hye be again ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Are you not tired of seeing them play together on ?? If I am frankly not only bored but are fed up because their dramas taste have same type all this time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Park Shin Hye feels now been developed for daring to take a part / to play in the drama which in my opinion is definitely full of intrigue Lisa 12:20 am for me this is the best drama to year two thumbs up for the heirs Joycee Mancao 9:44 pm I really like this drama :) I like the Plot of the story and also the characters they delivered it so well the organization and the production staff of this Drama THUMBS UP!!!!! Hope I will see. Mabelle 8:19 am nice,i shed so many water in my eyes grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.i want comedy next king min ho 6:29 am Even at the trailer it was super nice for me even the story is predictable ( between rich and poor love-story) i can say that it will be in my list for having nice story arghhhhhhh!!!!!!! sooooo amazing!!! Jinjoo 9:23 am am back here to say that first time i've seen LMH was in BBF drama & liked him there but after that i never followed him till now & so impressed with his role here in this drama he was kind unselfish loving and reasonable young man! no wonder he won an award for his acting here v v impressed! too sad that his father is the ruthless type and a brother who never accepted his existence! what a nice drama highly recommended albeit i hvnt even finished it but i'm glued already! thx asianwiki for your good site where we can praise rant/rave about kdramas! all da best to asianwiki! fighting! Kamsahamnida 7:37 am I wish Kim Ji Won and Kang Ha neul have a Love story at the end of the Drama sad :( it not happen but I really love watching them having a chemistry effect hahahaha miriam borja 3:27 am i really really like the story it touches my life nice tandem kim tan at cha eun sang Olusola Abidemi 3:20 pm Bravo to u all really enjoy ur movies :) n love. Kirin (JAPAN) 9:08 pm after watching the EP 20 trailer It seems the ending will be like the ending of City Hunter grrrrrrH CindyMP 8:51 pm This drama really touched me and made me falling inlove with Lee Min Ho! can't wait for the next episodes! This is my first ever Drama's that i really keep watching all the episodes and first time to see Lee Min Ho act he really captured me so easily to like him Hope to see him! Ü He makes my day great! Really Love. Iloveheirs 9:11 am i loveeeeee kim tan more than anyone in here !! lia 8:40 am Hey Delilah wat a comment kim tan is the best lee min ho is a great actor cn't u c the ratings? everybody loves lee minho no matter what character he portrays his acting giveslife it i recommend u watch city hunter and bof (heol) Mnakamura2013 10:53 pm Gosh It's so hard to be a Heir/s Fiancee's over there and Fiancee's over here you cannot marry the poor person you love unless the person you love is a heir phew! what a love story episode 12 is so shocking waiting for episode 13 Nick 9:27 pm Kim tan and Rachel Yoo should have a happy ending they both look good together hoping it :) Kdramafan 10:51 am I couldn't say this a great drama Everything was so predictable,or should i say 'spoon feeding' you don't need to use your imagination coz every episode is predictable But good thing is it has a good rating b'coz of its cast not the story And both lead actors have a huge fan based,big help though I prefer My love from the star of kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun A way better and i recommend everyone to watch it you can laugh get mad and cry all-in one story vonni 8:06 am whata really bad drama i've. Joy 10:02 pm OMG! Episode 4 was a blast Can't wait for next week It got to be more interesting! gado 8:03 pm So Kim Tan's mom is the mistress and the childless lady that slapped her is the second wife but why is the mistress (if I'm getting this straight) the one living with the father and where does the. Perly 7:40 pm can't wait for another liked the drama everyone here in Canada is wishing that this series will have more episode and a very justifiable ending we want the best one please extend more episode please we love the pairing of really enjoyed watching it lola 4:08 pm This is really an amazing series and all the best ive watched so far BUT im dying to see the next one so like yeh what she said its a bit confusing the timings please let us know ASAP (was'nt suppose to come out yesterday) Mary 2:07 pm If you find this Drama boring you really haven't got all the important messages it passed! You should have an open mind to watch the Heirs and try to understand the characters and the difficulties in their life they need to overcome It's not cliche at all and it is nothing like any other drama I have watched All the characters in this drama are tragic and my heart ached for them during all the are all just so broken and misunderstood  :( The bad thing is I finished this in just one week and I need more now!!I wish for a 2nd season!! Jessica 3:23 am anyone know the guitar soundtrack for Young Do Especially when he met Kim Tan andi 1:21 am cant wait for the ending. :)) super excited whos gonna be the heir?, :) Ho ngốk & vk Quanh^^ 11:27 pm tôi là 1 fan của min ho và tôi đã trông chờ nó từ rất lâu và tôi cảm thấy xứng đáng với bộ phim này <3 Syana nadia 9:31 pm annyeonghasaeyo this drama 'the heirs' really really daebakkk i love this drama because lee min ho is acting in this drama as kim tan park shin hye also as cha eun sang i'm going crazy because this drama is so romantic saranghae oppa fighting !!!!! =) Chisomo 6:16 am This is a true depiction of what happens in our societies Wealthy parents force their children to marry people of the parents ' choice They do this not because they love their children but because they are protecting their business As Rachel in this drama argued children of wealth parents are commodities on the market No wonder a good number of such families break up Let us not forget that love is a fruit of emotions and feelings Let the children marry whom they truly love All in all this drama is an eye-opener; we need to wake up from the sleep of riches Riches should not blindfold us A jeong 12:12 am I thought that this drama is really good good story and good cast I think that all of young actors showed their talent and charm in this drama They are chosen because they are talented people so for those who commented bad things about this drama put your self in those young actor's shoes Be wise in putting your comments I know that you are just being jealous and why dont you show the world that you are more capable than them ( if you can hahhaha dont just post bad comments action is needed!) SO PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS! Yellowbone87 10:03 am I don't understand why some of you fans gets upset and gets into your feelings when other people don't like this drama If someone doesn't like The Heirs they have ALL RIGHTS to say why they don't like it Nobody is stopping you fans from liking this drama so I don't understand why some of you guys use this site to argue and fight over someone else's opinions I personally like The Heirs and if someone else doesn't like it that's fine and it doesn't affect me at all what that person liked and disliked about this drama Some of you guys really need to get out of your feelings and just respect other people's opinions even if you don't agree. Kv 11:02 pm Park Shin-Hye is pretty & cute Lee Min-Ho is good looking and charming You two are looking great if you're together in reality Love is in the air make it comes truth Love "PSH+LMH" acid 7:30 pm @NOIRA : I'm not a big fans of Kim WooBin I just said it would be an interesting story if Cha Eun sang end with Young Do @CHRISTY : yeap same with me my rating for this drama so far. Kokomarz delos angeles 12:18 am this is very common drama and most scene are immature at the end blood is thicker than water chaebol tycoon must protect theyre NAME alexza 11:36 pm i really love this drama! how i wish this drama airs everyday because it always makes me smile and laugh woah! this drama is so great even my friends are so addicted to it i really love all the casts especially lee min ho and park shin hye they really have a chemistry Jammer 1:29 am please this long hair american blonde friend of kim tan please do me a favor and kill him right now he is so annoying over acting fellow please put him inside a container and pour concrete cement on this guy and dump him in the middle of the sea fadzillah 9:32 am i think kim woo bin make himself more stronger after recording any drama,anyway his face like a t-rex Unicatyn_Ph 11:34 pm I'm wishing there will be sequel for this I want to see them grow haha The Heirs Season 2 please please zaxx11 9:56 pm I agree with alolele boring script boring tale Flong 4:20 pm it ended though im sad cause its final already haiszt hope there will be the heirs part 2 i really really love this kdrama because it makes me feel inlove,happy,dream being attached to your family to be stronger in the world nowadays also made me cried alot soooo good acting all the actors and actress made it woooow how they acted every role! The heirs go go go go i missed. Agnes Lee 4:20 am Good acting! I hope there is a part 2 to this drama Hopefully future drama with Park Shin Hye again adria 1:42 am we hope that there will be a part 2 beacause this movie are so nice and romantic sweet park shin hye is very nice actress and she know what she's doing i love lee min hoo and i love park shin hye so much i hope their love team will be back again we. Dwi cute 3:49 am Never bored watched this Rosè 12:09 pm im not really fan of this kdrama but I could say that Lee Min-ho looks like really-really in love with Park Shin-ye in this drama so it makes 'the heirs' bit exciting oktaviana 7:11 am wow At first I watched this drama because of lee min ho But finally i fell in love with kim.

So far episode 1-4 give you more than a teenage love story its also a story about family friendship brothership unrequire love (chan young's father and rachel's mother?) comedy (i love bona and chanyoung ) there is so much i can't wait to see (i want to see how kim won and kim tan will end up to they look so cute together as sibling tan is actually adore him so much) Santy 10:21 am Can't wait for next fighting nita 8:53 am it's really entertaining hope it'll be appreciated and has a good rating! 윤세별 1:22 pm Can't wait for this Drama to come out! I am love without Lee Min Ho because i honestly belive that he is definitely one of THE BEST actors I Love the cast though i can say that i would have preferred Yoon Eun Hye as well. ;-) Anyway i am still looking forward to see the first episode 화이딩! 민호씨 사랑해요!!!ㅎㅎ Lo 11:20 am Love lee min ho and I think he looks good with any pretty actress but please some kissing scenes like for secret garden & P-Tst Lily 8:23 am I like The Heirs more than You Came from the Star because I prefer choose the real life film And I always love Lee Min Ho he is a hard worker nice and humble lo 4:12 pm I love love love love,the heirs!!don't care what other people say about the drama cause i really did enjoy and i was glad to watch it even when some people said it was boring all the characters were amazing and they did an excellent job,my love lee min ho sparked as usual,park shin hye beautiful,and fast becoming one of my favorite k-drama actresses,and not forgetting the charismatic kim woo bin,totally enjoyed it Anh 3:35 am I was excited for this drama because of PSH and LMH but this drama is a HUGE disappointment Typical rich guys falling in love with poor girl rich parent getting between the love so on It got boring so fast but I continued to watch it hoping that there would be some twist to spice it up I honestly don't understand the hype People who are recently getting into Kdramas nowadays follow the crowd and watch popular dramas with popular good looking actors and actresses and cliche plots that have been done 8 million times that they haven't truly gotten the chance to experience real good dramas I used to be one but Ya'll need to explore underrated ones too The only good thing I got from this drama was I was introduced to Kim Woo Bin He's adorable Purplecalla 12:07 pm I'm sad that jung yong hwa suddenly dropped out of this drama.:( But still can't wait for this drama cuz both cast are my favorites.:) Hopefully there is new project for jung yong hwa this year as the lead male miss you sooooo much!!!!! Hwaiting!!!!! minshin 8:59 am Good news He is not a good Min Ho and Park Shin Hye forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Summer 2:22 am I just wanted to say that so far I like this drama And sorry for all the negative feedback about the racist stuff I honestly don't get it Hello people its called television and drama If this was American made instead of bet you wouldn't say anything Besides gotta admit that America and ALL the people in it ain't doing that great right now I mean hello our government has been shut down for how long now? Anyways Love the drama Love the actors! Wish I could Lee Min-Ho! Can u say hot as hell?! Wish we had more of him over. L 11:42 am Seriously just watch the drama it's good and it's very drama so shut up and just enjoy it Katie 9:01 am This is my first time watching a drama and I. For who love the drama enjoyed it guys! I did it too And I really can't wait for next episodes kk~ when all of you were like Lee Minho and Park Shinhye to be a or their chemistry I've fell in love with Kang Minhyuk and Krystal Jung chemistry kkk~ Fighting The Heirs! and the fans~ mayura 2:09 am Patricia Ortigoza: not less popular but lost it with the secret start at position 2 But it should be noted that any dramas are generally interesting to watch and each type of drama has fans respectively so it is not popular but lost to start with another drama so please. #kimtan 9:43 am THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!! ^ ^ Kim Tan is SOOOOOO good!! I love how honestly,passionately & innocently shows his love to Eun Sang I wish I could have a boy friend like Kim Tan who loved me like crazy! I wish I could have a boy friend as warm & kind as Tannyy!! ^_^ This drama has TOTALLY quenched my thirst for a passionate-honest-kind K-drama HERO!! :)))) mawi 12:14 pm Kim tan I. Yeonheeminoz 6:48 am This was absolutely the best drama I've ever watched! I loved it so much! Kim Tan and Eun Sang are the cutest ever and I ended up loving YD too but not as much as Tanny <3 The drama was perfect and just the way I hoped for and even more! THE CLOSET KISS SCENE That was epic I wish the best for Heirs this year in the SBS drama awards! <3 <3 I'm so proud of Min Ho my beloved bias for acting more then brilliantly in The Heirs! Fighting! Love it forever~ Hani 2:08 am I dont really like park shinhye her acting is just so-so to me and all of her character seems to be the same I was excited when I heard she got casted for The Heir which rumoured to be like Gossip Girl I was like "wow park shinhye playing a glamour full of confidence girl? I gotta watch it! maybe I'll like her !" but turns out her character is the same poor innocent girl >__< anyway I will still watch it for kim woo bin <3 hehe Sophia-chan 12:05 am I really wanna watch this now thought it was going to come out on September but no. The progression of events throughout was poorly thought out frustrating and therefore boring There were many interesting characters and side lines that did not get played out properly Which I felt was just inane as to why they had the characters on the show anyway Just to show them off? The director handled the scenes well but some of the choices made were really weak The dialogue between the students generally was so awful also Are these kids with rich parents really that stupid? Do they really have nothing else to talk about than about how rich they are How unoriginal and sad And hard to believe Usually people who are really rich don't care too much about it Look at the four richest kids in Boys over Flowers They didn't sit around talking about how rich their parents were Tasya 9:56 pm i love kim tan and cha eun sang i like drama korea is good Kimberly 4:34 am I decided watched this drama because of the high ratings but truth be told I was very disappointed :( Other than the good looking actors and actress it's a overrated drama If you like the cliché teenage love storyline you might like. I don't only prefer and consider 'famous and kpop idols' cast in a drama but the plot is what I considers most The Heirs is lame cliche boring and annoying drama i had watched this 2013 Sorry The Heirs fan for me watching and downloading this was just a waste of my time *sigh* Ronald 10:35 am very nice story line!!! i love this film very touching i hope there's more!! GOOD JOB! Clarisse Subere 6:02 am OMG! I can't move on when im watch the heirs untill now Evon 2:14 am I Like Yoon Chan-Young and Lee Bo-Na so cute Love. Kimtaneunsang shipper 6:20 am Absolutely agree with lela6130 What the hell is wrong with you bagul? seriously!! I just don't get it your boredom strikes!!! There's plenty of other dramas Do you really have to stick with this? it's already episode 12 Now your boredom strikes Stop watching it Problem solved lela6130 6:04 am hey bagul that's not a nice things to say go watch something else you said its getting boring yet you still watch it many people were really enjoying this drama and they wanna share their excitement here but then people like you showed up and ruining it. Heirslover 7:58 pm cannot wait for episode 8 This drama is really good The only thing i don't like about it is that Choi young-Do is a little too mean Hasnaa 5:06 pm Like the debut of this drama hope it will be till the end ^^ tina 4:26 pm i love. Kim Tan now feels nothing but emptiness after Eun-Sang's departure He decides to go back to Korea even though his older stepbrother Won (Choi Jin-Hyuk) strongly opposes his return When Kim Tan gets back to his luxurious mansion like home he sees someone briefly that resembles Eun-Sang Kim Tan goes to his mother Ki-Ae (Kim Sung-Ryoung) and asks about the unfamiliar but familiar girl that he briefly saw His mother tells him that the girl is their housekeeper's daughter and her name is Cha Eun-Sang She's also staying in. Suduh 8:36 am That winter the wind blows a gentleman dignity the master's sun are my fav drama maybe the heirs too but if the story similar to boys over flowers I'm not sure Love Shinnye 5:27 am I'm Excited XD much! Love Shinye 4 ever ♥.♥ shravani 3:16 am picturs are very nice i wish u all the best and im eagerly waiting for. Goh Ha Eun 12:32 pm I really like this drama I love the story the actor/actresses are very good I want to watch the nest episode it give's me so much excitement I really adore the director writer and all of the staff of this drama Hope you'll create another wonderful drama like this Wish you all luck Sepide 8:11 am What's that drama in. Rebelyn 5:59 pm Well to all the cast congratulations especially to lee min hoo and park shin hye you did a good work guys the drama series is very good and I love it I will continue watching until the end FIghTHInG Rebelyn 5:51 pm Im so excited to watch all the episodes and when it comes in the next episodes im very very excited and thrilled because they are perfect partner we love you guys god bless all the cast FIGhtINg Casper 12:33 pm Please Extend the heirs-- My girl wants this drama so please extent Hope you extend! The Heirs Lover 12:17 pm Not just because of the cast it was because of the story too!!! Rael 11:48 am This drama got high ratings because of the cast Just be honest Wisa 1:52 am It's funny really i mean there is so much hate and love for this show It tells you that this show has many viewers watching Because of the star studded cast I think it's what got people interested in watching the show That is what got me to start watching this show It was defiantly not the story line This drama is alright defiantly not the best drama this year For me on my top 30 of drama watch list lee min ho and park shin hye hope to see you in better dramas Ki Mo-Ran 4:35 pm Okay to the people that are complaining about this drama and saying that its a mainstream Cinderella story well yes it does seem to be one (so far) but to me and pretty much the majority of the people agree with me I love these dramas! they are easy not so complicated they have a good story-line romance and good actors and to be quite honest I do love these cliche dramas alot I don't know why but I just do they warm my hear the writer knows what the people want to watch and yes this story might be a bit "mainstream" but I still love it to pieces! Hwan 4:11 am Whatever do you said but the fact was proved that the heirs is one the drama were succesfully and fenomenal A lot of drama were playing by big stars like uncontroblably fond scarlet heart ryeo hwarang lobts saimdang etc but they all haven't success yet Why? Because all the stories didnt suit with viewers taste They just loved cinderella stories because cinderella story couldnt timeless Cinderrella stories is gonna be favorite story for female viewers especially for ahjumma so that's why a lot of ahjumma always be watched kimeunsook dramas it caused they're dreamed have love story like cinderella story Kanny Kamdrawati 8:50 pm Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Ye are the best actress that I loved and I admire Keep up with the good work with all the drama you guys have been doing and raise into the top! CHIOMA 11:26 pm LEE MIN HO I became a strong fan of yours after watching boys before flowers I love Your acting style dressing and love concept I really wish I will meet you in person I love the heir city hunter but boys before flower is still your best movie for me.I really wish there would be another movie where there whole F4 friend will feature including Jan di.l prefer calling you GU JUN PUO. Cyndi 8:26 am so love this drama series love all the characters esp kim tan eun sang and young doo i just wish they will extend this series 20 episode is not enough there should be more a lot of stories need to tell good job Kang Shin-Hyo and all the team SBS more power love from Dubai lia 8:22 am Hey why are you both disappointed stop watching if you're disappointed what scene in this drama is a disappoint to you everything is great and fascinating stop watching if you're not a fan if you are then keep on watching Wena 3:17 am After episode 10 its a torture again 'coz we have to wait for a few more days for them to play the next episode its so frustrating (**sigh**) thin 1:42 am Now i want to watch episode 10 I can't wait Hurry up! ani gautama 12:59 am Cant wait for episode 10 love kim tan soooo muchhh :* Presh 9:20 pm I dnt like dis drama its soo dull nd boring notin new abt dis drama wich makes me wonder y so many peeps r into a fan of lee min ho bt dat doesn't mean every drama he gets to be on must b loved Apart from dis y most kdramas d female lead is d one dats always poor,or mayb if not poor yet looks miserable and dresses bad(e.g personal taste) Pls if anyone has ans for dis. Oh Doo Ri 12:11 am Bitin!!!! Episode 15 please please please!!! this kdrama is freakin' awesome! Daebak! Highly recommended Nou-Nou 11:55 pm OMG!!! I love ep 14 ending & I can't for ep 15 to come out! I love the part that Cha Eun- Sang & Tan Kim tell everyone who they really are eka - bali 11:50 pm The Heirs I'm. Kan8 10:53 am Im So surprised About This the most talented Actor&Actress Together in a drama will create The Best & The most Memorable Ever Minozthyda 10:07 am Yoon Eunhye the the best female lead for this drama with oppa Minho ♡ I don't like PSH!!!! I WANT EUNHYE TO BE THE LEAD ACTRESS!!!! I’M a white guy A HOT white guy I am in the real estate industry in Seoul I have an MBA from a school that is in the top five universities world wide I make very good money And let me tell you–I do not have to chase ANYONE girls are after me CONSTANTLY I definitely prefer white girls and latinas but sometimes I go out with a girl When I do I have to deal with the creepy psycho s who stare at the girl like she’s a complete whore when we are out on a date Not just insecure guys mind you She gets it from creepy ajumonis old ajussis girls teenagers–you name it She’s a whore for being with me Again: these creepy men and women do not stare at me; they stare at the girl like she is a whore for being with me They want to shame her disgrace her and make her feel like a complete traitor to Korea for even showing interest. Khaye 6:44 am this is a really really good i'm not watching this because of the hallyu stars like PSH and LMH like the others said this drama boast my curiosity like what's the reason of youngdo and tan's quarrel why kim won's really mad at tan was it because of the company or their father's attention is eunsang really poor? i remember her mother told her "if your father's business wasn't bankrupt" and why rachel yoo always looking at eunsang's back she even told kim tan that eunsang is with youngdo if i was the fiancee of kim tan i won't tell him about youngdo and eunsang there's a lot of twist and turns this drama is so great what a great writer this really caught my attention i can't wait for eunsang and tan's first kiss :D Sachini 6:56 am OMG! My wish has really come true I wanted Lee Min Ho to act with Park Shin Hye I thought compared to Lee Min Ho Shin Hye is small-made so directors wouldn't want them to be paired Yeh! Yeh! Finally one director has come up with a great idea They will make a very good I can't wait to see the drama I really can't wait till October I love Min Ho He is a great actor And Shin Hye has a bright future too Wish them all the BEST!!! Love you Min Ho Need a BLAST>>> Me 1:03 am I love this drama The character and the dialogue is really good No matter how bad Young Do is I can't seem to hate him lol he's funny And does have some self respect for lady So I'm shipping Young Do and Rechal hahahaa they really suite each other lol every one play their role very well I'm really enjoying this drama I can't wait for next week Kim Tan and Eun Sang fighting!!! :) oh by the way Kim Won is so HOT!! He sure is the hottest guy in this drama hehehe Rahele 1:08 pm oh im sorry i forgot to say that i watched all episodes of this drama as a big fan of lee min ho i always follow my favorite artists and i think i have this right to say my opinion aboute drama Maru 11:09 pm I SUPER LOVE THIS DRAMA! I cried in the sad scenes and laughed at funny scenes! the actors are awesome! they will make the viewers cry and laugh depending on the scene. :-) lee min ho is a very good actor! i love how he acts and his distinct handsome features really stood out! i. Angeluver 1:03 am too bad lee jong suk was announced to be in another drama today BUT i still say it has to be someone new who is not a friend or had been in previous dramas with LMH or PSH so that THE HEIRS would be new and fresh! and not shadowed by dramas in the past ahh song joong ki why cant u be in it? love to see u acting with LMH and PSH Lou 9:08 am whoa!!! my favorites from city hunter/faith and heartstrings!! dream come true!! can't wait  :) too bad yong hwa backed out hope moon chae won and song jung ki will be casted also & Krystal ^-^ kene 10:42 am Hmmm won't this drama be just like boys over flowers "where the guys are rich & the girl is poor" Ok waiting then HIWE 8:51 am Whooooooooot!!! This would be awesome because almost all of them is my favorite actors!! O.o Lee Min ho Park Shin Hye Kim Woo Bin Kang Min Hyuk Kang Ha Neul Krystal Kim Ji Won Park Hyung Sik !! What the heck!! My favorite actors !! It is interesting to look into the society thru their drama of course dramas like this is a bit of fantasy to give a little reprieve from the hard paced real life The leading girl in this drama is not that good if you want this drama to be believeable where these handsome crème of the crop top 1% heirs of riches to be tripping over and punching over a girl she should have been gorgeous drop dead beautiful and gorgeous that way the brain will take that scenario Then again drama is so unique it makes you laugh in scenes like a haven't seen one another in awhile these 2 people greeted one another of course with excited tone but get this at least 3 ft or more apart,standing straight hands on the side expressing their excitement in seeing one another Geez we now label this as the ": greeting" Cara 1:46 pm This drama is over hyped don't get me wrong I'm here because I like Lee mIn Ho but the story line is regurgitated stuff that most Drama seems to revolve upon There is no NO NEW FRESH idea give us a fresh story I sort of sick of the rich guy poor girl love triangle where the handsome richest kids seems to be tripping over poor struggling girls This is lazy writing it seems these Writers /Directors went to the same convention and all of them took down the same notes Seriously!!! Also I want a little girl power for a change Yasmin 6:36 am I really like the the heirs hope their have part two because I already miss kim tan i love it Jenny Cui 10:39 am I love heirs so much I wish it will not end forever but I didn't watch the last episode I really wanna watch it so please if you can upload it please upload it I really wanna watch it Thanks Nitchaa 1:58 am i really waiting for this drama I'm willing to see Min Ho Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Wo Bin Lee Min Ho always played in great dramas he has good looking good acting and good fashion style (please dont make him wears pink stuff) im wondering of Choi Jin Hyuk acts (because i really love his role in Gu Family Book as Gu Wool Ryung so handsome and really good acting skill) Kim Wo Bin usually acts as high school student i think he will be great as usual like in his drama School 2013 and Gentlemens Dignity But for female role i love Suzy more than Park Shin Hye The Heirs i'm waiting. Above ALL,Park Shin Hye RUINS all the kiss scenes!! WHY can't she pull of a kiss scene?? The kiss scene between Tan & Eun Sang in the basement,she gives a FROWNING,SAD,depressed,tortured & sicking look!! I hate that!! actress "Yoo Eun Hye" pulled off passionate kiss scenes when she was so young in "Coffee Prince" & "Goong"! She is indeed a great actress! "Ha Ji Won" also did very very well in many kiss scenes of "Secret Garden" & many other actresses I WISH she hadn't been chosen ad the lead actress!! Vee 12:27 pm This show is alright Boys over flowers is better LMH sounds weird trying to talk english lol but he is still hot so. Aew 6:19 am Does anybody know the title of the song when Cha Eun-Sang posted the good bye note? Plz Plz Lee Shin Hye 5:54 am Hi! Does anybody know the title of the song when they were in their while eating and shin hye was about to fall in the chair? Please answer Thanks! :) Chasi 11:07 am I think park min young the best for lee min ho they have strong chemistry minmin please back together miss u so much :( Han so hee 9:50 am Hello.I like lee min ho & park shin hey.I suggest this drama will be better with romance than both romance and min ho wasn't seen for along time in comedy cast are suitable for fancy and comedy actings like boys over flowes and heartstring I think this serie wilmmake happy and satisfied for fun.I will be waiting for this serie in you Yoon Kai Raa 1:03 am just another high school drama about the usuall type of storyline the love story between the rich and the poor and once again Lee Min Ho did it we still can't forget about his strong character in Boys Before Flowers and yet he did it again with the heirs actually he is quite old to act as a high school baddass but still i praise the heirs bcos it was so fun to watch (no wonder just see the casts full of the stars) but to be crowned as one of the best k-drama in 2013 ? i dont. Kay 10:37 pm I am not seeing a good future for YD he feels guilty about his mother his father is a b*****d he knows he has no chance with ES he has no interest in school Either he was riding off into the sunset on his motorcycle or he will suffer a fatal accident It looks like something might happen to shake these students up Also it seems as if KW is going to become a stand up guy He is helping KT and his mother and it appears he is going to do right by his girlfriend I don't think KT's dad will be able to be separated from his mistress too long either After KT's mother gets her taste of freedom she may just have some bargaining chips to use against the old man if he wants. Rita Kim 4:17 am Please Make season 2 for this drama Thank you danieloh 6:45 am @emma and whoever said this drama is useless and has no meaning Kindly read comment by Katy8996 and you will know what this drama is all about There is so much to learn from this drama If you say this drama has no meaning then all the k-dramas are also meaningless Why do you even watch k-dramas? Watch this drama and maybe you will learn something good in life! Cheers! Reisnel 2:10 pm too much concealer even by sleeping the artists have make up  :( Mariam 1:47 pm MUST WATCH DRAMA! love ParkShinHye ^__^ May 2:56 am I love lee Minho and park shin hye Tiannamen 1:49 am i don`t like this drama! this is so BORING! and the lead actress is not good acting bye bye the heirs Odelia 1:10 am Love this drama - Lee Min-Ho your acting is awesome and you are very sexy - love from Cape town South Africa Lela6130 12:49 am Wow!! the rating really rose high one more episode to go I wished SBS wil extends two more episode at least I don't think one episode is enough to summarize all the story since I hope all the issues can be solved without any cliff hanging ending I gonna die if there's no closure about Choi Young Do story Hyo Shin-Rachel Kim Won-Hyun Joo the comatose state of Tan's dad the aftermath of wicked chairwoman the fate of Tan's mom as the mistress and so many more 60 minutes are not enough to solve everything I'm really curious about how this drama gonna end They should give us happy ending like Eun Sang and Tan get marry at the end haha then I will satisfied Jc 1:50 pm OMG I can't wait for this drama looking foward everyday because Krystal is starring♥ What role does Krystal play? m 10:20 am Cant wait for this Its rare finally i'll see lee min ho acts with more younger lead actress Kkkkkk jesselle 6:08 am I hope Kim Woo Bin will have a hairstyle that would fit his role Just like in "School 2013" It really. Kpoplover 5:38 am to all kpop fan we all know that you cant wait to watch this drama but don't bring up yonghwa name on this even if he drop out he put thing like he cant act cause you people cant act for s**t but they can be thankful Meghana 2:12 am I can't wait! After seeing those pictures I just can't WAIT! LEE MIN HO And PARK SHIN HYE! Shit! I just can't wait ! Taylor 7:40 pm Oh my god why there're only 20 eps? They should make em kike 40 eps instead Myriana 9:23 am who knows what is in the minds of the commentators below It is strange why blame the park shin hye subjectively he's just playing his part scene alone Either it's also whether the commentators below the fans or not? perhaps even just jealous because the drama side did not even get a rating. Fight Lee Min Ho you'll the best again Megy 6:36 am EXCITED!!!\\^__^// LEE MIN HO over and over again!!! The best ACTOR that I know so far YES! he is really a good actor His character always matches with his personality Being cold yet lover boy! HAHAHA And Another YES!!! for PARK SHIN HYE!!! Hoooraaay! The cutest and talented ACTRESS I've know so far It's okay if YONG HWA is not her love team I know LEE MIN HO and HER would be a GREAT LOVE TEAM with AMAZING CHEMISTRY!!! <3 @shoon --> I would love love to see Jang Keun Suk back on TV like ASAP but to be a supporting actor would not mesh well Min-Ho and he deserve to be main leads Feels like a possiblty of more love going to Jang cause he does a lot of cute facials etc @M --> Lee Jong Suk? Not bad I could see him doing something like this I liked him in 'Secret Garden' & 'School 2013' Song Joong-Ki? Possibly another canidate but doubt it After his darker dramatic roles in 'Wolf Boy' & 'Nice Guy' this plot would seem unfitting to me Kim Jae Wook My my a name I haven't seen in awhile Talented actor Is he back from his a two-year stint in the military yet? This would start filming around June/July right? This too doesn't seem like a good fit for him just coming back onto the acting scene Anonymous 3:54 am This is a great drama! It has an exiting plot and really good actors I highly recommend it It really is a must watch drama Only two episodes are out and I cant wait for the next episode to come out mustt watchhh!! Charlie 3:52 am I love this drama I cant wait to watch more! the actors and actresses are so good looking and it has a wonderful plot to offer ( so far ) its a great drama and I highly recommend it Lovely 7:44 pm saranghae LEE MIN HO!!! I really want to watch this ! Im an avid fan of lee min ho! wait for me min ho! see you soon ! :) Jade Jes 7:38 pm The most epic drama I have watched Keeps me on the edge of my seat sdfgb 6:21 pm woohhooo our ratings is soo high now! Episode 13: TNS nationwide = 18.2%; 22.1% Seoul AGB nationwide = 20.6%; 22.7% Seoul Anita 11:56 am Totally in love with this drama Love minshin miona 10:34 am This drama is better than i've anticipated!! Enjoyed it a lot so far love it when lmh spoke english lol love all the casts especially lee min ho! Thank you to everyone involved in the making of. Paula 1:22 am Sooo excited for this drama!! Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Hyuk Omo! o_o October fast-forward please. :) Fighting! ♥♥♥ Clau 6:39 pm can't wait for this drama to be on!!!!!!! love Lee Min Ho and PSH the other actors and actresses are great as well but lmh and psh are. Nami 9:03 am why are you guys bashing on PSH she just going according to the script,plus she is rejecting LMH because she doesn't want to creat trouble i would do the same if i was in her place and why are you saying that she isn't brave? what will you do if you were in her position? are you going to fight kim woobin back ? i don't think so -_- and she is just acting naturally and plz don't compare her to jandi u_U because everyone has his own caracter and i think that jandi was way to brave but way toooo stupid :3 and if she was just like her the drama will be just like BOF and then you be complaining again so if u don't like the drama just don't. Hardhekay 3:12 pm This is a real romantic film i really like it Pls 1 help : just allow the 2 of them 2 get married Aurelia 2:02 am I'm otaku I like anime manga j-pop and etc I'm not really like somethig about korea like k-pop or k-drama,etc And I think anything about korea is boring But the heirs is amazing and I really like kim tan and cha eun sang they're a great and I really like the heirs :D Woobinlover 11:05 pm people who bad mouthing this drama after watch 5 episodes or even more is like saying "hamburger is bad for my diet" but keep eating it three times a day :P watching drama is like picking up a clothes if it did not suit with your body don't push it "social class" is not only happen in its a worldwide fever it is how the world working dear everything in this world is divided by its class well it maybe difference if you live in an utopia but in my world everything divided by its class when you traveling by airplane/train their divide your seat by class in the hospital hotel even school the more money you get the more things you. Ashleigh 3:10 pm I never thought that I'll be hooked in watching dramas because of this drama I had watched it thrice since I can't help but missing the characters and the story itself I really love how Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye works as a So Iam hoping to be able to watched anotyher fantastic and well-written drama with this two loving actors as leads *sigh* I can't take it whenever I reach the 20th episode It really breaks my heart because it means "end" Why 1:56 am Don't even watch this drama You'll waste half of. Jenisha 5:56 pm I wasn't as good as i expected it was waste of time but i must say lee min ho is cool as always lovely 3:26 pm I so love this drama I'm so inlove with the characters <3 I love Kim tan and Young Do amor 1:57 pm I really love this drama I'm so fascinated to lee min ho He's. Lia 8:52 am Im fascinated by Lee minho's acting He's such a great actor Park shin hye is so beautiful! Who said the heirs is a terrible drama? terrbile your face The heirs is so amazingly beautiful! it's a wonderful series It's a light drama and will make you fall in love with love  :) looking forward for the next ep! kim tan cha eun sung fighting! i Shorty 7:26 am Oh my god I love this drama so much and I can't wait for the 5 episode This comment should be justified You may be familiar gong hyo jin soon ye jin Moon Geun Young shin min ah & moon chae won for some reason they have some lack on their faces but it does not make them worse of other artists who face more beautiful The most obvious example is gong hyo jin I think she have ordinary face but her acting is very natural and great she (hyo jin) does not get natural acting quickly I remember gong hyo jin shin min ah & kwon sang wo became famous while playing in high volcano movie that time their acting still normal but now they are have a very natural acting So do not judge a person from his face but judge of acting because I feel park shin hye will also approach the gong hyo jin. Lopa 3:33 pm I really wasn't planning to watch this but ended up watching this when Lee min ho in a drama it always means he's the lead and always gets the girl I actually liked him in other dramas but not in this one I had only seen Kim woo bin in to the beautiful you and had no idea about him but this drama is only interesting because of him I don't know why I I loved his character so much he was second lead but in my eyes I could only watch him in this drama how I wished he would have got the girl Choi Young Do you are the best❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish there would be a season 2 and would be focused on him he deserves happiness ❤️ Opi 5:16 am October!?!!?!?! wae? wae? wae? I'm gonna take an important examination that time! Huwaaaaaa :'( michelle 3:34 am whaaaaa for me I'm very excited with this drama the three promising stars of their generations? I'm sure it will be the best I love them All ♥♥ the HALLYU STARS :D Now i hope when they back to korea the story will be as interesting as when they in california Vala 7:34 pm I read some of the comments I noticed some were disappointed some are just too judgmental! Now this is what happens when the expectations are set up too high you end up being disappointed because what you see in screen doesn't match up what you idealized in your mind! I too was excited for this drama and couldn't wait to see it I admit that so far the storyline is not something we haven't seen before it started out as a typical poor girl rich guy romance but it's only been 4 episodes the story has just began a lot will happen along the way so let's not jump to conclusions yet let us be patient and enjoy it while we. The directors and producers obviously desire to demonize white men I guarantee you that some of the producers are ugly women who have been rejected by white men in the past They are the worst at dehumanizing white men The guy is of course depicted as so much better than anything in the United States He is perfect In the end I should not be surprised This is the reputation that Korea has more and more all over the world You are the Nazis of Asia You are the master-race of the world You have the right to dehumanize anyone who threatens your cavernous insecurities And you have chosen to target. Jae 5:15 am Looking forward to this series I simply like the title XD mHAe 2:34 am I am so excited to watch ''the heirs'' please support them :D i love them both i love park shin hye and lee min ho God Bless the both of you Fighting ! Neutral 3:18 pm Honestly the drama was not all that great it was actually kind of boring and the end was kind of sad how Kim tan brother ended up alone and would cry every night But it want completely bad it had some good parts my favorite character was choi young do Secrt was way better though overall so interesting jack 1:48 pm wajar kalo dapet banyak award congratulations!! both leading actor and actress have high acting quality 2013 BEST. Dhee 1:46 am at the beginning of the first episode was boring but the story began to take shape at the end of the episode After the second episode I was more curious will carry the story Hopefully this drama has a nice and surprising end can not wait for the next episode athena pauline falco 12:18 am this story is cute but not to excitingly but atleast it. Jxcupcake 6:13 pm Honestly I've watched almost all the popular k-dramas This one seem to bit disappointing I guess I had high expectations when i started to watch this Maybe because it was hard for some sites to get it for their site that made me expect much higher expectations I see what they did there put a group of popular actor/ess together in a drama for bigger views I agree that there are parts that bore me to the point that i foward it But I am still not giving up on this drama I will watch it til the end I just HOPE (for how slow it's going right now) that they DO NOT rush the end or I'll be really mad Haha for 8 more episodes of this it just doesn't seem right UNLESS they're going to have a season 2 Lets pray it's not rushed Ripleydramalvr 2:03 pm Kim Tan is completely selfish and immature when it comes to ES He knows full well he will never be able to marry her due to his family she will just be treated poorly if she is with him and end up dropped as YD was trying to tell her Kim Tan just thinks of the moment sorry about the pun He also tries to get more physical with ES and calls her wifey even though he knows it can't be and she seems uncomfortable However as I suspected I didn't really like it Very messy plot with the same old poor girl rich boy love story There were also so much fighting and arguing and bullying and it was just all over the place which made me really tired haha Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang were probably not even the characters I enjoyed watching the most they had a nice relationship and were really sweet and caring of each other but it felt as though I enjoyed the other characters stories more Especially Choi Young Do shined for me in this drama He was a stupid bully and I hated him so much at first but he grew on me so much that I nearly wished he would end up with Cha Eun Sang instead of Kim Tan I also really liked Chan Young as he was a great friend and very loving towards his girlfriend Lee Bo Na and Rachel were just really annoying although I kind of liked Lee Bo Na towards. What I want to say is that the "Heirs" didn't have to do only with love and the pain you go through it It had to do with family friendship abandonment disapointment truth and lies shame guilt regrets forgiveness many many more and LASTLY love No one stayed just at how deeply in love Tan and Eun Sang were We all felt bad for all the characters since they all went through sad times They were all just misunderstood For the first time in Kdramas history no one was the good guy or the bad guy I mean there were roles like that but still it was so obvious that they were wearing a mask and that even behind the bad guy (YD Kim Won) there was a pure and loving soul Rachelle 3:51 pm To anybody who has something bad to say about the show or anybody else in the show just don't watch the show You guys are not the one giving the show any ratings so just shut up dolma tsering 2:28 pm Well you are my shining star leemin-ho Actually i am a tibetan girl but i like you the most among all the actors You have got the talent and i wish your movie hit the korea and all over fans are with you You are a good person!!! Handsome and smart'' I am waiting for this movie to come soon in television Anh 3:23 am I was so excited for this drama because of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho but this drama was a HUGE disappointment Typical rich guy loving poor girl two rich guys fighting over one girl the rich parent gets in between the love so on It got too boring I don't see the hype over it People recently getting into Kdramas nowadays follow the crowd watching for and praising good looking popular actors and actresses and cliche plots and haven't truly watched good dramas The only good thing about this drama is I was introduced to Kim Woo Bin He's adorable Siya_Aks 2:43 pm what a poor drama.i have seen many dramas bt frm my view dis s the worst drama ever what a lame story too too too much of characters and ****** whaaa Lee min Hoo i expected more frm you full of diappointment how can u accept dis kind of storyline yakkkhh please v love u more do good drama keren 9:55 am the film is loveli nd so sweet i love the story young do i love ur part. Its impossible if we can't learn anything when we watch a show/drama/interview So people who say this drama has no value,need to think first before say it Kaki 5:27 am Yarina stop comparing dramas and american series Worldwide TV/movies writers do not aim at making "good dramas like american series" and will never be "ready" to imitate others' cultures because they have their own: why would they deny and forget their own culture as if it was insignificant? Quit this american ethnocentrism please it's awful I see in this drama does his AURA not come out as usual and tends to look dull His aura in this drama actually darker than the other actors and actresses as I recall back as example of his previous drama in BOF and Personal Taste His aura is brighter than the opponent In the drama City Hunter his Aura was brightest His aura in City Hunter Drama made ​​him look much younger than 5 years old then when he played in Heirs perhaps because the opponent is one of the actress easiest smiling and laughing (I even smill just by remembering their role in city hunter) In the faith drama his aura is also quite friendly in this drama he plays looks older because his role it is plays as an older character Rubab Shafiq 11:23 pm And about lee's English I think he's doing great since its his first time making a drama in English  ! Him trying is enough he'll get better by time because hes sucha good actor so unique and versatile! He looks so sweet when he talks in English super cute  ! <3 (': Rubab Shafiq 11:11 pm Best drama ever ! I am already in love ! Lee min ho's acting is just amazing ! Keep it up ! I watched all his shows and he's amazing in all of them ! Love you :* love from Canada ! Glen 8:08 pm Lee Min Ho forever ^,^ teeka 6:51 am sarangeou oppa!!! Alina Ali 1:00 am oppa <3 <3 I love you and i love ur serials :* :* Tonet sunsaengnim 10:50 pm I'm a Filipina I love lee min ho He looks so handsome in this film 'Heirs" but it didn't make me feel watching it again and even recommend it to others I love Lee min Ho in his film 'Faith" and I always recommend it to all my friends to try to see it Cha Eun Sang and Lee min ho don't look good together (just in my opinion) I think Lee min ho and screen parner in Faith look good together though the girl looks obviously much older than Lee Min ho Frankly Heirs is quite boring but I als love many parts of it I was a little bit turned off in min ho's character in. Georgina 10:55 am To Nana The reason why this drama receives high ratings is because there's a lot of people who don't agree to your opinion I suggest you find a drama to your liking and let this one slide since there are only four remaining episodes It's pointless to disappoint yourself over a drama that makes other people happy Live and. 214Seattlegirl 3:19 am To be honest I'm a fan of Suzy also but Lee min ho is an Amazing actor and Shin hye won almost all the awards she was nominated for The only thing about shin hye that bothers me and millions out there is her terrible kissing scenes I hope Lee min ho would snap her out of that All the other actress such as Park Min Young Yeah I don't think he would want to work with his ex girlfriend it's weird Ana Luiza 4:25 pm This cast is just perfect!!! I love seeing Park Shin Hye acting *-* dooda 1:34 am the cast is driving me crazy <333 can't wait MinMin&YongShin 2:14 am I will wait for this drama :''> but still its should be YongShin not MinShin minho is only for minyoung and Shin Hye is only for Yong Hwa That perfection hehe My last words: There R some K-actresses that Netizen find fault with their acting a lot! U can even get this if you keep reading comments in "Drama Casting" part of "Dramabeans" Because BOTH the writer of the articles & the commentators SAY REAL things about the actor They are NOT fangirls & fanboys of Soompi!! those actresses who lack acting are: Han Ga In (who is ONLY a BIG name,nothing more) Park Shin Hye (She is JUST an actress who is known coz of starting from an early age) Kim Tae Hee (just a model,she was CRITICIZED for her acting in "Jang Ok Jang",you can read the article in "Kdramastar" website Yoona( ONLY AN IDOL),Bae Suzy(A POPULAR IDOL) Evez 11:29 pm yeah…y’know bashers! this is a romance genre what you they expect? there’s too much complaining but i find the story will get more deeper as it ends…can’t they just adore the castings and thank SBS for putting them all together in one? even the way LMH delivers his English has been overly criticized! and i don’t care ‘coz he’s just so gorgeous to be disapproved!…LMH is getting smexier! and polished his acting skills…ahhhh…for the two episodes i’m putting my thumbs up to all the castings ;) Rona 9:55 pm " I am sorry instead of it I'll repay you like this Buuuuuukk Coooooool " curious to wait next episode huuuuuh ksychon 9:23 pm can't wait the ep 8 Gina 8:44 pm i LOVE this drama (*-*) !!! i can't wait for the next episode <3 I'm from germany and like dramas like these fighting (^-^) Kay 12:56 am I really love this drama In fact this is one of my two favorites (the other one if You Who Came From The Stars) I'd say Lee Min-Ho and Kim Woo-Bin is the best in this drama Being each other's rival isn't kind of ironic? Haha I didn't quite like Park Shin-Hye's character here though She seems to cry A LOT Really There are even scenes where no one needs to cry and there she goes crying Sigh Great job to everyone though! Especially Krystal Kim Ji-Won and Park Hyung-Sik Arwen 10:30 am How could they say that PSH is not a good actress??? She almost got everything dance singing acting NAME IT !!! and she can do it The Heirs is a beautiful story and I love the combination of the two main actors To those who can't appreciate this show (not a fan of the heirs) just put your mouth shut! A feedback is just normal but be sure that your not degrading anybody Next time choose your words (As if your perfect!!!) Anyway I like the heirs and I'll gonna watch it until the end Fighting!!! Aerowhite 8:10 am hey unknown name ! I totally believe that I m very much prettier than Park Shin Hye even without makeup PSH having her own face match the character of daughter of the housemaid She seems to be a little bit pretty while wearing a lot of makeup Amost all actresses are more beautiful and attractive and cute than PSH I don't mean her action is not good She is good at acting Alambelle 6:24 am I love the story even it makes me cry.I want to see you in eun sang and kim tan you are very match to each other almabelle balatero 6:16 am it is very nice story in very lee min-hoo and park shin-hye they are very sweet and talented all of the cast did well i like lee bo na or krystal she is very sweet also i like her because she dance and sing very well,actually she is my bias in the group of f(x) i like you all I hope there is a teleserye again Oid 7:44 am Well I can say that this drama is Good Just that the ending is kinda Cliff Hanger? I guess? Sad Ending for Kim Tan's Brother and the ending part for Kim Tan and Eun Sang is not Exciting? Haha Anyways All in all this drama is Worth Watching Anyways For me JUST FOR ME. :D The Best here is Not With Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye BUT With Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk! HAHAHA! Best Funny Perfect I can say :D Just that Krystal Portrayed Lee Bo Na Perfectly as a Cute and Spoiled girl and Also With Min Hyuk a Genius and Serious Personality with a little cute side This Drama can't be PERFECT Without those two :D I want to thank the Director and Staff for their. Kate 3:12 am I like how park shin hye delivering to audience her characther perfectly cha Eun sang is a girl who has standpoint and she is a girl who work hard to get much money and she can be a brave girl sometimes but sometimes she's just a weak girl So many thing can i'm describe from cha Eun sang characther and that's so near in our live and her characther is so lively Xyloto 2:17 am Park shin hye acting skills is so good She's really young talented actress Love. Katina 7:47 pm Very good pairing! I ho showed us that his kissing scenes are very realistic when his lead actress allows 's hope we will not have kisses like BOF.I am a little skeptical about Shin Hyes performance in this department though even that i like her as an actress So it is undeniable that because of The Heirs so many casts in this drama became more popular T_Kunsang 3:44 am The preview of the last episode screamed MORE EPISODES!! I don't see a chance of seeing it getting over with just that last episode It's just another great drama! I wonder if i will ever have enough of these dramas as much as they are similar in many ways i can't help but watch! They are just amazing!! And Kim Tan and Young Do! God! Too hot to stare ;) Love them totally! SsoooDrama 2:01 am Omg this ending cannot be like the one from City Hunter or I'm gonna lose it! Urg! Maya 1:11 am OMG cant wait !!!! iv been waiting so long for a new drama with my favorite guys and they FINALLY make one ! love life right now :') USA 12:46 am please NOT be similar to other dramas done before lol the plots in a few comments down below sounds good 5:56 pm I already watched the whole episode of this movie Park Shin Hye my favorite actress in Korea keep up the good work! I always wanted to watch your other movies and drama series Lee Min-Ho your so handsome and a best actor! The "Heirs" congrats! Rinjoo 9:11 pm I SO LOVE IIIIIT I LOVE YOU MIN HO OPPA <3 PSH's really good too!! together with their co-stars ^^ OMG I cant almost wait for the next episode The first episode is great and the story line so far is interesting and very entertaining omo lmh and psh are having their moments in US ;) simi 9:10 pm This is gonna rockkk! Eeeps lovely people it in with a lovely creater!!! Park shin hyee lee min ho kangmin kyuk eeps dream come truee cast !! <3 Btowin 11:33 pm I am so much impressed once i started to watch it As of now i watched till Episode 3 Awaiting for episode 4 OMG Heart Congrats for the Music Cinematography and alllllllllll Mind Blasting <3 <3 mel lee 10:56 pm I love the music in the show! The story is. Sammy 4:47 pm @Amber Chill the drama is still in the making it' s only aired in Korea two nights per week all the way till December Two episodes per week that all of us can get now no matter what  :-) amber 3:49 pm This is soo addicting but they really needs to upload the rest of it im getting tired of waiting!! Lilly Dunn 6:27 am All other guys except Lee Min Ho are not extraordinary nor good looking so I don't know why all this fanfare about the fact like this will be like Boys Over Flowers It's not You have two well known actors and the rest are not famous I do recognize the mothers from Goddess of Marriage and also the guy who plays as a CEO who is in EVERY SINGLE drama but that's it The girl that plays the rich fiancé is perfect because she is annoying as hell Brittany 4:21 am I really want yoon chan young and that older guy to be together :( And theirs the main storyline Jeannie 3:20 am I would want yoon eun hye to play this role instead park shin hye They are similar and yoon eun hye is better i think cant wsit to see Kim woo bin ! I love krystal too <3 donglum 11:52 pm aware about the pair chemistry b'cause their personality little bit SAME -whice is- STRONG Lee Min ho still in true way lets us see till know not many 's actors whom still in true manner like Jang Dong Gun Lee jun ki Lee sung ki and Lee min ho They never contacted with SEMI-PORN movie and still be The best in Asian-South. Mich 10:06 pm anyeong haseo! actually i didn't like this drama my anticipation was so high that it's like the strongest wall suddenly became wrecked a lot of 2013 dramas were far more exciting and epic like ' the master's sun I hear your voice Gu family book and many others to those who is reading my comment by now can you suggest some k-dramas out there? nana 7:42 pm hmm the story just average the characters too but it's quite entertaining :) T 8:59 pm I certainly think that this drama needs a second season or extends the episodes Hope for the best Regards Tasa 8:46 pm I certainly think that this drama needs a second season Or extends the episodes Hope for the best Regards noira 7:50 pm Abouts the interesting things from the parents hihihih Alberlineee 12:22 am waaaah jung yonghwa could have been in it too!!! sad that he isnt! but i cant wait for this to start! i want to watch it already ;) rossyy songz 7:48 am This is very interesting xxxxxxxx love dramas x:) Korea love you xxxxx ohhhh Lee min y and park - you are beautiful Puma 2:47 am daebak!!!!! Ripleydramalvr 1:06 am Agree with everyone that Young Do characters is awesome The chemistry between ES and YD is off the chart while Tan and ES are luke warm Hope for an unhappy ending for two main characters and perhaps Heirs 2 with Tan taking over the business finding an appropriate love interest and YD/ES getting together! Mona 1:33 pm i'm a huge fan of lee min ho after i 1st saw him in personal taste then later my interest in him grew more after watching faith bof and city hunter! i truly wish the heirs will be very exciting as well i can't wait till october it's tortured really i'm glad psh and kwb are with him in this but i'm just very nervous about the storyline i'm hoping for something unusual as the other fans had mention way below i truly hope it would be daring and out of the ordinary Bona 6:50 am good Lee Bona is awesomeeee 06 I really liked Jiwon in "What's Up"! That was my favorite character and the reason why I became her fan Who knew that girl could sing? I sure as hell didn't She's awesome but honestly I don't like the way she's playing her character in here as Rachel I don't find her as convincing and she's a super sweet girl so her being a total biyotch in here doesn't really go the distance as far as persuading me Oh and her bangs! LOL Their stylist must've thought the bangs would bring out the villain side of Jiwon I think not It only looks like they're trying hard to make Jiwon look like a girl from a wealthy family Jiwon's beauty brightens when she's in middle-class wardrobe and makeup just saying :) Akshi Na 10:00 am I really loved the story its because its different from the other dramas i watched i even cried several times i really enjoyed this drama =D Bibi 7:44 am I <3 this movie It's so touching  :3 Hello sydney 8:24 pm kim tan and cha eun sang are meant to each other i like how they work together Joonni 10:43 am I HATE "Cha Eun Sang"!! I reallyHATE her character!! sickening! She is so COLD,depressed,emotionless & passive!! Park Shin Hye always SUCK when it comes 2 kissing! she ruins the kiss scenes with her uneasiness & stinginess!! In episode 16,when Tan kisses her,it seems like she is BEING TORTURES! She looks uncomfortable & uneasy! why does she FROWN in the. Lalala 11:25 am For someone who protest of kisses kim tan-eun sang by less passionate I just want say what I think before= before when i'm still teenager I usually kiss my Girl like that thats moment really curious of time flashback for me know why because thats act was really FITS for teenager on the other word " DO IT BY Your AGE" I think this statement must really feeding in your HEART as long I also little boring seen passionate kiss before ( sorry i fell like dog kiss licks (unsuitabble for teenagers blablal) honestly I'm Know Married so of course my kisses be reall passionate or by other word maybe more DIRTY like DOG kissed so I just reword once again " DO IT BY. Evez 8:53 pm beautiful castings and the lead casts are in season i just don't know if Lee Min Ho and Park Shin-Hye will have a chemistry on screen though one thing more the lead casts will perform as a high-schooler i find it backwards since Lee Min Ho had just portray a much matured role in Personal Taste Faith and City Hunter i don't know how the people behind this project conceptualize the story-line i guess it's still a must see from SBS to see what does this drama offer aside from adorable castings good cinematography and nice list of K-pop artists that will perform for. Leyla 12:11 am Guys approximately 4 months to go!!!! safiya min ho 9:35 am when will this come out because i am so anxious and can barely wait as you can see i am a devoted fan towards lee. Lopia 8:24 am just a good drama are always criticized I think this phrase applies to the heir's this drama and Congratulations to those of you who watch because this drama is really recognized so criticized to the smallest gap like birth-mark of the characters were criticized congratulations once again Raras wie 8:08 am I love this drama So entertaining Since the actors and actess The heirs so awsome I like lee min-ho and park shin-hye Ellen 11:03 pm After ep 8 I can't stand it anymore! I really really hate The female lead character! She is so annoying! It would have been much more interesting and put more depth to her character if she was stronger and tougher yet still remained the sadness and hopelessness aura over her I think that also would have been a more interesting contrast to Lee Min Ho's soft and humbler character Up to this point I haven't felt any chemistry between them two at all I have also difficult to understand why all the guys like this sulky bitterly girl Why is she so snappy to LMH's character who is actually nice to her? Don't think that would have happened in real life? But then k-dramas isn't about portraying reality of life. Fmc 12:52 am I would like to praise Kim Sung Ryong & Park Hee Nam they are good in acting expecially between their children CT 11:42 pm Wow "Cara" I never knew you can be tired of intrigue? I never knew intrigue was a subject word? I am intrigue with the way. Rif taj 6:31 am after watching these episodes one proverb coming 2 my mind ""too many cooks spoil the food"" too many characters getting y its like a mess baseline of the story s vry much bad there s no punch and sparkle in love very much disappointed towards Lee min hoo choi young do acting s superb i think his role in dis drama s better than lee min hoo park shin hye please do sme other role i want 2 see other faces of park shin hye i wil rate 4 for this drama very much disappointed Above ALL,the time that "The Heirs" was being discussed in "Hit Or Miss" in the program "Showbiz Korea" the EXPERT of the program(cheesy) & the execution( Adrien Lee) said that APART FROM "Lee Min Ho",the other cast are not that qualified & top notch!!! The expert doesn't consider Park Shin Hye as a TOP notch actress!! IT IS TRUE that "Park Shin Hye" has been acting since she was a child BUT this has nothing 2 do with ACTING aptitude!! If Park Shin Hye was a GREAT actress like "Song Hye Kyo","Park Bo Young","Kim Sun-A","Kim Ha Neul","Han Hyo Joo","Gong Hyo Jin" the expert & the host of the program "Hit Or Miss" would have admired her & wouldn't have said that "apart from the lead actor,others aren't. Bionette 7:29 pm OMG episode 3 was AWESOME!!! Krystal you did better I was impressed LMH what can I say I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THE GIRLS YOU LIKE THAT STARE OMG AMAZING super excited and ready for tomorrow's episode love love love THE HEIRS!!!! L3na 6:10 pm LMH is so HOT! I love the way he looks at Cha Eun-Sang (PSH)!! This handsome man can ACT! PSH is BEAUTIFUL! She portrays an ordinary girl very well!! The simply clothes and natural make up face! Love it! The Heirs FIGHTING!! Ssandara 8:08 am I'm turning my head when I suddenly heard jessica's voice Turn out it actually soojung's voice Good genes run in the family LeeMinHo too hot too resist Cross fingers and expecting more from The Heirs worseman 7:39 am Did your parents teach you to insult others for no reason People who insult others it's actually just the same he insulted himself Even worse the last days of your parents someday also be held accountable for your sins because they are deemed incompetent to. Sara 7:11 am Really looking forward for this drama Wanting to see Min Ho Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Wo Bin work together They are all great actors Just finished watching Gu Family Book and Faith am looking forward to seeing JinHyuk again Both great drama's Rosary 6:45 am This drama will be more interesting & exciting if Jung Yong Hwa play the 3rd lead lee min ho + dooley (PSH & JYH) would be great!!!! ^_^ Reeda 12:03 am i cant wait see it !!!! i hope yoona is his female lead !!! coz they look so good cant wait to wach u lee netherlands 4:02 am lovely casts cant wait to see it! want to know more of the story if possible are the brothers close or are fighting? what about kim woo bin character is he close or rival to lee min ho's character? Celerine 12:42 pm they should choose song hye kyo or yoo eun hye or goo hye sun or yoona or park min young or suzy as the leader actress! park shin hye is ugly and bad actress Medellyn 12:39 pm so boring drama!!!! :( im sorry oppa lee min ho i love lee min ho!! but this a drama so boring park shin hye is terrible and ugly actress Teresa 11:48 am At first I was curious to watch this drama because of Lee Min Ho but hey I got to see Kim Woo Bin who is so cool with his character A bad guy that you cannot hate because of his unique character Im just loving his acting and devilish-angelic face lol He is so gorgeous in the scene where he gets to do his part time as dishwasher in their hotel Hope to see more of him in this drama and other projects in the future Fighting oppa. :) kurrim 9:13 am totally amazing LMH so great woow no matter wat everyone. Christy 5:44 pm i never taught people will doubt this drama at all and they finally did not about the chemistry or anything i personally didn't think i will be tired of this drama just ask ur self guys if lee min ho and park shin hye didn't play the lead no body would watch this after all i don't care i will finish it after it's done. For people criticising PSH's acting for not becoming more into the character yes sometime's she doesn't show that much emotion but it's because her character is meant to be like that and her actions are scripted most of the time She doesn't CHOOSE her lines she interprets it And honestly if she put a bit more emotion in it wouldn't seem real it would seem EXAGGERATED I hate it when people say that they don't put any emotion into acting because they do and they do so to a certain limit so it still remains real If you had someone making overly exaggerated facial expressions and actions sure it would be dramatic but think about it in real life it doesn't happen Side note: They really picked the right cast :] OMG MINHYUK IS DOING SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB His expressions are what I see in real life all the time A big round of applause to him as well as the rest of. Dana 4:28 am This will be perfect can't wait till October !!! I sense that this will be just like boys over flowers at the same level which is AMAZING!! Can't wait and it's a perfect outstanding cast especially Lee Min Ho he makes it more breathtaking I also like the female lead she acted in heartstrings which was one of the best series I so! I hope nothing changes because this is so so so so so fantastic -ISERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT- Because a change in the way the story has been so fast or conflicts arise some interesting among others: 1 just remembered I have always thought that somehow kim-tan and her mother really wanted most biologically suitable heheh The accuracy of any either or planned carefully but if in a real state kim-tan and his mother is indeed similar to matched physically 2 The emergence of a new partner Min Shin- Honestly either since the episode how suddenly pairs min-ho and Shin-hye feels very suitable to be seen although initially the pair is seen mute and rigid but lately it looks compact Making curious 2.1 A kiss on the forehead it means a sign of love and trust a kiss on the hand means blah blah kiss in back of the neck means BBLA BBLA ( Personal Taste ) hehe 3 The existence of the scene ( 007 ) by Eun-Sang's mother and Kim-Tan's mother Strange enough the Shinta 7:53 am Luph this drama lee min ho oppa and PsH fighting jovelyn 7:47 am This is so beautiful drama :) Cyrano 12:34 am LOL 100% agree with fay! sandamini 7:46 pm please make season 2 fay 3:40 am this drama is literally a compilation of cliches and predictable plot-lines but also kinda entertaining i especially liked the complexity of characters like young-do and bo-na if the story gets boring don't worry - the actors are eye-candy! Crystal 6:18 pm For Reals,just because lee minh ho is in it you don't have to like the my opinion it was bad everyone new what was coming nothing was i was bored with the whole thing and i never finish it but i am sooo loving this new drama and its 100 percent better i think its called you who came from the star Love it i couldnt put my phone down when i was watching it!!! Panda-Pin 2:09 pm It's a good drama It doesn't seem it was rushed in the ending and the actors and actresses are all good However though I must agree with the predictable part Random-Gal 11:41 am sooooo worried about shin hye being the female lead with lee min ho i've been waiting for this serie for months now but i'm afraid i'll be disappointed by her i hated her in heartstrings and every other series because of her lack of passion it's like she does'nt give it her all or is always disgusted by her gorgeous lead actors and i don't want him to deal with another cold feelings dry passion geum jandi we the viewers want some real fake chemistry Chora 11:06 am So like it!!! Can't wait to watch it all! -< please 9:34 am what is the title of the song play in first part of the episode 1 Rinjoo 8:30 am Those who have nothing good to say and are being so judgmental at the very first episode get lost Instead of being busy criticizing why don't you go and find your "own so-assumed perfect" drama Keke 12:34 am Its sad enough this drama has end already I can't move on from how adorable kim tan and eun sang is how sad young do to reunite with her mother how cute bona-chan young or how pain kim won for his breaking up with hyun joo Everything in this drama do predictable but I do wait every week This drama made me cried so bad when see Tan looked for eun sang and act like he didn't care his world when it comes to eun sang but the other part made me laugh so hard when see Tan and chan young got upset because eunsang-bona tried to flirt Oh my god the writer and cast did the best thanks for giving us such a great and unforgettable drama drama that can made me laugh or cry at the same time drama that always give me strength whenever I felt down Looking forward for your next project the writers and. Mona&sravs 5:04 am I really like this story iam crazy fan of lee min. Me 10:49 am This drama is sooo good If you didn't watch t you are stupid Stop reading this Go watch it now Why are you still here? GO WATCH IT!!! KAL 11:38 am Hi this lovely drama brought me back to my teenage It was superb those unforgettable days and even our societies were not rich we also had full of fun with our minimum availabilities That was really in 1980's and by watching this teledrama I really enjoyed Dorami 1:53 pm i did watch the heirs drama because i like the actors and the way they acted their characters Lee Min Ho was outstanding as kim tan as others below mentioned in their comments this character is so different from his previous characters i dont fancy kim tan but i really love the fact that lee min ho is so amazingly talented i'll patiently wait for his movie gangnam blues it has been a while since he acted in a movie he can be much more daring in movies compared to acting on tv dramas Claudia 8:31 am Are they done filming or they will continue the rest in Korea? :) lupe 4:15 pm aww this is so cute i can't wait any longer for the drama to come out !! im super excited !!! but sad because yong hwa isn't gonna be in it anymore:/ Neha 4:38 am I love this series Lee min ho I jst love u I luv ur acting U r jst superb Nd I wish I there could be a person just like Kim tan loved cha eun sung naizu 11:10 am plzzzz make season 2 most of us waiting Androucka 6:56 am Despite the fact that the plot was not good and the story too lame for me the acting in general was and PSH had a very good gh the fact that i am a huge fan of LMH i falled in love with KWB and i badly wanted him to end up with Eun sang :( I smiled everytime i see myung soo(2 funny) and lee bo na(krystal) and i deliciously hate Rachel(this means her acting was good ah ah ) BOF was way way way way way better than to say that So Lee min ho oppa dont do this kind of drama again it doesnt suit you anymore you need mature character because you have a lot of ng In 2013 the best for me was ji sung and jung eum from secret and LMH and PSH from Heirs The best drame was secret master's sun and can you hear. Neelu 11:11 pm Haha i just realized that they are not aired yet i am so involved that i have been searching for them since 1 hour jhoe 10:39 pm i love lee min ho and park shin-hye perfect love team Yvette 10:05 pm This was the most touching and one of the bestest dramas I have ever seen!! I sincerely HOPE and pray that there will be another season to "The Heirs"!!! Serah 7:23 am l really cant wait for this drama I think its going to be awesome Go Oppa Lee-Min-Ho i love his acting abilities he is a NATURAL the face expressions and the way he carries himself when acting it just correctly suits the role he will be playing smitten* UNE FILLE 8:51 am Write SBS live on google Androucka 7:22 am And i want to add that it will be so good if we can have a drama with super hotties LMH My baby Kim soo Hyun and Kim will have superpowers but will fall in love with mere and very imperfect female humans being lool(sonething like My love from the stars2 hi hi).LMH will be badly chased by Yoona!! the kind and gentle Kim so Eun will have feelings for Kim soo Hyun but he will prefer his messy big sister( Yoon Eun Hye or Song Hye Kyo) to eventually Kim so eun will be seduced by Kim Bum who loves her and do anything to get his attention We will have 2 messy girls( Yoona and Yoon Eun Hye) and one gentle girl(Kim so Eun) and 2 gentle boys(Lee Min Ho and Kim soo Hyun) and one messy bo (Kim Bum).Voilà!!! I am NOT impressed by Park Shin Hye's acting! :(( PSH's acting leaves much to be desired!! She seems to be uneasy & uncomfortable when she is kissed & touched!! The scene in which she puts her head on Kim Tan's arm gives me the impression that she is keeping her distance & she doesn't lovingly put her head on his arms!! WHEN It comes to emotional scenes,she fails!! touch stinginess & uneasy facial expressions from her make her characters in her dramas awkward!! In "The Heirs",NOT ONCE did I feel that Cha Eun Sang is in LOVE with Kim Tan!! actresses like Ha Ji Won,Song Hye Kyo,Han Hyo Joo & act so brilliantly that I don't find anything to criticize them are INDEED gifted actresses!! Maricel 1:13 am Being Jung yong Hwa fan im very dissapoint to know that my idol is out for this drama! kagemusha 11:12 am lee jong suk can still do it because that drama shooting schedule doesnt overlap with this drama shooting schedule LJS will be available in july and that is when LMH finishes. 2 Yoo-rachel/Kim Ji Won = Probably a lot of fans who are less familiar with her because it includes new artists although Jung was also a new crystal I think her role in this drama is also very large maybe if calculated was 50 % The story of this drama is controlled by yoo rachel Let us remember Every problems between kim-tan & Eun-Sang generally involve her in addition to young-do all problems kim-tan with other wealthy families are also in touch with her she also have problematic with all people she is really anti-social I had a bit of a weird thought " I wonder what would happen if she actually even be sisters of the chan-young not be a sisters of young-do " hahah 3 father Chan-young= According to my memory from the beginning he was one of the best actors in the this drama even though he only played a minor role but always memorable I think that every scene he's played so far almost always perfect Anyway the one thing I looked forward to throughout was seeing Lee Min Ho (LMH) in the drama He still has the sexiest eyes ever and his acting is great as usual Just that I couldn't feel the chemistry between him and the lead actress Park Shin Hye (PSH) although I knew he was trying hard As for PSH I still couldn't fathom 'till the end what kind of character/personality she was trying to portray - there was no depth to her acting She's still her best in Heartstrings Watch-able I guess to pass time Hannah 6:59 am one word WOW One of the best dramas I've seen Season 2 please Noira 7:40 pm Until 14 episodes Most fans just talking about kim-tan young-do & eun-sang yaha it is valid only legitimate but I think some other artists also have some pretty big role such as : 1 Bo-na & Chan-Young at the beginning of the drama The first episode their acting enough to attract attention thus providing a curiosity about the rest of the story I think both of them and plus eung-sang gives a question mark ( ? ) makes fans want to watch the rest of. Sammy 11:59 am I love PSH with her natural beauty n a talented actress with her young age While other actresses look so alike with the same style of eyes noses and chins that I cannot even tell them apart Back to Heirs well if saying the story is boring with rich guy and poor girl let say how many of us in the whole world about 5-6 billions then how many real story like this out there gazillions!!!! What characters built inside make the story unique and interesting The Heirs has beautiful and talented casts great plot with love story of both generations involved breathtaking scenic view LMH PSH KWB Krystal and all are portraying their roles very well Love it so much can't wait Keep up the good work The Heirs FIGHTING Marie 10:28 am What a BORING drama this is ? ohaniyapiljojandipyo 8:07 am I am just loving this drama it has some similarities as in boys over flowers i mean that cha eun sang is hardworking as guem jandi and kim tan feels an emptiness in his heart as goo jun pyo in boys over flowers drama I am longing for season 2 please soon cuz i can't live without heirs Jo-Anna 5:47 am I'm looking forward to seeing this TV series WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!! love you! Lee Min-Ho Anita Robert 12:59 am Love the Drama Lee Min Ho You have a way of capturing everyone's attention Can't wait for the upcoming episodes swikritiii 11:56 pm i want it in dvd nowww plzzzzz bring it sooon very soon cant wait 1 second toooo plzzz Nikkaboo 10:14 pm Love this Drama Looking forward for more episodes ♥ \m/ :) Youngho 10:01 pm watched the first ep and throwaway plot sucky acting which even child actors can surpass terrible ost and horrific "english" In one sentence : this is a cashcow crap At least in writer kim's secret garden she got ppl who could actually act Here its jus like she threw clueless young ppl with no acting experience together and expect them to hodl up on their own 0.0 disappointing Only the veteran actors here help to save the show a bit but the rest of the cast which are kpop imitations are jus throwaway Nabilah 2:51 pm i love both of thwm lee min ho and park shin hye this drama was daaeeebakkk!!! can't wait for the ending i hope it will be happy ending miona 1:29 pm I'll keep watching coz i'm a huge fan of lee minho and i really reaaallly like all the other casts too they gathered all the ones that i like in this one drama and i'm very happy about that The storyline isnt bad but i do wish it was more vampire diaries or teenwolf rather. Unknown 12:46 am Well the drama was good but in notes they should at least add "Kim Woo-Bin and Kang Ye-Sol" worked together in "School 2013" Listen Up 5:43 pm Ok people Do not listen to anyone who says this drama isn't good This is one of the top drama and sure deserves it It has drama romance action comedy and the cast is PERFECT!! I enjoyed it so much and watch it all the time It's really exciting and amazing!! Really. Gemma Abella 7:27 am A very nice story Relate much! AJ FASIHA 7:00 am i really enjoy this drama it's sweet when see Kim Tan ( Lee Min Ho) kiss Cha Eun-Sang forehead Renaya 5:55 pm Then we refer to Lee Min Ho acting ==> "I think the idea said that "the characters lee-min-ho in this drama was less good " I quite agree with that opinion I think not only his character is wrong but I feel something is also wrong with lee min ho personality We instantly beat Secret's highest rating hahahha Paul 2:10 pm veiwers ratio is rising YAY! keep up the good work everyone! FIGHTING !!! LMH & PSH. Georgina 7:57 am "This is a boring drama I can't believe it is this bad It feels so depressing intrigues after one another Nothing new nothing fresh nothing intelligent NOTHING! I can't believe this is written by top writers in Korea Dang a High Sch kid can come up with storyline like this for peanuts!" TSK TSK TSK This is not for intelligent people like you who keeps on watching a drama they consider boring and depressing It's the 10th episode already don't you had enough? I guess common sense is different from intelligence Kingz 1:43 am I can say that Lee Min Ho is too big for this role as Kim Tan He already played a bigger role in City Hunter and Faith Was really expecting more from him If this drama was shown like 5 years ago or after boys over flowers well that would shaken up the viewers even more I like Woo Bin here it is like a breakthrough for him Still since the drama is star studded it will still be a great deal after all for young viewers Rachel dumanjug navarro 4:46 am hi there ! :) first of all i don't know why i'm giving my comment in this even though i know that this comment won't surely be read but i really love this movie and it is a big help for me you know what ?? it inspired me a lot it gives me a lot of lesson that i have learned :) im a filipino and i love movies especially lee min ho <3 im a big fun :D and i keep watching this movies hope you'll love me too lee min ho :) as your. Avior 10:28 am I had expected heirs to be a classic it didnot live up to my expectations,The cast is great but the writers have dragged the drama to a level where I have simply stopped watching it ren 10:00 am I can't really say this drama is bad but it is not that good either So yah medium I really damn hoping that Eun Sang could actually have some interest in Young Do but I guess it will not happen? duh thats kinda obvious for that it will not happen although I'm dying it to happen XD Lala 8:34 pm WOW!!after secret ended the heirs's rating start to be no.1 drama!!LOL I know this drama entertaining but still the story just like any typical high school love drama BOF for example Well this situation can be told since medical top teen not that entertaining (although that's such a good story but too many conversation especially when they're on operation) Now Bel Ami (pretty boy) this drama also entertaining and fresh I guess you guys should try to. Animos 2:28 am Watching this because of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye although I find their characters not appropriate for them highschoolers I'm so afraid on the later episodes of this drama that Shin Hye will cry a lot The story revolves around her and anticipating the issue of parents against a girl with poor background (common in KDrama) Evon 2:27 am I love this drama the script and dialogue are very well I love PSH at Heartstring drama but I think she is not match with this character in Heirs And they are too old for high school student Maya MBA 6:09 am i love this drama lee min ho & park shin hye u so cute really kang min hyuk and kim woo bin park hyung sik are all so very nice i love u so much all because i see this drama watching 15 times kamsahamindha nandaeka 3:50 am wow I agree with Sie Nopic I watched this because of min ho but fell for woo bin i just love all the characters songs are great minshin saranghae Jr 1:21 am i am SO excited for this kdrama it has lee min ho and park shin hye?! i love this combo so much & lastly min hyuk?! i love him he's my bias! i hope that this k drama is really good and not like other k dramas! fighting!!! yuki 1:21 am Is Min Hyuk's role in love with Shin Hye?? I think I read it somewhere I thought Chan Young is just friends with Eun Sang here Don't want Min Hyuk's role to get hurt here >.< Rf 9:16 pm I like PSH but I hate this drama I think this drama is the worst drama that PSH accepted I like her acting in Your beautiful Flower boy next door Pinocchio and Doctors but For this drama I really hate it !!! The storyline is so boring and too common and predictable Boring drama and. Brooke 12:50 am I love how Kim Tan knows whats best for his mommy so cute Also I predict that Choi Young-Do will end up with Kim Tans hopefully ex-fiance They seem to be similar in their obsession about Eun-Sang's life and hate for their parents marriage It's gunna happen! Bad people turned good! Cambodia 12:45 am That's really good Story Actors are really touch my heart That's really great Thank you for your. Taach 11:33 pm all together different genres people @ 1 lets see what magic it brings! lookin forward to it. :) Patty 10:34 pm I'm so excited for this drama! Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are some of the best actors ever! Can't wait till next month - Love from the U.S;) Saphire 6:01 am Loved it! Loved the chemistry b/w Kim tan and Eng sang Young do cannot end up with eng sang if that happens i will surely vomit blood He can find happiness but not with Eng sang I believe Kim tan and Young do will eventually become friends Eng sang may be a catalyst to it But she has to end up with Kim tan That is the only happy ending i wish to see! bagul 4:14 am deep sigh its getting boring!!!some scenes are nonsensical my boredom strikes Tonyad 4:56 pm Seriously love this series and I've only seen the first episode so far I have been waiting for this show to come out since the previews were shown After watching the first episode I keep wanting to see the second one I love all these actors that are in this drama they're all very great and handsome/beautiful Keep up the good work in filming and can't wait till the next episode will. Nazeela 5:46 am I believe "Song hye kyo" is the BEST choice for the leading actress of "the heirs"!!!! lee min ho himself has admired her in one of his interview!! lee min ho himself would like 2 act opposite him!!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH "Marjan"!!!!! "LEE MIN HO deserves 2 act opposite a TOP NOTCH actress"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best drama 8:06 am I will always remember this drama I will always remember passionate,kind & honest Kim Tan BEST DRAMA EVER LEE MIN HO is the best!! ♥♥Lee Min Ho♥♥ regine 5:29 am best movie ever !!!!!!!!!!!!! Blanca 2:24 am It was a heart touching drama It has lessons that should be learned and apply at present Hope they extend the episodes tll 40 ep Tiffany Nian 8:54 pm I frickin love this drama! Favorite drama yet! Stacy 8:30 pm Why it doesn't have the 15th trailer? Dikshya 6:04 am waiting n waiting to watch this drama due to my lovely lee min ho why on october it should on july My test is coming up so It doesn't matter i m going to watch this drama anyhow love u lee min ho.i m eager to watch this drama hahahahaahahahahahaha karlee 1:46 am ai love this i think this will hit but its really cool if jung yung hwa will be the second lead actor i cant wait to watch this drama series c; Jaci Yeo (@jaciyeo) 12:06 pm The heir's waste of the great cast's talent totally! I couldn't imagine that twenty something and up being high school kids Very predictable plot and storyline Very disappointing drama The actors on the other than are amazing and please use their talents in better drama jin 1:42 pm I didnt watch it because of the negative feedbacks Angela 5:48 pm The Heirs was not a captivating drama I was expecting much more The story line wasn't intriguing This drama was overrated just because of the cast Not impressed alolele 7:31 pm The usual story of rich and poor lover nothing e special in this drama only popular actors Eriii 4:22 am Thumbs up! Clap clap! this drama is so so good! from the start up to the end cant help my self but loved Kim Tan MinShin is <333 cant wait for this drama to be air in my home country! #TheHeirs Andi 4:29 pm I wish they will make another drama as a (Lee min ho and Park shin hye) I love Lee Bona she is so cute Krystal acting is so good! CHOI YOUNG DO!! I LOVE YOOU<3 Pelin 7:29 am i just love this series show it's a great series i enjoyed watching it and i will keep watching it till the last minute i mean who won't !!!!! love heirs + <3 cecilia perez 5:16 am thank you and i love. Cygirl 1:00 pm I personally like Yoon Eun Hee but I think it's not possible at the moment since YEH is also busy per my collective gathering of data from various websites I go for Park Bo Young or Kim Kim So Eun I also like him to be paired to Park Se Young Since this is a ROM-COM PSY is perfect or PBY. :) shin 12:41 pm plz add yoon eun hye ! both of them are great actors they look amazing together im begging you choose eunhye ! plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pocna 11:31 pm Woooo Episode 3 really amazing If was a music that story line was like Flamengo stream Not full scene but full FELLING flow around the SCENE Nice Nini 9:16 pm Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of Ep 3 when LMH is waiting for the. Petra 8:03 am OMG I love this drama so much so in love with Lee Min Ho & Park Shin-Hye thank you for sharing hi5 anf thumps up to the whole team FIGHTING Rinjoo 6:17 am Love Yoon Chan-Young (Kang Min Hyuk) and Choi Young-Do (Kim. Niki 12:34 pm Wow big fan of min still have to admit he's English sucks!!! He has no talent In this thing It really made me laugh it was awful !!! Bella 12:08 pm why are people criticizing this drama i've not watched it yet but it seems most people are unhappy the insults are too much pls Anyway which site can i watch it plsssssss I totally love k-drama FIGHTING 5Star for soojung n minhyuk :)) Paula 8:48 pm I can describe this drama in 4 words this drama is predictable overrated boring and clichéd Not to mention that the chemistry between Lee Min Ho/Kim Tan and Park Shin Hye/Cha Eun-Sang was horrible I couldn't believe that Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang was actually in love with each other The first few episode in California had potential but it went downhill after that I do not understand why this drama is so popular in my opinion this drama is NOT. I really want these 2 to be in this new drama as i heard that the heirs is a teen comedy drama so the actress should be younger than Minho not Older or marriage female please :( i want yoona with Lee min ho <3 i am Minyoon shipper <3 i hope Yoona and minho take a drama together Director please choose Yoona <3 this is my only wish now Lore 2:20 am Yes it should be an unmarried actress/ please !!!!!! The married once are awkward they don't kiss at all/ Faith was great but 1 kiss in 24 Eps thats horror! I hope someone. Rinjo 10:01 am Sure this drama will be insta-hit because they use two of their country's bests and very famous and idolized stars already But without chemistry this drama could fall sorry just sayin ^^ Rinjo 9:42 am Am I the only one here who feels like PSH and LMH don't have a chemistry together??? I'm really an avid fan for both of them and I'm so excited to watch this drama but when I watched the teaser I can't figure them together as lovers just close friends maybe I hope I'm wrong with this and you two give us a blast in watching this drama Surprise me. Kate 11:37 am I watch medical top team drama since I'm a big fan of Choi Min Ho not Lee Min Ho But a bit shocked why a lot of people doesn't like this drama and got bad ratings Park Shin Hye is good actress and Lee Min Ho also good Maybe this story too flat from the synopsis I've read Chaebol and poor girl same like other drama before Lee Min Ho already cast in City Hunter surprise me why he choose to be a school student he looks too old for teenager character Maybe that's also the reason why people change their channel to another drama I love Park Shin Hye and she's not ugly I hope people stop talking bad things about her This is not her fault just the storyline have not interested people Fighting! Lm13 11:15 pm I love it I love it I love it!! I mean honestly what is there not to love?! Great actors a good story line LOTS of DRAMA! My only complaint is that after Thursdays I have to wait a whole week to actually watch another episode! Ahaha! What am I to do Tuesday and Wednesdays once the series ends? Hoping for Season 2! darwina 8:37 pm i want more. Ashley 10:24 pm I only reason why I will watch this is because of lee min ho park shin hye Krystal f(x) the guy from cn blue don't know his name - & some of the people who were in What's Up Hopefully this drama will be awesome Angel 9:33 pm I hope this is not going to be like boys over flowers type BUT super excited still because kang min hyuk will be here as well as kim woo bin!! <3 Tine234 10:22 am Stop Complaining about PSH's Acting ! She is a great Actress ! natural and pretty ! So If you Like BOF then RE WATCHED I'll Repeat RE- WATCHED all the EPISODE of BOYS OVER FLOWERS if you like its Story than Heirs They don't need you anyway they are many Fans than HATERS and as they always says HATERS GONNA BE HATE ! Arraseo !? BTW Good Drama ! <3 I Love it and also the Sound Tracks <3 Cinderrella 1:27 am from the start i really like the story bec the actress & actor are really good in acting especially KIM WOO BIN but suddenly wen i saw the episode 16 so heartbreaking and it makes me cry i think YD AND CHA EUN SANG are best to be a lol they have chemistry than kim tan and we all know its very imposible that tan @ eun sang will be happy wen theres a lot of people opposed w/ their relationship so its better. Eun Jung 11:17 pm I was able to see the first two episodes & really liked them It was fun to hear Lee Min-ho speak in English I've learned a few languages And I know it is hard to learn a new language He does fantastic at it I look forward to seeing more of this drama I hope for the success of this drama Lee Min-ho has done so wonderfully in his other dramas And it is so nice to see him in yet another drama Park Shin-hye is very talented also I wish the best for all those involved in. Doramafan 9:53 am Bit disappointing so far I expected a much more interesting and exciting drama The screenplay is quite boring Lacks emotion The girl could be less depressive and more charismatic It would be much interesting if she was cutter more cheerfull positive and captivating Lacks chemistry between the main though they're both good actors Weel let's wait expecting it to become more interesting within next episodes I really would like to change opinion and update the rating until. Apple 11:09 am Hi i know im asking this again but please im dying to know what make up range woo bin had? so flawless Yongshin 9:11 am The Heirs fighting! Can't wait to watch ep 10 excited to see the ratings for ep 9 & 10 It's getting exciting Woo Bin has a good side of him He protects Eun-Sang because he begins to like her that's why he will not reveal Eun-Sang's true indentity eventhough he knows that she doesn't have a feeling towards him I can't wait to see the changes in Woo Bin's behavior because of Eun-Sang from bad. Jasmine 8:45 am park shin hye is my favorite actress but i think this drama is boring sita 5:27 am Ive watched all park shin hye drama I said this drama ad stairway to heaven drama ismy favpurite shes really talented Jeanica 4:25 am I love this drama! my friend and I always talk about this and we also convince our other friends to watch. Bionette 8:26 pm OMG I love this drama so much I am so excited about the upcoming episodes what can I say? PSH LMH KWB KMH KRYSTAL and the rest of the cast they are all AMAZING!!! Lanny 8:15 pm Is not enoughh for 20 Episodes Ran 7:43 am Always love bo na - chan young moments romantic yet cute April 7:13 am yeah i agree to Hyuna :) it seem like the happy ending is for the main characters only :( i'm in a slight disappointment :( but. Killmeplease 2:21 am only a month left!!! im gonna watch this because of krystal,choi jin hyuk and kang ha neul i think i saw the storyline from somewhere park shin hye is the heir of the poor krystal's first love and ex boyfriend was lee min ho but kang min hyk will heal her broken heart kag min hyuk is park shin hye's bestfriend here as for kang ha neul he's in love with the teacher as well as choi jin hyuk arhhh i just cant wait u should also watch master's sun previously occupied time slot after MASTER'S SUN? THE HEIRS THEN MAN FROM STARS STARRING KIM SOO HYUN AND JON JI HYUN!!!! WHAT A GOOD. Yemisi 2:23 am I love the film so when Ȋ̝̊̅§ season 2 will be out Rhang Rhang 2:08 am I want to shout OMO ther chemistry is SUPERB ilove Kim Tan but ilove Young Do more Eun Sang you are such a lucky girl Lee Bo Na and Yoon CHan Young is such a cute hope they'll end up in real life Kiligness overload DAEBAK drama. :D Skinnydipshit 12:38 pm Great series with strong script Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are great actors My only complaints are the kissing scenes between Kim Tan and Eun Sang For love as strong as theirs the kissing should be less awkward and more convincing faith 9:03 am and kim tan is not weak i love ep 17 i admire by his love for cha eun sang he's willing to give up everything that's the weight of crown he chose love over fame and wealth. :) Lee minho is so AWESOME! Darina 4:44 pm I live near Malibu/LA I would love the opportunity to meet Lee Min ho will there be any meet-up some opportunity to see him? Obviously I don't expect to be on set or anything but meeting him is in my top 10 Bucket list. Jennie 10:52 pm Omg! Lee mhin ho was here in auckland last 15-18 august and saw him very close but sad to say his manger was so mean didn't even want us to take a photo of him helloer! He is a very handsome actor so his manager should accept the fact that lee mhin ho has lots of funs and let his fans have at least a nice photo of him We wake up early just to go to he airport and yet that what he did to us Anyways we still love lee mjin ho and hope to see him next time God Bless and more power Remember without your fans you will not be recognized And can't really wiat to see your. Kirin 9:02 pm IKR this drama has a lot of flaws a lot of unclear event and a lot hazy characters BUT one thing is for sure I will going to miss this drama and the characters and everything Inspite of all the criticism still this drama will be one of my favorite bcoz it bring back the romantic side. Dramalover 10:50 am I only hope lee min ho park shin hye & all actors/actrees could play their roll by happy I never hope they get more pressure than more happy I'll hope excactly this drama reflect to ---> I HEAR YOUR VOICE <---- I never thought I Hear Y'r Voice Would be a Best Drama based on their actor's choice last month But It was happen Them the BEST I hope Eun Sook Writers could consider it Thanks Liz 1:17 pm I am not very fond of the main cast but i love thr writer!!!! Going to be difficult choosing wheather to watch it or not sighhh >.< Nesrin 7:52 am i love this drama sooooo much I am so excited about the upcoming episodes kim tan and eun sang the best ever :* <3 <3 i wish the could stay together till the end and kim tan and young do become friends like before i love you soo much kim tan :**** kim is the hottest so handsome romantic he steal my heart <3 Katie 7:16 am I love this drama so sweet I hope there is a second series!! Lee Min Ho is sex. Amal 4:14 am Great Job Stars and SBS This Drama become popular at so many countries salute The Heirs Fighting !!! evangeline 1:23 am i really really love this drama soo excited for the next episodes  :) Eleesh 1:44 pm (I'm trying to not bother the unimportant comments and critics) I think this drama is kind of cool I love all the actors (not on any actor's side) Yes the story line is quite predictable but at the same time it's interesting and the atmosphere in the drama is totally unique rather than filming in a studio like other dramas I'd wish other dramas were like this I seriously can't wait for the next episode Let's just comment based on the movie not the actors I'd reeeeally appreciate if the movie's rating would go up I'm supporting the drama ALLL THE WAY Loving it! Sorry if i said anything that offended you (etc the people who hate this drama) xx Jenny 8:45 am Super love the series Love all the characters OMG!! Must watch!! intan 8:03 am Can't wait for next episode Where r u cha eun sang? Im sure u still in korea melodiayna 7:04 am the best drama ever i love park shin hye she's a good actress i never miss watching her drama's now im waiting. Cool girl 6:09 pm If I could just smack everyone who said that this show is dumb like ew your dumb but fmoi @passionate___s ;) lana ahmed 2:50 am Ilove so much the heris and park shin hye &lee min ho the best drama 2013 and sweet heart Mersi 10:20 pm The BEST drama ever!!! ^_^ Current user rating: 92/100 (32871 votes) // Helen 10:20 am I am not but i love Dramas i have watched them for years and everytime i become more interested in them i love the heirs and what made it even more spectacular is that both my favorite actor where in it Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Daeback ( ^_^ ) Angel 6:11 am I am so glad that I saw this drama even though I'm not a it so cute and fantastic the fancy of love became real the love team of Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye was. Wut Yee Shwn Laei 11:39 pm i wish son ye jin as his leading lady itsmecoco 11:03 pm Han Ji Min would be the perfect partner for Lee min ho gayu312 10:15 pm pls pls cast goo hye sun their chemistry was awesome in BOF pls cast them together again! Candy 2:14 pm Tan trying to keep her from leaving reminds me of his in role in boys over flowers He's really possessive LadyFreedom 11:34 am I'm starting to loving it It's getting more interesting from Episode 1 to 3 Can't wait for the episode 4 imane daoui 9:33 am i. Then I would say that this drama similar ROYAL FAMILY on story but a little taste Mixed CITY HUNTER cos Lee min he here not be NAUGHTY guy but NICE guy that's my impression ================ hahsjs 2:20 am Good story? Good cast? Hmm Someone hasnt been well exposed to kdrama at all Even medical top team makes more sense lol What i can say is after secret garden writer kim's wwork has jus gone downhill Gentleman's dignity tried to force ppl to laugh in a bad way and the way it was written is jus so unorganic This seems to be a close copy of gentlemana dignity Racquel Reyes 12:02 pm So nice the story but match better if college year not high 'z not good for all character the high school year for his look By the very interesting how Kim tan to fight his feelings and how she protect her mom at all time Hope there one man like Kim Tan in true life Rael 8:10 am Rachelmoi I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee with. Yannyommax 10:32 am top banget & kueren abis dech! jeja 10:19 am Saranghae lee min. Silver 7:35 am this drama is so stupid lee min ho should go to Hollywood and learn how to act his acting is so lame and the drama is annoying very unreasonable gosh!!! oh min hi 10:00 am i really love that drama because i really love to minshin lee min ho is most popular and he is my favourite i think he has strong personality and he has good he is soo cute and handsome and always likes to craking is funny man and he has kind park shin hye is so kind.i. Ellena 12:14 am I have been waiting so LONG 2 hear about lee min ho's new drama!! Even now I have 2 wait long so that it will be aired!! for someone like me who is HASTY and such a hurry is very hard!! I am a person of hasty disposition so it is gonna be hard for me! :'(( WHEN it comes 2 other actors I soon hear they are going 2 act in a new drama BUT as for my BELOVED AND TALENTED lee min ho I wish he would act in 2 dramas in a year but I may have 2 say "Dream on"!!!!!!!!! I really wanna lee min ho 2 be paired with "Han Ji min" "Song Hye kyo" "Han. Crystal 10:38 pm If you're thinking of watching it watch it Don't read the other reviews or let others influence you into not watching it Watch it yourself and decide Personally I LOVE this show It has so much drama and suspense and the characters are great There are so many life lessons about family and love and fighting for yourself People just can't see that and think its about spoiled rich kids seeing reality Well it is but in such an interesting way that you'll be HOOKED Give it a shot This isn't a hit for no reason y'know Marygrace p 11:29 pm perfect match lee min ho and park shin hye especialy in the hiers marygrace p 11:19 pm i love this drama espicialy lee min ho and park shin hye there are perfect match in this tv show this one of my faiborite novela iv'e watch ever <3 ^_^ Verybad 9:12 pm saw the first episode didnt like it at all not gonna watch the rest of the episodes theyre way too old for their characters and i hated how they started with foreigners speaking english i dont understand what is up with s loving english and western features lolol anyway good luck to those who love this drama lolll Rosslyn 7:45 pm HI! nomo nomo chowoyo!!! haha! It's just that Ireally love dramas ! to tell You honestly im freaking out while watching dramas ! Im looking forwaord for more episodes in The Heirs ! :D annyong! Tai 3:49 pm really love this drama taha 2:39 pm i like this movie i was intrestinng when saw the debate of Tan mother with Cha it was really funny thanks Weltmeister 6:03 pm the main is a disappointment too cliche childish stupid and unrealistic fortunately the side character and sub plot save the show cutey doll 10:38 am ALTHOUGH some people find this drama cliche,"The Heirs" has become a MEGA HIT drama you can NEVER imagine! SO this proves how greatly "Word Magician Kim Eun Sook" can make a drama a CRAZE POP CULTURE & PHENOMENON!! Kudos. Pytoonia 12:40 pm How about Lee Jun Ki (Joon Gi) to replace Yung Jong Hwan ? Maybe his schedule would not conflict with drama rehearsal anna 5:07 am i'm sooo excited to see lee min-ho in this drama !!!!!! why the 2nd actor has not been announced yet?? i hope its a real actor and not an artist trying to be an actor anyway i'm excited to know who will act with lmh i like psh tooo. Aisuru Asmaa 9:15 pm i'm just so curious to know RICH people do really live that way ???? luxury life that is for sure but and empty heart and family problems and the lock of communication between parents and their own children !! i just found it hard to believe that a one family can be that much disunited for money all this make me =0 ADORER MA VIE ACTUELLE PLEINE DE Simplicité <3 Gladys 3:28 am i love HEIRS!!! I love lee min ho and park shin hye!!! park shin hye very beautiful and great actress those who are badmouthing park shin hye are just jerk and dumb ass they just waist their time bashing shin hye but those are not effective and very nonsense they are immature if they dont like heirs then they should not. Maharani 5:38 am I love park shin hye very much i'm happy that she'ld be paired with min ho although i'll prefer to jang geuñ suk to be her partner in this drama hehehe but PSH-LMH will be the next new ell can't wit for this drama it must be exiting and be the best drama Go go go ! PS: Hope Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho will playing 2gether in the next drama Tori 12:04 am @amaya27 --> How could Yoo Seung-Ho be in this drama when he just went to do his mandatory 2yrs in the army? (softly weeps) Ea 7:23 am This was one of my first kdrama I've watched so I barely knew anything about this whole kdramaworld First it was quite strange for me (I suppose because I'm a European) but after a few ep when I get used to the style the language and I was able to identify who's who from than it was quite lovely There was a few not that great/bit boring episodes in the middle or near the end and I'd not say that the storyline was too original nothing unexpected happened but even so it was lovely and the drama had some special mood which I can't name but could feel for sure So to sum up it was really great Tralalalalala 3:01 am CHANYOUNGA!!!!!!!!!!!! i just really think of him :p i think the story line will be so good because they (crew) can take the good main cast unfortunately it will be done at December and it takes so long time :|| i hope they will get award and so many attention! gluck ;)) © All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Contact Dee 12:11 pm I'm from the US all I can say is enjoy this drama quit criticizing the writer it's already written the actors are just delivering is way different from boys over flower Can't wait for Kim Woo Bin interaction with Shin Hye This drama is great!!! Not your typical Kdrama Zey 11:53 am Waaaahhh i cannot I really love the story line❤️❤️❤️ I've been waiting for this drama!! Too much feels to all the episodes Great actors and actresses!! Esp my forever husband Lee. Noura 8:47 am I LOOOOVE IT <3 just finished watching ep 8 and i just cant wait for ep9 ;______; like why stop the episode right after they kiss ? :') hfkjshhehefhighgio LOVE IT salma 6:04 am the drama very cool but i hate young do because very hard with eun sang actually i love young do because he always happy if see eun sang but my oppah mnho always in. Young 8:34 pm Totally over rated Nick 8:29 pm Wow Heirs is first now. :) great! Keep fighting guys! Georgina 2:25 am This drama has long been done but whether it's good or bad people can't stop giving their comments This drama is still a big issue? Amazing!! Congratulations Kim Eun-Sook vanessa 8:56 pm the usual plot indeed yet lee min-ho did justice to the character i only expected that all would be well in the near future as depicted in the last episode however kim tan's brother suffered because of his choice choices when done and made must not be regretted Have you watched "Secret Garden"?? Have you noticed how greatly "Ha Ji Won" pulls off the kiss scenes!! The kiss scene on the rooftop between "Kim Nana" & "Lee Yoon Sung" in city hunter is so PASSIONATE & REAL!! Why does Park Shin Hye SPOIL the kiss scenes?Isn't she an actress?? Isn't she supposed 2 do what she is supposed to?? may 12:41 pm Oh my kim tan!I love this drama rose 12:33 pm I love this drama!!!!!my min ho fighting!!! Shin 8:29 am I really like this drama! Especially the story concept and the actors Can't wait for the next episodes! Also with the US scene Hanan Omer 8:26 am The most boring drama I have ever seen Wendy 8:21 am I can't wait for the next episode! Am a Drama addict who lives in England :D Kay 9:40 am Lee Min Ho is a very pretty flower but Kim Hyun Joong is still my #1! Diana 9:03 am This show is good but secret love seems to be so much better!! Idk I love Park Shin Hye I love Ji Sung oppa ! But im honestly hoping for more ratings for Secret love I also hope that Heirs won't be a flop and maintain good ratings possibly towards the last 4 episodes since Secret Love (its competition) ended by then I wish both shows the best. Sh 4:58 am absolutely not the best drama in 2013 if you think the heirs is the best drama youve ever watched try watching the master's sun i hear your voice secret and that winter the wind blows the heirs would be at the bottom place out of those five maybe it's because i'm not really into cliche plot and teen drama eventhough i was so excited about the heirs at first the only thing that kept me going is kim woo bin his acting is brilliant and thats what makes this drama better. Gie 12:41 am PD is clever person& all crew it's doing the 's just ep.3 but i really want to repeat again and ep have some 'new' make me curious what the next even many people said it's copy of i think the story is more complicated and interesting the two of ost really amazing so far all actress/actor doing the best and i have new dooley PSH-LMH and KMH-. Noreen 4:44 am Why are you bashing park shin hye about her acting?!.HELLO!! She is an actress of course she is told what to do and what to act so stop saying that she should be strong cheerful whatsoever !.JUST LIKE AND WATCH.!!.Arasso?! Elnaz 4:24 am I think eun sang's character is more natural this way,being brave or stupid I'm glad that she's not like ters like jandis are not real when I put myself in eun sang's place I think I would do the same.I really hate those characters which are stupid. Mary 7:44 am People still can't get over heirs after 2 years!!!!! We definitely need a season 2!!!!!!!!!With the same cast though <3 me 10:56 pm i like all the episodes and i really like all the actors&actress Kay 1:11 am After watching Jumong,I really fell in love with Korea movies then I moved on to Faith and to The City Hunter only to discover that the best I've yet to see-The WE NEED SEASON TWO here in Nigeria!!! ayesha 12:31 am Hi,this beautiful drama i like BGHVK 1:05 pm I miss the Heirs!!!! I want SEASON 2 with the exact same actors!! :'( Doris 9:40 pm I have no idea why people complaint compare drama/movie even the actors n actress but we need to thank to those people who write produce direct and acting because without them we have nothing to watch so no matter what drama/movie or even actors n actress who act just leave them alone they are doing what they had to do Hina 8:06 pm Just saw the episode Did Krystal got another surgeries? Her eyes weren't double eyelid before and now her eyes are like fake And her face the entire face is really really plastic Jhosie pearl c malicse 5:25 pm I love the director,the cast and all who are part of this program may the lord give all of you more programs like movie teleserye and etc and i hope that it can also watch it here in the and I love Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye!!! and may the Lord God give me a chance to see you all someday after my study Saranghae po guy'z!!! Utami 8:28 am @mika could not agree more with you Fantastics !! Adcc 1:25 pm i really hope this will be a great drama because i don't think that lee min ho and park shin hye have chemistry at all just saying  :/ Nancy 11:28 am OMG can this cast get any better?!?! they're all hotties!! Sarah 2:34 am I Wish to see LEE MIN HO with SONG hye kyo,HAN ji min,HAN ji hye,HAN hae jin,HA ji won,YOON soo kyung and KIM. Ami501 10:06 pm I can't wait for it to come out!! I'm so excited that Krystal from fx is it:D never new that she would be in a drama so soon:)!! And it's such a great thing to see lee min ho and park shin ye together in a drama koukou 5:57 am ooooooooh i think that its a great k drama lee min hoo and park shin hye are a verry good actresses Leny 7:20 am its really nice the twist makes us laugh at the same time cry with anger hahaha drama the best im looking forward for another movie series of lee min ho but over all the heirs is a very very nice movie. :) miona 6:47 am @asianwiki pls delete all my comments Tq Who 12:05 pm is it just me or is it everyone who don't see the chemistry between lee min hoo/kim tan/,park shin hye/eun sung/ Ttop 11:59 am I'm in love with this drama in love with Lee Min Ho ^^~ One of my favorite dramas wanna be The drama's song also good Especially (아랫입술 물고) biting my lower lip sang by Esna 10 star out of 5 star haha <3 Thumbs up! The heirs is just an "okay": drama i expected a lot from it since its predecessor Masters Sun was GREAT and the fact that LMH was the main lead but it was just okay it had a few heart warming moments here and there but it could have been better :( Lena 3:09 am this drama was pretty good i think the very ending could've been a little stronger but the chemistry between kim tan and eun sang is so cute the story of choi young do is really sad though i wished him to be happy but he was heartbroken by the end but this drama was really heartwarming and by the end i was sad to say goodbye to the characters hope they decide to make a season 2! :) Askm 9:10 am @mhylline No one Here Disrespected Other Actresses,There are many top&Respectable actresses But We just Love Our Own Star Park Shin Hye so that She is the Best in Our eyes Or She is Really The Best(God Knows).Anyway Looking Forward To this Drama n i Hope All The Cast Shine n Make A Bright&Great Work mhylline 10:47 pm Who are these people underestimating other actresses skills??We should atleast know the word RESPECT because you weren't the only ones reading/commenting here Swanlake 12:27 am Young-do's new hairstyle on episodes 15 is realyy ahh I'm going crazy Choi Young-do daebakk! Kim Tan too But I like choi young-do more hehe i'm in love with this drama they should make 30 episodes 20 eps is not enough iceprincess 11:52 pm i'm in love with this drama they should make 30 episodes bcs 20 eps is not enough Lia 8:52 am Dawn you're jst bitter move on Clare 8:33 pm Give me I Hear Your Voice Master's Sun Secret and My Love From Another Star over Heris. But whats good about this drama is that it keeps making me continue watching it! so I'm still dying to know the ending so yah claps for that :D and lee bo na's character is just so damn i like it! very interesting Uyen Nguyen 8:49 am My favorite drama of this year I wish the rating will be 30 or 40 in the final Love u Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye snh 7:18 am i hope lee min ho and park shin hye will be. Tattiana 4:25 am Oh Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i loved it from beginning to end it was beautiful the falling in love the drama Kim Tan was sooooooooooooo passionate about that girl my flat mates Sisi and Uyeah made me watch it and i got hooked If i get a chance to travel to Korea i will like to meet you guys I am a big FAN magnusfaith 10:50 pm I really hate the lead actress of this drama She is so fragile and her chemistry between Lee Min Ho is so out of place I hope they chose a stronger and mature lead actress I got bored already around episode 2 Lilly 12:42 am Lol,at some of the long comments here,some of you are getting worked up over a mer is just a drama,if you did not like it then move over to another drama,not telling us not to watch it,as if watching it and not liking it will cause a terminal sickness or something,lol take it to watch the heirs but if i don't like it,i will move on to another one,not all movies,will turn out the way we want it,and becos you hate it does not mean,another person will not. Yongshin 8:26 pm Finished watching Ep 5 last night Wow! It becomes very interesting I can't wait for the next episode My sister & I after watching talk about it She calls me from Dubai just to talk about this drama This drama keeps people get connected and share what they think about it Awesome isn't it? So keep supporting this drama until the you can see the ratings are getting higher Let's aim for 2nd rating! The Heirs Fighting! Khadija Muhammad yabani 9:53 am Though it is not yet out but I know it will be be pretty interesting Know why? Just because it has the best actors I mean Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye kyoko_chan 4:51 pm OMG Lee Min Ho is my favourite actor and Park hin Hye is my favourite actress < !! it's like a dream come true !! fighting !! Malini Gathara 9:36 am i love 'the heirs' because my favorite actor and actress (Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye)wrking together anyway I love. Trefindraza Asia Grasiella 9:33 pm I watched "The Heirs" and I didn't really like it I wanted Yoo Rachel & Choi Young Do be in love I'm Not Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho's fan LeeAnn 9:14 am Daebak!!! I love Lee Min-ho really This drama is one of my favorite Minho showed his emotions well He has a great chemistry with Park Shin-hye Ash 5:19 am i dont know why there so many people dont like kim tan in this drama??????? but they were just an actor and he just following what he been told by the way,he just read the script whats wrong with that????? leen 2:24 am I really love this drama! I need ep 19 I'm dying to know what will happen next! Great actors/actresses gotta say my fav is Lee Bo Na (krystal) she's beautiful and so cute with Chan Young they make me laugh so much specially Lee bo na and her jealousy Lol I just hate how Eun sang is always leaving cute Kim Tan♥ but I love everything. Heirslovr 9:15 pm waiting for episodes 9 & 10 to come out is like waiting for school to be over It goes soooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow georgina 8:56 pm To khaye 11111 I think you're the one who's boring and so is you're life because you took time to write this nonsense?! And please check you're spelling and grammar If you're going to rant please do it properly so that you won't waste the space here for others to rant thrash or bash this drama to their full satisfaction Meanwhile me is enjoying this drama It's entertaining Francesca Lco 6:26 pm I just finished to watch episode 8 Omo i can't wait for episode 9! i wonder when the episode will be available to watch i hope soon! I'm so happy they kissed!! I like the drama so far i liked it from the first episode Min ho is so hot!! Shin hye is my favorite actress so i'm happy to see her in this drama xheneta 3:34 pm Hi i live in swizerland and im waiting of ep 9 i love this drama i looked at a lot dramas but this is defently the best one the roles really match the actors and i hope the others gonna like it to LMH and PSH are my faforite actors Mel 9:56 pm The best kdrama I have watched so far I watched it maybe 20 times since 2013 made me cry everytime Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye look so good together I was really hoping that they would date in real life I love the story and all the casts did their roles excellent specially Park Shin Hye can emote very well Kim Woo Bin is excellent as character actor Vincent 9:36 am OMO! I really can't wait for this drama: am too excited It compromise the hottest star actors and actress and also my best actor Lee Min Ho♥ is in it I'm a very big fan of LEE MIN HO♥ I ain't taking any grudge on Shin hye but the only thing I think she needs to mend in her acting mood is he '"terrible kissing scene" But not withstanding,she is working now with the best actor and who knows how to kiss the most(lee min ho♥) 'lols' I know he will make her change I really can't wait for this drama saranghaeyo LEE MIN. Zoya xoxo101 1:14 pm The Heirs is an extra ordinary love story different from al da typical dramas aired these days i am looking forward to release of more unique and epic love stories like this one Lee Minho! Saranghae <3 Kimtan's wife 9:15 am how do I move on from kim-tan?he is so extra ordinary <3<3 G-Ann Mae 10:14 am I really do hope there's a good ending to this show Unlike the ending to "marry him if you dare" I'm having bittersweet feelings bout this show ending Huhuhu I just love this show so much! Nish 9:37 am when it first started i said wtf 2 months thaaat's too long but know that i realise that there only one week left till the last episode my. Nisa 2:42 am OMGOMGOMG Lee Minho Kim Woobin Choi Jinhyuk!! Are you kidding?! Can't wait to watch this drama!! XDDD Dianne 11:55 pm Really looking forward for this drama I am a big fan of LMH He is such a great actor Really hope that drama has a very interesting story line with a lots of romances So sorry to hear that Yong Hwa is not going to be in this drama but at the same time I felt so relieve since I am his fan also I don't want to see him as enemy with my. Watever 9:37 pm @xiomaral can you define pretty? others actresses are damn rich ladies of course they need resemble their status with elegant appearance and of course need to be more beautiful the lead actress act as a poor girl it must be weird for her to be appealing compared to all rich ladies how come u judge this 4-episode drama as the. Jaen 9:22 am It comes out the day before my Birthday! woo hooooooo can't waittttt taengiffy 7:43 am The ending and plot is pretty predictable Well Anything to see my krystal on screen ^_^ tralalala 1:00 pm ''it's okay baby!"' XDDDDDD I believe we just have different taste of what type of drama we like But for me and more than 25% s (based on the ranking rate) and more than 5 million Chinese (who became PSH fans) and many more of Arab fans (she is no 4 in Arab land after Kim Myun So Lee Min Ho forgot no 3) PSH is the best and the Heirs is one of kdramas that people are still talking about whether pros or cons looking at the number of comments on this page any other dramas that has so many comments beside the Heirs? Perhaps if there are more comments piling up can reach 3000 the producer of the Heirs SBS and the writers might think about making the Heirs. Mimi 9:57 pm To @Michiellise in episode 8 there are two songs Moment by Chang Min (2AM) and Bite my lower lip by Esna The two other songs in the drama are Love is and I'm saying That's all I know OmG I cant wait 5 the next epsiodes x_x buskamaska 9:16 pm does anybody else wonder how episode 20 is going to be about or end It's really bugging me Licorice 11:49 am Hate this drama thanks to PSH If not for Kim Jiwon l would never even look at this Skipped through all the scenes only watched Rachel's Really love her with Hyo-shin These two are cute in being push-and-pull was hoping they could get better ending but goms 7:08 am Nice characters are nice acting Rita 1:30 pm Utami i recommended you for watch Secret Garden and Cheese in the trap Both drama has good soundtrack and good looking cast Utami 7:47 am The Heirs was the first Kdrama I watched in Dec 2015 and I started falling in love with Kdrama since then I was mocking my niece as she was crazy about KPops and everything about it but I've got the Karma now I can's stop watching Kdramas and K movies Never missed a day without it If let's say I watched another Kdrama to start with (not The Heirs) perhaps I would not find myself browsing K Stars everyday As long as i watch first episode I'm really curious I also almost was cried when Cha Eun sang read her Mother Note episode 1 value = 80 Ally 7:05 am The drama is sooo awesome It will get better and better,you know I have that felling Plot is interasting,so hooooot actors. :D awesoME! 6:59 am SHUT UP guyz if you didn't enjoy then f*** off stop your bigmouth with all those criticism what did you expect to happen in ep 1.!! sheez grow up the show is just starting totally love. Riza 5:02 am I like the actors and actrees also their act performance even tough the plot just ordinary So that's why I like this drama However. Sambab 8:07 am I really hope park min young or kim hee seon will be the lead actress Sranghae Lee Min Ho oppa Slimtuns 8:05 am I really hope park min young or kim hee seon will be the lead actress sinea 8:04 am I hope Yoon Eun Hye is better Hera the fanatic 8:04 am the drama i will never forget,it can be compared to hollywood film,the director,producer,please make another drama where lee min ho and park shin hye are the stars,people in different countries will love and like it,any drama as long that Lee Min Ho and Park shin Hye are very good tandem and the best chemistry in the whole wide world,im looking for their next team up,i have a good story for them,i can share what's in my mind to have a very good. Geneva Ashdene 9:03 pm The almond grove scene in Ep 3 is so sad Yes The kind gentle and well-behaved 17-year old has everything but actually nothing He’s an outcast banished in an empty house Lee Min Ho says it all through his eyes You can see the sorrow the loneliness and the helplessness in his heart through those eyes Is that why Kim Tan wouldn’t let go of Eun Sang? Kim Tan found a ragged doll on the street and brought it home for keeps? Because he felt they were alike? Unwanted and lost? Yes I know that empty feeling Lee Min Ho made Kim Tan a sweet person Kricketsc80 11:23 am Why does this remind me of a little bit of a version of Gossip Girl? I guess that is why I'm liking it so much it is a hot mess in some areas for Kdrama but it is interesting I'm only at episode 5 right now so I can't give my full review on what I think but not bad kuo yeong wei 1:54 am Nice film! But it´s a shame it has so many stupid and ridiculous concepts and behaviors; out of logical sense even for Asia or people!!! If don´t believe me try to check the film from episodes 8 for example! Nehaa 12:09 pm omg Lee Min ho and Park Shin hye my two favorite actors!! I hope this show turns out as good as it looks!! Lee Min ho <333 and Park Shin Hye fighting! =) Nehaa 12:01 pm OMG!! My two favorite actors! Lee Min ho and Park Shin Hye are the main characters in one show!! It's like my wish has been granted!! October 9th has to come quicker!! Rainy 10:13 am ♥TanSang ♥ TanSang is the MOST UNFORGETTABLE K-drama !! :) I have watched a lot of dramas,"The Heirs" has TOUCHED my heart & I find the character of Kim Tan a passionate & ideal man! > < UNLIKE other heroes of OTHER k-drama,Kim Tan is so open about his love & doesn't annoy viewers with doubt,hesitation & jerk behavior!! THAT is WHY this drama is WILDLY popular!! Lee Min Ho has POSSESSED "Kim Tan" character with his brilliant acting & unique looks! ^ ^ I wish I would find my Kim Tan-esque boy friend!! ^ ^ Unknown 11:44 pm Well this is RUDE of me but I must say it anyways Sorry to those that loves/likes the drama Just from reading the plot and watching the trailer it lost my interest right away afterwards Of course you shouldn't do that without actually WATCHING it However I'm that type of person on rare occasions Anyways sorry again to those that are enjoying this drama So don't mind what I say and keep scrolling somewhere else Think of my comment as a cockroach getting step on <,< Sandy 3:08 pm I have seen so many negative comments I seen this drama this year drama is not a piece of trash This drama is PIECE OF just about Lee Min Ho's role and Park Shin-Hye's there is so many dramas of Wealthy guy loving Poor drama shows more important of What a wealthy guy should about that quote on quote is more important in this drama.I wouldn't say this drama is boring or time is something of what a Love means If still people who saying its bad let's talk about it My Facebook ID is ' @ '.I want to why this. Katy 3:55 pm I'm missing so much this drama It was very very drama for me was the best in the last year now I'm listening to OSTof the Heirs and I remember about it.O my God I want so much to this drama a part two I'm missing the actors they acted sooo well that it seemed so the story was incredible the harmony between Lee MinHo and Park ShinHye the friendship between LeeMinHo and Kim WooBin I don't have the words If you didn't see this drama yet hurry up and see will not regret,I assure you! Nya :3 2:23 am I just finished watching ep 2 ep 1? already started yesterday!!! ep 3?? can't wait for it it's a pity they only airs on Wed-Thurs  :'( the drama's amazing a plot of a successful chaebol's heir and a poor commoner's romance (as always) Cliche? well it's a feast for the eyes of us young viewers!!! RECOMMENDED!!! (if ur romantic enough kekeekekeee >_< ) love LMH and PSH _< good!!! LMH PSH and KMH fighting!!!! Rhuan 2:42 am I really love their tandem Am dying to watch this and always looking forward for the new episodes Good. 29 M/cloudy Tokyo (11 p.m.) Markets ¥/$ (5 p.m.) Scurh 12:36 pm I want a new girl to be the lead actress! Maybe that girl Yoon Eun Hye will do! Please let it be her! She's pretty and I'd like to see how they act together! Hoping its her! Or that lead actress in Iris forgot her name! The one dating. Sarah 11:59 am OMG this drama series is so good ! And only 20 episodes I'm gonna cry miss laila 11:38 am Park Shin Hye looks so beautiful at the end of ep 18 Thank God the make up artist did not overdone her like Geum Jandi in BOF I still remember the first time Jandi get to dress up prettily at Han Chae Young party she turned out pretty but not classy what's with the curly bobbed hair and the fury coat I blamed the costume staff of course since Goo Hye Sun is a beautiful actress I like how Park Shin Hye still looked simple and beautiful naturally Kay 3:42 pm @neera Bel Ami----such a joke but worthy of JGS This role was made for him because in HIS mind he is the most beautiful man in the world He is a self promoting man in a child's body Who ever said he could act! Give me Ji Sung. Familiar 12:04 pm Why is it that psh is the only young female cast in this drama Lidia 9:43 am When this film comes out i will be so waiting on this that ill no care about anything else but mmy Beautiful MinHo I love his work and Park ShinHye woho omy october 9 get here Now :)!! Raha 2:24 am Lee min ho and park shin hye? Best actor and best actress This Drama. Best 9:58 am TanSang Do I Like YOu.I Miss Watching Heirs youn 9:50 am Done with watching the heirs,i loved it ilh 9:41 am Love heirs so much,all about been young and inlove Kirin 10:39 pm I HATE the fact that I need to wait until Thursday just to watch the next episode of The Heirs 4 more days seems to be 4 days of suffering Hoping for a great ending EGGCITED!!! Andrea 10:34 pm I wish there's more than 20 episodes! I really love this series gh 10:01 pm Cant wait to see the upcoming episodes it makes me feel really good a love so true kim tan keep up the good work in protecting eun sang let her feel true love despite of your differences choi young do stop pestering eun sang get out of. Ariyana 10:34 am I don't like Park Shin Hye's acting & face I'm disappointed by her role & acting in this drama! :( After I finished watching "Faith",I was looking forward 2 Min-Ho oppa's next drama & was so excited to know who will be the lead I got that Park Shin Hye had been chosen,I got so sad & disappointed! I wasn't impressed by her acting in "the heirs"! she leaves MUCH 2 be desired Now I'm looking forward 2 the action-noir movie "Gangnam Blues" in which oppa has been cast I SORELY MISS Min-Ho oppa in dramaland & I cannot wait! I don't know if I can be hopeful about his leading lady of his future drama!! P.s to those that say that The Heirs is awful whatever and whatever and that only people around the age of the characters find it enjoyable think again! I'm sure people of all ages enjoy it Maybe not you but someone else in the world Sorry if I have offended anyone with my post. :) The Heirs hwaiting! 11:21 pm this drama wasn't so good as the story was very very familiar the only thing that made me keep watching this drama was min ho :( Hadia sohail 11:47 am I liked the drama and enjoyed very much specially lee min ho's acting Cw 7:18 pm Ok I made it to EPISODE 8 and I still can't help it this drama leaves me a bit dry I love the entertainment industry I love the cast but I am having trouble caring about these characters at all So I've stopped watching HOWEVER my mum is actually still into it and is starting to like it So I figure I may be too cynical All the Best~ AsiandramaKJC 5:53 pm In my honest opinion the heirs is the most overrated drama because in the reality the heirs is the worst drama in all history of k-dramas Kv 11:46 pm Hello The leading actress Park Shine Hye is very GOOD!!! LMH & PSH are best together LMH+PSH fighting always love you two Eghonghon 7:09 pm It was just too predictable really the chemistry wasn't strong but it was nice to watch but I think it's time to change the storyline so people don't get. Julie 2:23 pm So excited and looking forward to this drama which have my favorite actors and actresses! Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye fighting! :) Love these two so much! <3 oriin_nishimura 9:15 pm Again Yonhwa worked with Shin-hye so interesting The most interesting stuff if something happened soon Kim Tan AkA Min Ho Oppa can wait for ur acting!aja aja! I choose Shin-Hye for sure Shin-hye is. Exoooo12 4:16 pm am i the only one who doesn't want krystal in this drama? up with all those great actors and actresses she shoul've went for a smaller production instead Aicha Aoichan 12:48 pm I think only m who is not so excited for this Drama however i'll give this Dramaa chance seem'sto me not that great but we will see I want to watch this Drama for both Kang Ha-Neul Lela6130 12:20 pm haha her mom wearing her his mom wearing her socks both kim tan and eun sang dumbfounded lela6130 11:52 am this drama are getting much more interesting as i watched it i love how kim tan are being protective over eun sang it's more funny to see both of their mother together Kayla 8:51 pm Lee Min Ho's role here is so similar to his role as Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Before Flowers Stanley 7:25 pm Anyone know where I can find out where their filming sites are? I live in LA and i wanna go see them film haha Melissa 7:15 pm I'm so excited Because there are so many flower boys!!! I can't wait anymore I want to see this. Simplysweet1023 5:25 pm Even though only 2 episode has aired I am LOVING this drama!!! There is a different feel to this drama compare to what's been airing lately I actually find the two leads (LMH & PSH) a beautiful pairing! The way Tan looks at Eun Sang makes my heart melt hehe Like someone had commented THANK GOODNESS its PSH an actress that is playing the lead and not an idol Not that I do not like idols acting because I do but I felt like PSH is the right actress to play Eun Sang The way she portray her character is really good so far She had me bawling my eyes out on a few parts in Episode 1 Anyways Can't wait for the next episode! Heir's,Fighting! =D Mia 12:32 am it's dec n upcoming awards time they have yet to announce it but this was recent voting poll bona n chanyoung was voted as favorite secondary heirs was voted as most populated most disappointing drama choi jin hyuk was for most wasted talent tan n young do was voted as best frenemies Lololol 11:52 pm It's the same story plot but to be honest I STILL LOVE IT All the actors are great but I think they need to work more in Tan and Eun Sang's kissing scenes Lol but really this show is good cliché but still undeniably good Cynthia 12:47 pm I don't understand why people think this drama is racist! Well it took place is some of the slum parts of California duh?! And Park Shin-Hye is VERY pretty! It's just for this drama she is supposed to be depicted as a poor person thats why she looks like this BTW she looks pretty naturally in this drama too!!! I think because its only 2 episodes we haven't seen much of their actions yet but i can tell Minho and Shin-hye's chemistry is going to be great!! People should stop judging and understand Key 7:03 pm I think the writer hated the female lead and wanted her to be so miserable She succeed made Park Shin Hye weren't shining at all if we compared to her role in Pinocchio So did Lee Min Ho he was little bit boring here Also this drama made Kim Wo Bin more handsome than Lee Min Ho I like both PSH and LMH but in this drama I must say that I like KWB Kang Ha Neul Min Hyuk Choi Jin Hyuk and other female cast better then the leads I always adore Kim Eun Sook's Work but this one is not her best Thanks to supporting casts whom made this drama worth. I mean this drama was full of life lessons! Even Kang Ye Sol: Learn forgiveness! It was just amazing ! All the scenes all the dialogues Humour in a good amount and enough drama to get you to feel how characters feel From the first episode I felt like I knew everyone so well! There weren't heroes and villains There were just people all misunderstood who needed to be loved I wish there was a season 2 so that we knew if Kim Tan's birthday wish came true and if the heirs ended up all happy I would definitely. Nina 8:55 pm Heirs!!!!!!!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!! :'''''''( I miss this cast so much!!! </3 Muna 3:28 am This drama wasn't bad I enjoyed it There were certain things that did make me cringe a bit though Like the blonde American friend at the beginning he was just weird But apart from some awkward parts in the US I think it was good afterwards Jsmh 12:21 pm this drama is too predictable Rich and poor ended up tgt and what's new the rich parents object/disagree LOL moreover they are only 17-18 yo students not like gg into marriage hmmmm I can hear your voice and master sun drama was way better No offence but I felt it was like a bimbo show thou I like lee minho and park shinhye 2:21 am this drama wasn't good at all the story was familiar as there was no unexpected move at all anyway the only reason that made me keep watching this was min ho and shin hye :( I just like to. Jennifer 4:27 am im a bit dissapointed that jung yong hwa dropped out but still looking forward and cant wait to see this drama jeannie 3:21 am I would want yoon eun hye to play this role instead park shin hye They are similar and yoon eun hye is better i think cant wait to see Kim woo bin ! I love krystal too <3 Lurker 8:18 am For those ragging on this drama series ep.4 is epic and it's where the story really begins I think everybody is going to go crazy over this niki 6:54 am you know whats funny?that all the other actors or actresses have way better English accent than lee min hoo who is suppose to sound like a native! Verayunita34 11:34 am This drama so interesting i love this so muchhh This story simple and every scene so much surprise for onlooker hehe so sweet Kim Tan so handsome also Choi Young Do Cha Eun Sang is lucky girl between two handsome boy lovedramas 11:25 am I love The heirs and i also pretty man Both drama are my fav drama for the time being I dont understand why the rating is very very different between these two drama both drama are excelent! !:-) great actors lmh jgs and kwb. :-) great actris psh and iu Love them all (y) Monica 7:42 am I was so excited to watch this but i couldnt help myself but cringe and skip parts of it because it was too awkward!! LMH's english was quite bad but bearable though his character was supposedly fluent in english his conversations with his american friends are just awkward everything was too exagerated! everything was so bad except for PSH raisan 7:34 am Wooow Why more people be skiller to judge this drama even still the first episode ( like great itchi people words) Jackie 7:24 am Who doesn't like this drama?!what the fudge stop posting bad comments to think you put an effort in posting comments here that could mean you watched it because you're curious,and you're curious becauses it's so damn one hot drama of the year! to all the heirs lovers fighting! Stephanie 3:30 pm This is probably one of my favorite Dramas I keep watching it over and over again because its literally so addicting haha jackie 10:09 am @Dawn you said this drama "sucks"? I think you should consult a doctor for a checkup cn't you see how awesome lmh is ? his acting and appearance ROCKS! this drama rocks! not "sucks" whoever says it sucks the 'word' best describes the HATERS Kueb 5:05 pm Ooo i want ep 5 i think i am dying becouse i musst waot antil next week yrrah 3:56 pm i really really love it Lee min ho and park shin hye look good together i like to listen oppa speaking english he started to get jealous i'm so excited to watch episode 4 So the conclusion is the ratings for the lee min ho dramas who played including (Heirs) in general could not be represented by a rating that is made in korea state but must be represented by a rating from all over the world beside that this drama does not aired simultaneously in several countries where many of their fans life It should also be noted that the dramas lee min ho whom played maybe in korea ratings are not high but outside abroad his drama rating usually the highest one so lee min ho not actor anymore but world actor speciality in drama type Thanks Lilly 4:18 am @Honey Its a samsung note 3 Honey 3:55 am What cellphone do they use in this drama? Is it just the cases that made it look different? Anyone know please? Yes 3:14 am Park shin hye lee min ho Kim woo bin perfect combination Hope they can work again in future This drama is not enough for me Want more!!!!!!!! This three are the best partner G31290 1:07 am I dont like Eun sang's character She could have been a brave girl I liked jandi's character in BOF though both have same attitude of not interested in love jandi was very brave and bolder than eun sang jandi faced lot of problems from the witch ha jae etc but she was bold but eunsang is not bold and she cries always and that makes the drama boring I hope the ratings improve Lee min Ho does not shine in this drama something is off his aura is off he is trying so hard to play an 18 year old I hope this is his last HS - of course the ratings will be decent because of Lee Min Ho niki 12:59 pm lee min ho's character is starting to bother why doesn't he have any self respect begging his brother and their maid's daughter to love her like that it's like he has no personality or pride it's really annoying he sound like a puppy it's not attractive at. Sorour 2:10 pm I just want to say thanks to everybody especially Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye! Fighting!!!!!! Danettesky 11:23 am I just want to share a grain of thought after reading all the comments here There are lots of people who cannot separate the LMH the actor from Kim Tan the on the drama the same with PSH and Eun Sang First of all no matter what other people say I Love this drama I don't need to fight or argue with anyone Twitlilsis 9:35 pm can't wait Young Do have opportunity to kiss Eun sang hahaha is would be flat like kimtan did or better :))))))) Christy 9:28 pm Lee Min Ho I love you!! Please continue on making romance drama! Cannot wait to purchase the whole series When will it be released. Lia 2:38 pm haha yah ryt i agree with lela6130 I hate bashers too You won't also like if someone is bashing your fave drama especialy if you are hooked with all the bashers if you're a fan post your comments if you're not then stop posting your comments it's not really nice unless you' re a. Bia 5:03 am I don't know why people loved this drama so much when it was so boring Is it really true that a drama gets more views just because it has famous actors in it? Because it's the same here I agree that the acting performed by every actor in this series was brilliant But the storyline was so boring as hell Just because there's LMH in this drama it doesn't mean that the drama is the best too It was very difficult for me to finish it The chemistry btw the leads was very unnatural and dull The story was messed up I'd give this drama a rating of 6/10 No offense Fighting! Cilla cecret 3:14 am why jung yung hwa not play as hero in "the heirs" drama ?? lot of my friend also asking about this but actually its okay,because park shin seems cool in this drama I hope another drama that combine park shin hye and jung yung hwa again gumawo and wanja daebakkk fighting heheheh! yoonseul 10:40 pm park shin-hye's name in this drama "cha eun-sang" reminds me of TTBY "cha eun-gyul" drama has kim woo-bin kang ha-neul & kim ji-won as well! TTBY memories lol Stacey 7:58 am I don't understand why everyone seems to love this drama so much I honestly wasn't a huge fan Half the characters were way too unlikeable for me to have any sympathy for them at all and all the characters took themselves way too seriously Plus the plot was thin and rather unbelievable without having the virtue of being purposefully silly like Boys Over Flowers If you're a Lee Min Ho or Park Shin Hye fan it's worth a watch for that purpose alone but there are much better high school dramas out there if that's what you're looking for In fact if you're watching it for Lee Min Ho watch City Hunter of Personal Taste instead Sophia14 12:52 pm Well I'm gonna start off by saying im obsessed with this drama!! And I'm gonna be very sad on Decem :( I hope they make a season two even when we didn't get to the last episode yet lol Because I get extremely attached to the characters and the story behind it and i'm not gonna wanna watch another drama for a while because of my attachments to this one I usually get over it in like a month though lol So I guess in 2014 I'll be searching for another one or maybe just watch it all over again >.< Audrey Choi 10:05 pm I watched The Heirs for the second time around!!!! I love this drama not just because of Kim Tan and Choi Young Do but the lessons behind it Love wins chicas!!!!! ?? Kelcy Davis 7:03 pm Really loved the drama so much?? saranghaeoppa 3:10 pm i loooooove. Jewel 9:37 pm can we just enjoy this drama? weeewww ^__^ as I watched this I didnt think anything regarding what we called racism ? stereotypes? or what so ever caused for me whatever races we are we should be fair enough after all we are all humans just living in one world all i know i just love this dram simple and lovable <3 <3 <3 Rebelyn 7:11 pm The episodes 16 is amazing and I love the kissing scene I hope there will be heirs part 2 Ohhh it too long to wait another week for the next episodes ilove you guys youre great Ivory Aquino 7:06 pm Totally one of the best drama :) More team up for Lee Min Ho ans Park Shin Hye All of the characters was potrayed very well Hope it will be extended :) Sheba 5:37 am I watch this drama because of Lee min ho it was the only reason to watch it I really don't like the pair of park shin hy and lee min ho They done good work but they didn't work for me as a good I wish instead of park shinhye there should be ku hye sun or Suzy bae but the story was amazing and as I m a American I am so lucky that it has some English ??????? tipandroid 4:11 am I've been watching drama the heirs early in 2014 with my friend now it's over 4 years so I really kinda miss. Bionette 5:21 am LOL the comments here had me laughing early this morning Jamie OMG thanks it makes me crazy curious what the heck made you write all that? I mean what triggered all that animosity still I respect your opinion thanks for sharing truth is we can write whatever we want so whatever and Fortune Cookie so cute I enjoyed your comment as well NOW back to my awesome THE HEIRS can't wait till Wed I love this KD so much it is getting addictive well bye for now have a great day everyone!! Iammee 11:17 pm Another great drama to look forward to So happy to see Lee Min Ho again It's nice to see him being paired with Park Shin Ye I will look forward to seeing him being paired with other beautiful and charming actresses but definitely a big NO to YOONA If ever that happens I am sure for the first time I will skip watching. I don't know 12:06 am I love this drama can't wait on the next episode waiting !! [0__0] msherfi 10:30 pm I admire Park Shin Hye beauty,because it's original Some haters watch this drama with guilty pleasure even some are hypocritized tommy 10:20 pm Netherlands 9:20 am both guys chasing shin hye is so lame why cant it be minho loves shin hye but shin hye loves yonghwa but then yonghwa loves minho? it can be comedy or serious romance drama lara 7:44 am why cast yong hwa anyway? he doesn't even know how to act i'm not against an acting-dol but they should have casted someone who really is an actor as profession not an idol who acts -_- 10 End of episode 16 which gives the suffering and dilemma for the audience to wait for next week cried TT 11 Bo-Na & Chan Young Waht happen next could do you think ehat heppen to tehm next All over I think will fortunate for me or other fans if this drama added number of episode be 24 or more maybe daebaak angel 9:47 am i want more then 30 if possible and it will end up a big wedding ceremony all in all this drama is the best from trailer to actual episodes so goo full of excitement that even my tears. With that familysituation they would not have a happy ending I actually wouldn't mind if the writers are going to develop that Tan ultimately goes after the family fortune and won't give it up for ES that he knew this all along Lets face it Tan's character would be better if we were bad like this It would make more sense to me as I believe Tan's brother is just facing the reality of the situation and YD is trying his best to protect ES from getting hurt If that isn't the twist after all this slow dramatic Tan/ES scenes which lack substance and chemistry then I will be more disappointed in the drama Would love to see Tan strong fighting having to be somewhat bad and ES realizing it is YD that truly loves her and they can search for his mother Also the Kim Won/teacher/pupil love triangle is much more interesting than the main leads love triangle maybe they will be giving more screen time. Myjudge 7:51 pm Now I understand why many peolpe judge that thay dont like the first early episode even still 1 episode Why? ==>> Because THEY HAVE NOT even watched this drama <<== but because they do not like on some players here finally easily rate it bad Funny please watch first then judge then it was fair seriously I feel the story is much deeper and heavier than a lee min drama before and much much deeper than park shin hye before So Please Watch before you judge. Micheal 12:11 pm Can I know what is the brand of the bag pack used by Alex min ho in second episode? Nara 11:48 am Like my prediction This drama is going to get very-very large pressure Because it is filled by many -stars are shining now As a result even though the actual story plot scenenya in fact was interesting-entertaining but still have many criticized Criticized most bizarre something like American culture culture & so on Whereas that all is actually a part of this drama FUNNY Enough Although city hunter got rating position on 1 too but the highest value rating only reached 20% and the average rating value is only 16% (This is the proof) But the fact is despite the drama rating is not high enough but perhaps the greatest actor fans today especially outside of korea was lee min ho and almost all of the drama he played certainly many who watch Nikki: whoo woowoo Do not carry the name hyun bin he will not be replaced for a decade he has a drama my lovely kim sam soon with the highest rating in the history of drama with the rating value reaches 50% with an average of 39% d with the drama queen seon Deuk But of course in most fans because that was his country but here is the percentage of the number of people you can try to count how many millions the number of people if you compare the number of people china Rivanha 10:36 am Nice start for the beginning I like it but it turns bad at the end I dont know why the ending should be like that not as good as i expected at the end i just dissappointed and hope that i didnt wasting my time to watch this I wonder why a great drama at the beginning turn into bad drama at the ending Still love lee minho Although i still think that lee minho n park shin hye didnt work Cannot get the chemistry It was like seeing yoon eun hye and jung yonghwa in marry him if you dare they dont fit together park shin hye looks better with yonghwa their chemistry are the best Anyone know new drama with great ending?some drama that i watch lately always have bad ending Fatimah Pampa 9:56 pm This movie is very addicting <3 Love It <3 MinShin is the best 8:13 am Lee Min Ho ♥♥ Park Shin Hye MinShin is FOREVER THE BEST !! I love to see Shin Hye becoming Min Ho's leading lady AGAIN in a movie or drama!! > < For Min Ho's next movies or dramas,It is hard for me to see him with other actresses BECAUSE MinShin has left a very STRONG impression on me & I love Min Ho with Shin. Lee Min Ho oppa's face book has now REACHED 12 million likes His weibo followers from 8 million has reached 20 MILLION FOLLOWERS!! "The Heirs" has been watched in Chinese webs 12 billion times! Lee Min Ho is THE FIRST south celebrity who was invited 2 Chinese Lunar New Year TV program "CCTV New Year's Gala" on Janu STILL there are "Kim Tan" parodies in different variety shows! "The Heirs" has been sold to Japan with the HIGHEST AMOUNT among 2013 K-dramas! This drama is so popular that the Chinese version of it will be directed soon Lee Min Ho oppa won "Best Asian Actor Award" for his role in the drama He also won 5 important awards in SBS 2013 awards Krystal Lee 6:54 pm I miss This Drama :'( Kimtan Oppa ! Mz J blaze 5:55 pm I so much love d movie nd I love every actor nd actress in the movi,keep ot up Lee min ho and also park shin hye,u guys re the best heirsfans 2:32 pm I love this drama he's the best I ever seen with 49 days I love lee min-ho and park shin hye they have chemistry and I hope they will shoot an other drama like. May 10:46 pm love Choi Jin-Hyuk liza 10:23 pm Bravo Choi Jin-Hyuk Finaly there is someone can compare with Lee Min-Ho Watching this drama not just to waiting Min-Ho but also for Jin-Hyuk I will be sad if this drama will get "the best" award this year (because of the strong cast) instead of The Master's Sun or The Secret they were so much better in the storyline and in the actor's performances too shanshan 5:20 pm I stopped watching this drama because the plot is too plain and it bores me really Reply1994 deserves a higher rating. Yang Yojung 6:09 pm I like Kang Minhyuk and Krystal here They're such a cute lol loveheirs 4:56 pm kim tan haters are mad !! like MAD if u guys where true minoz then u wouldn't have hated him or his characters !! so shut up AND GET. Divina 6:39 am this is a nice drama very entertaining love the main casts but really this kim woo bin is a scene stealer his expression acting wise is superb wisa 3:34 am Like others I'm only watching this for the top studded cast The storyline is a little bit predictable and somewhat boring I love lee min ho and park shin hye but come on that can't be the only reason why I should watch this show Well I'll bit my tongue and still keep watching Bet 2:50 am Love this drama,enjoyed every part of it!!the cast were beautiful! vin 2:42 am Just done with the drama,and i loved it!!!!lee min ho,fantastic,park shin hye,beautiful,kim woo bin charming,and the rest so happy the drama is popular and very successful and the actors and actresses are getting a lot more fame and work!!way. Jin 4:59 am I love this drama!!kim tan and eun sang fighting Diana 7:44 am Love this drama !!!! Gonna be so sad when I'm not having something to look forward every week gonna miss KimTan&EunSang Chanyoung&BoNa they were the sweetest s in this drama :( <3 Kay 7:23 am Egad what a completely bogus ending--not to mention the nonsense in between Flower boys sell A project doesn't have to be quality as long as there are pretty boys to flutter the hearts of all the tweens and teens and twenty something's Listen to this drama blind folded Maybe you can discover the ridiculousness that was the dialogue and. Kim Tan Fan 10:32 am I ♥ Tanni with all my heart! ^ ^ Kim Tan is so honest,kind & passionate! :)) Lee Min Ho ssi,I am impressed by your development of your acting in "The Heirs",U showed various emotions to the viewers Passionate:When he falls in love with Eun Sangy at first sight in balcony Hurt:When his brother breaks his heart & cold-shoulders him Unbearably Sad:When he revealed his REAL mom & being illegitimate Courageous:When he is kicked out from home & doesn't give up Innocent:When he cries in front of Eun Sang with one teary eye & a pretty itty-bitty tear streaming down his he buys Eun Sang a cute purse & puts his image in he doesn't let Eun Sang's mom hit her & backs. Sheryl 1:16 pm Loved it so much The most logical well written drama ever best ending in k dramas I loved the character of hyo shin the most chang min closely followed then young do and kim won so powerfully potrayed all emotions it's not really a love story its life that is the best part I LOVE RACHEL AND HYO SHIN'S ROMANCE THE MOST SO CUTE (I know it was hardly there but still.) Feel reaaallllllyyyy bad that kim won had a sad ending and young do too but that's life omg i cant stop talking about this drama whyyyyy did it have to end??????? OTTOOOKKKHHEE??!!!! Sasa 6:32 pm i love the casts so much but i hope the storyline won't be like boys before flower super rich boy and poor girl :/ EshY 4:10 pm So SaD knowing that Jung Yong-Hwa will not be the part of this movie Rosslyn 6:49 am i can't wait to watch this drama !!! so hurry up!!!! :D Daniel 1:07 am This drama bored me to hell do not trust the high rating probably the rating is manipulated Watch this drama only if you are the sort of don't give a thing about plot and just wish to watch some hot actor/actress/idol If you looking for good story drama then look elsewhere Seriously bored me to hell to much dragging and useless scene just to woo the younger generation (girl kyaaa factor) you can skip 4-5 episode and wont get lost in plot (not that it really had a good plot) This can be done in 11 episode and broadcasted by cable channel like OCN or tvn lol Really disappointed by the same writer who wrote the same amazing drama Secret Garden and Gentlemen Dignity Moira Kimura 4:40 pm 01 Please don't pull the "Freedom of Speech" crap! LOL you voiced your opinion on how much you liked it she voiced her opinion on how much she disliked it you lash out on her she lashes right back at you it's a never-ending cycle of kids who can't accept one another's thoughts and feels on this topic What makes you the bigger person is to ignore that person's comment whether it bugs you or not Barking behind that computer screen doesn't make you any less of a dork that the other person is I'll admit I'm a dork as well for writing this but that's because no one else did Everyone's encouraging the small web-talk by defending the person they agree with Nonsense! Bring the world wide web. Hot & COLD Kim Tan ^ ^ Tanny is so lovable! Lee Min Ho ssi! I hope that once U find your ideal girl you will show your feelings,be passionate & protect her! ^ _ ^ lily 9:44 am I still love this film including the actors and the actress Special. Uhall1 6:11 am I just loved this drama and I already watched it more than 10 times there was a mixture of happiness sadness funny cute hate jealousy and there was no depressing moment at all the story was actually quite simple but loved to see the relation between Kim Tan and his brother who apparently loved cared and respected to one another At the end they worked together to save their parent's company And also how Eun Sang forgave her sister who has taken all of her money that she earned by working so hard and meant to be used as a start of her new life in US That's the thing that some people could. Dina 3:26 pm This drama is one of my best drama ever too much visual lee min ho why r u so handsome love all the actors and actress in this drama lee min ho n park shinhye z best ever shirl gates 2:30 pm I don't understand the comments This was an amazing show The characters were awsome Love Loved it Wish it was a 2 parter Please do the follow up. Cbs_22 11:28 am i miss. Kowawa 3:59 am this drama is a NO!! so boring i dont even know why i watched this drama this girl 4:52 pm to be honest i hate this drama this one is one of the worst drama i have ever watch in my whole life and i just had to watch 1 ep and i was done so idk how people can like this it was so complex and you could see what was gonna happen next Lena 8:42 am Hope Yoona is his female lead! They look so good together in that commercial! Alina 12:08 pm can't wait to see ep3 its awesome drama love you lee min ho elina 12:05 pm waiting for further episodes can't wait long love you lee. Woqa 8:10 am so interesting cast and i hope this drama will DAEBAKKK!! Really many star in here Looking foward for this Drama :D tisa 8:08 am aaa~~ I know Park shin hye gonna make this drama became more interesting PD have good taste Hajira 7:27 am Aw! I seriously wished Koo Hye Sun would. Ayubu Mbaule 2:33 pm "The heirs" is really gorgeous to watch I could never lose interest in watching it as soon as I started episode 1 This series will keep lingering in my mind forever! to be honest every character did their best in their roles! Park Shin - Hye (Cha Eu- Sang) Lee Min - Ho ( Kim Tan) Kim Woo- Bin ( Choi young -Do) congrats you kept the story moving! Saltanat 10:22 am Choi Young Doo (Lee Min Hoo's ex best friend) is my favorite he is so cool I would prefer that he would end up together with Cha Eun Sang although I like Lee Min Hoo as well Saltanat 11:47 am Kim Woo Bin. Dee-L 7:16 am WOW the ratings went HIGH-HIGH-HIGH :D The ratings had spoken (this drama is good) ------ and there is no better affirmation than these results So please stop nagging about the beauty of this drama (which obviously you can't because of your prejudices) haha if I know you all are watching episodes and end up to this site commenting this and that (THAT ALSO MEANS ANTICIPATION) -----lets just enjoy the show it's beautiful dinda 6:04 am i love very much this film i love LMH PSH so much i cant wait next episode Damsel angel 12:06 am I love the film especialy all those actor and actress but now in our coutry we can not wach ep 17,18,19 and 20 but I love lee min hoo and park shin hye and the mother of lee min hoo in dis film and kang min hyuk yhein 11:59 pm it's a nice story but there's something missing in this drama I think I can't feel the chemistry between them but still love them both can't wait to see le min ho's next project hope to see min ho and yoon eun hye together in a drama i think they will be perfect together both verry good actor/actress Reecamille 2:41 am Been a fan of Lee Min-Ho in all his projects he really captures the romantic leading man so well But i have got to applaud the performance of Kim Woo-Bin who plays Young-do who did an exceptional job as the antagonist with the troubled past At times i couldn't help but feel bad and root him on too This drama was really good but didn't reach my expectations There was so much hype surrounding this drama due to the attractive cast (which i totally agree with) but i expected a little more uniqueness This is still a great show to watch if your into forbidden love family rivalry and the hierarchy within family and social classes But it really does help that theres amazing eye candy in every storyline. :) Mnakamura2013 10:02 pm OMG can't wait for episode 10  :( zitrojean 8:04 pm I love this episode The heat is rising it starts to boil up :) Chima 5:16 pm even though I love kang min hyuk but in episode 9 I love the role of kim. Alma 12:59 am Choi young do and chan eun sang??? No way!!! Young do is so annoying,!! But I admire him for playing the role but rudeness does not make him look cute He deserved to be kicked by Tan Ana 11:10 pm I dont get why people would want cha eun sang to end up with choi young do! seriously he's the worst 2nd lead ever in case of showing affection for the girl Yeah his character is dynamic and all but his actions are driven by the fact that he wants to get under kim tan's skin And 'nobody can pick on her except me' what kind of love. Bright 5:20 pm "yoonharae" agree with you :( yoonharae 5:16 am Sorry but i think HEIRS is famous for its cast only The story is too old! ( sorry writer kim eun sook) P/s : In my opinion Jojo 12:03 am hi guys been reading the other comments some of them are really disappointing First be rational guys you;ve been complaining about the story were in fact we are only watching two from 20 episodes and for me compared to other kdramas the story pot is a lot more better And I feel like there is something more stored for the watchers A lot of development is happening from the last two chapters LMH already showed her interest to PSH and for that to happen in the second episode it only means that there is something more Second I don't really believe PSH is ugly What the eff? She's really pretty and cute More to that she's very simple yet very beautiful IT REALLY SUITS HER CHARACTER IN THE TV SERIES Pearl 12:23 am For all those great critics complaining about actors and their English or acting if you are so hating them then why are you here itself Better stop watching them dramas have their own charm and style far different from English series You cant compare them Anyways just loving this great show Lee Min ho is just getting better and better and yes PSH is really a good actress She is doing her job pretty well I am sure the ratings of this drama will increase Just waiting for the next episode Kdrama Lovers 1:04 pm i've been wait for PSH and LMH new project after their CF etude house for those people who ask did they look good together i recomended you to watch their cf Etude house and please dont comment about you want to replace her with Park Min Young PSH really match to LMH too and the important thing that the actor and actress want chalenge their self with new partner so Park Min Young fans just wait to LMH next project if you want to pair them thanks Alex Nomichit 4:42 pm I loved this whole series! My cousin told me about this drama and got interested since I was into k-pop Now that I watched the whole series I want to see a 2nd series because it is just so amazing! The conflict the romance the comedic moments All of that was just too good! Ugh! Plus it took me 17 episodes to cry with Kim Tan broke down about Cha Eun Sang leaving Seoul It was just so deep and it touched me I WANT A SEASON 2 PLEASE! Yrlin 2:06 pm Necesitamos temporada 2 !!! ^^ My conclusion that your thought was really right her act always same "BUT" I think her act usually similar b'cos her face still same She birth by her face now and i think she never get facial operation before kahahahhahahahah I think her act will be different if you ask her to get facial operation like most actrees hohohoohohohohooh in the last in some moment in episode 1 I see her act similiar with kim nana and choi dae hye in CITY HUNTER little bit curious. Lisa 10:44 pm we truly love this drama more drama and movie together min shin Dara 10:42 pm Was kinda stoked about the beginning part being in Malibu and all since that's familiar territory for me but overall this drama was BORING It had a sort of American-ish feel to it and was different from most kdramas for sure But not in a good way It was boring and over the top and just plain stupid Lee Min Ho's English was awful and his white friend was so ridiculous and just everything in this drama was ridiculous tbh Sky 5:57 am i heard there were 4 pairs of main character hope that park bo young and song joong ki will be paired together and Park Si-hoo to Moon Chae-won,moon geun young to geun suk and of course park min young to lee min ho i think these cast will make the drama great. !! hoping for just 1 pair bo young and jong ki or moon chae won and park si hoo will do plsss plss plss park 5:13 am oooo woww w8ing for it so excited n park shin will do her best she is soo cute even they both also match each. Kay 6:35 pm I'm guessing the average age of those viewers who think this is a great drama is the same supposed age of the actors---not their actual age but their character age Nothing wrong with that Networks need to please young folks too But seriously put on your grown up hats people! When they cast older people to play youngsters is when this drama became silly There are plenty of great teen actors out there If you are going to support this show with who they have cast then this miscasting will continue To all you Heir fans out there enjoy and,----- ADIOS!!! Tiffany 9:41 pm Omg I really like this drama even though it's very cliche but i like characters! However omg their is so much drama that happens in these familes lol But I love it!!! Chan Young and Bo Na are just the sutest ever!! And omg Young Do and Kim Tan I can't And I would really like to know the relationship between Kim Won and Hyun Joo they look really cute together or maybe they can have their own drama together that would be awesome!! Chiyoda 9:05 pm The interval of the next episode is too loooooooooooong I can't wait I hate this feeling Mark 10:17 pm i hate Young Do very much sonia 10:16 pm i only think this drama just beginning in episode 7 before i dont really have curious to watch but episode 7 make me develope again filling to watch what the next happen to them really great Sandra 8:13 pm Im halfway thru this drama Its so reminiscent of boys over flowers esp with lee minho there.I loved the character played by Krystal its so nice to hear a bilingual actor speak i cant help but cringe at minho's english :-P and i raelly hated young do he's such an ass but towards the middle part of the series im kinda rooting for him for cha eun-sang Storywise i think Pinocchio was better because chaebol storylines like the heirs are just so common but hey i think most kdrama fans are here for the chaebol stories :D This Drama Can Do Better Next Time 11:23 pm Funny how Lee Min Ho think of Shin Hye as a little sister in real life And Kim Woo Bin says he preferred Krystal (Lee Bona) as an ideal type over Shin Hye and Min Ho said it will be adorable to have Krystal as a girlfriend in an interview None of the two seems into Park Shin Hye so it is difficult to watch this lol I see no chemistry Gie 11:19 pm superrrr PD-nim,make heart flutter every eps romantic moment of them and funny scene of their mom's is perfect combination.i hope YD-Rachel will falling in love,to cancel parents show up another love someday i wanna see PSH play role like Rachel too,to explore her acting in antagonist she's already success in protagonist role i starting watch Secret too,to compere about rating they're different of far heir's is best teen's drama many ppl comment that YD played by JYH: sorry,i think FnC had perfect choice KWB is match for YD,couse JYH soo cute ^^ if he act in heirs,maybe HyoShin role is good. ~Salmos~ 6:21 pm I think this is overrated I really do Islaha MT 5:04 am I like the drama thanks to Park shin hye,kim woo bin,krystal jung and kang min hyunk if not i wouldnt have watched it their roles were funny cute and lovable kim woo bin is so handsome than lee min ho love you KWB. Thr 1:02 pm Pretty faces aside,all the actors and actresses did an amazing work and depicted the ways there characters was written if you don't like the heirs,it has nothing to do with the actors or actresses but rather the way it was written,only a few characters were well written off but all in all,the heirs was a good drama for me and am glad that despite all the critics and hate towards the drama,it still was a huge success Une FILLE 6:13 am I dunno,WHY but I don`t like Park Shin-Hyo Probably because of "GOONG S" and she`s not such a pretty ( I like neither of her dramas) I didn`t like Lee Min-Ho as well the first time when I watched BOF I hated him But second time I started to like him But anyway I hope this drama will be interesting and I will like Park Shin-Hye GOOD LUCK Tori 5:28 am Omg hurry up October am so excited both my favourite young actor & actress!! I am watching this drama because I like the cast funny moments ost and I am curiuos what will happen But honestly saying with such excellent cast I thought that it will be more intersting THe plot is not so thrilling that in other dramas which I have recently watched (Masters Sun who are you) I really like when the episode ends and leaves me with the thought: omo what will be next I can;t wait But here only a few episodes which left me in such state And they ended with Young Do i Eun Sang which does not mean that I don't like Kim Tan or others Please respect opinions of other people and just say what you like in this drama and why it's worth watching :) Tom 4:40 am will the rating will go up if we (from outside korea) watch it live streaming ? Nara3 3:06 am For me the lack of this drama was only much less the scene in one episode As long as i watch this drama still on trackand pace But teaser episode 5 make me curious what will happen i thing the scene in one episode will more than before And finally I think this drama is ONE of the BEST Drama in 2013. Sammy 9:31 pm already watched ep18 twice and still not getting enough this is the only drama that I follow week by week since I could not wait for the whole drama to be done ( like all other dramas) I can totaly feel the urge and curriosity while waiting for the next eps to air Love all the casts and praise to the producer diretor and writer LOOOOOOVE IT 'THE HEIRS' FIGHTING Evira 12:04 am To be honest this's not the best of Kim Eun Sook's work I've enjoyed all of her script (especially Secret Garden) then i was absolutely excited when heard about "The Heirs" But since the very first scene it's too bored Dominik 1:52 pm Does anybody know some websites where I can find out what clothes the guys are wearing in this series? Only found so far Thanks a lot in advance But unfortunately 8 out of ten times you hot ones are literally psycho Why? Because you believe that you are doing me a BIG FAVOR by letting me go out with you LOL And then some of you are CLEARLY racist Here’s a bit of information: I don’t care how good looking you think you are RACISM IS ALWAYS WRONG ALWAYS CREEPY AND IT ALWAYS MAKES YOU UGLY—from the inside out If you are ugly inside then you are ugly on the outside too And I gotta tell ya — some of you women are DOG UGLY simply because your inner racism is like a cancer eating away at your outer appearance… sorry to be blunt but that’s. Donghe 1:59 pm Me encanta el drama emosionante la actuacion de Choi Jin Hyuk esta hermoso fabuloso quisiera comerlo a besos Luna26 1:54 pm I love this drama!!!!!!!It is amazing and romantic!!!!!!!!!! Emi 8:54 am I really like this drama let alone acting Lee Min-Ho I love you Lee Min-Ho :* lia 7:40 am Secret garden? hello that's a very old drama move on you should have not watched the heirs from the very beginning that could have not wasted your. I'm also agree with you BEFORE But I think more & I could say that: 1 This writer here is not lee min ho so he done what is on the scripts made by Writer here 2 This Not Like CH which backgrounds was ACTION 3 This also not like BOF which air-time is daily serial drama thus requiring the setting so that number of episodes could be right 4 I think Lee min ho has done what the best here 5 I think Good & perfect acting not always the best part of a drama but seriousness & natural in acting is more mainstream For Park Shin Hye: I think Park Shin hye not beautifull such as Kim ji won I think her acting. Sammy 11:59 am @georgia you have spoken for all of us fans love your comment :-) Lee Seng Yong 9:44 am Two thumbs up and if there is a like button = million likes Hoping for Part 2 Kayezee 8:19 am i am a big fan of this tv show. :) the loveteams. Bella 11:38 am One last most important thing that I want mention in this drama the highschool students are discrimate to their friends for upper class middle and low class in private school To be honest I do not like it It is true story in life to discrimate the rich and poor kids However I see all poor kids always sucess life than rich kids I think this drama is popular because Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are so beautiful and have great chemistry ida 2:33 am Every body have their opinon but if I read over all like this drama. Rima 4:27 pm it's actaully dopointing seeing hw much boring this drama is we've waited alnong time to see lee min hoo acting again but after watching the second and the fifth episode i m really disapointed about it boring and actally doz'nt deserve to be like most viewd drama besides how famus actors are in there and it is like that feels bad coz i think they should change th hole scenario to save it // lee min ho is 27 and maybe 28 or 29 in korea hw the hell he'z 18 in this drama really sucks Bana 2:26 pm i don't want park shin hye why can't it be eun yoon hye instead! i rlyy don't like her acting it makes me feel like shes rly acting! fake  :( SAJ 9:06 am OMG! I can't wait! Been a fan of lee min ho since boys over flowers and even more after personal taste Park shin hye and lee min ho are one of the best actors and i couldn't be more happier to see them together in a drama! Hehe CAN'T WAIT! :D Abc 3:11 am I think what makes the heirs's ratting high is just the actors and actresses who plaued in this drama especially lee minho and park shin hye omg they are only 18 but acted like going to married! aichoucha 11:40 am i love jammer comments you speak like an engineer Marjan 1:22 am who will be the leader actress???????????? I am excited!!!!!!! lee min ho,aren't you curious as well???!!! I HOPE a perfect actress will be selected!!!!!!! lee min ho,I am worried!!! has the scriptwriter worked well on the plot???????? have you read it????!!!! ALL I WANT IS UR success!!!!!!!!!! I cannot be relaxed!!! I am worried and excited!!!!! but I trust you no matter what!!!!! Roveloin 9:38 am speak here like wind who know whoever know ??? who the real fans here could you proven it.?? their identity here just like dust fly by wind I'm fans for more artists by my judment only so keep your bad mouth & please say good think only ok marjorie fabrig 5:47 am I just wanna say congrats to lee min ho and park shin hye the heirs is one of the beautiful and amazing kdrama i ever watch hope to see both of you to other kdrama god bless u i pray that you will be a real life someday Drama 10:39 am I am looking forward to Lee Min Ho's NEXT drama maybe after he's done with his current action movie "Gangnam Blues".I wanna oppa to act alongside actresses like "Ha Ji Won","Park Bo Young","Song Hye Kyo" or "Han Hyo Joo"!! I am NOT into the character "Cha Eun Sang"! :(( She is depressed,callous & doesn't show any affection toward passionate Kim Tan! WHEN I hear about Min Ho's upcoming drama,I get excited & look forward to the chosen actress but then after the cast offer is announced,I GER DISAPPOINTED! The kiss on the forehead is gentle protective and grateful- the three best qualities of love Tan’s forehead kiss is very appropriate in this moment of this drama as Tan treats Eun Sang a little more delicately than before he is protective of her and he is grateful for her love and her courage The Scene in episode 2:It’s a new morning Eun Sang wakes up and steps out Tan’s house has a wonderful ocean view the sky is crystal clear and the sunlight twinkles through the air Eun Sang goes outside and takes in the view Tan steps outside and takes in his view He keeps staring at Eun San from above while Eun Sang's hair is flowing in the air & a magically nice background soundtrack The scene is SPLENDIDLY WONDERFUL! The sentences above are the positive & good notes of the scenes by critics who see more than you & a lot of shallow & clueless people!! Luh 9:42 am Daebakk!! The plot is awesome i like highschool plot :)) WhenARockstarCame 8:37 am Jung Yong Hwa rocks!!! The most talented artist! I only listen to his musics Hope he plays a rock star here! :D ely 8:28 am Lead must be Jung-Yong Hwa! Idk whats so special about Lee Min-Ho Nicole g 4:51 am .love it <3 TONY 1:10 am get connected to a rich sugar mummy today call agent tony on +2347065951088 and get connected Lee Ka Hye 9:36 pm I like this drama serie Felt attached to the story but young-do character is stronger than kim tan's character But still love Lee. Rian 1:01 am This drama is really boring! I'm glad its over now isma 5:38 pm I liked this drama I am all up for high school comedy romance dramas but this drama at the end left something to be desired :( but the comedy and the sarcasm from some of the characters was on point p.s I really like the sentence who wears the crown bear the weight lee. Joey 8:18 am krystal forever i m sure i will watch this drama (y) krystal krystal gambateh!!! chiarra 1:12 am yayaya so many cute actors even kim soo hyun was there Jarv 6:30 pm Sounds like a great cast Can't wait I hope it's another Cinderella. Well I still decided to watch this drama since I'm a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk and a bit of Lee Min Ho but the 1st episode made me feel "when is this drama going to end?" and I couldn't even finish the 2nd episode If you watch drama just because of your favorite idol is in it then you might enjoy this drama For me I think I'll skip it Sorry Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Min Ho :| chiro ichiko 10:22 am hello! I can not wait to see this drama until. Lexy Cheng 1:03 am park shin hye is great and awesome as usual! minho and woobin deliver well and i enjoy very much the cute > minhyuk and krystal Trang 7:47 am with Episode number 1 I feel attracted by it but when I watched ep 6 I am really disappointed why we are living in the modern society so we must be shame about my family???? and in this film characters are so frail no justness no strongth no young personality I care the film content human culture and what is this film meaning Anitxiwa 7:11 am I'm waiting the first kiss because PSH does the worst kisses of the kdramas LMH is a very good actor and so enough handsome ;-) Michie 1:05 pm Those who said its boring maybe its not the type of drama you want Maybe you prefer action thriller etc thats why And wth! you dont need to fast forward if you want a faster story dont watch drama series watch a movie instead or look for a drama thas has only 1-2 episodes??????? Or maybe just watch the ending The cast of heirs and all the productions trying their best to give fans/audiences a good quality drama and so far I think its a success thats why they dont deserve a false/ negative comments that are obviously come from the haters I can see where you're coming from but I can't stand how people are calling Cha Eun-Sang the 'heroine' of this drama when she did nothing but cry and sulk throughout the whole thing To me that's not heroism Heroism is toughing it out sucking it up and being strong not balling like a little baby all the time Utami 11:11 am I could not believe that I started watching it again for I don't know how many times now I lost count for sure it's. Wendy 9:07 am i like Kim Tan and eun sung together so hope that eun sung can be withkim tan and i hate rachel,rachel please. Mia 6:09 am @kay i don't know if those voting polls were official or not you can increase its rating by your vote i already voted for master's sun and heirs i didn't pointed it to offend anyone first few ep were really disappointed through there are so many characters but m not complaining i like every character i like bromance and tan n young do's friendship Najeeba Habib 5:04 am I love this movie Lee Min Ho you are the best I love u more than life. Estephania 12:13 pm couldn't they find americans that could actually act they were so bad TBH review (my opinion) 8:38 am Rahele 4:32 am omg what was this drama lee min ho are you allright????city hunter was better than this boring drama the story was not intresting and i prefer that a drama get high rating because of its story not becouse of artists Via Remorosa 4:07 am I really really love this Novela It makes me so CRAZYYYYYYY!!! Even though I watch it iver and over again I still can't avoid not to cry HAHAHA!! love it so muchhh! ^_^ ='> Well I don't blame the actors The writer was vey bad with this story though "Secret Garden" was a major hit so as "The Heirs" but it has LOTS of things to explain and many characters are left behind or the story was little written about them then it is left like so ever "The heirs " is going to end next week I am looking forward to the Final 2 episodes next week and hoping some thing awesome *Fingers Crossed* oh what happened to Eun Sang's sister? Nina123 3:24 pm I hope they give Young Do a happy ending please writer don't leave him all alone or I'd assume guys with bikes end up get their heart broken Kim In Hee 4:10 am OMG! Jung Yong Hwa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? why are you dropping out I've been waiting for ages for your comeback but if you don't like your character it's fine Play a character you want to play Looking forward to your future comebacks - A Fan <3 gita 2:50 am oh my god i dont believe in it yonghowa why???????????? Cho yun hee 4:12 am wow! the storyline acts ( all of them! one more WOW) chemistry between kimtan-eunsan and kimtan-youngdo! chemistry between writer and director! just wow because I've seen 35 K-dramas and every drop in the well was selected! but I've never watch something harmonious as heirs! BOF king of baking kim tak-gu ( yoonsiyoon and joowon was awesome in their characters) good doctor 49 days ( scenario ) all of them was perfect in my opinion but of course there are cases to be criticize sorry for my bad english :) Mad 10:41 pm Eun sung left<> OK now i rly need ep 17 the was Kim tan cried was so sad i just hate his father,i don't know what to expect i will try to forget about heirs for 1 week cuz if i do think about it my mind will blow my ''Thanks giving'' mood. Give me something interesting rather than to see a flat love story where kim tan end up with with eun sang i rather to see ra hae - kim tan eung sang - young do and ra hae's mother with chan young's father XD (their love story seems more interesting than the kids story) notes 12:24 am Kay blabla more people who edge Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan I think is a Same Person Who is roaming every here,-- in Faith 8:44 am I love the ending! I't fascinating and simple! Well yes choi young do is brokenhearted but that's the story goes it 's a love triangle so the main lead will choose the main actor besides it's also a happy ending for choi young do because he was able to meet his mother that he missed for a long time vivien 8:42 am to be honest if LMH was not in this drama i bet the ratings would be low that being said i don't think this was one of his best scripts i still don't understand what the fuss was. Ammumangai 11:28 pm i love this serial i like this all series drama but small request 7:30 serial i cannot old time 9clock show the 9:00clock Asha 11:45 am @tasya : What a bad comment tasya 1:42 am boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bellebielle 4:54 am awesome drama I become excited just by watching the cuteness of our minhyuk kekekkeke keep it up guys the heirs janggg!!! all the best! najou 4:22 am I simply enjoyed the g the comments I can see that it's a success,though I think that jung young hwa left a hudje gap in this drama He wasn't perfectly replaced I will never give up watching "heartstrings" because it's simply the most honest teenage drama that the s were amazing in I really hope to see PSH and JYH again together Yoona 3:23 pm OMG this is going to kill me to many eyecandy!!! :P hahahah i can't wite anymooooore i wish that everyone have his/her own specific story that will be show in every episode interesting love stories so that everyone will be pired up heheh :D of curse even boyxboy love and frendship is not discriminated!!! arang 9:28 am i am so excited with this kdrama!! i am sure it would be daebak! lee min-ho (july 7 - manila phils concert enjoyed watching it) arang from city of manila Sepide 3:55 pm every one of his drama makes me say i can't see him in an other role cause he becomes his character once plays but i'm sure like what happened in city hunter i can get use to his new character too kinda have miss seeing him as a high school student and hoping that in this one he wears uniform by the way this girl is much better looking than jan-d still not good enough. Jasmine 4:16 pm I love this drama Both actor and actress so handsome and cute Love it :) looking forward to watch next episode Muh Iqbal Falah M 3:12 am WOW The best drama So tell me history gg 10:14 pm BORING not number 1 NUMBER 88 When I read the comments that said "I hated this drama so much" and "I thought this drama was a disappointment" I was a bit puzzled I know that everyone has different preferences but those comments may discourage people who haven't watched this drama :) Nika94 7:18 pm The Best drama I have watched Love Love the leads and romance between them ❤❤❤ Elnaz 4:50 am Some people are sick,they keep watching this drama and nag all the time If you don't like it or think that it's not interesting don't watch it,who forced you????why bother others??we like this drama and we think that it's interesting just cut the crap Ok???I can't understand you really Jang Hyo-Dong 4:01 am I prefer Choi Young-Do with Cha Eun-Sang! Idk why I just love to see both of them together in the drama! hahaha! Kim Woo-Bin daebak! Love to see his character in this drama just love to see every scene that about him with Eun-Sang its really a interesting movie! Chaitali samantray 4:04 am I am disappointed with the kiss could have been more was just like pecking.I request the team and writer not to disappoint the viewers.I love is amusing and interesting chaitali samantray 4:01 am I was disappointed with the kiss should have been more was just like pecking.I love is amusing and interesting.I request the team not to disappoint the viewers Lee min ho lover!!❤️ 5:15 am I love The Heirs it so far bets my all time first best drama "Boys Ocer Flowers"!! Omg this film is so passionate and loving but I recommend to the team that Kim tam won't ignore Cha Eng Sung and Choung Doi would stop interfering that much!! And I also reccomd for the eposodes to come out on time!! Also for Kim tan to fall in love with Cha Eng Sung and for the truth not to be revealed. Daxton 3:15 pm I just can't get enough of this show already watch it like 20 times It's like drug !!! A 8:26 am This drama gave me a serious case of second lead syndrome Like seriously. Anonymous 12:35 pm Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are really match They have a great chemistry Maybe you just dont like Park Shin Hye that's why you're saying she's not attractive and pretty Kim Tan attracted to Eun Sang because of her character and simplicity :) Vintage 7:36 pm Ishishaki u don't have an rite to say that about someone u haven't even met her u don't ever judge a person by their look u judge them by how they r towards u n other people she is absolutely beautiful n u should be sry any ways I live this drama so much ive waiting for it ever since I heard about it n its casts I really like this show but I can't wait for ep3 it's to long for me to wait n Karma u can watch this show either on or drama fever if u live in the US or australia u won't be able to watch more then 5eps so it's better u watch it on. Eloy 12:33 pm I love this drama and I'm very excited on what will happen on the next episode I've watched many Dramas and Movies and it appears like Korea has many great writers :)) Also I think PSHye is a very good actress Every drama with PSH in it really Stands out :)) Two Thumbs Up ^__^ Scarlet 3:08 am @Tasha,when someone RUDELY expresses himself or herself,that person should be cut down to size!! @Tasha,of course anyone has the right to make comment & tell his or her opinion BUT put this 2 your mind that INSULTING & SARCASTIC comments aren't acceptable 2 the fans of "The Heirs"!! @Catya,U DO KNOW THAT,"The Heirs" is a BIG HIT DRAMA & Lee Min Ho has gained MORE & MORE popularity & praise because of his role in this drama! U & UR comments cannot make a drama like "The Heirs" lose popularity! MILLIONS & MILLIONS FANS are loving this drama & U DO. Oluwadamilare 5:27 am love this movie can't wait to watch episode 5 adfapr 1:50 am really good can't w8 for nxt epi Denise Dianne Mesana 7:32 pm I am really hoping for a good movie this year and I thought this is it Lee Min Ho Oppa Whatever your role is I'm still your no.1 fan Sravani 5:33 am i really like this story.i am crazy fan of lee min ho !pls make more episodes.i love his is so diffrent in others nd he is expressions,feelings,acting are expensive in love I LOVE YOU LEE MIN HOO ! mona&sravs 5:25 am I really like this story iam crazy fan of lee min ho oppa! pls make more episodes nd i love lee min ho is sooooo expressions,acting,feelings are more expensive in love.I LOVE YOU LEE. Tin 5:15 am Kim Tan and Eun Sang tandem is boring It's always them! (I'm team KimTan-EunSang though ^^v) I want to see where Young Do gets the spotlight too -____- Emelia 5:06 am Can we have an episode where we can have Young Do - Eun Sang moment without being interrupt by Kim Tan Haha kidding but seriously :P Hariette 1:50 am I was expecting that the main characters will be Park shin Hye and Jong Yong Hwa But I'm still happy and excited since Kang Min Hyuk is involved FIGHTING Maloos 12:08 am This is not the story of "Boys over flowers"? :-? savannah 6:13 pm Can't wait for this drama! It'd be awesome if Yong-Hwa Oppa was in this too but I'm pretty happy with the cast ^_^ fighting! Amaryazid 5:54 pm daebak! seriously awesome cant wait for the rest episode cinca cinca daebak! 2:07 pm @Gado In Boys Over (sometimes Before) Flowers a girl is bullied gado 1:05 pm I think this is the first drama I've seen where a boy bullied a girl! (It was a little shocking. Lastly sorry for my bad english I just want to say that my Shin Hye is a pretty girl I don't doubt the beauty of your idols or other actress It's just (i'm sorry again) for me other actress or whatever in Korea their beauty is just common for me For me i'm sorry to say it But in my eyes park shin hye beauty is unique She is the one that introduce kpop world to me i start watching kdrama because of her because of her i starting to really love all about kpop world ^_^ someday i wish to visit Korea (really just a dream -.-) lily 1:23 am Now I understand why Lee Min Ho look sad in this film! He have to act as a suffers teenager boy Xoxojenn 2:27 pm To lia first of all I am not hating at all I am just voicing my opinion In my opinion this drama is overrated boring and predictable Some of The Heirs fans get all hype about this drama and I just don't feel or get the hype lia you can stay mad all you want and you shouldn't get all hurt because of my comment/opinion Everyone has different opinions tastes and preferences and not everyone is going to think. Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson Pegah 9:42 am Im sure that this drama will be great because it has very good actors and actress and on the top of them is minho,we all know that he never act in a drama that it hasnt good story so those fans that they are not sure about the story should be relax and just wait for it,and those that say maybe lee minho isnt ok for a high school student must know that they arent a real fan because all of us know that minho can play each carector that he want like 20 in faith,28 in city hunter,19-24 in b.o.f and younger in previous dramas so he will be wonderful in this drama like always,just wait for this drama that will win the best drama of the year award,and top excellent actor award for minho just like. Febee Ann Cahilog 1:02 am So nice love love love Johanna 12:08 am I can't beleive there's only two more weeks left I'll be as broken hearted as Kim Tan in episode 16 Ugh the pain yet to come is unbearable I've become so attached to the story and growth of each character It will be difficult to let go I'll have to somehow find a way to own this short series. Helen 2:59 pm I dont know why everyone is rating about this drama i am not and clearly i enjoy it very much i know a few words and i manage to understand quite a lot i think The Heirs is a great drama LMH is awesome and very cute and PSH is a great actress i Love it and i can say its great show IN OTHER WORDS THIS DRAMA IS DAEBAK (AWESOME) ) <3 June 1:33 pm i've watched the past episodes soo many times i don't even get bored of it i'm soooo looking forward to episode 9 tomorrow! Beatingfaster 1:50 am i really love. Porsha 9:18 pm One of the most over hyped dramas of the past 2 years and totally failed to live up to the hype Full of cliches and no chemistry at all between the leads - maybe because PSH spent so much time crying that LMH got sick of it I think it is sad the show got such high ratings only because of all the idols not the writing or acting - which was pretty poor naowie 5:19 am i just so love this movie its the combination of a family and a love story ^_^ Tunisian kdrama fan 4:00 am it's the best kdrama i've ever watched i loved the casts (espicially choi young do's character :D ) the story the soundtracks also are soo perfect i can't stop listening to each song :'( i'm really so sad that the drama comes to an end ' i'm gonna miss this drama that brings happiness to my every week ! it's just too hard to believe that it's over :'( but any way i'm not totally satisfied about the end as my young do stills sad and kim tan's brother broke up with his beloved :'( but i really liked the drama i hope it gets soo much awards in sbs drama awards 7 The role of other artists such as kim-tan mother and father also is pretty good even somehow less important like some scene from kim-tan mother is less important but so far quite entertaining & funny like myung so role 8 Anything less may be realized but did you know that almost the entire cast here is almost all of us can remember his face even though they are only part of cameo or even below of cameo (see kim-tan uncle male teachers in the school all parents who play a role in this drama) is pretty crazy this drama cost is certainly a very large So all over this drama real fame even airing in weds-thurs not sat-sun fighting Alex 5:18 pm Some people out there thinks that they are so beautiful that they belittle others I think that is really really rude I don't want to be rude but HATERS saying that this is the worst drama of 2013 when there is only 4 episodes out -and lots of people appreciate TH- is B***S*** Are you a director? Are you an Actor or an Actress? Are you a model? Are you even beautiful? Krystal is beautiful no doubt LMH role is different the story line is different WTF is wrong with others they watch it- and say they hate it when they still continue to watch it? Really Shame Don't think too much of yourselves Sammy 12:07 am Just watched the 3rd ep LOOOOOOOOVE IT The story line is getting interesting Hope the rate will go up totally deserved it @ meh I think there's Kim Won ' s mother who's already passed away Kim Tan's mother who is the older look lady ( Won and Tan are step brothers) and the 3rd wife correct me if I m wrong :-) meh 11:50 pm I love this drama Bt i don't understand the relation between kimtan's mother Up to now there has arise 3 mothers Thfc 4:03 pm I like this drama especially i love to watch Yoon Chan-Young & Lee Bo-Na Fann 3:13 am All stars in one drama Season 2 please Rewatch again and again until now :D joh 1:27 am good cast but this show is boring The second lead just so entertain and fresh though i hate the way chanyoung help eunsang than his own girlfriend but they both just so cute Bona just unpredictable with her antic self and help eunsang when the fact she hate her so much so this drama is not that bad ^^ there YD and rachel being ''cat-dog' sibling and i love them ^^ cant help to waiting episode 9 ~~ Yongshin 8:49 pm The Heirs Fighting! Ratings are getting higher I can't wait to watch ep 9 & 10 I'm sure many Filipinos are watching this drama not just in the but all over the world I have many friends all over the world who are watching this and we even talk about this Kinda interesting to see how the story progress and develop @jamie: That was funny This is definitely one of the most ignorant and retarded comments I've ever read (actually I stopped mid-way) Just to calm you down: white people are not depicted like that in other dramas you're being racist yourself if you think nobody should depict us as bad Also check any US movie/TV serie and dare to come back here complain about men being attracted to a girl From the way you talk about people and the fact you assume you know what they think we see you're the only racist and delusional person here in the end 1) they don't believe white people are attracted to them on the contrary 2) they don't think you're hot because as a white person you're far from their beauty standards 3) they're looking at you because you're white (this happens to me too) 4) a lot of them date white men for money and nothing else and people know that hence the "disgracing" Krystal J 10:22 am Ok was it just me or is Lee Min-ho's face ungodly swollen in this compared to his other shows/movies? I recently read that they even had to stop production breifly because of his face swelling (apparently after eating spicy noodles) on gangdam blues idk as much as I enjoy watching him this show bothers me the most the chemistry in all directions was off they managed to drag it out for 20 episodes and gave us a crap ending and no season 2 By THE WAY,U said Park Shin Hye has shown new techniques?? Please don't take offence BUT she has always acted the same way! the same crying! The same FROGGINGS! the same DEPRESSION! the same weakness of character!! The same KISSING! the same sadness!! U said she has the right to do kissing her own way! WHAT I MEAN IS,she should do the kissing scenes different!! SHE ALWAYS widen her eyes & give a very unlovely expression! WHEN the screenwriter has mentioned in the script that the kiss should be "Passionate",U say that she should again gives us a frowning & torturing expression instead of passionate?? LMH himself said in his interview that we were told to kiss each other for REAL & passionately! This isn't only ME saying this! But you have your own ideas! I am sorry if my previous comment offended you regarding. Sammy 12:21 am I've been watching it over and over daily ever since it' s aired and never get enough How many K Drama that you can see such beautiful scenic view the casts were actually surfing (amazing) and OMG LMH's sun kissed body priceless :-) So far I love the story and the casts is doing such a good job Praise to "The Heirs" very entertaining Can not wait for the next eps :-) moonbeam 10:45 pm My only problem with Heir is the American actors The casting team did a poor job casting American actors It's still early so let’s give it 2 more Episodes before slamming. So in other words of course white people are considered more depraved than white people look at the facts with respect to the field adultery prostitution murder robbery and others the overall white -skinned people is much more depraved apabaila linked to population and number of facts on the ground But this fact does not cover that some white people are much better than the yellow / brown / black much evidence of religious experts whites Some facts clearly complicated that you should consider include: 1 The Japanese are probably the highest ethical but a tribute to their mothers ( women ) are very cheap 2 people love their children but the affair as there toys 3 the USA is very fragmented mostly very religious some very depraved USA you people so you must understand This note only sharing could be wrong but can you make as a rationale Divina suno 7:16 pm song joong ki or yoo ah in or L from infinite,it can be also min ho form shinee kagemusha 12:02 pm the guy from school 2013 lee jong suk please! hes most suitable to be 2nd actor in the heirs! he will have chemistry with lee min ho and park. Marwa Lemhamdi 2:18 pm I'm so excited for the next episode ! I'm really obsessed I love this drama specially LE MIN HO and PARK SHIN HYE Dalal 1:34 pm Love is love is love is ( lee min ho)! This drama is so eye catching it makes you think about it all the time it makes u live with the characters all the time One word daibaaaaaak!!! Gagpla 9:21 am we just need more young do and eun sung for the rest 8 heirs episod pliss  ! soray23 9:11 am xixi sorry but honest :p nobody agree with bullies but a lot viewers just interested with youngdo transformation how he be a better person and become soft because fall in love with es i also prefer yd + es instead of kt + es Lela6130 1:48 pm agree with lol and amee to the person named KAI stop watching The Heirs if you're not enjoying it why do you keep coming here bashing about this drama The Heirs are progressing very nicely i've noticed your comments quite fews here and its all negative its already episode 13 yet you still watch it there's plenty of dramas out there go watch other dramas that suits your taste your comments are so childish it makes me irritating and annoying because I'm enjoying this drama. Lee Min Ho has recently updated his twitter & Face Book account & expressed his sadness for his LONG-TIME fan passing away! His dedicated fan who has recently passed away was called "Rabbit"!! She attended EVERY SINGLE fan meetings & events of LMH! oppa is so caring! His message for Rabbit is MOVING! I have much more respect for Lee Min Ho oppa from now on!!! #respect nes 1:17 am Nes 3:00 pm Im kinda sad coz the school is about to begin I have to travel almost 2 hrs from school.I just hope the time slot be placed to a more accessible to us working far Im really a fan of Lee Min Ho and I cant wait to see his teleserye Rocky 12:53 pm i <3 lee min ho he was d only reason i started watching but even though its only been 2 episodes so far i love this drama cant wait for episode 3 leeFanRRR 12:32 pm I am frm india watched the two episodes i liked the story as well as PSY acting too especially while she was crying And as usual the best actor in my list will always be LMH Love LMH acting hwaitng Msherfi 8:04 pm I love all the casts ^ ^ really I can't wait!!!!! I always watch all LMH drama and PSH drama they're all (all the casts )together in 1 drama? Really thank you very much to the producer Shannon 7:06 pm Knowing that Yong-hwa not playing a role in this drama I feel kindda disappointed :( shin hye and yong-hwa was a perfect pair. :) When Eun-Sang arrives in California she is in for a shock Her older sister lives in a filthy home with a deadbeat boyfriend who seems violent Her sister is also not getting married or going to school and works full-time as a waitress When Eun-Sang finally tracks down her sister working at a beach front restaurant she takes the money Eun-Sang brought for her wedding and leaves without even saying goodbye Eun-Sang's dreams of starting a better life in America quickly vanishes and she crumbles to the ground. Kai 12:21 pm This drama will be a let down Too many top notch stars clumped into one drama The cast is amazing but that's all the drama has going for itself The plot is the same as Boys over flowers and as much as I like BOF i don't think I want to watch it again with a diff cast Too cliche and very predictable yexian 8:46 am Awesome cast! Will definitely watch this! Hopefully LMH's acting has matured enough in this drama And looking forward to a great plot because that's what keeps me watching. I love how Kim Tan is trying to knock down all Eun Sangs hangs up She might not be as vocal as Kim Tan to show her feelings but the interaction between them says it all I just cannot wait for their sweet moments together I am waiting for the Kisses and the back hugs The hand holding and the teasing with each other My only concern is because there are so many unwarranted characters my Kim Tan And Eun Sangs moment will be lessened I Love KIM TAN and EUN SANG<3<3<3 Emy Jasson 9:21 am I'm just writing this to say that I really like this drama so much :) and I hope that one day I'll meet lee min ho cause I really love him <3 02 "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" No one is ever right or wrong when it comes to judging another person's beauty If someone says they don't find PSH pretty and you tell them they need to go 'see an eye doctor' that's rubbish because now to the other party your eyes need to be seen as well as they do not agree with your ruling in one's good looks Again world wide web lovin' :) 03 My ruling is that I find Krystal to be the prettiest from all four girls shown on the poster for this drama Shinhye comes in second Jiwon in third and last- Soojin But that doesn't mean they're not good looking I just have my ranking to it that's all If someone begs to differ I would love to see your ranking as well- fight free! :) 04 From a child star into a grown actress Shinhye has yet to fail to impress me Her crying scenes are amazing! If you argue against that opinion please provide me at least 3 good reasons in why you stand in that viewpoint Kay 3:56 pm Take a good look at the promotional picture above So funny All the girls are wearing crowns and white dresses They decided to set SH apart from the other girls by putting her in a more modest dress---actually the prettiest dress there Two guys seem to have socks on as far as I can tell the others are sock less---not enough money in the budget I guess Of course nobody is smiling because they realize they accepted a role that they are embarrassed about and that will do nothing to enhance their careers Sss 3:15 pm finally 'am so happy because lee min ho is back I hope this drama would be the best ALL THE BEST to every one who's acting for this drama >> Do Your Best <33 Lover 1:49 pm I'm super happy that lee min ho is back I love him:) I like park shin hye but I would prefer another actress like park min young they make a cute (: but wat else can I do I guest they don't consider fan request:( I guest shin hye would be okay thankz god they didn't consider yoon eun hye I don't know but she has something that makes me not too liked her I just don't like her acting;) Emmlie 4:12 pm I totally agree with JaneC's comment ! I find this drama very good for the moment not only for the casting (we all know that is a very great casting : Min Ho Shin Hye Woo bin etc ) but for the plot's developement All the characters are very mature than they are in others kdramas like BOF (which is one of my fav and is my very first kdrama) I really enjoy this drama and i can't wait to see the next episode !!!!!!! PS: please don't be like that with BOF :( It's a good drama it made me want to see other kdramas and learn the 's language and culture ! Now i'm totally in love into this <3 <3 <3 Chisomo that's very true I have many friends who come from a rich family due to their great grandparents businesses they are nice people however it doesn't erase the facts what have been shown by this drama that they are only married to the people in their own community their parents know each other parents sometimes I joke with them (since some of them also watched the Heirs) that their lives reminded me of. Kpoplover 11:34 pm OMG!!! When is this drama going to come I've been waiting since January for this 6 more days is too much!! Me and my friends are like seeing the preview I feel like this will be the best drama for 2013 I mean maybe in line with I hear your voice!! But this has alot more cuter guys!! Plzz hurry > < I can't wait Rinjo 10:49 pm Hurry up October 9 ^^ Nicole 9:02 am wow i totally fell in love with this show i thought it was going to be trashy and cliche in the beginning as well you know with all those rich kids and poor Cinderellas but then i thought this show could really be a breakthrough from all those cliches because it surprised me that the first several scenes were shot in California my favorite place on earth Minho is really a nice guy and i can see that he is a sophisticated actor even tho shin-hye was a little bit awkward sometimes but she is definitely aesthetically pleasing. Then be a good commentator ya if you do not like the criticism well could not it? maria 7:32 am For whom ever here if you dont like this drama or dont like some actor-actress here !! I really hope you could make some drama that perfect by your judging If really needed I feel you could be an actor/actress there But so far I think the one who said they dont like maybe only one men with more name here really suck people that maybe jobless. Selena 6:56 am Wow Young Actress Park Shin Hye really shinning this year early year with Flower Boys Next Door Drama and become Hits overseas adn The Movie Miracle Cell no 7 11milion Viewers The Fist Actress for Asian Tour Nominated for 2 category in Baeksang Award and now she will play Drama again??!! waa~~ surely i'm looking forward for this drama! Hope closest this years with Deabak Drama. Aicy 6:52 am i am an avid fan of i check on the casts first before the plots or here i am being entertained by this drama cast by lee min ho.i m sure the writer will give us a happy denouement enjoy ! folks Gong-Hyo-Jin and son-yee-jin Welcome Park Shin Hye 6 Kim Wo Bin/Choi Young do= Every time I see him acting I always felt that his act technique was similar to the cha-seung-won I felt the role was suitable replace cha-seung-won for his next drama further 7 Eun-Sang smile at the end of episode 15 reminiscent of the scene in the late eps 12 Acting like this need change of the feeling in her heart quickly It also suggests that park shin hye already raise the level of acting 8 Yoo-Rachel kiss with Hyo-shin Honestly this is the most bizarre scene in the entire episode of this drama I think the audience was also surprised not surprised because of wonder but unexpectedly to anyone hahah 9 A kiss which is the audience waiting Kissed of Kim-Tan and Eun-Sang it finally happened in episode 16 so remember of the kissed of baek-seung-jo and Oh-ha-ni ( Naughty Kiss ) heheh Radha 12:45 pm Episode 16: hats off to the director of Heirs Drama he is really taking the drama is entirely different from others And also Lee min Ho and Park shin hye both are giving perfection and feel of zeel to their characters (are they acting or living in their charcter?) they bring lifes to that characters Lee min Ho and park shin hye's acting in this drama awesom Eunsang shows the feel with her Eyes thats really tough job for an actor but she is doing a great job once again All the best to Heirs Drama Team members have a great Sucess Regards Radha Indian Farah 4:54 pm Love how Kim Tan's vision of his bedroom doesn't change much 10 years later lol I enjoyed the show overall great actors to portray depth in their characters It was comical sweet sad and funny I did cry a lot when I was watching this show lots of sad scenes but also romantic scenes to make up for it :] Won chose the crown of wealth Tan chose the crown of love and Tan's mother chose the crown of fame (when she said her dream was to be Miss Korea) x) Such a good drama so sad it ended :'( I want a sequel centered around won he deserves much better!!! Just a sharing from my note a long ago andinia 7:38 am I am not a film observers and so far the story is good and entertaining so why complain you really pedantic smartass Dc 8:54 pm Choi young do and Cha eun sang should get together!!! Lee min ho and Park shin hye just don't look good together episode 10 is really good CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT EPISODE COMES OUT!!!! lalala 7:48 pm Kiss= why kiss just only that? because the background was Senior High School So they just keep POLITE as High school.----- Flaws= This Drama Flaws? I think your mental was flaws -->dont like please dont see it.----- Pressure= After 10 of episode will pressure? I think your thought was true So just we keep passiont and enjoy it ----Thanks---- Gabzy 7:26 pm OMG im so looking foward to this drama! its goint to be amazing!!!! But I dnt really like krystal but oh well! im sure she might do a good job :) Ahhh! hw can i wait till october????? :( mrm 8:09 am Such an interesting actor!! Oh my god!! There are 3 boys that i like them!! They're my bias Woobin Minhyuk and Hyungshik! Aaaaaa i wanna crying~ T.T Echa 2:49 am but so poor my prince jung yong hwa not be involved in this drama if three of them in the same screen it will be more wooooowoowowwwwwowoowowoowoo huuuuauaauaa kpoparmy 10:55 pm OMG this is a dream come true My favorite 2 actors Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye + Woo Bin Minhyuk Jinhyuk Ha Neul and Krystal ARE IN THE SAME DRAMA. Mells 4:24 am This Year SBS "lose some power" for ratings maybe because the dramas weren't good as viewer's hope Not to mention I dislike MBC KBS and other cable chanels But come on Is SBS only rely to a few hit-dramas such as : I Hear Your Voice Night King and Master's Sun Where are the others? Well I Hope "The Heirs" will brings success for SBS I wait for next Kim Eun Sook's Project after A Gentleman's Dignity There are lots of new potential stars here Can I Hope for above 13 % ratings for 1st episode and goes up for the next until end Fighting for. Emily 10:51 am I loved this drama a lot and so sad it ended! I was SO happy to hear that it had a Christmas Special Edition! Does anyone know where I can watch the Christmas Edition? Thanks! Lee Min Ho and Shin Hye = so cute! Mari 4:36 am I love THE HEIRS so much Before watching THE HEIRS I loved LEE MIN HO and PARK SHIN HYE especially dear LEE MIN HO and after watching THE HEIRS I love them more than before I hope that they will marry. @latasyadelia 10:02 pm i haven't watch ep 1 - 4 are this good? sigh 9:56 pm These actors are too old to play high school college life more suitable for this story line? So far nothing interest yet I think LMH should try another character If he keeps playing this typical rich boy who loves a poor girl then he'll never get a chance to show the viewers his potential he'll be BOF forever!! Blaze kate bayno 6:17 am the heirs 2 plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss a male viewer 8:12 am What an absolutely irritating experience Made it about halfway until i couldn't take it anymore It's like watching degrassi rich kiddies having cat fights and shit-talking That's about all that happens Way too many characters and you can't care about any of them The male lead is absolute shit no credibility what-so-ever and no chemistry with his partner It was so overdramatised not in a cheesy way but its like this drama tried hard to come across as dynamic and ultra-deep The rivalry between the two guys was over the top I couldn't understand why their hatred for each other was rooted so deep within I couldn't understand why they loved that girl so much there was just no great reason for lee min ho's character to be so 'i will kill myself if i can't be with you' in love with her I couldn't understand why woo-bins character was like that either I also couldn't understand why lee min hos character was so aggressive and possessive Couldn't understand why he dragged her around and basically forced her to kiss him Its like the writer thought that kiss scene would sweep female audiences off of their feet and make their hearts jump out of their chest It was all just so OVER-THE-TOP for such a weak plot. Nancy 12:35 am This is by far one of my favorite k-dramas I love LMH and PSH; there chemistry is undeniably strong Very well developed storyline I have not had a dull moment watching this show Love love love Kudos to the writer Love Kim Tan He's so manly loves with all his heart and fights for his girl Muahhhh!!! Jack 1:58 am @Shannade Yeah! I do agree with you I consider this one of the best overrated drama The actors were all great but it's so disappointing how the story is written :( I'm a big fan of LMH and PSH but I can't stand anymore eps watching this drama I stop at ep 14) :P Kee 8:04 am OVERRATED plot definitely for drama watcher beginners Joanna 10:14 pm OMGGGGG it's starting!!!!! Bella 5:50 pm what did LMH say to PSY at the end of the second trailer and what did she say pls Bella 4:33 pm I hope the wait is worth it I love k-drama but don't really like the way most of them end with my favorite buddies on board i hope this one is great fighting Sammy 5:08 pm why Young Do gets to be with Eun Sang????? kim tan met her first shelter her twice and still and always be nice to her love her w all his heart why should he loose the girl to ghe other guy??? young do may has feeling for her but he still a third wheel So if KYD be with CES the message would be "beware those nice guys you'll loose your girls to the bad guys" that is so disturb and for some say KT and CES together is so predictable and boring what to predict????the drama is about their love story since the moment they met till the end of time with obstacles ahead so lets enjoy as it goes and rooting for their union because they totally deserve it as well as for All other s that are inlove the Heir fighting Vivian 7:29 am i love this drama love puts the fun together,the sad in apart,the hope in tommorrow,the joy in the heart *_* ItazuraNeko 7:16 am this drama makes me matured I've even know how to stand on my own or handle my self I love this drama but sad feelings that I felt when Jung yong hwa that main charcter on this drama but is not I'm still happy that makes Lee min ho & park shin hye that become partner ^^ Lia 1:13 pm Not just because of the cast hello i have a lot of fave actors/ actressess no matter how much i like them i stop watching if i don't like their drama this drama's worth to watch It will mke you fall inlove  :) Rael 1:01 pm The heirs lover one thing i agree with you is about park shin hye's bad kisser All of shinhye drama that i watched i can see that she cant do good. Eden chris 4:31 am its nice to know that park shin hye and lee min ho is back i cant wait to see there new ovela :) Simi 7:53 pm Omgg!! Super excited for this show 2 air! Lee min ho and Park shin hye are perfection!! Hope the show has a greattt script!! Cannot waittt and Kang min is in this too <3 <3 eeeps Soneni Moyo 8:18 am I myself from Zimbabwe can't wait for this drama Karlee 6:19 am Me,myself,i,my friends & Ghana can't wait to see this movie 'ope' it's gonna be awesome & 'geerh'! Can't believe the release date is in my MONTH the ONLY month with 7 letters But will have to watch it when i'm on vacation BTW big ups to Lee. Arlene06 12:28 pm For those people saying that PSH is ugly maybe you have a different criteria or standard of beauty like how do you see yourself maybe for you beauty is like yourself yourappearance or the way you look but for others you might seem ugly esp if you have bad personality in short we have a different perspective and meaning of what is beautiful most important is whether the person is beautiful or not you have to show respect and you dont need to put down/hate the person bec if you do you look much uglier and. Jenny 1:01 am Please please cast him along side park min young they have the best chemistry and she is a sweet actres and min ho a sweet actor Can't wait! tlc 10:34 pm i think lee min ho would look good with any beautiful actress but i like ku hye sun and lee min ho the most they have great chemistry together that's why they won the. Way the story is the author's mind put this scene between the story being serius but on the other side of this drama actually even so unique complete there are sad stories happy funny silly fighting and other Moreover kim-tan mother threatening yoo-rachel mother also a brilliant idea I think who would have guessed there would be funny story amid stories being serious 4 I thought about kim-tan dad was turns out right Of all kharakter here his character was most determine and always gives a sense of anxiety in the audience will be the continuation of the story of this drama 5 Unexpectedly Park Shin Hye has broken the opinion of most of the audience which argues acting of park shin hye that looks false and unnatural In this drama I saw her acting develops with increasing episodes the longer I looked her acting was nearing acting skills of goddesses actrees like Yna 5:25 am This drama is not interesting at korea drama fan from Tanzania contain idea from Boys over flowers if people like it may be it is because of their actors and actress love.I hate the drama.I cant finish it i stop watching episode i continue there is nothing interesting Rovie L Pta 8:37 am OH My Gee I really love this movie we laugh we cry we giggle im so touch with Kim Tan hope that u could find a boy like him i really admire him like Choi young. Sumana 9:08 am i am not satisfied wid the main character selction.i think that yong hwa and shin hye look best together but also hope that it wins the best drama award ParkMinyoungfan 8:38 am I really wish for Lee min ho and Yoon eun hye both lead role in a romantic drama!!!! i guess we have to wait another year to see if it will ever happen! Baengxin 3:07 am georgina fighting!!! kkk^^ georgina 12:56 am “Never argue with an idiot They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― George Carlin Imindah 3:58 am i guess that's what script writer want for the ending i mean the ending for kim won many people said it was sad ending but i think that's the meaning of the story who want to wear the crown bear the crown but i must admit the ending for kim tan and eun sang was not as excited as their love scene earlier it lil bit sucks but they were really got the chemistry hope you both can work another project together again!:) Monaminoz 6:33 am i was hoping for LMH to be matched up with PSH it came true so this is great! :) cant wait to watch this drama i left a comment yesterday but its gone? hmmm weird anyway in future i hope LMH will be in a same drama as joongki or minho shinee ok thats all :) Izza 4:20 am Park Shin-hye and Jung Yong-hwa together again.I like those two together and I wish they are dating.I am soooooooo excited that I can't wait for the movie. Joanne 10:47 pm Crystal is kinda right I totally wont watch the drama a second time it kinda got popular because of the main actors but it totally killed the awesomeness of these actors I ve seen lee minho in better dramas same for park shinhye there Re way better dramas such as masters sun secrets and who are you (already ended) at least it s not same old stories rich boy poor girl stupid and annoying parents Xinyi 8:35 am A drama I'll watch for Lee Minho Park Shinhye Kang Minhyuk Krystal Kim Woobin and Park Hyungshik xoxococo 7:40 am I hope next time lee min ho will be paired with han ji min :) 214seattlegirl 3:22 am Shin hye and Lee min ho worked together before and they look very good together Well just have to see when the drama. Colinne12 9:22 pm the drama is horrible but all the actors idols and actor lee minho are the best of this drama the rest in nothing the main actress is so ugly and bad actress that gilr park shin hye is terrible actress siopaomaster 9:20 pm hey aerowhite I dare you to prove that Park Shin Hye is not right for the her role here in The Heirs Are you the writer? Are you the director? If you don't like it don't watch this drama and go watch your so called pretty girls who probably spent most of their earnings on surgery Neko_Chan 12:00 pm I'm reading some of the comments and I am wondering - why are you getting so angry if someone criticizes the drama? I can understand that you may not agree or fell offended when sb criticizes an actor/ress who you like but please chill out :) Everyone has the right to their opinion and to. Yoly 7:07 pm KIM HYUN JOONG PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 He's a great actor and i really want to see him on screen although im dissapointed yong hwan dropped out renengine 11:38 am hoho agree to below me jung ill woo and jung so min + park se young will match if them could be selected by HEIRS producer its will be good time for them to change their image of a cute character to be a serious character Maryan 3:46 am omg! lee min-ho and park shin-hye really flies my heart out hope to have a good ending lee mi-ho soo handsome!!! mwuuuah! this drama clicks to us students because it has a very interesting story which we can relate to keep it up!!! :) Park Yung-Min 2:12 am Great show but don't understand why they stop at season one Most American shows have more than one season Wish they would continue same with boys over flowers 3 6-7 from the first episode of this drama is very draining preoccupation final part of this drama= as results on the latter part of the drama seen many scenes are deliberately omitted (being part implied) first 7-episode should be cut only to be 4 episodes & remaining is developed to end episode but it was all over and only 2 episodes left alone 4 each artist's role in this drama is very limited= except the role tan-Kim Eun-sang Young-do and yoo-rachel and the important point is that no artist is very dominant in This drama although lee-min-ho and park-shin-hye is the lead of this drama but almost every artist here has the acting equivalent in quality (not quantity) all tasted exactly equivalent (not No one have to acting explosive) Natasha 6:47 am This is such a good mini tv series It shows a great and strong love of teens that when it comes to love no matter what is on the way love always prevail Lee Min Ho may not be fluent in English yet he is trying to learn In response to Dara's comment Have you tried to learn a second language? I am sure you are worst during your first attempt to speak a language not your native tongue Some people have short brains and do not know how to give allowances and think they are superior Dara you are not different from others How many languages could you speak write and read? If you are educated enough you would not make negative comments Good morning to myself as. Diaymi ツツ 10:11 am OMG ! I damn love this drama :* So sweet :) I hope my life wil be like this :D People chasing after me :) georgina 8:58 am To khaye please read my comment again before you react the first paragraph is quoted and my comment is the second paragraph thanks Clara 7:02 am Honestly I expected much more from the Director Kim Eun Sook I'm appalled I actually wasted 20 hours watching this drama only to find that there was absolutely no appeal at all Not only was the plot half-baked the characters were not properly developed and not at all loveable - who would find connection with a rich spoilt brat or a financially poor girl who does nothing but cry and cannot stand for herself? The actors were also not that good either I really don't understand the fuss around. Josene 10:50 pm I really love this KDRAMA <3 I love you kim tan haha ^^ normaesquillo 7:16 pm I can't access to this drama since my computer was invaded with virus thanks to bad creator of viruses wish they got it too I like the stars here Heim 1:14 am This. Voodoo 6:45 am Everyone talk about Tan and Youngdo There's somebody who love chanyoung? Kkk though tan and youngdo are the main-man character for me chanyoung more interesting maybe its because his character is closed to my ideal type Who's your ideal type? Hihi vaL 5:25 am i like Kim Tan episode. Cnmin 6:56 am I will support this drama because of Kang Minhyuk I thought Kim JiWon was his partner :[ Fighting! Park Shinhye ♥♥♥ I wish CNBLUE will be cameo here in this drama :] suzy 9:08 pm I wish Suzy <3 was the female anyways i also like Park Shin Hye eugene 11:53 am I hope next drama is lee min ho with yoon eun hye but can't wait this drama. Samantha 11:42 am I have been waiting all morning for episode 11! Gosh I'm all the way in California so with the time difference you would think I'd be able to find it already!? I know I'm a bit impatient but then again this is why I try to watch a Kdrama that is almost finished or completely done Dramawatcher :p 10:56 am It was an alright drama but I felt it dragged on by ep 17 lol Great acting cast and staging Wayyyy too cliche more originality please!!! Literally is boys over flowers -____- Love my kim woo bin ^_~ In conclusion: It wasn't that great tbh it needed way more originality Can't believe South Korea is still on this lose puppy girl being saved by a rich powerful guy So 90's that even Japan has moved on from that lame over used story line :P Snow flakes 10:27 am @salina: I'm NOT talking about hardness of work or whatever! I already know that! I made comment 2 to mention that Park Shin Hye's acting LACKS A LOT! her acting LEAVES much 2 be desired!! This IS NOT just me complaining!! A lot of Netizens find fault with her SAME acting,SAME facial expressions,SAME FROWNING expressions while kissing GO & READ comments in "Dramabeans Recaps" for the kiss scene between Tan & Eun Sang in episode 16!! Only then will you realize how DISSATISFIED the commentators were!! Jokerboy87 12:49 pm i hope its not another normal boring romance high school drama but i know (based on her other dramas) the writer will do some kind of twist to the drama hoping 4 a great twist lol the two guys going for park shin hye would be so normal :/ it would be more interesting if their souls switched bodies and yonghwa goes after lee minho that would be really FUNNY just joking!! lol Fortune Cookie 5:01 am @Jamie When most of your TV shows and movies show Asian men as Chinese delivery guys or Kung-Fu artists you don't mind at all but if you see a show from another country using stereotypes of you then you immediately cry out the sky is falling and armageddon is coming Get over it and yourself Shows use stereotypes I'm from the U.S and I know guys that fall into the stereotype of Americans shown in this series and I know others who do not My point? (holding an imaginary pacifier) "whaa whaaa" Suvadra 9:54 am I love lee min ho and all his dramas love u so much shellinawidya 9:28 am this drama really wonderfull and awesome i love this drama so much i hope ending this drama will be happy and not disapointed the viewers Thanks^^ Sweet candy 7:55 am i really love this drama it's the best K-drama i have ever watched Lee min ho <3 Smile 9:10 am i loved this drama made me cry and laugh too the only thing that broke my heart is Choi Jin-Hyuk couldn't get the girl he love it should have been happy ending for him too that literally broke. Msherfi 11:40 pm love them both I am glad Park Shin Hye acting with Lee Min Ho This drama really a gift for my birthday month ^ ^ minhoQuem 9:01 pm I really cant wait for this drama So excited Even though i don't think they fit each other(lee min ho & shin hye) I'm still looking forward to. Sara 1:49 pm OMG can't believe it's already end I miss all of them specialy Lee Minho But I have to say that it was one of the best dramas I've ever seen Thanks to all the cast and crew and all members who made it and gave us memorable moments Thanks a lot Love from Iran >.< Bionette 3:06 pm Ok so I saw The Heirs episode 7 & 8 what can I say? I love LMH and PSH I mean they are the reason that I originally started watching this KD I love Krystal and her BF's characters too but KWB???? OMG he has won me over I saw him on To The Beautiful You before but wow I love his acting NOW he is making this KD more and more interesting I am so looking forward to seen how his behavior changes towards PSH now that apparently he finds himself beginning to like her I just can't wait I am so excited!!! Aira 11:39 am Im going to love this drama Ever since I'm engage with dramas I'v been wanting this two to work together Now that my dream came true I'm gonna watch this till the last episode Well the story is obviously repeated like there are a lot of dramas/movies like this - poor girl and rich guy and they're gonna be together Even so if the actors are Lee min ho and Park shin hye it's going to be different and awesome and yeah im gonna love this!!!!!!!!! <3 Lilia 11:18 am When is episode 2? Gecely diño 3:55 am oh my im so excited to watch it i really love park shin hye and lee min ho what date would it be release here in the i wish it would release now so i could watch it hahahaha anyways ill be waiting i hope i can see them in the near future hahaha really love k-pop MNakamura2013 7:32 am OMG! SBS really did a great Job right now specially every Wednesday and Thursday 21:55 9pm After Master's Sun here comes The Heirs My long awaited Team up!!!! gonna watch this ^_^ Marko 1:29 am Jamie: wooooooo I dont understad waht your motife explain your racist burden in here rally stupid But on one word i'll said that yout thoughtness all over was truth But you must considered the real fact for comparison : As a whole in society as an example Japanese people more ethical than the people more ethical than the china china people more moral than the and people more moral than the Japanese But is this fact applies also to other things of course in modern society all measured by a greater amount Flxwer 12:57 pm if it's not for kim woo bin's acting i wouldn't be watching this drama after the 2nd episode woo bin's character in this drama makes it ten times interesting wow he owes me big time Josemy.M.P 12:00 pm I watched 8 episodes and till now it is moving in a good way can't wait to see the rest of it A big fan of Lee. I like Kang Min Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin in this drama ^_^ Emeleeeen 11:45 pm Love the Heir Kdrama sooooo much Always waiting for Wed and thurs episodes Congratulations to the cast more so the leading stars Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Love the story and your team up Hope to see the both of you for more kdramas Thanks. Hon 3:41 pm Kim tan!I love the heirs,awesome chemistry,great cast Emanu 10:42 am I'd like to watch "The Heirs" (I knew it because of Ken's song "In the name of love" and it seems to be a very beautyful drama :) aishwarya 9:45 am nothing new in it i only watch for the sake of choi young do like his acting and his boldness!!!! hope to see him more in upcoming drAmas Kay 6:23 pm This is getting silly The big stare downs between KT and YD---like "Shoot Out at the OK Corral!" And what' with the maid's accomodations? That huge house has no decent rooms for someone who has been working with the family for 3 years? This is getting to be very similar to "BOF" what with the elite school and bullying poor girl on scholarship working a of jobs and being pursued by privileged guys Only difference here is Min Ho is illigitimate and has straight hair and a tan HELLO any reason to continue to watch this nonsense? Susan siebenmark 7:24 pm can't wait to buy the whole drama A Fan 7:14 pm This drama make me happy I love all actors and actress in this drama Especially Mr LEE MIN HO Ereyna 6:32 pm I agree with the last comment I wish eusang could be with choi young-do instead of kim tan I would like that more!! But the drama is. Akasha 9:05 am yes LEE JONG SUK he will match well with both lee min ho and park shin hye lina 1:04 am love to see lee minho together with choi minho as close brothers as they both manly + handsome but for the chemistry it has to be with someone who looks prettty + soft like song joong ki or lee. Wolf 11:50 pm Wow kim woo bin I'm speechless! I'm team kim tan but damn kim woo bin. Fanny 6:22 am lee min ho is a great actor and super cute as well i love watching all his drama ever lily 12:36 am I hope Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye always success in their every acting and make every story alive LaLi 3:18 am Wow! Great movie! Hope still a seasons 2! Please Please This is simply the best and I. Nur aisyah 1:32 am Annyong!!! i can't wait the heirs movie will comming up!! :) honestly i said i really love ALL the movie from oppa Lee Min Ho his movie give me spirit up and motivated to me  :) hope this movie also give me enjoy while watch!!! good job oppa!! and also god job to another actor in this movie!! :) bye!! :) kaii 12:31 am honestly i don't like lee min-ho that much but i would watch this because of park shin-hye she's a very good actress for me i hope this will be worth watching kang min-hyuk oppa i love you <3 Jjp 4:34 pm @Lilly Dunn: You say "All other guys except Lee Min Ho are not extraordinary nor good looking so I don't know why all this fanfare about the fact like this will be like Boys Over Flowers" and "You have two well known actors and the rest are not famous"??? 1) Boys Over Flowers actors were ALL unknown before the drama So you don't need famous actors to make a good drama 2) I'm sorry but Park Hyung-Sik + Kim Woo-Bin + Kang Ha-Neul + Kang Min-Hyuk = not good looking and not popular? Where were you these two years? You obviously lack teen dramas culture because even I who do not watch much dramas know that every single male and female (young) actors here are VERY popular and also considered VERY good-looking too Hence the "fanfare" (and the disappointment too ) Amara 12:08 am Kim Tan Will Always be of Cha Eun Sang I think What Eun Sang Said has also Happen in here Commentar Table = Eun Sang said " I only back to MidSummer Night Dream" What People Think now really FUNNY Hahaha Lee Bo Na →cuteness is boiling up all inside her!Her character is lovingly written! Kim Eun Sook→ Queen Of Romance Comedy who is capable of creating HISTORICAL male characters The lines written by her are amusingly funny & clever I VERY MUCH enjoyed watching this drama & I HIGHLY appreciate the hard work of the cast & the crew! Deabak!Deabak! lily 10:45 am From the begining people knew that drama are for teenagers and I think it's very good drama and I love it! Simple nice based on reality all the actor are good looking Like teenagers dreams Charlie 10:02 pm glad yonghwa is out it's just weird to have him there as the 2nd lead because we all know that lee min ho will get the girl i am not a fan of people that can't act particularly many idols when there are plenty of great young actors looking for work the only idols that seem to act ok are siwon donghae yoon eun hye hong ki and i think iu suzy sulli and choi min ho seem to have potential femy 9:46 am I cant hardly wait its gonna be the bestest drama series in this year saranghaeyo min. Nunya 2:01 pm This show sucks I HATE how they portray Americans to be women beaters obnoxious jerks party animals and corny I tried giving this show a chance but it's just ridiculous Maria 3:44 pm I really liked this drama At first I found it quite generic and cheesy especially when it was set in America But when they turned back to Korea and the school life started up I really started loving it Kang Min-Hyuk was such a cutie. Lia 10:00 am to xoxojenn i got mad because first this drama is not boring it has good ratings because it is a' feel-good drama Haters come on chill and better. Matthew-U.k 8:40 am min ho is great talented actor shin hye is open minded cute actress and yong hwa is a cool rocker its all good!! as cameos wat bout jongyun cn blue minho shinee sully fx the queen from faith the guys from school 2013 -gd luck- Mons sulaiman 6:58 am waaaah omo! i cant wait to watch this drama otouki! Lee min ho my loves + park shin hye my unni + Kang min hyuk oppa = really great drama hehe ADDICTED#kdrama 2:41 am OMO!!! Kang Min Hyuk Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye in ONE DRAMA??? WOW great combination of actors and actresses can't wait for this drama to come Yeah surely all kdrama lovers here in the will. Cecille 8:33 pm I feel so much for them i do not know what the writer wants to accomplish because its like sending a message no matter how much you will try you wont end up together i feel for Kim Tan he is so alone even his own brother or mother cant fight for him elli 8:14 pm kim tan crying scene was so sad and heartbreaking,I wish lee min ho woul never cry like that again,that made me. Olive 9:22 am this belongs to the worst drama ever tho this drama has a good character making for choi young do to showcase kim woo bin's hotness<3 this drama could be better (considering the too much cliche story line) only if the two main leads shows off some chemistry no feels for the two of them cheongmal some drama could somehow pull it off despite the cliche predictable or just not the type story you want to see because at least the main leads has undeniable chemistry(like pasta-which I found to be really cute despite the fact that nothing is really happening on that show) this drama is nothing without the super overly popular handsome/pretty acting idols especially Lee min ho this drama has become my greatest disappointment in dramaland 4 There are still many who have not been discussed in this drama about kim won & hyun jo about hyo sin myung su & Ye sol is not clear to what direction their character also about the clarity of the conflict romance chan young rachel yoo mother & Young Do father Also the clarity of the future of kim tan mother For Point 3 & 4 somehow will we still probably watch the answers of the above questions or story will be enforced considering the rest of the episode of drama is only 6 episodes only but we wait hopefully good. Rachelmoi 2:29 am wew everyone get their own long analysis about this drama haha ok i already watched the last eps but still feel nothing special lmh,kwb deserve get better story they look weird using high school uniform on those age/mature face :/ omooo please dont receive this kinda drama anymore guysss the rank is good but stilllll it wasting your acting capabilities you are "city hunter/faith" actor and "friends 2" actor i can see the quality of your acting on those drama&movie not. No mention of course that LITERALLY ALL prostitution of women in the States is led by creepy ajumonis who lie to young girls bring them over on work visas then force them to have sex with clients almost all of whom are OTHER MEN But who cares about the truth when you have caverns of insecurity to fill up by dehumanizing white men? All the while of course we see something woven into the whole scene as white men are systematically dehumanized: a perfect guy is sitting at a table watching the newly arrived woman as she is appalled at all of these evil disgusting white men He has an angry look on his face He’s pissed It’s almost as if he is saying “see?” And you didn’t believe it when we men told you that white men are evil predators. 6 This drama is not interesting ? Answer = This sentence is the funniest that I often read here Why funny ? Because when they say " The drama is not interesting " Strangely they spend more time to comment here And as a proverb " Where are a sugar then there is the ants " In the end this drama is more suitable for people who love the story clearly structured smart audience and not senile person Vic 4:59 am The Heirs 'thumbs up' ! Poor Eun Sang Hope she can be with. Arandi 7:46 am i really want to watch the heirs every single day of my life so that i want for rian 10:28 pm i cant believe it why this drama heirs is 1st in drama poll closed in 2013 there's many drama much better for this not this people who vote this last year are blind you dont know the. Diana 4:24 am i love very much this drama series it is the best asianovelas i have been watch but it will end this week so very very sad but i still keep watching the heirs royal rewind every sunday in abs-cbn i will never ever forget this love you all guys hope there will be next minshin drama in the i really really love lee min ho and park shin hye congratulations i also hoping the continuos love story of eun sang cha and kim tan kuromitsu 11:42 pm The Heirs: Rich people and their unrelatable so-called "problems" Tan tan 6:47 pm They dont have chemistry Im just watching because of kim tan Maybe they should have chosen other leading lady or chose other story line It just ruin their love team I hope they make another series to make up for the damage Helen 12:10 pm I cant wait for Episode 17 $ 18 to come out i just love this drama so much <3 Kim Tan Oppa fighting! Jamie 12:46 am I happened upon 상속자들 (The Heirs) by accident the other day on TV I literally absolutely could not believe my eyes and ears This is the creepiest most racist and ugly depiction of White American people by s I have ever seen in my life I had to check the date because at first I thought Hmm… this must be a really old drama to be so back-woods and redneck Surely s have gotten more mature Right? Wrong Very. Woobinlover 11:13 pm @siong yeah that also happen to with secret garden kil ra im can't buy a new bag but she have a lot of difference stylish shoes that's part of commercial dear without commercial they cant gather this actors/actress or using California as a background just ignore it :D erickenanga 11:13 pm daebak daebak cant wait for the rest episodes !!!!! jjang Katie 2:55 pm I hope there is a second season because there is room for a second season!!! Hope 11:56 am I just Dont have any good feeling about presence of This singer (Jung Yong-Hwa) in this this?is he Shin HyeS Chaser Or He Cannot play with other Min Ho-Shin Hye&The Heirs Fighting NERI 11:24 am yoon eun hye would never accept this role in this drama ( by actors and writer i can say this drama is amazzzing so there is no offenses ) but yoon eun hye this days plays in drama's which are not teen ones i guess :\ but hope she accept the drama be careful with my heart <3 Nana 2:33 am i would love to see the drama i hope its a big hit any idea when they will start shooting? love PSH who can forget her wonderful acting in u are beautiful even lee min ho has really matured as an actor i hope this will be a good role for yong hwa too :) Paula 11:44 pm OMG! Remember the thing said dont judge a book by its cover? It seems like directors likes Yonghwa and Park shin hye acting together! And with lee min ho! I think I'm going to burst from saying OMG OMG OMG. Yongshin 9:37 pm Wow! The rating is getting higher Thanks for all viewers who support and watch this drama I'm pretty sure many people in Korea and outside Korea are watching this My sister keeps updating me if next episodes came out already Her friends are also watching The story gets more interesting I'm hooked up with this Please keep watching & supporting this drama Now the rating is 3rd 5th & 6th for ep 6 we can aim for 2nd rating for the next episode The Heirs Fighting! Christina 9:35 am Romance in real life is even more boring unless one is the lead One needs to feel the heart beat of the characters Watch thrillers horrors or science frictions if like to be at the edge of one's seat The pairing of Choi Jin-Hyuk as Kim Tan's brother and Choi Ji-Na as Young Do's mother was good there's slight resemblences However Jung Chan-Wu as the young Kim Tan is a bit too far off Thank you to all the casts for such a good show can tell that LMH is getting more experience and daring now The story line is better. Lee BO-Na 4:48 am Episode 14 is the most romantic scene I've ever seen!! ^_^ I'm so jealous!! >_< sharon 4:19 am Love this drama so much Min ho and Shin Hyde is so good together They should hook up as a crystal 4:16 am Wow kim tan!!!! Love!!! Sofie 4:38 am When I watch this (The Heirs) last week I can say it really captured my heart in just 5 seconds because it has very cool story and I really really loved it Well actually I also love this Drama because LEE MIN HO and KANG MIN HYUK was there which is my IDOLS and ULTIMATE CRUSHES And honestly this drama thrills me a lot THE HEIRS IS REALLY FANTASTIC!! I LOVE THE HEIRS SO MUCH <3 Dona Kaye 12:18 am so nice asia novella!!!! Suzy 3:12 am The only thing I hate about this awesome drama is kim tan iso 1:53 am I have heard various mixed review about this drama and even my friends told me that the drama is boring However I am now on Ep 4 and I'm loving it! LMH and PSH rocks! I was never a fan of LMH but I think he did well in this drama so far Can't wait to continue! Etivise Sikei 5:30 am Can't wait to watch this drama to be honest ! Knowing all the actors that are in this drama just bugs me to watch it as soon as it release hahaha but overall I'm a bit sad though because my favorite actor is not in it which is Kim Hyun Joong LOL :D algood coz i have Kim Woo Bin to watch hopefully this drama will be interesting as Boys Over Flower so that others will feel excited when watching it Park Shin Hye ! you're the mann aye :) makes me feel proud when i heard that you're in this series Keep It Up GirL ! xx Sandra 9:49 pm The storyline is kinda shallow compared to say Pinocchio which is another shin hye drama I loved the character of Krystal so nice to hear a bilingual actor Minho's english just made me cringe-sorry to say im still only halfway thru this series and i really hated Choi Young-do's character but *spoiler aler* Rachel's character is turning out to be a bigger ass lol Now i feel like rooting for Young do Well for those who really like the chaebol kind of story this is a very good series to watch the very typical chaebol story with all the romance and just enough comedy (the funny lines were very witty i must say) to go. Sun 4:29 pm I'm going to be quite frank about this the plot of the drama is honestly not that great the only reason the ratings are so high is because of the star-studded cast in the drama otherwise if you think about it if this drama was filmed with nobodies the viewer ratings would be significantly lower I will continuing watching this drama however because of the actors/actresses in this drama since i'm like many others who are watching this for the star-studded cast. :) Just being honest not to offend anybody or anything! ^^ Tori 8:44 pm Funny that the show became more interesting whenever they came back to Korea Seems that's the only place that puts more life into their scenes (~_^) For those who don't watch Heirs yet watch it WITHOUT hate annoyed forced feeling and try to be sincere then you'll know what i mean sammy 2:00 am just finished watching eps 11 already want to watch it all over again all characters look so good in this one can' t wait for tomorrow LOOOOOOOVE IT :-) K-Choi 1:21 am I love it when Yoo Ra Hae looks angry she looks even more beautiful! Kim. Love yonghwa 5:30 am wow so exciting to jung yong hwa !!! i have seen his concert in spore so daebak !! hope his acting will be rising to good luck!! Kim In Hee 3:20 am Been waiting for his comeback and it's finally happening after 2 years! With Park Shin Hye not sure about it cause it's the third time round but let wait. Valerie 7:36 pm OMFG !!!! Finally I was hoping for this pairing to happen but didn't think this soon omg so excited next few months well be hell XD sherry 3:11 am waaaaah! I'm so excited another to watch comedy romance drama!!! Great casting! Park Shin Hye is a great actress plus a handsome and great actor Lee Min Ho! Oh!!!! the drama will be successful I was addicted to You're Beautiful and City Hunter and both of my fav actors will work together weew!!!! Jonah Riza 6:24 pm I am soooo excited to watch this I love Lee min Ho and i just finished 'Faith' Even if I heard so many negative things about it I am still a fan As well as of Park Shin Hye ( I have watched so many of her dramas)! The casting is really awesome Also looking forward to seeing Hyun Sik of ZEA ( I watched The Romantics and he was so himself then!). About some of the comments I read here yes I agree with some of them I am really tired of the fact that some of the KD tend to repeat certain "moments" on their dramas is like they go and find out what were the FANS favorite parts on other dramas and they add the same moments to theirs and about GIRL POWER I would love to see more of that I want to see a "kick butt" girl on a drama one that won't take "crap" from anyone it would be interesting still I love KD and will continue to watch them my favorite KD right now is THE HEIRS OBVIOUSLY so come on episode 9 & 10 come on can't wait to. April 5:22 pm I heard this drama will have 4 lead actors & 4 lead actresses (if I'm not mistaken) one of the main lead actor is Lee Min Ho I reeeaaally want to suggest the other 3 lead actors and 4 lead actresses just as suggestion only :) Actresses: Park Bo Young Im Yoona Son Dam Bi & Park Shin Hye Actors: Jung Yong Hwa Kim Soo Hyun & Do Ji Han My thought that those actors & actresses could be the most handsome & elegant heir and heiress thanks :D Amylynn 12:14 am I wish to see more of The Heirs How come there were 20 episodes only There so many things need to be unfold but I guess 60 minutes not enough to wrap up the whole story Its kinda sad to see the ending of Kim Won and Choi Young Do My favorite scene was during the time jump of 10 years later Everybody seemed so happy so I'm satisfied with that But they really should include the story of Rachel's mom and Chan Young's dad in the time jump scene Anyway well done for The Heirs casts and production team for making a great drama that has been enjoyed by so many people all over the world This is definitely one of my favorite K-Drama so far I wish this drama can win awards they deserved for their hard works Well done guys! California USA :P Hah! 9:05 pm Very boring cliche and shallow storyline and sorry but I got enough of Lee Min Ho playing as the typical heir/rich guy student Didn't he get enough in BOF and he still has to play as Kim Tan or play in this drama??? Why couldn't he just give the role to someone else and for heaven’s sake pick another drama with more meaningful and more sensible plot appropriate to his level as an actor Uninteresting and a pain. Maya 3:34 am @xiomaral : I think you have to learn more about respectful this is public area you should not make a comment like that if you dont like it then leave it Aneesh 2:55 am Ahhhhh ! Superrr ! AWESOME ♥ LoveTTTT ! LEE MIN HO and PARK SHIN HYE ^^GOOD JOB^^ Roopa 1:16 am Love lee min ho love this drama awesome can't w8 to see epi 5 <3 it Kim 8:58 pm So much excitement around this drama Sounds like a cliche drama (doesn't mean i don't like it) where the rich guy and the poor girl hook up It will be predictable Tons of great stars but not impressed with the plot Still the 1st episode so it will take some time to improve Greetings From Texas Rinjoo 8:01 pm I'm currently watching it! OMGGGG <3 Tan is lonely,pensive,screwed-up,emotionally disturbed,LESS arrogant and LESS jerk!! his EYE expression are AWESOME!! The way he stares at Eun Sang is something beyond perfect!! ( :( :( I HOPE that Eun Sang falls for Tan very soon BECAUSE Tan is really lonely!! 1-Tan's brother gives him the cold shoulder,hurts him badly!! 2-Tan has a CHINGO-turned-into-enemy!! I mean Young do!! :s 3-Tan's ex girlfriend also is on bad terms with him!! 4-Yoon Chan-Young doesn't think of him as a nice guy as he said 2 Eun Sang in America 5-"Jo Myung-Soo" & "Lee Hyo shin" ALSO don't seem 2 be on Tan's side!! :S 6-Tan's fiance is clingy,bitchy! Miss Kim Eun-sook! :)) I have become UR fan!!! U ARE CREATIVE!! Ur dramas are banter filled!!! Miss Kim Eun sook!! Hurry!! Hurry!! Eun Sang should SOON feel 4 Tan and take. There are so many layers and nuances to how this drama–even if you only look at this ONE episode– is deeply racist creepy and dehumanizing to white people that it would take a book to put it all down Suffice it to say that ALL of the horrible stereotypes and myths that s tell themselves about America (more specifically about white men) inside the echo-chamber is there But I will focus on the biggest and most important mythology s tell themselves to assuage their insecurity: all white men are utterly obsessed with women It’s Pure Utter Bullshit But if it were not for this ridiculous myth the whole premise of what happened in episode one would not work So it’s a very important mythology for the s And for their dramas More on that in a bit But first a note about myself Isthjakarta 12:27 pm First all good actor second yes kim woobin character is sooo interesting third offcorse lee min ho is very very very charming bof is a bad really bad one even the audition for the player was done wrongly but for the heirs very good job Ive just read in the interview off lee min ho kissing scene the cameramen was seriously hiding in the storage the director make them really felt that its real and for what its worth it was a bug success thank you for making a good movie thank you for making my day so colorful give me inspiration and waiting to see another Awesome project fightingg!!!! Joanne 6:39 pm This drama is so cliche Is there any other koream drama who does not involving the plot of a rich-cold-spoiled-boy who relies on his parent's wealth falls in love with innocent-childish-poor-weak girl ? Like usual this girl is sooo innocent and childish (if i could say stupid and weak ) so every rich boys will deeply mad inlove with her because she needs to be protected Minimum 2 boys will love her and she would felt guilty to fall in love with ohe of them On the other hand the other girls/casts happen to be rich and bitchy and she /they would always mean to the poor girl What a cinderella story Boriiiiing ! Kay 10:46 pm This drama will have no staying power after it's over I rate a good drama on how many times I want to go back and watch it over and over again This is a once and done for me I am only watching it to the end because it serves as a filler while I wait for other dramas to get subbed In other words this will be no classic like BOF ie honest 10:18 pm @young agree Sje Lucky 4:55 am I am a huge fan of ms Park Shin Hye I'll dramas ONLY with Park Shin Hye in it She is first and foremost an excellent dancer This Park girl definitely has an *it* factor sustal archangels:) 1:16 am can't wait to see this exciting drama especially the part of Krystal cant imagine she's one of the great cast also lee min ho and park shin-hye<3 Mika 11:33 am What an amazing drama! No matter how many times I watch it I don't seem to ever get enough! It was like a fairytale! And the soundtracks omg Can't get them out of my head Also every single one of that actors and the actresses were perfect for their roles! I just can't find words to describe how beautiful this drama is Everyone sould definitely watch it As for the hate comments I get why there are so many of them When a drama becomes so well known and succesful there will be more hate comments than average kdramas Lily 12:36 am I like Kim Tan's eyes always painting his emotion. May 6:35 pm i hope its Park min young!!! they look so cute together in "city hunter" !!!! angel eunhye 6:07 pm park shin hye is already choosing another drama in kbs ! so plz plz plz choose yoon. N 6:04 am eun sang is probably the most useless character she is so plain bland and boring all she does is crying and doing whatever she's told to do this drama sucks as a whole despite all the great casts Racquel Reyes 10:26 pm oh my I'm waiting for the episode 17 make on air so nice seen on that story beautiful story the character of. Yongshin 2:15 am Episode 7 get's really interesting I wonder if Choi Young Do will get to change his character Many people still take sides of him He must have a good side of his personality I can't wait for the time that he and Kim Tan will be friends again Maybe Cha Eun-sang will make it happen?I hope that ep 7 will get a higher rating this time Can't wait to see ep 8 The Heir Fighting! lily 12:24 am Even I want to see this film I can't see it in my house no channel at my tv aarrrggg So if you are expecting a lot of intrigue and drama to the scene much faster maybe you can change your channels such as secret the medical team or scandal Once again I love this drama because it presents a different feeling watching dramas and most interesting to watch it's just how you adjust your emotions while watching Yana 10:35 am I come from Indonesia I really know how it feels to watch the hairs it is like a drama when I was high school 1995-2005 era but in a more relaxed version They do not make you MUST watch but it makes you FORCED to watch so please. Sally 2:54 am I really love this drama And I hope Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sung will be together soon xD acid 2:01 am I agree with BIRU and GAGPLA I prefer Cha Eun Sang end with Kim Young Do That's call an interesting story Hehehe biru 12:55 am na do eunsang wa young. Tori 11:36 pm When you think about it like REALLY think about it Lee Min Ho's character is actually a bully Not like physical type of bully but he won't take no for an answer and when he asked Eun Sang to give him an answer if she liked him he would not accept her NO no matter how many times she said it Even with tears He said give me another answer Hello? That's foreshadow of days to come in the real world Realistically he's possessive and thinks his poop don't stink He's just the nicer version of Kim Woo Bin's character that's all But I still like. Snow flakes 9:56 am For 2015,I wanna see Lee Min Ho with "Song Hye Kyo" or "Go Ara" or "Park Bo Young" in a drama with an ORIGINAL,refreshingly new & exciting script TO TELL THE TRUTH,I still haven't liked ANY of Lee Min Ho's leading ladies!! I especially do NOT LIKE "Park Shin Hye"! :( her acting isn't impressively good & she spoils kiss scenes! so annoying! Her characters are so annoying! Immaculata 4:34 pm Am beginning to luv Park Shin-Hye's and Lee-min movies their role's in Korea movies are something else cool & act so real Keep it up,the Lord is your strength I would love to learn how to speak Korea Ren 2:05 am @Davia. Ana 9:04 pm I like the cast and managed to watch up to ep 9 but I had very hard times following through this drama There are nothing new and exciting So many dual moments that I attempted to quit watching Frankly speaking so far it doesn't reflect the ratings shown above The kissing scene of LMH and PSH on the rooftop was the worse kissing scene I have seen in dramas no wonder PSH is always labeled as 'the worse kiss actress' I hope this drama will get better as the ratings Cross my finger Keira1976 1:34 am I thought that this drama was really good and heart warming Though the love between KT and ES was not really far from ordinary but still does not shake the viewers that much There is no extraordinary love moments in which a viewer can really remember I can say this drama is just okay Acting was great though and the setting was fab At the end of the episodes it was kinda boring too Micky 12:36 am although i feel bored Sometimes But this Drama took place in my heart and my interest i love. Rael 2:47 pm The love story just too common and of course eunsang end up with tan thanks for that (not with youngdo) At first i like tan but after watch till end i prefer youngdo I dont talk about LMH & KWB Cheerylle 6:21 am its there a part 2 in faith casting of lee min ho and kim hee i want to know if they are get married after all the sucrifices of ther relationship KC 2:57 am I am so excited for this drama to come out! I have already seen the title cover picture and the casts all look AMAZING! I really hope this will turn out as good as it seems to be The casting are all great so I am really really excited Takoyaki 3:41 am then after the master's sun finish heirs will aired! OMG why i have been watching so many damn great dramas lately from i hear your voice to master's sun and next will be HEIRS! waaaaaaaaaaitingggggggggg Laura 4:37 am OMG Kang Min Hyuk in the game I cant wait to see Shin Hye and Min Hyuk they are my idol *halah* :)) BTW do Shin Hye and Min Ho good for be an ? I dont. Leka 3:36 pm when did the episode 19 will be release can't wait to watch this drama to the end Katniss 2:58 pm @sepide Leave this site now!!! You don't come here and attack the show nor the actors and actresses You are welcome to make constructive criticism but bashing it? F--k off! LMH is a non English speaker so what do you expect I thought he did well and he tried his best The show made you sleepy then go. Honestopinions 10:08 pm Honestly this drama isn't good its like a modern day Cinderella and is really boring The casting is good but the drama plot line and characterization is horrible The only good characters and interesting plot line is the the one with f(x) Krystal and CNblue Minhyuk I know a small portion of people who watch this likes this drama but if it weren't for the casts most people would be honest and state that this drama is really boring Don't get me wrong the actors can act but the drama plot line is so boring (i'm only watching the lee bo-na and chanyoung scenes) Osereme 8:30 pm I haven't stopped jumping with glee over this teaser since I saw it on Thursday i'm overly excited and that's okay because this drama is worth it! zatie 3:35 pm omooo lee min ho and park shin hye in this drama i'll be waiting farah 1:55 pm oh my god lee min ho and park shin hey best actors in one drama can't wait 13Eebee12 12:25 am Personally I think I should end up with Kim Tan ! But Im sure its all due in time LOL On another note I love this drama Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho work so well together ! meow09 11:42 pm omo!!!! I so love this drama it's soooo cool! I'm starting to like Kim Woo Bin's character coz he's such a bad jerk but when it comes to his feelings for Eun Sang he's so childish so cute! Bu I love Kim Tan still!! Lee Min Ho saranghae oppa!!!!!! love. Lee min ho always makes me smile God,please make him smile in return for me because all I can do is 2 pray 4 him!! God,please make all his wishes get fulfilled because then it is gonna makes me smile!! L 1:28 am Please dont pair LMH with someone from idol group Better with actress real one tika 12:45 am partner with song. Yongshin 7:13 am My co-avid fans and viewers of The Heirs s has a better rating I also have the feeling that ep 9 will get that rating since it's a little bit slow and not much of an excitement I guess it's the flow of the story If you noticed the pattern of the rating w/in a week the next ep usually gets the highest rating But this time we will bit the ratings Let's go for 2nd for nationwide All Filipinos out there please spread the news to watch this drama You can catch up with us It's getting into the heart of the story Wait and see Let's make the nationwide higher for this next episodes The Heirs fighting! Araso 11:51 am To ones who comments about this drama is boring and not interesting I wanna to ask you did you already watched this drama?? At least until Ep4?? Yes in Ep1 I also found this drama boring and not attractive But after watching again for Ep 2 and Ep3 I found this drama has awesome storyline Please don't judge this drama until you watch Ep4 or Ep5 This drama worth to be watch ^^b aerowhite 11:22 am Park Shin Hye doesn't match Lee Min Ho at all in ". Kat thomas 6:58 pm in real life I used to fantasize bout lee min ho nd park shin hye being together because I thought that the big bad boy from Boys Over Flowers would go well with the shy girl from your beautiful and I guess my wish came true rachna 4:48 pm jj you are wrong we are so amazed with. Lela6130 7:47 am I don't know why there were so many negative and hate comments about this drama For someone who really loves The Heirs I feel so sad to read your comments Stop bashing at here just watch something else There's plenty of other dramas There's only 4 episodes left don't waste your time by watching The Heirs if you're gonna hate it I know this drama has full of star studded casts but seriously the story line were also great too You guys have no idea how many fans were anticipating the 17th episode Eunice 5:30 am oppa(lee min hoo) i love ur acting skills very much I wish to meet u in person though my wish cant come through It's so easy to do but why can't you? Because you are so damn proud to admit the you've been hooked by this drama with all it's flaws and shortcomings that's why you keep on watching or reading it's recaps And that is what the hype is all ? Then switch channel or turn the tv off and ignore this comment Shireen P 3:57 am So excited to see this I've been waiting for it for SO long!! I'm curious to see how the pair will turn out The teaser trailers look good so let's hope the drama will be a hit XD Lee Min Ho I'm definitely your fan! You're amazing and i know you've done a great job!! :D :* Prashika 8:55 pm I love the synopsis !!! Fighting !! I think this will be a great hit after boys over flowers and gu family book ^^ saranghaeyo lee min oppa ^^ supporting you from America -. Heirssss 11:39 am good looking actors/ cast they got all the famous actors especially lee minho kim woobin and park shin hye BUT the story is kinda BORING as usual the rich was in love with the poor and i can predict how this drama will gonna end there is NOT much chemistry between lee minho and park shinhye unlike with the boys over flowers kim woobin doesnt seem to make any efforts to win park shinhye's heart there is NO love chemistry that would make you wanna watch it until the end i suggest that they shouldnt cast lee minho because thats what make this boring since he was also in boys over flowers and the storyline is kinda SAME for me i like boys over flowers compared to heirs WHO AGREES. Natalia 2:16 am I WANT BBF2 BBF2 bbf bbf want jandi and jun pyo back and please make liminho's hair style curl only curly hair suits him Alex 12:45 am The heirs is one of the most boring dramas I've ever watched I couldn't even bring myself to finish it The good-looking casts made up for the cliche storyline and bad acting Sue 8:37 pm This is still my all time fave I love this drama Please watch it for yourselves and don't be discouraged by the negative comments I loved the fact that the writer showed the stories of so many different characters I loved every single relationship highlighted esp that between Kim Tan's mom and Cha Eun Sang's actors were excellent and are a major part of why I like this drama so much I have lost count of how many times I YouTube certain scenes just for a laugh I love. Tania208 9:18 am I watch this series twice every year for 4 years and I am still addicted Lee Min ho and Park Shin-Hye are very good actors I hope they do another drama together again One of the Best Kdramas I have ever watched Lee010 6:29 am Every year I watched this drama all over again i really ship Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye It's been more 5 years I think and still I can't get this drama out of my head.I really admire this drama and the actors were really power.

Shannytan 12:14 am this drama is so great i cant say something i cant explain what i've fe.l i love so much this drama its so romantic and has full of lessons that i got this drama four eps to go what wil happen im excited much GODBLESS YOU ALL CAST very great in acting i love it i love u all amwah!!!!! Wookie 10:57 pm Daebak Ggdr 11:21 am both minho and shin hye are goodlooking and the storyline is okay,but i don't understand why they picked them for the ly,i think their acting is cold and they niether fit the characters nor each other.i think their bests were for minho is b.o.f and personal taste,and shin hye is ,nice teen drama and wish them both the best! Helen 10:59 am i am enjoying this drama so much i didnt enjoy seen Eun-Sang and Tan separate because of his mom but i am hoping for a better result. Tanni 11:17 am The Heirs→ a drama full of nice & cutey love scenes & creatively created characters Tanni ♥♥♥ Eun Sangy→ a cutey Tanni→ His crying scenes are so touching & beautiful One teary eye while 1 pretty tear streaming down his face from the other eye,then one another tear falling! He cries prettily & attractively neat Tanni is a warm & kind person whose love is "Love at first sight" & doesn't make the viewers annoyed by bottling up his feelings Madam Han(Tanni's eomoni) →a woman with a broken heart She maybe seem mean at first but she is so adorable & kind! She is an attractively immature mother who worries so much about her son & acts as if she is 15! veryy cuteyy! ^ ^ Hamster80555 10:20 pm @lamee kim won aint married to hyun joo yet haha i guess they are only dating or something? Yes there are some irrational and incomprehensible thongs (eg excessive speaking in english haha) but not like they can speak to surfer dude and have him reply in LOL that would be hilarious and awkward Lol since its a drama of course theres going to be things that are ridiculously out of place and hilarious but i think that's part of the charm The Heirs holds over me D: Yes I am biased <3 Cammie 2:23 pm The heirs I started watching it many years ago but never finished This year I suddenly felt the urge to finally finish it since I wanted to know the ending and it bothered me that I didn't Just so we are clear I know Young-do has been emotionally traumatized and needs someone to fall in love with so he can become a better person at the end of this show BUT I'm rooting for Kim Tan Young-do is purposely pushing everyone away unlike Kim Tan whom is a emotional burden to this step-brother father that other lady who I have refused to call his step-"mother" The only person who actually cares about him is his mother though she seems like she's lost her marbles or something because her plotting to become Lady #1 has failed for now how many years? Anyway he has finally found ONE person that will actually appreciate him SO I need Eun-Sang to reciprocate just a little more affection! I know this girl is scared but COME ON!? Ha rant over. Lia 8:00 am haha it seems like a lot of people writing here don't really like the drama but why i see a lot of comments and reviews that it seems like i'm already reading the entire plot of the story together with each one's character it only shows this drama is so PoPular and is the talk of the town So it only shows that everybody is watching this drama no matter what they say i find this drama so beautiful! the title itself is so captivating Lee minho is a real Heir; a versatile actor He is. Lovie 9:51 pm i hope the female lead will be one of them: song hye kyo or yoon eun hye or park shin hye Love them all hamda 3:08 pm I totally vote for my fav actress SONG HYE KYO !! i hope she would get chosen ><!! Nina 1:56 pm i hope the lead actress is han hyo joo or han ji min or maybe ha ji won Please!!! Edwina Leynes 10:51 am Hi there this is one the the drama that is amazing to watch I love all the characters esp the lead actor and actress I can't wait to see the next episodes is there any DVD english and Tagalog version that I can buy now I'd love to finish the story soon I'll can't wait for the remaining episodes This drama is great to watch I love it Hundred percent awesome!!!!!!!! Please email me back where I can buy the story in DVD English version. Mary 12:56 pm @BellaLuz3 if you don't why are you watching? If you think Jang Geun Suk has more talents then why his recent projects are not doing well at all If you have nothing good to say just keep quiet BellaLuz3 12:36 pm Boring Drama I think it is overrated I like Lee Min Ho but I do not think he is that great of an actor In my opinion Jang Geun Suk has more talent I loved Lee Min Ho in FAITH and CITY HUNTER; Heirs is not good at all 10 episodes already and the drama has not moved. Kay 4:44 am Once again a few episodes left to get issues wrapped up Brothers mending fences hyung's teacher girlfriend suicidal guy with 2 loves and avoiding testing mute mother jobless miserable mistress two bitter high school enemies patching things up one sided loves sickly father not to mention the banged up male lead and his lady How can all this be resolved in 3 hours and still seem plausible? Was it really necessary to spend all that time on the American scenes? Nesrin 11:10 am i love minhye coupe <3 they are th best ever ;)) i wish that they will date in real life ^^ i love this movie so much <3 its the best drama of 2013 :)) matthew 10:32 am We are waiting to see his movie GANGNAM BLUES next year!!! Hoping to see a lot of action from Mr Lee Min Ho and maybe speaks english in a few scenes You are a versatile actor bcos your acting were not the same in all your roles in each past dramas and movies gd luck from your fans in U.K Makayla 1:32 am when will this be out in new zealand on the internet i soooo love lee min ho and park shin hye ive seen all of lee min ho's tv series/movies aswell as park shin hye's plz let me know ;) x Kath 10:37 pm Omg! How I wish Shin Won Ho of crossgene is on this drama He really is such a great actor plus good looking. Slee 9:07 am I wonder if this was really something Kim Eun Sook wrote - the famous screenwriter for Gentlemen's Dignity Secret Garden City Hall etc etc all I can say is was there a point or plot to this drama at all? Everything was so cliche boring and pointless What happened to the writer's witty lines and plots that she was so famous for? Oh dear! As I just finished watching Secret Love and Suspicious Housekeeper I couldn't help comparing The Heirs unfavorably with the. Ladywolverine 11:37 pm Read pretty much all the comments and criticism You guys are "cracking me up." LOL!! But hey "lets agree to disagree." Lady wolverine 11:31 pm Read pretty much all the comments and you guys are "cracking me up." Its just too funny Lol But hey "lets agree to disagree." Adawa 1:53 am I get all too happy too whenever Young Do and Eun Sang meets but I would never want them to end up together because Young Do's feelings for Eun Sang isn't even that clear or sure yet unlike Tan's Tan and Eun Sang has such a great chemistry that when they're together in a scene you can't help but feel giddy Young Do's ways are so evil but cute at the same time but Tan shows and proves that his love is true and real towards. Emily 2:36 pm Just like how you guys are expressing your opinions I am too I'm sorry but this drama is too cliche I have come across a lot of fanfics that are like this drama Poor girl and rich guy mean queenka and kingka that one bully guy who likes the poor girl kingka also starts to like the poor girl And wow PSH lives with LMH? TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING Arranged marriages? That's new M 12:59 pm Just done watching episode 8 at one channel Interesting! One thing that made me laugh Please they're just too old to act as a high schoolers Lol Martinha 10:55 pm OMG Noira couldn't say better! People have been defending her by her pretty face and forget what she is doing a drama not a magazine cover I love her but she's lacking experience in other characters! Like Minho have done other than BBF and he won screen personality with that She should decline more of the same poor girl that doesn't know what to do best characters should be given to her even Krystal was great in Heirs noira 6:17 pm Really Funny Comment: I dont like Lee Min ho Character here I think He must doing more like on City Hunter & Boys Over Flower !!! Ashyn 2:21 am LMH+PSH+KHJ would be more exciting ones but lets wait for the chosen to perform their roles well and wait to watch it on screen:) angeluver 2:04 pm this drama is looking better by the minute with the new addition of the stepbrother to lee min ho oh my my GREAT cast!! LOVE LOVE LOVE so happy :D Mimiya 3:32 pm Disappointed by the writer Expected better from writer of "Secret Garden" and "Gentleman's Dignity" Two Excellent shows This had the potential to be great but very slow plot and did not explore side stories enough It needs more episodes Please! Cris :) 3:29 pm I love The Heirs! Especially Lee-Min-Ho he's an amazing actor and very handsome Plus the fact that the story line is great! I hope that this series will be extended. :) Ayu 5:07 am really looking forward to this drama can't wait anymore to see Lee Min Ho ^^ agnes 4:07 am OMG ! finally you have a drama together its sooo exciting ! LOVE you both :) angeluv 11:53 pm looking forward to watch the drama hopefully they will add great actors to it maybe song joong ki or any other that u think suitable bye But Lee Minho's english was definitely cingeworthy I dont think he deserves hate for that though He's Of course his english sucks I'd like to see you guys speak a second language fluently with a perfect accent Miles 1:43 am I was so excited for this On my scale the first episode was 7/10 I know they're so their English isn't the best But it makes me cringe watching it I hate Kim Tan's friend Jay though! He's a cliche surfer drug addict! He's annoying too! They could've got someone better for his friend like seriously? Babes 10:44 am I would like to congratulate the cast the director and most especially the script writer you did a good job I wish that we will meet you someday somehow Umoss 10:28 am I never saw kang ye sol in the drama is that normal ?O_o hi1 10:15 am I get that we are jealous of PSH's beauty but you shouldn't call her ugly because what does that make us? Freaks of nature??? Radha 12:42 am I enjoy a lot to watching this drama i am curious for 11 episode,looking forward patiently Really Lee min Ho's acting is amazing and also he is so cool and good looking in Drama's The main thing we are interseting to wacth Heirs Drama is Love,Value to Friendship and at the same time show difference between Love & Friendship the direction of Movie and Music and dialogues,dialouge delivery--All the things you make it as an excellent Wish you a very good Luck to achive. C',) 5:16 pm I think its time for Lee Min Ho to be paired with actress that is younger than him His leading actresses are always older than him They maybe pretty & look younger in their physical appearance but they can't deny their age I read somewhere that this drama is a youth-oriented college dramas So I'm not amazed that they picked her because its in her age-range It'll be a great drama for sure! Mpon 3:41 pm Park shin hey and lee min ho are My favorits actor and actress i wish this movie fix so soon Fiting. Lizama 6:19 pm i would have liked to se my youn hwa in an othe drama i love him his music is the best i also like very much le min ho his also a realy good actor i realy don't know if i can choose between them two i realy love them am realy happy that one of them is duing this drama i will be weating for this drama to come out am waeting for you guys bring it on <3 Suji Lamechanay 9:30 pm AHHH once again Minhoo with his new drama n may this drama also b the blockbuster again best wishes luv. Olawale akanbi 5:25 pm Wow i really like this movie,so interesting i can't wait to the remaining episodes Artcherell 1:41 am Wow,i haven't seen it and i know i'm going to like it Lee Min Ho is in this I hear that the drama maybe similar to "boys over flowers"; will Lee Min Ho play a character similar to the onehe played in "boys over flowers"? I Love the character he played on boys over flower; bei.g childish,assuming that the girl likes him because she stud up to him e.t.c well,i can't wait to see him act in this drama Good luck to all actors and actresses,bring your characters to life and move the hearts/emotions of rhe viewers and have fun ian 1:37 am im sorry but i really think lee min ho's. Maziyahlopez 10:34 pm Goodluck to all the team! Great job we all hoping for more episodes 20 is not enough for us Congratulation for the high rating We love all the cast especially Kim Tan Cha eun sang and choi yong do goodluck guys more projects to come and hoping nxtime choi young do will be the lead actor Thanks to you all! Godbless Dana 10:19 pm This series is Great! I am always looking for the coming episodes plus I am getting to learn a bit of ;). Rebecca 1:03 pm Best drama ever Can't believe it has end already I hope the rating of the final episode gonna boost when they release it tomorrow Good job for the whole The Heirs production team I'm really enjoying this drama since the beginning So excited to share this with another The Heirs fan all over the world Becca (Future Mrs Lee Min Ho) - Sydney Australia browneyez 12:50 pm The best drama I've watched so far Good from beginning to end With large ratings hopefully there will be a Season 2 SBS if you read this post bring this back for Season 2 please its one of your better dramas Pelitisi Lutui 3:51 am i am from new zealand n i'm a big fan of drama and lee min hoo is one of my favorite actor when i heard that he has a new movie drama coming out i was so excited to watch it n now my patience is all over myself of can't waiting hahah Ruthy 1:11 am im super surprised tht krystal was gonna be in it i dont really like her but whtever i cant believe this drama is gonna hve such a amazing cast eeeppp i couldnt tell how excited i am i hve been waiting for awhile hehehehe yuyu10001 10:40 am First time Hyung Lee paired with lady younger than him What will happen? too excited to wait :D Christy 6:38 pm i can only say nothing is perfect and so this drama there are some silly mistakes but i think it's not something that should make us real mad but i still understand the people who are saying this drama is not interesting cuz maybe they expected more and got less i don't know In my perspective it's not the best or the least ''just good'' ;) Keira Mutya 10:34 am the heirs has too many good actors playing but with the story like that it feels like that's another version of boys before flowers nothing special or intrigue a poor girl who trap into the rich people again??? ouh i just really hope that it'll worth sometimes good drama came up from their briliant's story not from a bunch of popular actors such as heartless city or shark maybe they both not too success in rating but the story keep growing every episodes n it so excited not like to the beautiful you or love rain that failed down well it just my opinion but still i cannot wait for this drama let's hope the storyline to be as good as the actors Go & READ COMMENTS & positively looking view of critics & get the depth & delicate nuance of the scenes & lines!! Commentators!! BE 100% SURE THAT a drama will NOT become a MEGA HIT without reason!! Do U think it makes sense?? This drama has become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL & A CRAZY phenomenon Behind the popularity there are reasons lying!! Don't forget the screenwriter is "Kim Eun Sook"! love 11:00 am I OVER LOVED THE HEIRS!!eun sang and kim tan,thank you *rewatching** and to people who did not like the drama and wants other people to join them in hating the drama,everyone has there personal preference,yes,people have the right to call it there 'best. Rochelle 8:42 am Just reading all your comments guys and this is what kinda' horrific more than this drama To tell you guys stop being that way you could only make them more popular hahahahaha on LMH's acting haven't you realized that "of course he can't speak overly straight english with American accent" because he was never born like that He is a pure And to the story he is just an exchange student who lives in America for just a years? not all his years since he was born on the story But at least he gives justice on his character Showing off that he is a who can speak and understand english Aily 7:56 am So sad knowing that Jung Yong Hwa will not be the part of this movie Rella 9:14 pm I can't wait ! But it's kinda like boys over flowers! So excited though <333 I wish ku hye sun would've been the poor girl playing in the drama wahh welp ! Excited. Meilovesyooh 12:31 am lol to those who are saying park shinhye is ugly or unatractive bcoz shes a typical beauty and for you people to even try to put her down is a joke you may have your own preference but to say shes ugly is just making u a hater by the way the drama is addicting but im seriously hating that damn school and those snobby rich kids if you love the typical rich guy-poor girl high school love story than u should really give it a watch i personally love all that cheesy goodness so i cant stop watching it! Miss tan 6:41 am I love Kim tan n cha Eun sang pair they have good chemistry ❤❤I watch for them only Rubs 6:35 am I want Kim tan and cha Eun sang together I watch for them only they have great chemistry ❤❤ fmc 3:53 am Agreed with truth Poor girl and rich boy using same phone Note 3 although under instalment Mina 12:30 am Wish Jung Yong Hwa was still in this :/ LMH and JYH are my favorites! It would have been amazing to see them star in the same drama! :/ Hopefully they might do one in the future! (: But I still can't wait to see this because of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye (I watched so many dramas that she starred in!!) My favorite actor and actress<3 Ahh can't wait!! Toye o 10:12 am Honestly i must say that this is like one of my favorite dramas this year awesome cast the last scene of episode 6 when she was pretending to sleep and he says "i don't know why i always want to protect you' mehn its going to be war for this threesome here on out soooo looking forward to the next episode yong shin 10:12 am @Amal nour her acting was the best!! OMO How can u say this ? everyone knows she is the best except you -.- Ri 1:10 pm ok I don't get why people hate this drama so much I personally adored it It was addicting as hell Plus there's a lot of pretty faces scenery and clothes Two attractive men fighting over 1 pretty girl? Why not Kim Woo-Bin stole the show though don't expect some ground-breaking stuff here It's pretty simple but enjoyable A fun watch when you just want a pick-me-up and a good old simple. Kiara 3:06 pm am i the only one supporting kim woo bin and shin hye? i like them together better than lee minho and park shin hye! LOL although i knoe how it gonna end,kim woo bin,FIGHTING!!! afrina 11:32 am i enjoyed watching this drama fyi im just 15 year old kid i really hope on my mext birthday i can meet park shin hye and lee min ho bcs i adore them which i coldnt explain how by writting this comment i srsly hope that i can meet them on my birthday. Jenn 1:59 pm OMg when will Heirs be on air?? they said its going to be today I dont see anything yet!! I want to watch LMH and not so much of sorry peeps That's my opinion Kara 12:54 pm I'll try this drama out The plot doesn't sound that interesting; its sounds so cliche I've never seen so much hype for a drama though There's so many well known stars in it Yet a lot of these actors are just in my opinion pretty faces There are far better actors out there Who knows maybe it will exceed my expectations My suggestions Actors: Kim Beom (Padam,Padam) Kim Young-Kwang (Can We Get Married?) Ko Gyung-Pyo (Operation Proposal) Seo Jun-Young (Sirius) & Park Ki-Woong (Bridal Mask) Actresses: Park Se-Young (Faith) Kim Yoon-Hye (Heartstrings) Han Groo (Girl K) Lee Young-Ah (King's Dream) & Jung Eun-Ji (Answer Me 1997) charm 11:00 pm even before i wish that lee minho and yoon eun hye be together in a drama well,maybe this is not yet the time i suggest jung il woo sung jong ki or yeo seung ho im waiting for. Chhavi 6:17 am @jazmin i totally agree with you i also had to force myself to watch it till the end just bcoz I love LMH but I know that its not fair to say but the drama didn't came up to my expectations of what i had expected about it but still I have to say that the drama was OKAY not more. Marjan 3:17 am Song hye kyo!!! Song hye kyo!!! Song hye kyo!!! she is such a talented and pretty actress!! the filming of her latest drama is finished!!!!!! due 2 her baby face she will match min ho!! I hope she will be offered this role!!! I have watched "that winter the wind blows",her acting is brilliant!!!!!!! lee min ho deserves 2 play opposite a TOP NOTCH actress!!!! Gy 6:48 am You can't compare k drama with english series!There are so me k drama are more better than english ?Firstly,because k drama are more decent and secondly the story are more ng kdrama you can learn some things like you should be grateful and satisfactory for your good life,for your healty your home and other the actors are more beautiful,in general than english actors/PSH is soo the script,yeah seems so common but isn' you see first episode you see ise,for who dont like kdrama and judge if you dont like than. Runaway 8:54 am Pic gallery have appeard high up pressure to wait hooooh natalie 11:58 pm OMGSHHH!! I cant wait for this drama to come out ive been waiting for it forever! =D I think its gonna be a good drama because my two favourite actor play in is lee min ho & park shi hye<333 YAYAYAYAYYAYYAYA "=D=D Uni 10:01 pm This drama is booming because the main lead is lee min hoo and park shin ye but I think the story is flat and boring Im lee min hoo fans but sory oppa I do not like the storyline and intrigue in this drama are flat gellai 7:44 pm whoooooo ! It was really amazing ^____^ I really had a sleepless nights because of watching the full episodes again :D :D The casts are really good It's a MUST BE WATCH drama ^__^ Ilovetheheirs 9:28 pm reallyy like the story of this drama! totally in love with kim woo bin&Le min ho. :""D park shin hye as you know beautiful especially in the ep 11 when young do push her to the swimming pool it like bringing her natural beauty!! DAEBAK! Sara Portugal 7:22 pm I want Cha Eun Sang and Choi Young Do together! They look really well together! I love the personage of Woo Bin! I can't wait for the next episode!<3 Miss laila 1:12 am Tan seems too miserable and a bit pathetic in this ep 17 I hate to see him broken that way I only had my tears after Eun Sang cries since she was much more stronger after their separation Tan will only be independent when he ditch his father and take care of her own mother like Eun Sang did I'm smiling a lot after seeing cute scenes between Rachel and Hyo Shin they suits a lot better than Rachel-Choi Young Do really anticipating for ep 18 hope to see better scenes of. If you want to play that is completely different you just create their own stories I am very sure it meets your expectations BOF: is it true that you've actually watched BOF ? if I were asked I actually felt more like a ROYAL FAMILY (be sure that one who criticize it must be the haters have / could also people who always wanted to play jung yong hwa but do not play sorry for you r with gentlemen dignity : which part which is similar to evenyou still watch 1 episode truly awesome ideot I'm sure the people who can criticize a drama even aired 1 new episode must be a QUACK ridiculous crazy =============== Tto a conclusion so far the first episode I really feel comfortable watching this drama for people who like to equate this with another drama Mia 5:18 am This is going to be the best drama EVER!!! My favourite actors in one drama the teasers look amazing and I'm just so inlove with it even though I haven't watched it yet :)))) I can't wait till tomorrow <3 <3 <3 Lee Min Ho <3 Park Shin Hye <3 Kim Woo Bin <3 :)))))) Mugdha 2:05 am cant wait to watch it let me know on which website i can watch. Kdrama luvr 3:23 am omg one of the dramas i was obsessed about for a period of time for some reason i honestly just liked the characters and the actors interactions in the drama the side s were very cuute! there wasn't really an exact story line that you can follow through it was very messy plus the ending was wack in my opinion lolol there should've been more to it if you don't like happy but vague endings ion think this the drama for you although I do recommend watching for the side characters/s they'll make you laugh and feel very very fluttery inside Since the start of a 9th become increasingly impatient to me I hope I do not have a busy schedule so I can watch Atieh 8:27 am I truely hope that this drama would become the best drama of the year and as an Iranian fan I hope that continues his works as best as he can and would remain as best he is right now jannie lou 5:47 am i am always a big fan of park. Oriin_Nishimura 9:02 pm Again Yonhwa worked with Shin-hye so interesting The most interesting stuff if something happened soon Kim Tan AkA Min Ho Oppa can wait for ur acting!aja aja! maya 3:22 am the casting for this doesn't stop surprising me so many stars it better. Stephanie702 7:51 pm Drama Fever is airing the first episode tonight and it was awesome! Can't wait to watch the next episode I really liked BOF but I think this one will be so much better Jazmin 5:25 am Honestly for me this drama didn't live up to all the hype I love Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho but it was kind of slow for me I forced myself to finish the entire show Although it did drag to me some parts were really enjoyable and I loved Kim Woo Bin's performance For me he was the highlight of the show Overall I was under-whelmed and I felt something was missing I still love Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye I'm excited for their next projects! In LOVE 1:51 am Watched the first episode and i'm so hooked!!! Love all the actresses and actors casted! Minjin Kim 1:50 am This is actually very entertaining XD 'Oh it's just gonna be like BOF Rich guy Poor girl ' Lol If you've seen the episode this drama has waaayyyy more depth even in the first episode The only similarities I see with BoF and the Heirs is the obvious rich and poor character lineup And lee Minho but really other than that Nope Nothing else Kurage 11:46 am The problem with this drama is the over promotion Even in my country the channel that will air this drama has been promoting this drama more than a month before the airing date I thought it would be great since Choi Jin Hyuk Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are in it However the young actor/ress (I mean not enough experience) plus idols are ruining this drama with their sub par acting I feel like the standard of this drama is like Dream High I know that not all actor/ress are bad but the few bad ones are ruining this Plus I had high expectation due to its promotion Destani 8:35 pm Is anyone else going to talk about the really bad and cheesy English lines? Haha I feel like if an actor decides to play a part that evolves speaking English that he should at least commit to perfecting his English so that he sounds legitimate- instead of most of the words becoming sort of slurred together Other than that the show is great and I. Or because the character is brought delinquent indiscriminate and out of control Or because in the beginning of the drama TRAILER say that he (Choi-Young-Do ) has an IQ of 140 then the bad boy carelessly and sometimes out of control then the teenager as with it was considered cool I feel very strange if it the only reason because acting like it has expired why ? because I can show anyone a much more cool actors portray adolescents with an IQ of 180 a little naughty and a lot better than he acting a part from that it's up to the audience as well I do not want worse or bad-mouth kim-wo-bin because I always seen his type same with actor cha seung won but it is not fair to other artists because in my opinion for any reasons of excitement and uniqueness I was more impressed on the crystal-jung and Kim-Ji-Won acting when looking at the role of crystal-jung I immediately smiled 7:10 pm I admit I was excited about this show because of the wonderful big star cast especially Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as the main characters/love interest I have seen so many K-Dramas and I have to say I enjoy this show so much! It keeps me off my seat! Even though its easy to predict what will happen you never know if there will be a twist The family tree and the dramas between everyone was hard to keep up with before but it's interesting to see how everything and everyone plays out I can wait for. Because you should know Compete acting with Lee Min Ho will surely lift your name as an actress It will not necessarily be well known you but your name will be the headline The bottom line be yourself Go Fight M 9:14 am i wanted LJS but KWB is ok! not a bad choice! :) cant wait to see his character in the drama! LOVE 4:26 pm i wish KIm Hyun Joong Kim Jaejoong Jung Yong-hwa would be in the drama but it seem's like Jung Yong-hwa trun them down!! :(:(:(:(:( i want to see them in. Renaya 5:51 pm Lately I read the news a few times saying ==> In this drama "Heirs" that Kim wo bin is the most good actors acting I feel quite strange in what terms of kim-wo-bin acting better than all the artists that play in this drama Once I remember from the beginning of the episode he was acting normal the acting and the role that brought a character that already stale I could even mention anyone highly skilled actors who portray the mischievous and vain teenager acting like it Well let's just his acting was good but which part where the most memorable acting? whether when he said " Sccru'e " " HuufF " Keerthana 2:26 am OMG!!!!!! It was a mind blowing drama series And mainly Lee min-ho love u!!! kanimozhi 12:29 am this drama is very nice im fan of lee min ho he is so ng style of lee min ho is so. Asalah Amireh 2:31 am we need season 2 !! its the best drama of 2013 incredible amazing and awsome drama no words can describe how is this drama amazing <3 <3 20 ep not enough for this drama and its so sad that kim woo brak up of his girl :( they shoulk to each other !! thats realy unfair !! i wanna to see season 2 which will back them to each other <3 i dont know how i can stop thinking about kim tan and cha eu sang no drama can be better of this drama as usual lee min hoo oppa is the best <3 Lillian 3:24 pm Oh i wish I could be in California right now I am so excited Does anyone know how soon after it airs when the english subbed shows will be available? ryunana 11:18 am I bet this drama will become one of top 2013 kdramas The lead actor & actress + all of the supporting actors and actresses are kpop idols + trendy actor and ik,minhyuk krystal kang haneul woobin jiwon will all surround minho n shinhye Hopefully the story line will be really interesting just like the. Neera 2:48 pm @kay:omg exactly!.it doesn't even deserve those ratings it's a teen boring drama and the main cast helped to bring it to popularity even though i didn't like lee minho's acting s was much more better for me! anyway if u want an opinion i would not recommend it at all.i stopped at the 8th ep and couldn't help myself to continue i guess Bel Ami is worthy at this time haha Teresa 1:30 pm Wow this drama does a very good job of putting me. Amal Nour 8:58 am I can't imagine how people can be in love with this awful drama so disappointing k-drama >_< sarina 7:59 am Of course heirs gonna be the best kdrama of the year I can't even imagine how people can be against of such a beautiful drama except they are silly or something Ngandomo 8:26 pm Park Shin Hye & Lee Minho?! OMG MY 2 favorite actors together in one MY GOD TOTALLY GONNA WATCH THIS -countsdown to date-. Iraa 3:21 pm In loved with their chemistry ♥♥ Zero 5:22 am I expect too much about this drama bcoz kim eun suk as the scriptwriter But now I'm so disappointed This drama not interesting at all moral of the story is NOTHING except just to show us how the rich people enjoy their life Boring and I'll never watched it it's better turn off the TV and have a good sleep mypredict 5:22 am All over said that Park shin hye act always similar That statement make me curious to flash back all. Zero 5:20 am They said if we don't like this drama STOP watch it So Come on guys! Just do it just like what they said let's stop watching this drama! maya 4:53 am as an audience we should be more mature when giving judgment there is nothing wrong with her acting everything went well and I think they (directors and producers) have their own assessment by choosing park shin hye as the female lead in this drama and it's definitely the best because they are professional role in. Wata 12:29 pm Can't wait for the next episode <3 heart184 11:21 am boring boring boring i cant believe i keep on fast forward when watch this drama eventhough i like Min Ho,Woo Bin and Cho Jin Hyuk omg whyyyyy better watch secrets or Medical Top Team disappointed Marjan MinOoZ 9:37 am I LOVE Kim Tan's character! :) his character differs form "Ku. Utami 10:31 pm kpopkitty you should put yourself into Eun Sang's shoes then you know how it felt to be loved by wealthy man and at the same time fell in love with him but could not do anything Even you and heirss don't like it history has been made that this drama received so many awards compared to the dramas that you like i.e BFF or City Hunter This is not the only drama that has the older casts to become a high school drama at least PSH was only 23 years old and LMH was only 26 when they played the roles other dramas were even worse Shin Min Ah was 31 years old when she played as a high school student in Oh My Venus and Ha Ji Won was 37 years old when she played as a high school The Time When We were not in love and some more that I can't mention each and every one. Tiabeng 10:29 pm This drama reminds me of a US drama called SIX DEGREES classy good cinematography nice music score overall good entertainment I like it Serin Cho 7:28 pm My favorite drama lee min ho is the best i wish i had a bf like him number one drama love min ho <3<3 Julia 7:51 pm Dont get me wrong I want to watch this drama and everything but I don't really think that they are a good (park shin hye&lee min ho) but that's just how I feel now I'll judge it after I see the drama hyunsang 12:44 am Omgeee! Its park shin hye and lee min ho!!! Omg!! These two famous actors together!!! I cannot believe this!! Its soo real yesh!!!! Can't wait!!! I really am looking foward to. Chona 12:51 am I really love this drama Minho's acting is really great he's so cool Woo bin's character also suit him well :) all the actors doing a good job I must say except for the lead actress the way she act it looks like she is really doing her best but isnt it too much???she must put some (EAGYO)hehehe When LMH use his charm with her there is no response it spoils the mood lol It is just my opinion And honestly I keep watching ( my heart is still ) on this drama because of Lee Minho & Kim Woobin :)) Nana 6:51 am i agrre with @rif taj this drama is much worse than i expected i still don't don't get it why the rating is so high Master's Sun is all the way better than this drama i'm so disappointed :( Nana sutagara 7:39 pm this drama is really daebak the great drama that i ever watched its about dream,effort to make it happen,love and friendship there are something we can learn from this drama greatest actor and actrees greatest chemistry no doubt i hope someday park shin hye lee min ho or park shin hye kim woo bin will end up as a real the heirs become popular all over the world if its boring like hater comment it will not be happen but in fact there are milion the heirs lover from all over the world this is my sadness because its 6 episode left and i dont know when park shin hye and lee min ho will be gather together in one drama again bcuz im really looking forward from a long ago so cmon haters its 6 episode left just kindly to keep silent if u dont like. Mimi 5:48 pm im from france and i love this show,i heard that it won't be ep 19 aired next week because the channel will airing a children show,is that true? love u keep fighting AGRES 4:54 pm I love the heirs Cha eun sang belongs to Kim tan and happy end for both That what i want and everyone wish for Love. Kay 12:07 am @georgina yes I'm bashing any and all dramas that don't measure up How else can the writing directing casting improve? Who said make believe stories shouldn't have standards of quality? Bitter? Quite the contrary I lead a charmed life and have an A-1 sense of humor I just call things as I see them WellFaceTheTruth 11:28 pm Its a great drama Face it guys-_- Bionette 2:57 pm Is the 3rd episode of THE HEIRS out yet? GOD I just can't wait so excited I love PSH & LMH i have seen Faith City Hunter Boys over Flowers Personal Taste and I have to admit he never disappoints me there is just something special about this actor he is just awesome and PSH well what can I say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL was the very 1st drama that I ever saw (my 2nd one was TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU-that one made me completely HOOKED on K-dramas) love love love her I have seen thanks to her HEARTSTRINGS & FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR she is amazing!!! La 8:27 pm seriously one of the greatest kdrama i've ever seen! just couldn't resist LMH charm! too handsome too handsome-_- Overall this is a great drama! Totally sammy 1:04 pm The Heirs rating is way higher than Secrets outside of Korea but this week I do not think it will surpass Secrets in Korea Secrets is currently at its climax Heirs is not Hope it will be in the next few eps (it better be) then aims for 2nd or even 1st The Heirs FIGHTING :-) Khaye 10:03 am for those people who think that this drama is boring you better get out of this page and don't watch the drama if you have nothing good to say just keep it to yourself it really pissed me whenever i read those bad comments If you don't like the drama then don't watch it! as simple as that! asty sovala 10:00 am For the first time i know for the news this drama im so excited for watching this drama And episode 1 make me want to watch again and im curious for episode 9 Want to. Faranak 6:18 am hate it!!! i watched it full bat i didn't like it!! even i dont know why i watched it full!!! lee min ho's acting was so weak also park shin hye was weak too just kim woo bin had a solid performance at first plot was good but slowly it became with no good aim its finale and charachterism was bad there were no chemistry between lee minho and park shin haye lee min ho's charachter was so weak and silent with no minding actions but woo bin's good and his chemistry and park shin haye was better park shin hye;s role didnt have anything in her personality she wasnt even honest with her self and was a really unlikable charachter so bad even now i dont know why i watched. 5 Associated with point-4= I think to conditioning the whole personality of the artist's much more difficult than creating a drama story This drama is very clean because of the word dominant in terms of quality (in terms of quantity of course lee-min-ho park-shin-hye kim-wo-bin & kim-ji-won dominant) the result was strange because there is rarely a drama that is as clean and as orderly This drama storyline 6 errors acting is also very little drama= different to the drama lee-min-ho before on City-Hunter I can find so many errors that escaped censorship acting I do not know how will the drama end though it seems this drama takes an additional amount of episodes at least 2-4 episodes but the way of denouement of this drama will not be a problem also although this drama will end at 20 episodes alone Let's see the final 2 episodes Jh 5:42 am this is just about romance and are not good for the modern world because by watching those dramas young people are being more ant actors like you must be in beautiful meaningful to make try to make this world to fill our people's minds with good things lana ahmed 2:59 am Ilove so much this drama amazing wonderful and park shin hye &lee. Unknown 3:51 pm Waiting and going to watch because of Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye and Choi Jin Hyuk! If only Jung Yong Hwa didn't quit and Zo In Sung was in this too Then all my favorite people are in! :) I <3 You (LMH CJH JYH AND ZIS <--- Abbreviations for above names) Jessica 8:04 am October is not soon enough! Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye I might die from the stress the anticipation is putting on my heart before it even starts! Celin kim 7:47 am oooohhh i so love k drama ethienyma 7:16 am i'm so grateful that LMH and PSH have the chance to be with each other i know that they have a good chemistry i love shin hye and min ho so much  :) Fy 6:52 am P.S:I story is different,not typical rich boy poor woman who love each other you watch the episodes you can. Mia 12:42 am there was this funny lines lol i can't stop they were hilarious KIM TAN: i don't WANT to inherit my kingdom KIM WON: i don't want to SHARE my kingdom RACHEL: i don't want your new money touching my old money RACHEL'S MOM: i am the only one who gets to cheat on my fiance YOUNDO: being nice is really hard okay? BONA: don't hate me because i am beautiful EUNSANG: boys like me. The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system This is due to newswire licensing terms. Kaexo 6:24 am At first I thought this is going to be boring but nope it was not Its my first time to love most of the cast here all good actors and actresses are here thumbs for it! And for those people who are just bashing their english would you please stop it -.- If you don't want it then don't watch it no one is forcing you not yeah I want this drama to have a twist Also I really loved the fluent english of Krystal and their love team of Kang Min Hyuk Hope more up up ratings to come This is one my favorite kdramas now Can't wait for next episodes DAEBAK! xx -PH Linda 12:42 pm I think this drama is bad and too ordinary for starring Lee Min Ho I was disappointed with the story it's so flat and too easy to solve the problem If there are climax it too easy to find the solution Then there is no chemistry at all between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye This drama overshadowed the story from the greatest drama of all time is Boys Before Flower I think story of the heirs too focused on romance Kim Tan and Eun Sang While so acting Lee Min Ho remain cool and total But for the actress I feel Krystal Jung who also acted cool in. Sherry gil 6:05 am so excited for the upcoming drama of lee min ho and park shin hye diah 6:01 am park min young plzzz we want park min young his female lead pleaseeeeee!!!!LMH and PMY,they're perfect so adorable and lovely their chemistery was awesome since in City Hunter until now park shin hye is suitable for jung yong-hwa please i begging you choose park min young MinMin 4ever!!!! Nina123 4:44 pm I really don't like those sweaters Kim Tan has been wearing lately He was so cool in the US.I think black hair colour will suit Kim Tan more than Brown one! I am so happy Young Do didn't gelled his his hair in the last episode. :D Meriem 4:08 pm for the persons who said that lee min ho don't act well in this drama ; you are really losers because he plays a difficult role a role of illegitimate son and someone who grow up and mature so fast since he was alone in america ; and he play this role very well ; lee min ho just keep the. Ozfan 12:47 am Min-Ho is the handsomest actor I have seen but his love stories are always so heartbreaking ;-( I hope the ending for Heirs is not the same as City Hunter diah 12:29 am this drama really awesome love you lee min ho and park shin hye Anim (Indonesia) 9:42 pm this movie is the second movie that i love after Personal Taste love u so much Lee Min Ho <3 Domo 12:43 am The Heirs is a common predictable story of a rich guy poor daughter with a lot of love problems Yes Forbidden Love Everything was so predictable Story was not good but I stayed because of the cast All the cast were handsome and beautiful All good actors! :) Nish 11:06 am i reaaally cried yesterday :/ !! i don't wan't them to stay a part till the last episod !! young do is a nice guy after all !!! Heni 9:04 am Please give Young do a happy ending Sunu 5:33 am My making Kim Tan so pathetic At least he should show he also can do something to take care of her the lover to someone else is not acceptable Mizzby 6:40 pm i have been a fan of lee min ho since i saw this movie call Boy Over Flowers and i have watch all his movies i thouth he wan't cast a movie aain but he did am crazy to watch this wow i can't wait am in schbuti will watch Shreya 3:20 pm UGH for once I want to see the girl as the rich one and the guy as the "ordinary" one who teaches her that money isn't everything But I guess I'll still have to watch this because of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min. Geet 1:53 pm Can wait till this comes out Only 4 more days to goo! these 4 days need end like right now!! I wanna see lee min ho and park shine hye So excites:))) nolia 10:47 am I cant wait people already saying bad thing about the show but I know the writer and she create two of my favorite movie SECRTE GARDEN,GENTLEMEN DIGNITY SOOOO I CANT WAIT COME ON OCTOBER 9 Tasha 2:33 pm LMAO at these comments and people bashing each other because of other people's comments Some of you guys need to stop getting all hurt and angry because of other people's comments We all have different opinions preferences and tastes Some people think that The Heirs is the best drama ever and there are some people who think that The Heirs is boring and overrated I think that The Heirs is an okay drama in my opinion it's not the best and it's not the worst I do agree that The Heirs is predictable but overall it was a good drama My advice to some of y'all is that you need to stop having this silly little war against each other and getting angry at other people's comments! 조슬린 11:41 pm 오모 my two favorite Actors playing lovers in a drama??? Like what? And they're like less than a 2 hour plane flight away right now??? And I can't go meet them? Bjjds ft k Kimi daefuHJKD TUT IDARNK LHSWQQRYH JBJK one month just one month!!!!!! 운니가 옵바 사랑해요! Hannah 6:21 pm OMG! just one. Derpybird 1:07 pm i like how at the end of the teaser he said "its okay baby" *wraps arm around shoulder* :P niki 1:04 pm i am out patient !when it's going to start?photos of him surfing shows that this series is no good for a girl's health still i'm gonna take the risk. Norma 7:07 pm I hope lee min ho can play the new drama "Heirs" with partner park min young Please choose park min young in the new drama with lee min ho They are best and best chemistry in the world norma kh 7:02 pm Please choose park min young for the new dramas "Heirs" with actor lee min ho please they are the best and best chemistry in the world. Lee Min Ho has shed tears in 7 different scenes in this drama & he has cried MUCH MUCH better than actresses!! Since 2009,Lee Min Ho has shown GREAT acting development in "The Heirs" :)) Lalka 10:34 am Guys does anyone know the melody or how could I get it → 3rd episode the scene where the car broke down and they are walking in the sunset ? The background music? Park shin hye is a really awesome actress too and to the haters PLEASE DON'T say she is ugly or whatever Yes she might not be like typical beauties like krystal kim ji won etc (yes this point was repeated countless times) but she has her own charm And her acting is really good! When I see the scenes where she feels upset and lost her pain is so literal even I can see it Of course krystal and kim ji won are amazing too :) Overall I feel that the cast was an absolutely amazing one! <3 each character has their own personality and role and they are all playing it out very well I really ship LMH x PSH pairing haha And young-do and rachel LOL they are too funny and compatible together! Not to forget chanyoung and bo na <3 they are so sweeeeeeet and adorable~ Absolutely cannot wait for the next 14 episodes D: still have to wait though _ Lendz 10:56 pm I Love Chan Young :) yoomin 8:26 pm I'm a fan but not that much of shin hye but honestly speaking i do'nt like this drama i can't feel the chemistry between min ho and shin hye there's no twist and i agree with the other comments sorry to say but it's my opinion Milena 8:00 am Usual drama nothing special Overrated Good actors that. Pystashe22 5:22 am I'm really pleased with this drama !! I feared that it would be a copy of Boys over flowers (the plot is pretty the same) but not at all !! A person who didn't see the synopsis couldn't talk about BOF when she sees "The heirs" It's well leaded the cast is very good too they all seem so real !!! Min hyuk is soooo cute !! I just don't like the personality of character played by Kim Woo bin he is such a jerk !! I was in love with Heung Soo in "school 2013" so Young Do have to change his bad personality really fast otherwise I will be very disappointed and sad !! PSH make the character so real it's not overplayed it's just perfect and she is not ugly at all !! Her hair cut and clothes are just a little plain to fit her character Alma 11:56 am HI I'm from and a mother of four children The drama is very romantic and inspiring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are perfect I' very excited to see next episodes Hope I will have a chance to meet both of you my other favorite stars like Jang Jeung Suk and Eun Hye Yaty 8:59 am The drama is awesome So lovely and romantic Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye Kang Min Nyuk is cute Can't wait for next expisode Hope for loving and happy ending Park Shin Hye Fan 1:50 pm i enjoy watching this KD and love LMH-PSH team-up sara 11:43 am i really love this drama and NO ITS NOT LIKE BOYS OVER FLOWERS ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT if you dont like it then noone is forcing you to watch it or even be commenting on this page your just wasting your time hating!!!! the writer and producer are creating this awseome drama and they wont loose anything because even if you may think its bad they will still get alot of money!! lee min ho and park sin hye fightiiiing!!! I cannot wait for the next episode i know it will be good!! i love. Kdramafan#1 12:49 am I'm sorry Lee MinHo and Park ShinHye but I'm watching this for Choi JinHyuk!! I watched what is out so far of Gu Family book and LOOOOOOOVED It!!!! I only wish Choi JinHyuk was cast for the main role but I LOVED his character as WolRyung Even though I don't like old hystorical dramas I LOOOOOOVED this one! AMAZING! Can't wait to see you in this!!!!! Saranghae JinHyuk oppa! Haizroon 9:38 pm I watched k-drama as a rewarding for myself after a long stress hardwork it helps alot.i enjoyed & love it very much SITI 9:09 pm sorry just my opinion this drama a little overreactg sorry but i still wat it coz minhyuk only  :) mina3637 8:49 pm I have to wait one more week for episodes 11 and 12…Can't wait!!!>< Mhia 8:45 am MINSHIN <3<3<3 one more time drama for park shin hye,lee min ho,and kim woo bin niloof 6:20 am i miss it >_ 12:55 am @suzy if you don't like the drama don't watch it simple right ?? you don't have to insult. Adela 3:38 pm I watch Heirs but I think it's common same old patterns nothing special obviously lack originality not catchy at all I think this drama is overrated Dalal 2:20 pm This drama is magical every thing is perfect i am addicted and cant wait for the next eposodes Yuya20 8:52 pm Will park shin hye is able to play freely ? Do not look stiff like "seo mi do" Worth the wait !!! princessky 11:27 am i love lee min ho and park shin hye and i am sure this film is gonna be a bomb i cant wait for it,even thought park shin hye is a saint and lee min ho is the opposite cnt wait. Angel 9:45 am i want more then 30 if possible and it will end up a big wedding ceremony amaran 8:56 am min ho and shin hye initially quite alarming but now it was too good so remember the min-min what may be min-shin Wahahahahahhaha Mayra ruiz 1:51 pm this very updated plays very important issue but this is starting getting really good Sarah 1:18 pm i this kdrama !! its hard to stop watching im sad not all the episodes are out yet because this series is so amazing i cant wait for the rest. I love this drama and I've watched 2 times though the story is not finished yet and can't wait for the next episode 4 eps to go I like bad boy Young Do he play his roll very well and although he is bad boy but i can't hate him hahaha he is to cute to be hated i'm looking forward how this drama will. Scarlet 7:13 am @Tasha,I'm NOT MAD! Haven't you read my comment? This drama is increasingly gaining a lot of popularity & praise no matter what! So there is no room for anger & sadness! What I mean is,if s.o leaves an insulting comment,he or she should be answered back What you say is true when it comes to expressing your taste & saying that this drama isn't fine for your liking NOT insulting,belittling & leaving sarcastic comments! No intention of offending!I Viola lawagan 8:07 pm ive watched the heir and it so remarkable,the s really proves they are no.1 when it comes to making such a beautiful drama as this,of course with the character of lee min ho and park shin hye and other casts members they made it big to the scene of drama TULATIONS!!!!!THE HEIR IS THE NO.1 DRAMA SERIES HERE IN THE ;) IM LOOKING FORWARD FOR MORE DRAMA'S IN THE FUTURE Rimas 9:26 am the ost says ''love is feeling ! '': well i thaught love was an elephant XD this drama can't stop disapointing me ////////cha eun sang had a very sad personality why !!! she could b strong girl since she 'z the poor here !! XD ;;; I JUST LIKE that choi young do he's so exitng nd the only thing that pushes me to see some scenes in the drama ;;;;i like cha eun sang 'm mother too lee min hoo this the last time i see drama for u Damn it can't u just choose a good drama to play ? ;;; really boooring Jayar 12:10 pm the best the heirs lee min ho and park shin hye rikki 7:14 am i love the heirs at least all episodes rochelle gomez 5:27 am i love this show i love you the hiers i will miss it and i love this show and i watch this drama. Jako 6:50 am c'mon guys just support your Bias and let them do the best They are work hard to show us the best If you're The Real Fans you Must Support Your Bias as well and make your Bias Proud have Fans like you! Thanks Bharath nag 2:14 am Wow After Watching City Hunter and Faith countless times i'm eagerly waiting for this one It'll be greatest birthday gift for me in October. :) Alex 10:15 pm Secret Garden and Gentleman's Dignity are essentially K-Drama classics but to think that the writer stooped low to this idol-turned-actor/actress bullshit is disgusting Here's to hoping that the show will at least bring some form of innovation to the current K-Drama scene filled with similar tropes and melodrama bog 9:46 pm Hi i'm from the i really want watch the first 2 episode icant find it Can anyone post a link pls thank you. Marie 12:02 am I have watched #theHeirs last week and I was just disappointed with the role of Eun Sang I was hoping that there would be more of comedy scenes but unfortunately she was crying the whole time it made me sick It also crashes my heart seeing Kim Tan being rejected by her several times Tsk I super Liked Lee Min Ho and KMH! they're so adorable Separately I don't like Eun Sang's character @ #TH but of course I adore Park Shin Hye she is so pretty she looks like #JenicaGarcia PH actress <3 Goodluck to your future projects individually. :) Liz 1:23 pm I tried several times try to watch the drama but it is so boring and I cannot watch for more than 10 minutes I still like Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers I hope he can have another drama with Ku Hye Sun one day zaraz 2:02 am this drama is bored the only reason i want to watch it is Kang. Ria 6:00 pm I'm sooo late bloomer! I just started watching this last week and I'm so into it now! Literally I was crying hard (with sound) when she just broke down crying because she have to leave kim Tan The scene where she bid him goodbye saying she'll wait for him at home :'( soooo heartbreaking!! I love lee Min Ho a very versatile actor He can do light to heavy drama comedy action and just be sooo charming that you'll just melt your heart watching him! He does his best in whatever role his into And Park Shin Ye's acting is also remarkable! I fell inlove with her character in the Heirs! Super love this novela my new favorite next. Vip 5:53 am lee min ho,park shin hye kim woo bin kangminhyuk choi jin hyuk??? omo is this another boys over flower? but still,cant wait to see feren lunardy 3:55 am Wow  !!!!can't wait to see this drama !! :D i hope minhoo's next drama will. Nada 12:47 pm please can you help me to know what's type of phone in the heirs faaa 5:42 pm it's too awkward to see Lee Min Ho rolled as high school student again after City Hunter and Faith LOL drama 10:04 am Lee Min Ho is currently filming for his upcoming action-noir movie called "Gangnam Blues" For his NEXT DRAMA in 2015 or 2016,I wanna see him with either of the actresses below: Zin 11:03 am Can't wait for next episodes!!!!!LMH and PSH the best !!Fighting!! j 10:07 am very good drama i really love this drama please support. Sweety gurung 11:55 am I'm completely carried away by this drama this drama is actually the most anticipated drama Lots of love to heirs family and Lee Min Ho kaou 7:23 am j'aime ce drama car dès que je l'es commencé je ne voulais plus m’arrêter de regardais les autres épisodes je n'es plus de patience Je veux voir. Sandi 11:13 pm I really really want to watch this But sure I don't have many time to watch I think this drama is very good mika11 4:26 pm dralove i have to agree with you all the way!!! soo freakin tired of young hwa-shin hye !! minhye all the way bay!! soo excited for this drama really!! Nia 3:09 pm Omg the ending where lee min ho was just like "its okay baby" i died omg. Meahdey 5:34 am it was great i really enjoyed my time watching it expecting season two soon wish to see more of you soon hanu 4:21 am wowww LEE MIN HOO shi's acting was awesome he s always cool hope v wl have season2 but the whole drama carried out in a small circle ! expecting more as there are really awesome actors like LMH & PSH but totally enjoyed a lottt ! love u LEE MIN HOO oppa <3 Mabydi 2:40 pm Es interesante la serie lo que realmente me llama la atención es si la realidad en Corea está representada en la serie o es todo ficción Es muy duro el planteo de las clases sociales Los actores muy buenos Lee Min Ho y Shin Hye excelentes Yu 11:54 am Fighting! I can't wait the next episodes Kdrama 4life 12:38 pm once u watch lee min ho in this drama u will not be disappointed Ellie 7:06 am Meh this drama wasn't the best It was a bit disappointing because the female lead is soo annoying in this drama I mean I love the actor but I hated her role I wouldn't highly recommend but if you want to watch it on you go Spoiler> I wished that woo bin would also have a happy but he didn't ? Xoxojenn 9:54 pm Two words for this drama boring and overrated This drama is predictable and the story line is boring I did not feel the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho and I stopped at episode 17 because I already knew what was going to happen All and all this drama gets so much praise and credit and it doesn't really deserve it The master's sun and You Came From The Stars is better than The Heirs This is just my opinion so please don't came mad. Minoz-Hye Kyoer 10:01 am Among actors,I am a crazy fan of honey eyes "Lee Min Ho" & among actresses I love "Song Hye Kyo".SO I am a Minoz-Hye Kyoer ^_^  :)) After watching "The Heirs",I am dying to watch Min Ho & Hye Kyo in a drama because Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho don't look good together! They are MISMATCHED!! I don't FEEL any LOVE between Tan & Eun Sang! :(( I am rooting for Lee Min Ho's future activities & hope for him being paired up with MORE SUITABLE actresses!! If not "Song Hye Kyo",someone who is a perfect match for him I THINK,"Go Ara" & "Han Hyo Joo" are also GREAT choices for LMH's. Buena mabanglo 8:07 pm lee min ho your a great actor your a gorgeous man i love all your movies romantic action or whatever it is you all handle it still waiting for the episode 13-20 of the Heirs Sel 8:02 pm wohooo i so love. By the way on the same broadcast period there is really quite a few amazing drama with the same time slot as the Heir namely Secret Love Recommend to watch that it had great plot and amazing cast (minus off idol looking cast) You won't regret it Nana Ina 1:29 am I don't understand with taste in watching drama This drama is away to basic Rich man meet ordinary girl So Boring The reason why this drama got high rating only because their main character LEE MINHO but I love Lee min ho He looks so charming and good looking too bad he was taken Lol I hope he can show more excellent acting in the future Oringal Thoughts 7:52 am I am so going to start watching Heirs in a day or two!! Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye i always wanted a drama with them as the main cast!! Though Im a huge fan of English serials and anime too dramas have an unusual thing Its charm Every single drama I've ever seen is never short of charm Most characters start out with being stereotypical But at last they do capture your hearts Yes there are some really OTT moments at times But no other country knows the art of making such charming dramas K dramas heirs fighting!!! ^_^ P.S Coffee Prince I Hear Your Voice and You're Beautiful are my faves What. Yoo HyeShin 12:18 pm OMG!!!! Lee MinHo Park ShinHye AND Kang MinHyuk in the same drama???? This will be totally awesome ^^ Can't wait until I can watch it! Fighting The Heirs ^^ yun lee soon 6:21 am omg !!!!!!!! park shin hye and lee min-ho ? i can't believe it <3 i am really super excited to see those two amazing actors toghether !!!!! i guess it is going to be gorgeos and glarious :) A Minoz 12:26 pm @Catya: "The Heirs" is a drama for observant people who R able 2 catch each delicate & nice nuance in the scenes & lines of a drama! "The Heirs" has funny,witty & cleverly written lines It also has meaningful lines with make you contemplate There R a lot of pretty love scenes in this drama that are AMAZINGLY CREATED BY "Word Magician" Kim Eun Sook Below are just SOME. Msherfi 10:03 am love the actors,actress,story line and everything about the heirs!!!! So entertaining That's the point. Heirs fighting!! park shin hye <3 dhie 7:10 pm I like the relation between Lee Bo Na and Chan Young. Song hye kyo yoo eun hye yoona or park min young they both are good actress and all so park shin shy is good too park shin shy is very young g The Heirs team for all the best ibby 11:52 pm stop complaining just watch the drama if you like if not then leave it every drama always has similarities one to another coz that's life circle dont blame the actors n actresses when you cant get your idol in it lets judge at. Alee 10:41 am Jeez people get a life! The cruelty shown by Young-do towards his schoolmates is appalling I quit this drama after watching Ep 8 Who ends up with the girl? Couldn't care less … even though anyone can guess even before starting this drama … this plot is getting old Bong 4:57 pm this drama only helped by famous and good looking actors and actress the story is too cliche and full of disappointment similar with 'cinderella' story when poor girl is loved by super perfect prince even theres no chemistry among the lee min ho and park shin hey mag 2:52 am Seems,am among the minority that loved this drama i loved it and will still re watch it again,when i have the time,a bit cheesy but i never regrated watching it Cheene 7:49 am Lee Min Ho I love you oppa ann 7:04 am hope it will be aired in the soon! <3 ainul 6:59 am I really enjoy this drama It's best drama i ever seen after cheongdamdong alice & master's sun but,I need to know do you know background music in scene kim won & kim tan dinner with their parents (ep 15) ?? Kato 7:12 am Wow people are harsh Marko you have some anger deep inside Buddy Why are you living in Seoul and working for them You seem to Have such huge grudge your message get it but wow a little to much People it's nice to comment on how pretty or handsome people are but who is anyone to Say anyone is UGLY Has anyone looked in the mirror at themselves are you extremely beautiful or handsome To judge are you out of this world ridiculously beautiful to make such harsh comments about others Take a look in the mirror before you make critical comments Enjoy the drama if you like it i.f you don't move on Oh by the way American series uses older stars also to play younger roles there is a lot of them so Stop already with the critical comments about the older stars in younger roles it's everywhere And I've watched The Heirs already more than 7 times Pinocchio 4 x Tree of Heaven 10x Heartstrings 2x You're Beautiful 2x Flower Boy Next Door 3 x BFF (not finished) City Hunter (not finished) Faith (not finished) Personal Taste (not finished) Oh My Venus 1x Marriage not Dating 1x The Time When We Were not in Love 1x not sure if I want to watch another drama that can make me want to watch it more than once again Thanks The Heirs I hope there will be The Heirs 2 Don't be jealous of the script because it can happen in real life Your loyal fan from Indonesia Cringey 3:31 am The story didn't make sense Pffft i can't even finished watching it Matthew 8:01 am awaiting an awesome drama a few new plots thats never been done by the casts or in kdrama would be so cool i dont like romance drama but hope theres sumthin funny or mind blowin in it lol i'll watch it coz min-ho is very cool talented actor shin hye is a cool open minded actress n yong hwa is a cool rocker who else is goin to be cast? hopin for a great selection tinkerbellina-sweden 1:29 am as long as lee min-ho is in it i'll watch it!!! i'm so happy hehe ;p Amal Nour 8:31 am A robot can act much better than Park Shin-Hye Her face has the same expression all of the time! It is like she is frozen or something She needs help Milan 8:29 am Dramas are like drugs ;) hahaha can I invite Lee Min Ho to my prom? :D Arn_Nay 1:35 am I hade a NICE feeling to watch first introducing this drama Some Burdensome people who may hate Him/Her 'ALWAYS" made 'IDEOT Chritics' for them But allover I think again I had a Very NICE Feeling to watch first episode So for Director & Write always keep be perfect Padma 1:06 am just watched the first ep! i had expectations but all i could see was OVERREACTION! just my opinion this is boring! rich man poor girl? how many dramas grrrr!! Anora 8:46 am very hopeful Writer & Producer increased the number of episodes to be at least 24 episodes if possible reach 32 episodes HOPEFULLY eilyak 5:56 am I hope this will be extended! I really want that to happen!!! I dont want to watch Haha! Even until !!! Please please please!!! ^___^ Loveher 2:00 am i hear a lot bad comments about park shin hye let me tell you before you judge her do you even know her? do you see al her commercials? her photoshoots? just because i admit she looks a little plain with her hairstyle and clothes in heirs but it doens't mean she's not pretty You see your idols like a goddes because their hairstyle is fantastic their clothes is elegant Did you see PSH in her Educar CF? Her hairstyle I'm sure she can get VERY PRETTY if she just dressed a bit more elegant She is just very simple I can't understand WHY JUST WHY she's being called UGLY next time when i meet her i will yelled at her and ask her to be more sexier and elegant That way maybe you will open your eyes #shelookslikeagoddessinEducarCF ;) Tasha 5:30 am @Scarlet I disagree with you nobody should be cut down to size for expressing their opinions about something If someone feels a certain way about something then that's their opinion Like if someone thinks that cookies and cream ice cream is the best flavor ice cream ever and you think other wise because you think that strawberry is the best flavor are you gonna cut them down to size because they think differently than you? Getting angry and upset on other people's opinion is not going to change their view about something So what's the point of having these ridiculous petty arguments? If you don't like what a person says just ignore them and let them be I mean it's your choice if you want to stay mad about other people's comments so. T8Ight 5:12 pm I love my girl Park Shin Hye Why on earth can people hate her? Jealous??? She's so fine and good at acting I envy and admire her She's my fav in this Drama and not LMH I don't care much about his good-looking I even like PSH more than Eun Hye Guys support her &. Ohho 7:37 am I wonder why we only get the climax when there is only one episode should be done earlier i suppose I believe this drama would be great if they do so I enjoy watching this drama but i must say it still lacks of impact if i need to compare with the writer previous dramas IMHO I wonder how they gonna wrap it up Hopefully they wouldnt disappointed us the viewer heirsfanatic 6:23 am i really love Hyo Shin and Rachel Although they aren't an official YET they are so adorable. :) Really hope they would end up together at. Anonymous 4:13 am I'm so excited with this movie! But the ending just not look like an ending waiting for the 2nd season! :) K 8:25 am This drama is so overrated It is not that good typical boring Cinderella story I only watch it because of Lee Min-Ho Korintus 11:44 pm The Heirs 2 Please Soheil 1:02 pm I am impatiently waiting for this series i love you min ho Lina 11:48 am Minho and Shinhye?? Bring it on! Btw the cast look amazing Kris 7:28 am I'm excited can't wait!!! Minna 4:08 pm I love the cast <3 It would be perfect if Suzy starred in this though. :D Anticipating a good drama considering all the great actors and actresses are in this drama!! Minho and Shinhye! :) kyleharris 11:24 am Whoahh uhmazing I think this would be a good drama Both of the actor ( leeminho)and actress (parkshinhye) are my fave nice merger! Cant wait to watch. I couldn't stop watching it Every week I tuned in and cursed at my laptop screen afterwards The dramatisation was so absurd but yet this show was very addictive Grrrrr 9:10 am what a disaster! I dropped it at ep 9 I cant stand the plot assil 4:02 pm Ultimately I did not love you expected He must love Cha Eun-Sang Choi Young-Do Ogundijo missblues aminat 11:46 am there should be freedom of speech and i tink people should learn how to appreciate others ive never watch this drama but i know shin hye and min ho always give thier best am looking forwrd to it and shinye? She. J 5:03 pm ok uhm sure the heirs had a typical story line (rich guy and poor girl) but there is something that would make you wanna watch it until the end this drama was probably one of the cheeziest and cringe worthy kdramas i've ever seen however there's a great moral lesson to all the viewers to the people who plan to watch this go ahead and do so because y'all won't regret it beware tho because this one gave me second male lead syndrome and my heart hurt whenever choi young do was. Two8 9:30 am Can't wait :D Love you Park Shin Hye :) what a nice collaboration 7eno 1:06 pm Having actors like minhoo and kim woo bin with choi jin is not sth normal because for me they are the best actors i've ever seen thats why this drama will be greater than any drama hope it will be aired soon i can wait to se them all together Meaghan 11:38 pm Episode 17 had me in tears and I don't cry over anything Phils 9:29 pm I'm excited to see episode 17 but I'm still in the office #TheHeirsIn harini 8:59 pm OMG! ep 17 amazing I Love HEIRS  :LOVE U LEE. It is NOT just me loving MinShin !! Lurk in Min Ho's fan pages in Face Book & ALSO BIG and active "MinShin Soompi".Then you will SEE how greatly they are loved as a wonderful ! Even in the "SBS 2013 drama awards",Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye won the "BEST " award by viewer's VOTES! jessica 8:00 am ive notice that as well they are both popular but the story and the whole episode really sucks you cant feel them and they dont have chemistry there acting is boring like park shin hye if you'll notice all of her drama she had similar reactions dont know how to change characters Bukolami 11:32 pm Whaoooo!!!! Great work indeed Love d duo of Min Ho n Shin Hye they really set d chemistry rolling Love the way it goes and how I wish to get married to a man rofie 9:43 pm what you all of look at,that is verry amazing i from indonesia. Oluwatofunmi 1:33 pm its lovly i love this Love lee min-ho park shin-hye and kim woo-bin guess not everybody understand the power of love this teen series is one of the best more emotional and morals keep it up Lee min-ho and park shin-hye muah your determination matter dont mind the sayings Kesara 7:18 am This is a fiction drama they were showing how Kim tan lived in America the way her sister live as well So many different type of white American omg lets get real now This is just a drama geez At leat she didn't write any rednecks Seriously This drama. Sheila 11:37 pm The heirs is the perfect reason why drama producers should go always go for famous actors excellent at their craft Even if you dnt have a storyline they can pull it off and make the drama worth watching I stuck with this drama to the end cos of the acting - so many cute moments and all that The story line was regular nothing spectacular at all Utami 12:05 am @kpopkitty @claire Brigette 2:14 am This drama is similar to Cinderella but not as much as people think Sure she works as a maid and her 'knight in shining armour' but that's all it's similar too Cinderella does not have 1 The prince being engaged 't have another rich guy liking her and 3 Doesn't rebel on liking the prince If you don't like it stop watching it Alot of people like cliche story's like this I personally can't wait to see what happens in the next episodes truth 11:45 pm The funny thing in this drama hear. Sola 8:34 pm @Dawn its such a shame that you under rate ppl's film,Lmh is a good actor it was through him I got to like was a lovely film and a lot of ppl in my country enjoyed it in my opinion Lmh is doing a good job and he knowns how to relate with his characters kellybeauty 5:53 pm U guy are Too much most expecially lee min ho,keep. Ashsyy 7:45 am Omg the cast is just so awesome! Im excited to see the people being casted and cant wait to watch it! LMH & PSH has always been of the best actors that has awesome chemistry Knowing that its somehow like Boys Over Flowers i feel excited to watch something quite similar after so many years! This is the highly anticipated drama of 2013! Hope it will be awsone just like its casts and photo shoots! LMH & PSH and all the other awesome casts FIGHTING! October nine cant wait! :D Zilam 4:57 pm damn it! jung yong-hwa dropped out of this series! i would've loved to have seen him park shin hye and lee min ho together in a highschool series! and i bet with park shin hye and jung yong-hwa reunited the show would have featured for some more singing if not between the two of them maybe even all three. Daniela 4:00 pm Ep 15 is amazing!!! I liked it so mucht!! Lee Min-Ho was so touching in the fight with his father,He kept me glued and I have not even beaten the eyelids Kim Woo Bin's character in this episode comes out a lot! the face that Choi Young-Do makes to the bodyguards when he takes off his helmet is superb And Park Shin-Hye's smile in the very end is wonderful Well done well done everyone else! Kay 2:08 pm @georgina I am attacking a show YOU are attacking a person with an opinion Calling me bitter sarcastic immature and childish? And to quote a miscreant like G Carlin? Let's just agree to disagree I will keep watching Heirs and if I choose to criticize it that's my choice Try defending the worthiness of this drama not criticizing the person who you THINK you know hhohoh 1:13 pm On Monday -Tuesday Empress Ki Rating suddenly appeared immediately leave around on Wednesday -Thursday Heirs Rating destroying surrounding on Saturday- Sunday Rating Wang Family leave around Sammy 6:10 pm Yeeaah The Heirs has passed the 2000 comments amazing No other drama that could come close to this number Thanks to all the fans and anti-fans worldwide you have made this drama so special Big fan from the USA☺ febelyn besas 8:42 am how sweet the drama :) mitia 12:34 am i love this drama because you are beautifull kim tan and cha. Bionette 7:26 am Love The Heir it is so different and fresh I love dramas but enough is enough it is so awesome to see a new fresh story so looking forward to episode #3 it is funny to hear all the negative talk you will be eating your words later you will see The Heirs is AWESOME !!!! soumia 7:00 am i don't know why people in korea did not liking it !!!!!!!!!!! i hope that the rating will goes up for the rest of the episodes Auntie Vee 4:03 pm Cant believe i watched this drama 5 times and did'nt get bored i mean the charismatic Tan,sweet Eun Sang,Young Do the jerk yet warm,cute Bona,attractive Hyo Shin,ignorant Ki Ae yet funny,intelligent and loving Chan Young and the SAD Won who can get tired of them?all actors and actresses did a great show was outstanding all the way kdramafan 9:01 am i mean his acting is beyond compare sarry typo error Anyway all dramas are lovable. Lila 9:29 am The drama is famous thanks to all casts The storyline is soooo mainstream like you can predict what'll happen next only with your basic imagination Wealthy man with poor woman fall in love parents disagree another rich man comes and has one-sided love to the poor woman and so on and so on Again thanks to all casts who helps this drama If they cast other actors/actress I bet this drama is a big NO Lalan 10:10 pm Uhm young kim won's actor is Kim Young Jae born 1995 i've been searching and there he is no where recorded What I could not understand is that some comments say it was overrated helloooo by watching this drama while it was still airing you would have been counted as the people who liked the drama and made the rating increased so the more people watch it the higher the rating is So if you don't like the drama in the first or two episodes just leave it don't watch it anymore you would not be included in the rating calculation then that's. Kaira naia 4:13 am for hahsjs -------------- So unorganic ? which part I think you must be heater like heaters of WAL drama frankly i almost cried when Cha Eun Sang read her mother note but thanks for you made this drama be hot list hrhrh sonmyowl 4:06 am I felt all of a sudden I see so many people who are too good at judging a drama when only watching 1 episode incredible crazy even they can respond this drama was like gentlemen dignity the other says that the copy of the drama Boys over flower It's ridiculous Lamee 10:09 pm I DO NOT understand why they make actors speak english to "look cool" well u dont u look very uncool and foolish and lee minho cant even speak english lol if he lived in america for so long shouldnt he be able to speak it fluently with no horrible accent??? some things are soooo irrational and stupid in this drama how is park shin hye 18? and that gangster guy? lol.i hate the foreign characters the only thing i liked is min hos brother and his wife lol boring lame Noira 12:01 pm some points that I found in episode 13 is : 1 Lee min ho are able to act naturally funny although the results are not funny but better rather than acting in dramas before that usually feels crisp acting funny but time is quite natural 2 Park Shin Hye is still not 100 % natural in the sense of acting combines one-on-one with lee min ho So far it still feels an element of crisp bland and sometimes as awkward but even so it's better than his acting in the previous episode and much better than acting in dramas before 3 My guess about predicted of conflict between young chan-bo na turns appear faster because it appears in episode 13 although the conflict is still a teenage bickering Ariqah nazihah 2:00 am this is the best romantic drama in I like Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho But why the episode until 20 only EunSang Tan shippers 1:20 am Yeah judging from the preview I don't know how they'll be able to end this drama There were so many questions have been raised in episode 19 Let's hope we got the closure we all want Finger crossed for episodes extension like SBS did for Secret Garden Of course I'm gonna vote for The Heirs I didn't expect Pretty Boy to catch up so close It's kinda hard to vote since it's in Hangul but i just click whatever seems possible Gita 10:47 am KANG MINHYUK! I really miss him and now he's play the role for The Heirs But he's in C.N Blue too Well it doesn't matter I really like him! And the other cast is very interesting Especially Lee Minho and Kim Woobin They're will look good together Oh yeah and I love Krystal too Well I love all the cast in this drama and I hope it won't change after I watch episode 1 kimi 6:29 am Wow great cast But it's a little sound like version of Gossip Girl We'll see this soon so I must be patient ;) Hope they succeed Letsgodannah 12:08 am I really like Eun Yoon Hye to pe pair with LEE Min Ho In perfect match I think EYH did a cameo and she played as an of LMH there and they look really good together soooooooooooooo I HOPE Eun Yoon Hye will be the lead actress aside from Eun Yoon Hye I also like Ha Ji Won becuase she really know how to act and Song Hye Kyo because she is soooooooooo damm beautiful Nina 11:24 pm I hope Park Shin Hye plays the main lead!!! She is my fave Rom-com actress perfect combo of sweet and sassy! Aww her Lee Min Ho would look perfect together!!!!! <3 Ara 2:09 am this drama was a hot mess lol Hemma Kim 12:17 pm Love this drama! Love Choi Young Do!♡♡! sambit panigrahy 7:34 am i watched it after a friend suggested me What a soulful piece of writing acting and occasional comic moments I am in love with. Kiri 8:59 pm i thought the story was dry and boring the acting was however superb it is beyond me how this drama is so famous (prob cause of min shin hye and woo bin) i don't see anything good about this drama except for the A-list cast I watched the first of episode as i was one of the many who had anticipated the release but boy oh boy was i disappointed The plot and writing is honestly a rip-off of american teen dramas particularly gossip girl obi there are differences but i find this drama to be kind of cheap in the originality department This my opinion personally but i found this drama to be a bit bland and it's such a shame cause it had such good actors/ actresses Nadoosh 12:17 pm the story was less than average but the talented actors made it easy to watch,they did great job love all of them,felt sad for kim won and his girlfriend his crying reminded me of his scenes in gu family book,such great actor though,lee min ho is as great as ever,choi young do character is just wow,psh on the other hand is just meh acting am not gonna miss the drama but will wait for the cast next projects,good luck to all. I am sure all his fans are expecting better projects for him in 2014 -- one should be --something like rich guy (Secret Garden Lie to me) and rich girl (My Fair Lady) who like each other very much since an accidental meeting but fighting all the time with unacquainted mothers who are separately always doing something to get them together with fathers who are both quietly watching their wives and oh add a condoning grandfather (1% of Anything My Legend) or a loving grandmother (Fated to Love You Inborn Pair) to the mix -- this is a huge challenge to the screenwriters --- you can choose you villains -- how they will make this story interesting to get 20+ approval and number one ratings And pleasssssssse get a good Director too How about that fellow fans????? I am sure our Lee Min Ho will do perfect on. Carmelamarie Carreon 6:08 am My cousin told me EPISODE 16 is the last but is not true base on this website :)) I'm happy because it's not yet the ending of this drama LOVE IT ! :)) narcis 3:13 am this drama is great and as other ppl i reaaly love lee min ho hi is grgeous i'm not but i'm big fan of lee min ho i am persian K-Pop fans 7:33 pm I think this is the most fun drama director of understanding of the most intelligent minds to make this story this story is clever director choosing actors top songs and many more congratulations to the director the actors in being able to make the story more interesting than usual if he has free time he can think of to make up a story like this again I am thrilled to have been watching this story look at the ad just knew this story was a lot of fun you all should see this story until the final episode Paul 11:29 am park shin hye is ugly! looooool that was the funniest joke i ever heard! oh maybe u need to see a doctor eyesight and u know  ; ) lee min ho and park shin hye FIGHTING!!! <3 Eckaii 11:22 am I'm glad that the male protagonist in this drama is not a jerk I mean I'm loving Lee Min-Ho here than Boys Over Flowers As for Park Shin-Hye I think she suits the role very well I really like her in her previous dramas and I really think she is a very good actress Good story line btw I'm looking forward for the next episodes. Jungsshi 6:55 pm this drama got popular just bcs of the actors the storyline is boring i'm watching this just bcs of the cuteness of chanyoung-bona and i also like young do's character that's all also i don't really agree that lee minho-park shinhye won the best award in sbs drama awards sbs better gave the award for so jisub-gong hyojin or lee jongsuk-lee boyoung or jo insung-song hyekyo HEYy 4:01 pm Like this drama so muuch>>3 Vanessakimme 7:20 pm I agree with the last two comments this drama is overrated and the plot was just average in my opinion Some of you "the heirs" fans over hype this drama way TOO MUCH! Suzy 2:18 pm This drama is so ***** =.= I've watched more than 200 dramas and this one will be ranked somewhere 100th =.= Its a really normal drama =.= Abie 6:34 pm These two makes me feel that love is such a sweet and wonderful feeling despite the hardships that comes in their way Love them so much al amin 10:19 am drama is very touching almost perfect story ideas until this very small note patience bishi 7:13 am The HEIRS is extraordinary and amazing with its own capturing story I LOVE. Jeunk_Vie 4:54 am In this Drama I prefer to see Lee Bo Na and Chan Young they are looking good as a so cute and perfect :) Amee 8:16 am We have a really childish fans right here Hahahahhaha just enjoy the drama If you don't like it then don't watch it You just waste your time arguing here You'll never gonna win if you arguing with those fanatic fans lol 7:30 am I dare to guarantee that these people if not the crew of Heirs or wiki crews then it must have been crazy or stress And if you Scrolling down then you will find quite a lot of these names "Kai" but all his comments about Heirs is all "negative" pretty weird he was very regular in this comment section Sally 3:02 am I really love this DRAMA And i hope Kim Tan and Eun Sung will be together soon !! xD notes 2:58 am All Jung Yong Hwa Hang Around ( ) They marginalize lee min ho and said " We are more interested if Sang Eun with Young Do" LOL Before Im sorry Because Yong Hwa Drama is out of Rating do not mess around here it would be wise if you support them rather than screwed here Nowords 1:50 pm I'm not going to lie but I find Park Shin Hye's acting cringe worthy in this drama newbie 12:25 pm congratulations for making it to the 1st rank guys so excited and thrilled to watch the remaining episodes looking forward for a good ending fighting Hennna 12:04 pm Please Eun Sang and Young Do together I want a surprising ending Kdrama 8:47 am @katepie Definitely each of us has different taste Yes "heirs" was all about childhood sweetheart,that it has a plain story line and i bet most teens loved it While my love from the star is a different story with a perfect casts,plots,pacing and writing Kim soo hyun is such a versatile actor he can portray so many challenging role,not just an action drama or a high school brat He acted with full of emotion and His acting is beyond compare.! But of course at the end of the show your taste is your taste and your choice is your choice Just my two cents though 10:20 am This drama is so entertaining That's the point about the drama for me Light,interesting,entertaining and has. This site only supports IE 8 and upward so browse at your peril Or upgrade Internet ExplorerはIE8以上推奨。それ以前のブラウザをご使用の方は最新版にアップグレードしてください。 Davia 11:45 pm The best part of this drama was the acting and the characters themselves The dialogue was very well written but the plot development except towards the end was too often astonishingly bad I hope that if there is a 2nd season that they choose a different writer Also even though I was supportive of PSH and see that she is a good actress I had to admit by the end that she and LMH did not seem to really connect with each other with much depth even though LMH was really trying to do so So somethings are really good and some not This is not one of the greats but definitely worth seeing for some great performances Elli 10:54 am I really think this is waste of lee min ho's talent to play in such a drama,I hope he choose better dramas in future Park Shin Hye Fans 9:21 am I love everything about this drama but there's one thing that bothers me I don't enjoy the kissing scenes at all it's not like I want it to be lustful like Hollywood dramas but I wished it has more passion I hope next time Kim Tan will kiss Eun Sang more since I really love both of them Shin Hye unni please kiss oppa back You look too terrified in both kissing scenes Kay 4:22 am @mia you have pointed out one of the many things wrong about this drama--the dialog But I don't think the Heirs lovers are bothered by this They just dig the eye candy and could care less what drivel comes out of the character's pie holes! alina 4:21 am Woo Bin ! u're the best,dude amuri bwado you are the main character Melissa 11:21 pm This series started slow First episodes were truly confusing because there are many characters to be acquainted with We have to understand who are who and how their relationship with one another - so it was kinda hard to digest at first But this series really have some character growth in it Characters I hated at the beginning I ended up loving them It explained how this series started with 10% rating and ended with 25%! Speaking about chemistry I think the main cast's chemistry in Pinocchio is still better than her chemistry here but her chemistry with Lee Min Ho is. Btw it is still too soon for me to say anything but Krystal is a fav because of F(x) and for being Sulli's bestie whom I just adore but it is her 1st time acting right? crossing my fingers for you Krystal!!!! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! Omayma mimo 1:15 pm when i started watch this drama i feel like i watch the gossip girl its excellent LMH and PSH they are my best actors i think that HEIRS IS THE BEST DRAMA FOR 2013 EVEN IN MY ARABIC COUNTRY TUNISIA all my friends talk about this drama and i m so excited for the 3rd episode good. Kim 1:22 am Worse drama I have no idea why many people said that this is a good drama It just a boring drama about puppy love of high schooler Anony 12:20 am bye bye The Heirs! Your fan Myanmar Rose 5:49 am Cant wait to see the last 6 episodes the day I saw my officemate watching The Heirs and found out it was great and heartwarming romance story I never missed each episodes everyday another favorite romance story. Joy Jack 11:18 am Romantic,lovely and a great drama from a great SUPERSTAR LEE MIN HO keep it up I wanna be a SUPERSTAR to one day,maybe I will have the oppurtunity to act with U h 11:13 am Choi Young Do is the most interesting in this drama for me aszi 10:18 am great drama oppa keep it up love u <3 Apple 8:48 am Hi Does anyone know what make up range did the cast use? especially Kim woo bin i like his make up it gives him a flawless and radiant look Samia 8:14 am This is my favorite Drama's ever !!! *,* ^__^' For Park Shin Hye she is not ugly maybe in your eyes only She's not even very pretty She's just simple with charm And that's what Heirs need For her acting how can you even judge without letting this drama ends? if i were you guys if you just want to watch then watch if not then leave this drama alone hahahaha How can you even say its not very entertaining with just pilot episode or have you forgotten that every story has its beginning climax and ending and not all dramas requires a very good look like Park Min Young but lacks her height when with LMH in City Hunter they even put a box to balance the height of LMH and PMY when they have scene together so not all are perfect but the production never fails to do something Lets just wait until this drama runs few more episodes before we conclude and lastly you over flowing comments make them even more popular and successful and im sure you'll hate it hahahaha When seen acting kim-ji-won I seriously fell silent This condition indicates their success played a role but not so with kim-wo-bin for me it's just acting like a replay of a previous role had too many actor who plays the character like that and much more cool then him sammiefonng916 5:14 pm I need a season two of this cuz it's a great k-drama >__< Arman 9:59 am plzzz yoon eun hye im begging u ! nana 9:07 am I believe someone like lee min ho should act opposite a TOP NOTCH actress!! lee min ho himself has admired "SONG HYE KYO" and declared that he would like 2 act opposite her! AFTER watching her drama,"that winter the wind blows",I got that how brilliant SONG HYE KYO acts!!! I do ADMIRE lee min ho 4. Enri Que 1:36 pm Kim Ji-Won--- she's so attractive in the scene Park Shin Hye--- she's awesome hehe liza 8:34 am I don't like park shin hye she is so depressing to look at Even though I'm not a fan of Lee Min Ho he definitely has good k-drama credits to his name with the exception of BBF and personal preference Just hoping this one isn't a draggy and dream killer romance. Yongshin 9:38 am Those who find this drama boring you have the freedom to stop watching Nobody is preventing you from doing this People in the world please stop judging this drama You haven't seen yet the rest of the episodes Watch the rest of the episodes before you make your judgements I am watching this because I want to see how each actor and actresses development in their acting and the storyline also Maybe someday I could also write my own storyline Relax and enjoy. Ballsack 2:49 am This drama series is effin' boring! The series did not meet my expectations It was plain as a white coupon bond! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And the cast? Their acting is SOOOO LAME! Ronalyn Galang 1:12 am Its so nice.I cant wait the episode tomorrow Valerine 4:28 pm I am speechless to a person who said yoona better as cha eun sang than park shin hye Maybe PSH expression is the same with another of her drama,but yoona has no expression at all when she is singing or acting or anything I agree if you say eun hye is better,but do you know how old she is?? go hye sun is good in acting but she is not teen anymore You mention Park Min yong and Yoona it makes me laughing so much Better you just watch matchmaker reality show or K-POP To people who hate so much about LMH pair with PSH in this drama yeah I think they actually love watching matchmaker reality show not love drama as. Cassandra 8:42 pm Kind of agree with Delilah KT is not a good character He is a control freak and if someone grabbed you into a room and kissed you that would be sexual assault! Yong Do & Bo Na are the only interesting characters in the show I have still enjoyed it but some parts have just left me shaking my head! jhennie 4:50 pm there should be a twist in the story e.g eun sang can be an revealed as an orphan and her real parents would see her in Tan's party hahaha Reverdrama 4:02 pm the best in boring drama it happens nothing it wants to be like boys over flowers which is much better the scene are long less ;and the characters are very very boring in this drama mary 1:03 pm i love this show so much the plot is unique unlike other shows park shin hye and lee min ho has chemistry!! love. Mony 9:46 pm lee min ho you are very talented actor but stop doing dramas with old ideas and not suitable for your age ! look at kim soo hyun he is choosing his dramas very well park shin hye really made my sick by her crying could anyone tell her that acting is not only crying ?! and i dont know why people keep saying that she is pretty i do not see any beauty. Liza 11:53 pm who know the songs played for this drama?? Gem 11:38 pm Ugh this drama gets on my nerves but it's so bad I can't not watch it No honestly I hope Choi Young-Do gets the girl I mean who doesn't like a bad boy turned good for love?!? Plus Kim Tan seems a bit selfish! Choi Young-Do Choi Young-Do!!!!! Kdramafan 8:58 am im sorry i mean his acting is beyond compare,typo error Katepie 11:15 am HEIRS fighting!! Cast are awesome esp PSH and LMH Love their character and lee min-ho u doidnt disappoint us with your good looks and acting Congrats for the rating! Keep it up fans who love the drama lets support HEIRS Bionette 7:40 pm I sooooo enjoyed episode 5 can't wait till tomorrow for the next one every week I say I'm gonna wait till Thursday to watch both of them at the same time but I can never wait love love love THE HEIRS!!!! Clairemendoza 4:42 pm I love this drama <3 Toumi 11:44 pm I really didn't enjoy watching it maybe cos of the high school stuff plus I think the story is nkt getting any interesting so disappointed about lee min ho this yr Mafe Becerra 11:23 pm the heirs is a spectacular dorama NIMo 10:55 pm i LOVE. Ashwini 10:08 pm I really want to see LMH to play Role of Jay in 100% perfect Girl Niccola santos 9:10 pm I love choi young do ❤️❤️❤️ some people misunderstands h but i dont I really like his character and personality ❤️ I feel really bad for all 2nd lead actors they turn out to be the best characters but still never gets the girl ❤️❤️❤️ I love him so much but i dont think that he suits park shinhye Sammy 12:39 pm I really enjoy this drama so far nothing similar to BOF at all For those comments about old actors playing younger roles so what it happen evywhere Please just enjoy the characters in the drama and do not look behind the scene that this actor is too old it calls ACTING WHY keep on saying LMH playing the same type of role same to what????? He has been Choi Young Lee Hun Seung Jeon Jinho even Gu Jun Pyo nothing the same So far he portray well his role as highschooler that shows how good and versetile he is I do not think that a younger actor could have enough acting experience to handle such a role So chill and enjoy it Good luck to "The Heirs" team keep up the. Kai 7:00 am That's why i'm not found it worth to watch The girl main role character is to mainstream I'm not talking about who acted it but the character Why i found Master's Sun more interesting is the Gongshil character but i agreed that Joongwon character is quite alike with Joowon at Secret Garden And the last reason this drama is worth watch is the actors-actresses Oh i'm not a Lee Minho fangirl and not liking Park Shinhye so much Done go to suspicious housekeeper Choco 7:33 am i truly hope song joong ki will surprise everyone and say i want to be in the heirs with LMH + PSH muglee 3:26 am It would have been so great if jung young hwa co uld do this i wouldn't want anything else but still excited about lee minho-park shinhye !! <3<3<3 The scene in episode 12: ES goes outside to throw out garbage She sees Tan standing in front of the café with a dazed look and tears brimming in his eyes She looks at him silently feeling what he feels as he struggles to breathe with the tears rising in his throat and his chest squeezing in pain ES starts to cry and tears fall on both ES and Tan’s cheeks mirroring each other Lee Min Ho was crying probably the most uninhibited tears I have ever seen him cry on TV Not uncontrollably but uninhibited really letting the emotions of the scene surge up from his body He can barely keeps his mouth closed as the air is squeezed out of his chest Seeing him cry like that reminded me of when I cried like that and it hurts A lot Because you are crying to keep it in but everything inside you is shaking NOTE NOTE: Lee Min Ho's crying was the MOST SEARCHED in network the day after & the rating of that VERY last scene. K-Choi 7:27 am Thanks to this drama I have known Kim Ji Won now her character leaves me dazed in my midsummer night's dream Eykoaryk 6:29 am The heirs is starting to pick up pace I like it For those who say is boring I guess you should go watch pororo since is childish your comment or go play barbies,dramas like books have their phases and is getting right to the middle I'm surprised on how the story is taking direction Great performances I just love the characters! Atefeh 1:49 am it was one of the best drama that i saw lee min hoo and park shin hye were perfect but it was alittle similar to boy over flower Hwa Yeong 9:57 pm hhmm sorry to say but i'm not interested. Newbie 4:58 am OMG !!!! I can't wait for the next episode Maya 3:40 am I'm a fan of drama Lee Min- Ho Park Shin - Hye Representatives of the best me I'm waiting impatiently to see the. Deborah 6:53 am I m so so much amazed by Lee min-ho i really do like him a lot Romance of this drama is so sweet and i feel like watching over and over but the story is kinda similar/familiar with other Korean dramas rich boy and poor girls anyway i love this drama <3 kyo 7:16 pm Im very sorry to say this but this drama was really bad Wasted a lot of my time Sorry to all those heirs fans out there!! Watch secret garden instead writer kim eun sook also wrote it :) and its way better!!! Lolla_Michelline 12:21 am I love this drama so much Because all actress and actors are suitable for their role I know its impossible but I want the ending is Yong dou and Cha eun sang together heheheh Love Wo Bin and Shin Hye lolla_michelline 12:18 am @woobinlover : I love your comment Agree 100 percent People are bullying Park Shin Hye ahahahhaa and I love bad boy woobin Dramagirl 5:32 am I absolutely love this drama The ending was kind of disappointing I hoped so much more stuff to happen like won and hyon jool becoming a rachel Yoo and lee hyo shin ending up together the chairman not being absolutely understood with those relationships but still let it slide him having a serious talk with won and tan that he cares about them and stuff I just hoped that the last episode would mean happy ending for everyone and seriously the last could be way more exciting I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Helen 9:43 am I enjoy watching this drama i cant wait for 11 ep to be out looking forward patiently kamsahamnida to SBS for airing this Drama even thou am irritated with Young Do i get over it fast when i see Kim Tan Oppa he always make me smile :) <3 By the way where can you get those sweaters LMH is wearing especially the one he wore at PSH school in Ep 5 It looks so swag I would pay chaebol prices for them Maya 10:32 pm When i see a lot of comments (hater or not) then we can assume a lot of people outside korea watch this drama :D not a lot drama can get this much attention there's is 14 episode to go (it's 7 week again) so you all can fight till then :D Kam 9:31 pm Episode 7 is already out :) Taozico 4:05 pm I want her to end up with Young Do so bad his "love" or "like" for her seems the most genuine But ofcourse she's probably going to end up with Kim Tan so predictable If she doesn't end up with Young Do then I hope she goes with Chanyoung Not that I dont like Kim Tan its just that I cant help but feel the other guys are better suited Young Do is probably going to be with Rachel after Eun Sang ends up with Kim Tan I'm going to hate the drama if Young Do ends up with Rachel Whoisjeanne 8:36 am kyaahhh!! my 2 idols family joined together in 1 drama series tiktook 8:49 am both of lee min ho and park shin hye are my favorite actress Can't wait to see them in this drama They perfect together ! Something that got stuck in my head though is the moment when LMH's character hug his brother and I only kept thinking Why on earth is LMH wearing a girls pastell pink mohair cardigan?! I confess that I only wanted to watch the drama because of Choi Jin-Hyuk and Lee Min Ho (yes I'm shallow) but to continue watching I need more than just eye candy To end my review whit something positive I would say that The actor that plays the bullier is doing a good job and I also like the. Neko-Chan 12:23 pm the drama gets better whenever Eun Sang and Young Do meet they should meet more often :P I like the way Kim Woo Bin portays his role His acting is very nice and you can see all emotions Alhough he is rude arrogant mean and does all the wrong things this is my most favorites character in the drama He is a bad bad boy but in some moments you can see his true feelings and all the sorrow he went through it's a pity that the charatcers of Eun Sang and Kim Tan are not so strong It will be more interesting if they would i think that some moments of the show can be easily deleted because they are making you bored - sometimes too much tears goo that other characters balance it with their positive energy hope that i will see more scenes with. Unni_Noreen18 8:26 pm to AsiandramaKJC you know what?! I am pissed after reading your comment I know that was your own point of view but I hate the way you insult an actress when in fact she was just told what she should do ‘The heirs’ is not the worst kdrama--haven’t you observed? It does have a lot of viewers all across the world Lastly if you want a better kdrama then be a director or a writer and make and write your own story. Lodara 10:16 am I love this drama and so as the cast of cute romance sooo love the story but what I love the most was the character of woo bin oppa hope to see him in more kdrama saranghae oppa! ♥♥♥ lorda 10:06 am Love this drama and so as the cast of characters but what makes me love the most was the character of woo bin oppa hope to see him in more kdrama sranghae oppa! ;))♥♥♥ 1 Han-Ki-Ae= As I was remembered she often almost plays a serious role & cruel but in this drama she actually plays a bit silly mother funny and cute with eun-sang mother and myung-soo also she change managed to make it into a little funny drama story 2 Chairwoman= I think she so my mother (like my mother) hahaha when she could speak very fast,long and so true I think it is very difficult to talk very long and fast as she's done unless supported by strong intelligence and memory although her role in this drama is quite limited but flash back again -----each artist has a role in this drama are easier to remember 3 Yoo-rachel mother= I just ever saw her play in the drama Plan-B she served as criminals but here she actually plays a mother it feels somehow a little funny but she succeeded Lily 2:49 am Congratulation!! I will miss you all surainmh 2:40 am Glad to see 'Heirs' rated high and one of the most watched drama With splendid talented casts even equally remarkable writer its no wonder dramas is the best sought after Still its just my 2-cent view that megastars like LMH PSH please choose a more mature and dynamic role befitting your awesomeness; while new vibrant comers like KWB KHN MS take up a leading role in their next project 'Keep fighting' n have a wonderful. Pashy 11:40 am bestest characters =lee boo na she is so jealous chan young he is too cute and kim tan btw I LOVE YOU LEE MIN-HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hayat Ramadan 11:07 am The Heirs is the best movie specially i love lee min hoo,park shin hye and park hyung sik soli 11:06 am hi it's great drama i. Siong 10:50 pm How can be a poor girl like Eun Sang get a new Samsung Note 3 like others as she cannot even afford to buy a second hand school uniform? Don't you all realise that all the casts are using S Note 3 which is obviously I think sponsored by Samsung Be more realistic please Give her a cheaper looking phone instead Value rating in korea with value rating in other countries was different the formula: % viewing (x) of the total population it could be (1% of the population of china fan x) = (20% x the number of resident fan) so far I agree with Anida and thank you also because I finally learned statistical rating hehe Note: P% = %the number of viewers all over korea or %number viewers around the world 35% = 50% of the population mononton drama together the rest watching another drama Katepie 8:36 pm Each of us has different view of drama As for me I like the most is the teen romantic love story where we can relate to each other of how we felt when we were still young That's what "HEIRS" all about reminiscing our childhood or our first love I like and super love the drama and you can never compare it to the other drama's because it has its own story telling My love from the star is ok am not keen to alien/human love story But most of all don't like kim soo hyun acting Ana Sally 11:33 pm YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! I thought it ended at episode 16 because there was no preview!!! I started crying so much! what??? 10:47 pm Eun sung left<> the way Kim tan cried was so touching I don't know what to expect I just hate his father my thanks giving mood just got destroyed ufff 1 painfullllll week ~Ydnew 10:23 am Hey! The drama is great ! And haters will you stop it first and let the drama finish? The only problem is we expected so much and when the first ep of the drama is aired some of us are disappointed but really the drama. P.s- Sorry for my wrong grammar and sorry for this diary Comment lol! XD yoga 6:54 pm dont just look for the main cast look at the writer its kim eun sook so whoever the main cast its gonna be daebak cant wait for airing Sarah 3:19 pm Yong Hwa again with Park Shin Hye Aaaahhhh so boring!!!!! Lorry 5:56 am I watched it already its really good And they both (LEE MIN HOO Park Shin Hye) blend the chemistry together Two thumbs up for them Great Story Great cast What can you asked for? Looking forward to the next Big Thing they gonna do :) Chukadurimnida ! nomuchoayo ! laarni 12:15 pm Nice predictable drama but I agree it's overrated No excessive twists in the story.I guess lee min ho is just this popular to the masses In fairness they did OK Didn't feel much of the chemistry though Dina 6:34 am This drama has the best casting EVER !!!!! all of the cast members are DAEBAK !! I've never ever for any drama liked the whole cast but for this one I literally love each and everyone of them !! ^^ SO EXCITED !!! Shinminah 12:33 pm This drama was good but I just freaking cannot stand it Why CES chooe Kim Tan? He was horrible CYD had more to offer and he truly felt in love with her And the kiss scene with KT and CES OhGAWD I wanted to dig fork into my eye when I saw it Ugh I was watching this drama few month ago and it still isn't leaving me off My SLS during this drama ang after it is so strong that I just can't handle this Anyway #TeamChoiYoungDo4EVA Love him just freaking love him How could she do that to me ghdgkfd amel 12:29 pm the heirs it's a. Jenny 7:19 pm heirs fighting! park shin hye so beautiful i really envy her ^-^ gulagula her face is not like an ahjumma at all you don't even know her so just SHUT UP i really hate people like you it's not logic ; but a lie i wonder why she's been offered for many CF if her face is like an ahjumma not like your idols that are so plastics she's a natural beauty your eyes are just blind. 4 Kim tan does not match with eun sang​​? Answer= this sentence makes me laugh I just want to ask who said eun sang is more suited to the young do than kim tan Is If you like a woman then you will be bullying her when do you like a woman you will be pushed her into the swimming-pool do when you fall in love you'll trip him as he walked if you say yes I can confirm that your condition now are experiencing psychological same as young do problems now 5 Love story of the parents in this drama much more interesting ? Answer = This sentence also makes me laugh I 'm sure people who comment like this certainly like to watch adult dramas like the queen reversal office queen and other or who commented it is people who must love affair quarrels between husband and wife If so then I suggest you watch that suits your age like strike parent or. Sandra 2:54 pm OMG can't wait to see this drama my two oppas are in it(lee min ho and kim woo bin) luv u guys I'm lukin forward to seeing it *dancing* yasmeen 10:23 am I'm looking forward to watch this drama so eagerly since it gathers the most brightening actors such as lee min ho and park shin hye love them both :D Yhoonah 5:54 am who was that two boys standing beside park hyung-sik (myung soo) on the heirs ep 14 at the party of krystal (lee bo nah)? yhoonah 5:44 am just wanna ask who's that two boys beside park hyung-sik (myung soo) in episode 14 of the heirs? porkypai 2:58 am i watch bel ami and i watch heirs cant compare these two I love the dramas both :-) daebak!! Kimberly 6:29 pm Hi I'm damn crazy with this drama right now! I'll definitely give 100 vote for this drama good writer good actors and actresses in the show make this drama become more and more famous around the world Please support! wolf 6:20 pm My heart is aching for Choi Young Do But Kim Tan is soo sweet It's really difficult not to. Catherinecai1990 8:01 pm Love this drama but instead of the lead roles I'm more attracted to the cutest Kang Minhyuk-Krystal the hottt Kim Woo Bin and the hott Choi Jin Hyuk and the hilarious Park Hyung Sik (the one who played the young Lee Jin Wook in Nine times time travel!! a must must watch drama) I laughed really hard at the scene when Woobin tells a sad story about losing his mon and friend and this guy just innocently spills out: huh you lose your mother's friend? LOLLLLLL totally breaks the sad atmosphere upside downn!! Noira 8:46 am Now I want to analyze some point here where Some Statement tell us that this drama more suitable for smart & honest people = 1 Initially Kim Tan is a good boy why he is now a bad boy ? Answer = Kim tan is not a good boy at first time but he's even more evil than young do but life solitude and his meeting with the eun sang change his purpose in life but of course the 18-year-old child delinquency is still there and even this is not a mere. Kdramalover 1:08 pm I think it will be a daebak if JANG GEUN SUK as the 2nd main actor and YOON EUN HYE as the 2nd main actress!!! Can't wait to see this drama!! karlene 9:43 pm wish choi minho and krystal were considered as second lead actors Gie 11:43 pm people always have different opinion about please calm if you don't like the actress,story line or what stop watching!!and go to nice drama what do you want for everybody said their copy of BOF,did you know that BOF= why you so hate it?did you know,that many Kdrama is copying from another they always have many attention,have many fans too so please enjoy the story,just starring your idol,and give them support Hanin 8:29 am wahh a lot of comments and the drama didn't start yet the cast is perfect 2 of my fav actresses are in Can't waittttttt ♥ jessicalovesdrama 8:21 am I think it will be like Gossip Girl :D Tina 11:11 pm if its so boring then dont watch it! lynnor 10:34 pm I really enjoyed watching this drama I love it!!!! from the Phillipines How I wish it would be. Silver 12:28 am oh my where tan said to his hyung save her from their father he will leave as his hyung always told him,its his chance to take away everything i am crying for tan or his confession i don't know when won said tan's rebelling in wrong way tan told him m jus living as you always wanted me to so i can't challenge you that moment my heart broke for him why won hyung why? why didn't you accept him before? why did you have to push him away? he just wanted to be your dosaeng oh why are they making tan cry if he's unhappy m unhappy too Ukat firmansyah 7:44 am this drama is great miss korea 4:37 am park shin-hye and lee minho sweet together.i cry when lee minho crying because he missed park shin-hye in this make another drama with lee minho and park shin-hye(the heirs 2) ekay 2:00 am i like this drama because great and excellent Sangnamja 10:21 am Well this drama is 'love-it-or-hate-it' drama The concept and the storyline is cliche actually Like there are a lot story with this kind of concept all over the world But there are something about this drama that can make me stay until the end I don't know i didn't found anything special about this drama but i still enjoy it (Thanks to this drama i get to know who Kim Ji Won is and became a fan and watch her acting in DOTS) Claris 11:24 pm The heirs 2 please??? Georgina 8:38 pm to AsiandramaKJC You've watched all the dramas in all history of k-dramas? Do you have any idea how many K-dramas had been produced? This is the worst? Do you understand your honest opinion? BE SIMPLE AND. Van 11:07 am Loved it Amazing drama wish it was longer anyways I really loved it all the characters and everything the ending was also cool feeling happy :D:D ♥♥♥♥♥ loved the song "painful love" too yannyommax 10:37 am 사랑하고 ILOVEYOU 사랑 Mary Grace Nate 7:20 pm Wow! Just Wow!! I just really can't wait to watch it here in the I hope you can visit us here both X) Irina russo 5:56 am I just love so much this drama! it's really exciting and emouvant! #immalagasy dynzs 10:35 pm Wow I am excited to watched this on . Fiin 2:33 pm Well,I really loved the heirs despite the fact that the Plot was too tan and eun sung had an amazing chemistry,and all the other characters were awesome too and between am seriously obsessed with lee min ho,and it is not even funny anymore lol Saltanat 12:32 pm I like Lee Min Ho but in this drama his character is just boring as well as the female lead character this show is interesting only because of Choi Young Do Would love to see Woo Bin in another good drama as a leading actor Woo Bin fighting! Chantell 6:13 pm I feel like I was the only one who liked the first episode lol I love his two of my favorite actors lee min oh from boys over flowers and park shin hye from flower boy next door I absolutely. Rg 8:59 am for those who said that PSH is ugly not attractive at all and doesn't deserve to be LMH co-star or what so ever~ even though you think you are far much prettier than PSH you have no right to insult her by saying she's such an ugly unattractive actress compared to the rest of the actresses and idols and also you yourself please show some respect try to put yourself in her shoes would you like it if other said you are such an ugly person even you are not pretty??? of course you don't right? beauty of physical appearance is subjective but beauty of qualities within is objective you may be much prettier than PSH in terms of physical appearance but in terms of the beauty of qualities within behavior you are at the very very bottom one Nameless 9:27 pm I don't know what Kimt Tan is up to but he better make it good! He's starting to really annoy me right now It's not that LmH doesn't act well it's probably because I don't like Tan's personality (No Hate cuz LMH is a great actor) On the other hand Youngdo is really interesting and by far my favorite character Shinhye plays Eunsang well And well yeah Chanyoung scenes are nice Bona's scenes are just so FUNNY Myungsoo is funny too Haneul is interesting Rachel is a intriguing character to me and etc Overall I think the cast did well but I'm waiting for the storyline to start a bit more of the big drama (How Kim Tan plans everything out) Phils 9:36 pm OMG Ep 18 is already out but I'm still in the office And look the ratings It's so damn high Hey please extend it by 10 more episodes AND Guys can you clarify the comment of Mimi from France is that. Lia 12:06 pm ahm am i on the right place? ahm jst dropping by to inform u guys to try and watch REPLY 1994 It's a very refershing kdrama! You'll love it from A to Z! anyong :) mery joy parpan estillore 9:10 pm wow!!!!!! it was so wonderfull there love story was full of traillers and challenges Xd 2:11 am I hope Jung Yong-Hwa will also act in this show I love Watching Shin Hye and Him ACTING !! pls come back T_T 달이 4:37 pm OMG Jin Hyuk!! I'll probably watch this drama because of him~ so excited =D Aidyl 10:50 am How awesome it would've been for Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa to star in a THIRD Drama together?!. Kay 12:45 am Just because the BOF was copied from the original it proved to be the most successful Since that was established let's not keep having rehashes of the same story bits I wouldn't be surprised if they bring in Ji Hoo for a cameo--LOL! Lexy 1:17 pm Despite negative comment I really enjoyed it! :) Doris Colbert 2:54 pm I came across this amazing find on HULU I Love this show!! Its fresh n NEW to me I was instantly taking with the young actors the realness of the romance and the harshness of the drama This Show touched on So many different truths I hope to see a season two:) Is there a Season too? Shoon 8:43 pm please ! jang geun suk ! be second actor Bun 7:07 pm I was hoping for Yoona as well but i don't mind Park Shin Hye she's just as amazing! Lee Min Ho is simply perfect for this but i recommend the second lead actor should be Kim Hyun Joong he and Min Ho worked so well together in Boys Over Flowers!!! Dadz 6:00 am i'm not so amazed by this drama though but it's worth watching because aside from it's star studded the acting also s up to the skies especially kim woo-bin who played the role of choi young do frienship really is magical Ray 4:19 pm Kim Tan is sooo annoying to me @__@ I have an urge to skip scenes with him and Eun Sang I don't feel any chemistry between them at all! >_< I really hope that the story will somewhat turn around and Young Do will get a happy ending! He just needs love~! Who doesn't like bad guy turning into better man because of love?! It'd make me sooo happy~! XD Michelle 3:37 pm I love this drama It's the best one that I've watched so far It got me so hooked ever since the first episode It's really interesting unlike most of the drama where it have the same plot and all This drama actually made me cry a lot It's good! Iris 12:54 pm Love this Drama It's the first time I watch drama and I'm so hooked on it! Adore the director and writer it is so exciting! (From the Netherlands) Safitri dias 1:45 am Kang Min Hyuk (love) "," Moneygame 2:55 pm Choi Young-Do he is pretty you know 6:04 pm I already watched the whole episode of this movie Park Shin Hye my favorite actress in Korea keep up the good work! I always wanted to watch your other movies and drama series Lee Min-Ho your so handsome and a best actor! The "Heirs" congrats! The actresses whom I like: Song Hye Kyo(full house) Park Bo Young(A Werewolf Boy) Han Hyo Joo(Dong Yi) Go Ara(answer me 1994) Kang Sora(ugly alert,Doctor stranger) Yekemi Adeyemi 6:50 am This is an interesting drama with excellent and well coordinated cast ly 3:09 am i like to watch this drama but after reading some comments I doubt if it i want all pretty faces are there full package but the story is so predictable as they say anyway good. Jannah 12:26 am A spinoff of Hana Yori Dango/ Boys over flower There is nothing special in the story of this drama It is just about rich kids without any real problems and bad boys gone good because of romance The main character girl (Cha Eun Sang) depicts a very annoying character It looks like she is about to cry in every episode and she cannot even defend herself Also the boys in the story (Young Do) and (Kim Tan) are psychopaths There is nothing sexy or adorable in that attitude Kim woo bin's acting is notable but the story is really. Sora 8:21 am I wrote this drama is boring and i watch it till the ep 5 and stiiiiiilllll no change soooooo borring really i'm sooo sure that ppl who likes this drama are all young ppl *Teenagers* they don't have any experience whit the drama and they don't even know what means the. Yasaman 2:31 am hyung shik oppa!!!please dont have any kiss in this drama ok ???if u do i will be very sad!!!and cry just for you i really love you!!!!hwaiting^^^^ sepide 6:41 am seeing him in boys over flowers made uncomfortable with his other characters playing a rich kid suits him so good! so that's a good thing about this series!but i hope there would be more romantic scenes in. Nana 1:29 pm This drama bored me more I watch this drama just for Woo Bin!! Nana 1:28 pm This drama bored me more I watch this drama just for. Khaye 8:13 am to georgina if you're intelligent enough y don't you write your own drama rather than saying negative comments about the heirs like what others said if you're not happy or sated watching this drama then stop watching as simple as that no one's forcing you to watch it you keep on watching this then criticize it. Ladywolverine 6:15 pm Yeah Kim Tan I. Rose 9:58 pm OH MY GEE i really hooked in this ost can't wait to watch ep09 haha ! dvd copy here at please so i can watch it all over again until i learn the language !! Ne Ve Na 3:42 pm Really like this drama <3 Wolfgirl 12:00 am WOW! this is just stupid! I cannot believe Lee Min-Ho won the best actor! this was his worst acting ever !! don't get me wrong I'm his biggest fan but srsly through out the first half of the drama he basically had this sullen/bored mask on the. Junnu 9:43 am i am definately watchin this drama as both are my fav(lee min ho & park shin hye) lookin forwrd to it fighting!! Jasmin 7:28 am I can't believe it Kim Ji Won and Krystal in another show I'm looking forward to this show because of Park. 34567 7:19 pm dont mind the haters if i know they havent even watched it and are just bitter about heirs success bcuz their beloved MTT is. Shin HYE and MIN HO Fighting!! Looking forward to more great scenes Goodluck Always remember there will always be pros and antis ^_^ jessie 10:35 am I really like The Heirs :) waiting for the next episode Godbless! Sora 8:26 pm for Xiomaral is your standar for good or bad story depen on how pretty or how handsome the lead actor? for me they act is good enough to make me enjoy the drama people need to learn how to built a good critism saying a harash thing about how people look is cruel and you do it on public media thats. Tori 5:44 am We need to quit judging And yea the characters may be cliche but the actual story isn't Tan fell in live with eun sang at first glance usually this take a looong while And tans friend is perfect! Americans are like this I am american so I have the right to say that So lets not judge and continue watching okay? Heirs fighting! Laiba 5:29 am Guys only the first episode has aired just relaxxxx before you condemn it seriously -.- and if you didnt like it stop watching. Dramagirl 2:23 am I love this drama but I can't get over the fact that everyone got a happy ending except for kim won That is so. Georgina 11:19 pm To Kay You sound very bitter Why are you taking it too seriously? These are just make believe stories written for entertainment that has nothing to do with your future decision in life I don't see any reason for your rant and sarcasm Don't you have anything better to do now that Secret has aired it's last episode already? So now you're making it your mission to bash any drama that doesn't measure up to your standard? That is very immature so childish Ariel 4:36 pm Oh god Minho is so hot >///////.< <3 nik 2:58 pm young do you rockkkkkkk amazing acting love u nisha 2:55 pm omg! young do u r rockkkkkkk Aerowhite 11:08 am I think that Park Shin Hye is not suitable for this role because she is not pretty and attractive enough to be liked (Kim Tan's feeling of falling for Cha Eun-Sang) by Kim Tan within a short period This drama would be more attractive and pleasing if the female lead one were a cute and attractive girl instead of Park Shin Hye pema 10:58 am Big salute 2 park shin hye acting u r beautiful girl fighting!!! awesome drama 4 Eun-ang Mother= I think she really managed to portray a mute I quite often see her collided acting with lee-min-ho so she is very familiar to me but in this drama her plays a new role and she is successful 5 Role Myung-Su also= He is one of the most successful actors played so far acting silly and be freedom heart without him this drama may be quite flat but he gives the impression of another act 6 So far the role of kim-won Hyun-ju and ye-sol is the most worrisome to me I think their role as artists enough "Rock On" in this drama are less realized or less indeed even a little portion of their acting but for me they are acting instead it easy remember But does serving them a little want to say anymore ? Thursday 1:47 am trying to endure the pain of waiting ep 17 the ending of ep 16 is such a cliffhanger waiting Lalala 7:52 am for azn--- I like your objective comment My Idea all over was same as you The cliche part of this drama was 'RICH BOY-POOR WOMEN' but that is never be problem as long as storyline was good and play role do their best action of heirs I am a person who usually love to watch any drama so i dont excite to debate which drama was the best I am more deferate to watch them and enjoy it beside debate like stupid aloue 5:56 am Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Ye are good together i hope they are in real love all of them are very good actor,actress i love to watch this^__^ Katy 12:58 pm well I really want to see it (I guess I'll wait until all the Episodes are out ) But my problem is Park Shin Hye I really don't like her acting :S Yeh 6:07 am Yoon eun hye for the 2nd main actress!!!!! (I Hope) B.T 5:52 am Woowwwwwww Jung Yong-Hwa & Park Shin-Hye are together again It's just fantastic I can't explain how happy. Ichigo 12:20 am Calm down people Lee Min Ho and Jung Yonghwa are both GREAT actors!! And Yonghwa is ONE of the main leads Oh and for that Sarah girl if you think it's so boring then why are you here? If you don't like Yonghwa and Shinhye then please go away and go troll somewhere else. :) LeaOrosco 9:36 pm I'm so excited to watch this drama.! My two favorite actors lee min ho and jung yong hwa are cast in 'heirs' And also my favorite actress park shin hye It would be daebak for sure But I hope lee min ho ssi is the. Lily 12:44 pm My heart hurt when I saw the 16 episode I think this drama too short may be 24 episode is enough sepide 12:02 pm ep 16 was heartbreaking it made me cry gosh lmh is so good at touching people's emotion! noira 10:15 am Some interesting stuff in episode 15 & 16 Honestly I was a little rusty what an interesting scene that occurs in episodes 15-16 possible Snow 3:51 am after watching some kdrama I feel depressed I observed that the main actor in kdrama is almost always perfect and he really love n protect the actress n even sacrifice her Can there be such a person like the main actor in our enviornment ? according to my experience I don't think so very rarely to find I want to be a lover of such guy in kdrama who loves protects and loyal. 2 The drama is less suitable for those who do not like or have never read the a NOVEL= because a lot of part of the story between the lines (not shown) so it took a little thinking to find the answer so as not to get confused Example-1= the scene when the chan-young father save eun-sang & her mother of the house without first issuing before kim-tan father being sent them overseas (episode-7) example-2= when eun-sang said "I should call my uncle (father chan-young in episode-8)" then it is connected with the story in the example-1 Actually there are a lot of parts of the story implied I think this drama should have a number of episodes between 24-26 episodes to see full storyline Praco ms 11:50 am I love movies especially ones acted by lee min ho,i wish him goodluck,i wish i will visit korea someday by God grace Davia 7:56 pm This drama was such a disappointment That the leads won best actor awards for their performances in this makes the KD industry look bad Sorry to be so blunt but their performances were not the best of 2013 No were near it in fact I have nothing against either actor but neither were at their best in this The best scenes were done by the two mothers who were thankfully a ray of delight Charlie 7:35 am it was a great drama some boring scenes but ALL drama have that whether or not The casts was talented The story was realistic thumbs up! lucky888 10:36 am the storyline was great if u like a reality based story not fantasy results at the end so i like it a lot and of course the cast was great at the roles especially the lead actors love u lee min ho and park shin hye nice to meet u kim woo bin :D Gemini Hush 2:24 am I love lee min ho and I love also all his drama series He's really a very good actor Please extend this drama I'm so sad to think that it will end soon I'll surely be missing him For me this drama is no 1 Congratulations to all the cast especially to my favorite actor LEE MIN HO you're. Kay 6:57 am There must be an awful lot of tweens and teens watching this drama as reflected in the ratings However this wasn't or isn't the best show of the year "The Secret," was a far better quality project Writing directing casting acting music---all surpasses "The Heirs." That's why these ratings don't amount to a hill of beans Heirs is a big popularity contest with the two male leads and all the other little flower boys So silly adult males acting like teenagers! Levieva 9:07 pm whoops! cant wait Lee min ho,yong hwa & Park Shin hye How About Suzy for the 2nd main actress?? tania 10:02 am PERFECT ! TOP ! Lee minho,Jung Yong-Hwa,Park Shin Hye I'm wating it's Film! Laaafffssss Shawn 2:03 pm I didn't realize they were going to be filming in the US so close to me I would have traveled the 8 hours to get a glimpse at Park Shin Hye! And probably the only time I'd get a chance since most Drama don't film here AmandaC 7:45 am Wa!! Feeling excited about this drama Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye make a good !. Dirdar 8:48 pm just look at the rate seriously it tells you if it good or bad drama ;) darinara 8:36 pm The heirs one of the best drama i have ever seen in my life i just love lee min ho park shin hye is an excellent actress there is a quite emotional moments in this series that makes you laugh cry shocked and smile also there is moments that gets under your skin from happiness or sadness So you really should watch this drama don't let people with negative opinion about this drama effect yours just watch it and i am sure you wont regret it ;) Yhannie 6:50 am I really love this DRAMA! Hoooo! I've been watching this for nth time! The acting of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is very AMAZING! I hope that it doesn't end like what I imagine I really love this drama! I'll support The Heirs for a lifetime! Kansamnida! Aerowhite 5:14 am I like Kim Ji Won I wish Kim Tan be together with Rachel Yoo in the end The matches I m very pleased the scene that Kim Tan comforting Rachel Yoo who cries FauFau 4:22 am I love Lee Bo Na character cheerful funny :D Miona 9:05 am It was above average some moments were great and touching We can see from comments and interviews guys wont really comment on love relationships in this drama Only women or girls does that They are more to guys matters in this drama I guess this drama has something for evrryone and either gender Great actors all of them played they characters very well Storyline was well organized Chaitali samantray 4:27 am I am going crazy for dis drama The center of attraction is Lee Min Ho Interesting and refreshing episodes Just episode no.7 !!! A lot to watch :) :) Amazing star cast and tangled characters chaitali samantray 4:24 am Heirs is driving me refreshing and interesting The center of attraction is Lee Min Ho just episode no 7.A long way to go A lot to watch i am from India and drama addict Enjoying each moment of. Lawliet 10:08 pm omo i cant wait to see choi jin hyuk again  :D :D also lee min ho  :D <3 칠리 9:11 pm Aigooo!!! Minho Oppa hako park shin hye?? ^.^ Hehehehe they're so nice I can't wait to see my both Oppa and unnie lyn 1:14 am oooh i love Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho oppah i totally cant wait any longer Wie2Na 8:00 pm the heirs is making me totally like crazy crazy hopefully they will be the heirs part 2 georgina 7:57 pm Like you said "I just call things as I see them." lovely 7:55 pm I love this kind of drama very impressive in every episode that i saw super duper interesting Abigail 4:06 am Guys your movies are so nice I really enjoy watching them Lee Min-ho and everyone on heirs keep up the good is the next season we cant wait to. Bbylisa 2:31 pm ahh!! can't wait two more day left hurry and come! Aria 11:25 am I have these love-hate relationship with k-drama I stay up all night watching k-dramas and cuz of that i snooze off during school classes but oh well i cant change my brain logic :)))))))))))))))))))) Cant wait for. Lily 9:55 am I always waiting for this I like the simple film but touching and sweet Bonzai 8:01 am Never been so addicted in watching The Heirs took my heart away LOVING IT SO MUCH!! Tan is great on how he takes Eun Sang into his wings but as the story goes how Young Do does his way for Eun Sang is really just amusing and heart thrilling Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye Kim Won Bin rocks the screens. Enyo Sarah 3:40 pm I just read all Ūя̲̅ coment now This is a free market of ideas ever one is entitled †̥☺ his or her own opinion But what ever U̶̲̥̅̊ say Sout s film are the best because of their solid story lines Am not a but am in love with their films And № mater what any one say ♏Ɣ best Actor is Lee Him-Ho Senoritaqtr 5:29 pm We want more episodes of The Heirs I really loved this drama Tomorrow is the last episode I feel bad yoonnia 4:42 pm great drama i'll sad when this drama finished tomorrow TT Fathima 1:50 pm OMG!!! this is my favorite movie ever i love this movie very much <3 <3 <3 <3 very heart touching Rabi chong 6:51 am I luv this drama specially the actors & actress's performance they acted well enough to catch viewer's heart I m waiting to watch the full episode Ann 6:49 am OMG! I Love You LMH :** PSH is really a good actress I think I'm gonna love their tandem :) Next Episode please <3 Zani 4:02 pm I guess it's a thing that I always root for the losing guy in dramas I liked Kim Woo-Bin more Still a good drama though! drama lover 5:58 am I love this drama Lee min ho and park shine hye and kim woo bin and other actors are really greate Ain 8:10 am For me This drama has a awesome cast The chemistry was there But as for me i stopped watching this when i found myself to be rather fond of park shin hye being with woo bin Nevertheless every other else is good!! Just dont caught up being in second lead syndrome You wouldnt like woo bin hurt Utami 8:14 am Hi Rita tx for your suggestions Yes I already watched Secret Garden Ha Ji Won is a good actress too It's joyful to watch especially her partner was Hyun Bin like him Still many to. Mwaa 2:19 am I just finished watching this drama and I can say that it was boring and very predictable it's like nothing new with the storyline I like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye but their love team in this drama just didn't work out They don't have chemistry at all Momo 2:15 am I just finished watching this drama and I can say that it was boring and very predictable it's like nothing new with the storyline I like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye but their love team in this drama just didn't work out They don't have chemistry. Soumia 3:45 am well i really love the heirs and i think it deserve first place the heirs fighting marie 2:46 am Although the actor who plays Young- Do is really a good actor good looking and cute I was just thinking and this is just my opinion that It would be nice to see JKS plays the role of Young- Do of course with a short hair It would be exciting and more interesting for me he he he I don't want anybody to be mad but I really would like to see LMH PSH and JKS be in one drama just saying and thinking. Waiting for next week excited to wait the final episode FIGHTING Katniss 7:03 pm @noira what the hell are you talking about? noira 1:59 pm End of year is busy but I still took time to watch this drama A few notes about this drama before it ends : 1 Is there a shortage of this drama?= Objectively if likened to a cup of tea then less heat and sometimes feels bland but even so the plot in this drama is very regular so easy to remember. 4 Yoon Chan-Young Father= so far he is the most naturally plays as a father in this drama I think many teens want to have a father like him in addition to acting as a father he's also like a friend of his son quite rare in real life now 5 Choi-Young-Do Father= I think of all the artist's role in this drama most character approach the social circumstances of the rich who lose control at the present time was his character 6 Kim-Tan Father= I forgot what drama I've ever seen him before I think in drama dong yi in heirs his role could change quite easily a whole of storyline I think his role maybe bigger if this drama is have more episodes 7 Other fathers and mothers (yong Shin's father-mother Young-do's mother Myung-soo's mother Bo-na's mother and ye seol's mother) I think all them is pretty well known artist for us & I think this drama really need a big cost to get sign of them all hahahhaha Yyang0124 2:30 pm One of my all time favorite drama! I absolutely love kim tan & es so much!!! Rael 12:49 pm Its all about taste why everybody interupted. Tonja 3:03 pm I love this show Here in the US we watch it on HULU I look forward to seeing what happens every weekend I hope they have a second season Rael 2:09 pm I dont say this drama suck It just not that great master sun's much better Hellooo LMH-KWB in one scene that's visual explode How can you say cast is not important She Phoe 3:02 am I started to watch the 2 episodes and I started liking this drama this early I like PSH character Simply pretty I think her looks suits her character Actually I was looking forward for more English conversations between LMH and PSH with American casts It's still long to go and it's too early to judge Let's see the twist and turns of. Lots of love too from Singapore khaye2089 12:07 pm it's kinda sad to see Won lonely he chose that kind of path and this tells us that every story has no happy ending on WON's part it is a lesson that he gave us as for other cast such a good ending this is really one of the best drama i've watched! hwaiting everyone gonna miss this drama :D katniss 11:21 am Kim Woo-Bin I. Ayu 11:07 am I think some of Lee Min Ho's Fans are underrating Park Shin Hye Oh well too bad because Shin Hye is picked. :P And I love their team-up! You shouldn't judge the outcome of the drama when it is not yet released Shin Hye is a talented girl and a superb actress more than you'll ever expect She is not just the type of actress who make some 'aegyo' in front of the cameras just to make herself cute (because she already does) I personally love her with Yong Hwa but having teamed-up with Min Ho is a good thing It means that the Directors are trying to do mix-up whether they will click or not MinShin Fighting! <3 Lulu 3:46 pm I love the cast but why is it a high school drama??? seriously Park Shin Hye can pass for an high school girl but Lee Min Ho is too old for that (he already was too old for his role in Boys over flower imo) and Kim Woo Bin is no longer high school age (I already found him a little weird in school uniform in School 2013) Was it too hard to make it a college-set drama? Well at least all those actors have already proved how talented they can be so let's hope it won't seem to weird to see them in high school uniforms! Hye Mi 6:13 am please stop bashing Park Shin Hye TT OmO shes just going according to her script! That is how her character is suppose to be like and she has nothing that she can do about it ya~~ >< ha ji ma :( Khaye 5:35 am omo omo! this is so daebak i can't wait for the next episode it getting exciting every episode Lee Min Ho oppa is so handsome and park shin hye is very beautiful this drama is way to good.! hwaiting. Xiuminggi 7:04 pm I love this drama so much! This was the 3rd best drama I've ever watched!! (Well it should be the 2nd greatest but DOTS became my first and ywcfts became my 2nd) This drama is worth watching for! I watched this last 2014 and i currently watching it again this 2016!! If you love teen romance with a bit of drama and comedy you'll definitely love this! I live Kim Tan and Eun Sang so much also Kang Haneul and MinhyukXKrystal ❤️❤️ Definitely one of the BESTEST drama. Guest 1:06 pm I want CES and young do to end up!! it will be a different ending and interesting too!! because all the time the lead actor and actress ending up!! they can change it and create a magic!! ohkiwon 11:47 am I like lee minho (seriously he is like so hot!) But I hope cha eun sang will end up with choi young do! Come on i mean the kimtan and eunsang is too predictable! Daniela 10:28 am Loving loving loving you!!! I want to say something also to Kim Mi-Kyung : You are wonderful!!! I like you so so much!!! Thanks everybody!!! yagsrag 10:26 am so excited on episode 19 best of drama I've ever seen in my whole life so far <3 <3 lhyie 8:17 am best of best. Lilian 5:51 am I can't wait to see my lovely actors n actress in this movie I know it will be the best I love u choi jin hyuk park shin hye and LMH You guys rock devi hu 5:26 am I'd wait until 09 months of 10 I'm definitely going to wait. Evline 5:38 pm I luv this drama Itz funny and emotional at the same time All the characters especially Lee Min-Ho and Kim Woo-Bin are great.i cant believe its coming to an end Its all too sudden Really hope they add more episodes or keep a season 2 There are so many characters in it whose parts has to be justified katniss 5:37 pm @Eidah I agree with you big time Kim Woo-Bin-is the actor to watch for Just love love love his acting I really hope he has a drama in line already Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Ji-Won is actually look cute as a Hoping to see Kang Ha-Neul in another. Lena 4:07 pm Quit hating on PSH and LMH I like them both and both can act just fine I rather PSH be the lead than an idol Just enjoy the drama or skip it The Heirs Fighting! :) This is random but Damn KWB and CJH is. Joy 2:13 am Well guys whatever your opinions are i'll still watch it Though ratings are important because it shows how much people like it maybe still i appreciate everything about it I would always love to watch LMH! Heirs fighting!!! Ytyttytt 3:53 am mirrored by episode 7 to before I think this drama should have minimal total episode is 30 why? I think the heir drama airing views is too relaxed until episode 7 feels less passionate but unfortunately i think the heir just only airing up to 20 episode yuya 3:42 am difference rating range of MBC & SBS make me have a conclusion that TnMs was SBS partner & AGB was MBC partner you can mirrored that by see of heir-secret rating drama What happened in rating company really strange so how we'll know the real rate. Ivettemv 12:33 pm I'm hoping this drama I love Lee Min Ho since the first drama I saw of him He is so passionate on his work that I love him He his handsome and cute Park-Shin is a great actress I have seen some of her work and I like them They would be a great And Kim Woo-Bin I love his work too I'm waiting for it Tink 7:10 am @someone I "hare" people that judge others she's a great young actress and will only get better and more mature with age Cut the girl some slack! >,< eeek! I can't wait till in. Sinopsis kdrama 12:27 am The Heirs best drama in 2013 ^_^ cozette 12:25 am I like the character of Choi Young-Do I want him to be with Cha Eun-Sang The chemistry of them are very good Young-Do is very effective in his character Boring! 2:15 pm Totally Agree With Szy Dis Drama Is Just A Piece Of Trash Even The Number Of Korea Celebrity Used In Dis Crap Cudnt Make It Any Different From Being Extremely Lame Boring Boriest Kdrama I'av Ever Watch In My Entire Life Sam 10:56 am Agree with fay Storyline was too cliché and boring too childish sometimes Lucky that they got famous actors/actresses Yazzie 1:48 pm Wow!!! This is the third drama where Park Shin-hye and Jung Yong-hwa are in a drama together o.o haha thats so cool!! They must really like those two together :) Too bad Yong-hwa is going out with Seohyun I would love it if Yong-hwa oppa and Shin-hye unnie went out. :D Shadowboy_001 8:20 am Lee min Ho and Yong hwa? wow together in 1 movie @_@ im gonna luv it even i don't like romance Sohyun 11:42 pm woaah the cast really daebaakk and i want woobin+krystal love line. :) please ??!! Emi 6:59 pm OMG The cast is SO perfect! All of them are my fav!! can't wait TT_TT♥♥ JoleeL 10:38 am Best cast EVER! Park Shin Hye Lee Min Ho Krystal Jung Choi Jin Hyuk! <3 Lily 1:46 am I belive that this film will be success cause so many friends always watching and give their comment I love Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye hope their friendship will make this film colourfull fighting!!!! TU 12:20 am i wanna know who are the models in episode 9 who works with Rachel's. Mariam 2:39 pm can't wait to watch it lol cik rin 2:13 pm Ommo im so xcited to watch it go oppa minhoo really love his actingggg ! <3 I dunno I had to vent that I still really like it but they could have developed the relationship between those two characters so much more Seeing the relationships between the other characters makes it seem like a joke ASMA 12:15 pm I really liked this drama although its kind of predictable and there are some things that really don't make sense ! like all of them had the same mobile ! ( Poor and Rich ) However overall it was a good show <3 Michelle Darong 2:09 am This drama is very fantastic not only in myself but also to the whole fan watchers Every episodes has a touching scenes Very nice concept Such a great drama Lee Min Ho your a very nice KPop actor that I've known Keep It Up and may God Bless !!!!:-) Becca 7:41 pm If yo want to watch kdarama make do not watch a triangle love drama Most of those drama create a bored ending. Janine Montes 7:45 am Wow! This drama is the best! I cant stop waiting for the next updates! <3 <3 Fighting and more power! Steff 7:16 am Two thumbs up for this drama!!! Great really great It completes my day Looking forward for the next episodes Deabak!!! stephoxxx 7:12 am more woobin n shinhye moment juseyo ♥♥♥ Megura 9:40 am First I like this drama because Kim Woo Bin He is a raising star and for lee min ho i think its enough to act as high school student it's not suitable anymore and for this drama I rate 6 because the love story is to burdensome for high school student They just only high school student why make it so complicated love story but thanks to bona and chanyong they give colors to this drama and Kim Woo bin acting increase so much honestly i really enjoy the scene of young do and eun sang than a main actor Young Do Character is interesting and not so "common" like. Kemosabe 1:22 am The thing is Korea tries to keep the Hallyu wave and they do everything for the shows to be interesting so the audience do not lose interest If this drama is just another one of those having plots as plain as rich-poor romance then I don't think the writer's manuscript would be approved in the first place This drama for sure has something in store since the actors are looking forward to it because this writer is very awesome Rin 7:32 am I can't wait for the third episode! lee min ho and park shin hye are so cute together ~ Minhyuk is also very sweet :) ! I'm looking forward to the next episode *_* Ladysnow 7:29 am Kind of disapointed with the first two episodes The cast is fantastic I love lee min oh and park shin hye but the story line is flat Not hooked up at all but then I had too many expectations I forget all the time that I'm not a teenager anymore at age 26 I'm an ajuma now lol should watch ajuma dramas instead but lee min oh is too cute not to stare hihi *drool* Hope the plot will get better soon!! Iyang 4:14 am When it started being aired I'm excited how Lee Min Ho will act on this story During the 1st part of the show I'm already eager to know the next and next episodes I already reached the 14th episode as I watched it on the net @ 2 a.m to find it still on the romance story of the leading There are only 6 episodes left and I wonder how does the scriptwriter or whoever made the story ends it I hope it will not be hanging- I mean it must end beautifully with a good conclusion of all the characters involved in the story I love watching this drama as it is full of wit and romance We all know that Kim Tan and Chan Eun-Sang will be together in the end as all love story goes but director please don't end it too soon prolong the romance hahaha Dora 2:38 pm lee minho and yong hwa both was born on 22nd June? superb! both have great fate bcoz LMH is huge in acting and yong hwa is huge in music :D they will be explosive in this drama the chemistry would be strong (i hope) cant wait to see them together in this drama Bella 1:46 pm cant wait to see the 3 casts act together but who else will be in this drama? i suggest moon joo won or. You can turn blue with anger but my comment about the leading girl has merit - there got be something that hooks you up in this life that makes you go crazy for somebody there got to be something and with her there was none none in the storyline to suggest otherwise Yeah you're right maybe I use more of my head in analizing this story line I like the previous works of Lee Min Ho (City Hunter is my fav./Faith also BOF have plenty of cringe moment- cheesy but he was fun to watch there he's character was well developed and acted.) It's okay to have your rose colored glasses on but do take them off once in awhile! Criticism is not bad not at all - the purpose of critics is to fine tune and bring another dimension of that Aha moment! In the end the eyeballs (ratings) will decide Akra 6:15 pm I only,only only HOPES the storyline characters Conflicts dan Scene MUST be PERFECT Moreover the star is lee min ho I hope Park Shin Hye is able to balance acting Lee Min Ho Do not like Park Min Young - I pity and pray to him because there are her acting wrong but like accidentally escaped by City Hunter director- It is strange but I really hope that this time the division character actor and his actress match Do not favoritism But despite this the best acting is to be done by you Park Shin Hye You can also imitate Kim Hee Sun or Kho Hye Sun compete acting with Lee Min Ho So do not be covered acting by Lee Min Ho To Park. V 8:01 pm What a typical kdrama The storyline,characters situations of this drama and others are alike Don´t waste time to watch it you have your own option Olugesin opeyemi 1:12 pm the heirs is one of my favourite film I cant get bored when an watching it often kudos to Lee min hoo and all other cast its really a good job Kim woo bin has really tried and I always forward the film to where Kim woo bin n Lee min hoo fights Lee min hoo thanks for the kiss upstairs where she dropped her phone so funny good one guyz keep. Knh94 3:26 am @Margaret at 9:55pm as stated on here. :) mhelai 2:01 am so excited for this k-drama can't wait to see their chemistry Jessie 10:30 pm @Bella Park Shin Hye said: Are you alright? and then Lee Minho said: No I'm not alright Kay 10:00 am Whoa how did this forum get so off track? Just enjoy--or not the actors and drama There is a lot of ugliness in this world it's true I've lived 68 years and have seen and been in "the good the bad and the ugly." Just reference the Michael Jackson song-- "Man in the Mirror"---I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change (Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change) Susan 11:37 am i was more excited to see kim tan be friends again with young do the romance with eun sang was 2nd to that i like the bromance in the heirs and school 2013 equally both were great! ^^ but i truly wanted lee min ho to be close to choi jin hyuk in real life at the level of as kim woo bin is close to lee jong suk i guess there were no. Dalal 2:41 am 안녕하세요 this drama is great Love it love it i am totally addicted and can imagine my wednesdays without watching this drama ee durama nen chommaal jon drama animida daibaaaaakkkkk love from kuwait thursday 1:47 am trying to endure the pain of waiting ep 17 the ending of ep 16 is such a cliffhanger Misha 5:51 am I love this drama sooooo much It has a great story sometimes made me cry! I really hope for this drama to have a next season or for dramas just like this I enjoyed so much:x love u Lee Min Ho Kim Tan keep it up lolly pop 5:01 am ℓ̊ love lee min-hoo actin,kipit up#chaio# film korea 12:09 am drama paling keren. Jane 6:02 am I thought to give this a shot since Lee Min Ho is in it But surprisingly I did not like it From the Lee Min Ho's crappy english in the beginning of the series (totally understandable) to the (I might sound ignorant with this) shallow rich people problems I have no idea how the chaebol system works in Korea and I found some of the problems really dumb and shallow Towards the end was a mess Kinda sad if that's how the "truly-rich" people in Korea live their lives there from illegitimacy to banishment But it was still entertaining Not worth rewatching for me though sadly I did find Choi Young-Do extremely fascinating though So I guess there's still some sort of benefit eh? Amia 8:26 am I really like it so much the drama is very good not only lought but cry,sad when I saw this drama altought live is difficult but their love have survive this drama make me so inspired to my life I love you so much Lee min ho love the heirs so much PRATHYUSHA 3:21 am Cool drama i like this drama I like drama's very much especially minoz drama's Minoz is the best always I. Yuki 8:22 am I so like everything about this drama All from the Cast Members are wonderful! I'm glad that I've found something interesting to watch! Can't wait for the next episode! Too bad there will be only 20 episodes I hope it will have a great ending. I preferred Boys Over Flowers and any other drama with these leads One thing i can guarantee is that your either going to hate it or love it This show is one of the more polarizing ones Several followed it for the flower boys but even when a show has actors i love i refuse to give it a pass just bc of that I shouldn't be so blinded by the stars that i don't question the plot pace and writing Diamond 7:10 am It is actually a good drama to me The story plot is cliche i know but there's just a few unexplainable factors that keep me hooked on the show Well one of the reasons must be for Krystal since she's just so good in it but yeah,i myself tho i stick till the end but it's the truth that it can be boring in many angles Niki 5:42 am episode 3 is changing my opinion lee min ho's character is so different from bof or any other series he has played he's not that arrogant self centered annoying rich boy who has so many loving people around him his lonely pushed away an d because of that he sounds and acts desperately calm and want's too keep a girl that he has only known for 2 days whit him they way he is hanging on her just heart breaking and he is trying to prove him self to everybody you feel sad for the character and lee min who is doing better than i thought representing this sad/lost rich boy he's life is not perfect like bof he is only rich but with lots of emotional struggle Leeda 9:23 pm yonghwa as 2nd male lead seems interesting katina 8:18 pm though i like JH and PSH as a in real life his casting ruined the drama for anticipation to see g JH and PSH real status The pairing of LMH-PSH will look so fake to anw what this thing with him playing almost always with is not good for his career He has to try his acting and with other from now i know kisses between Lmh-Psh will suck how can you kiss someone when you know your boyfriend/her boyfriend is. Lee Min-Ho - This should be his last high school role He is getting too old for it Also his talent is kinda wasted here He did really well in PT CH and Faith I didn't understand why he took this project But overall he did good and tried his best Lol Lol on your comment regarding Dalilah This drama had some ups and downs but not bad at all It still entertained me to the end Hooray to the final episode I thought it was quite good At least it was a happy ending to most of the characters @ Becca - future Mrs LMH?? You wish you gonna have to fight against 10M+ fans To all "The Heirs" fans Love love love I had an awesome 20 weeks Enjoy your holidays Df 7:39 pm this is a snooze fest with a crowd of characters but it has a bunch of pretty people and very popular actors so people will conveniently see past any flaws Yasmin 5:58 pm just watched ep.9 and wanted to say: COME ON PEOPLE YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! why can't you have an ACTUAL kiss?! you guys kissing sucks!! i love the heirs but when i saw that scene i just wanted to throw both of them out of the roof!! &( Rotten 5:53 am Although I am really looking forward to this drama I would really like it if there was another actress other than Park shin hye to play her part Her acting most of the time feels fake and ordinary like she cant give the audience the right emotion I honestly hope that this time we will see a different park shin hye melle 12:07 am So it will be another Boys Over Flowers romcom? Though I love the main leads but I hope the plot is excellent otherwise it will be just full of good actors and actresses fashion show Crossed-fingers!!! Tunu 2:35 am I just love Tan he is so damn cute this series is just amazing i have been watching it through EPD drama site for real its da best!! Young Do he is so mean much love to drama all da way from Tanzania!!! Michiellise 5:45 pm That song on ep8 really. Ems 12:18 am Honestly The Heirs dissapointed me I keep bragging about my sisters that I downloaded the whole episodes of this series because I love Lee Min Hoo and Kang Ha Neul that I really waited for this to end in Korea so that I could download it easily But Until now I still did not finish wathing it I gave up in Episode 11 Why? The story is soooo common with so many "wrist grabbing" "avoid-then-run after" "shitty glancing" "fighting in front of the girl" scenes that is so very annoying I dont have plans to finish watching it because I found it really boring Yongshin 2:51 am I can't wait to watch ep 5 If you watch the trailer for Ep 5 you will already know the flow of the story Of course LMH & PSH will end up together in the end because both of them are the leading actor & actress I would be surprise if they don't end up together Please promote this drama so that PSH will get an award of the Most Popular Actress and who knows as Best Actress too When Shin Hye cried in one scene I also cried It's very touching I'm an avid fan of Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa I support both of their dramas and hoping that they will be paired together again The Scene in episode 14: Lights go down ES and Tan only look at each other ES whispers “I did it.” Tan says “Nice to meet you charity case Cha Eun Sang I am an illegitimate Kim Tan.” Tan says “Let’s start the party now.” Tan steps closer to ES and gently takes off her apron her hair tie and puts a corsage on her wrist He cups her face in his hands and softly kisses ES on her forehead Lee Min Ho gently,calmly & sexily takes off her apron as if he is taking off her clothes!! Iceprincess 11:43 pm YAYAYA they should make more episodes 2 more to end:( ECHA 12:01 pm I really like this movie because it is very romantic and tells the story of the struggle of love and players that I admire is Lee min. Andy 11:34 am Wow Girls do know how to nag 'I wish Lee Min Ho will play the drama with Yoon Eun Hye no Han Hyo Joo oh no it better be with Yoo Na' LOL Hahahahaha what was that????????? It's not about with whom he will play it's about the team work Do you really think a good movie only comes from a good looking and talented actor/actresses only? ALL of the crews work together to make it good from the director actors scriptwriter (sure is important) music director lightning crews etc PS: i think MIDAS are a great movie it may not be suitable for teenage girls but it sure does have a great storyline and actors that's why it has great ratings Misschris 10:38 pm So I'm LOOOOVING this drama so far!! The chemistry Park shin Hye and Minho have GOSHHH!! Thank you to whoever put them together GENIOUS marife 9:00 pm I really loved all the songs and story line keep up the good work! And i'm a Drama addict !!! Jj 2:52 pm Really loved all the songs and story line keep up the good work! Can't wait see the entire drama! Sora 8:19 pm well i don't expect a big hope for this drama just wanna watch the boys but the story is not bad i'm not a lee minho fans but he did a good job when people complain about his english well the reason he goes to USA is to learn english if he fluent enough to speak like a native speaker then why he need to. Alpha 7:37 pm Could someone pls translate what did LMH and PSH talked to the end of the 2nd teaser thanks sam 6:08 pm OMG are you ok no im not ok Mimi 4:38 pm Can't wait for this drama its going to be the bomb and Lee Min Ho i. Bionette 12:39 pm Oh what can I say? LIVE AND LET LIVE I love THE HEIRS you disagree fine LET'S JUST AGREE TO DISAGREE so looking forward to episode 3 hope you all watch it with me LOL Luna26 11:25 am OMG!!! I love this k drama!!! And the ep 3 it is amazing!!!